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                                           kids cooking                                    adults cooking                                       hands-on
                                                                                                WINTER SEAFOOD
                                                                                        Don’t leave seafood till summer! Learn to      WINTER CAKES & PUDDINGS
                                            STUFF YOUR BREAD!                           cook deliciously warming dishes using a       Learn to make cakes as delicious as the

cooking school                               [8-12 YEARS HANDS ON]
                                                   with SAM MACKIE
                                                                                         variety of seafood & techniques perfect
                                                                                                        for winter.
                                                                                                                                        Cooks Larder! In this hands on class
                                                                                                                                      Dugal will share his best winter recipes

                                                                                                 DATE: MONDAY 25 JULY.                along with loads of perfect baking tips!
                                     We will be making bread from scratch then                TIME: 630-930PM COST - $105                      DATE: TUESDAY 26 JULY.
                                                                                                   kitchen table class
special events
                                      stuffing, rolling & baking with all sorts of                                                           TIME: 630-930PM COST - $95
                                      fillings into all sorts of delightful shapes.                                                                 hands on class
                                        These breads will be perfect for lunch
                                                                                                 BELLY AND HOCK
                                        boxes picnics and the best nourishing
                                                       snacks ever!                           A pork masterclass teaching                   dinner events
                                                              .                          how to expertly cook at home the most
                                               DATE #1: MONDAY 11 JULY                   succulent, moist and crisp pork dishes
                                            TIME: 5.30-7.30pm COST - $55.                             imaginable.                           CONVERSATION WITH
                                                                                              DATE: MONDAY 8 AUGUST.                         PIA JANE BIJERK...
                                             DATE #2: TUESDAY 12 JULY                        TIME: 630-930PM COST - $95                WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF ONE DAY
                                            TIME: 9.30-12pm COST - $55.                            kitchen table class                       YOU DECIDED TO FOLLOW
                                      Please wear non-slip shoes and robust clothes
                                                                                                                                         YOUR HEART? WHERE WOULD IT
                                                - we plan to get messy!                     SHANK AND SHOULDER                                        TAKE YOU?
                                                                                          These 2 favourite lamb cuts were once       In conjunction with Bookoccino we are
                                     We supply aprons.This class contains dishes with   considered secondary cheap cuts! We will      very excited to host a special dinner in
                                          gluten, nut products, dairy and egg.            show you how to cook amazing dishes          conversation with the very lovely and
                                                                                               perfect for winter dinners.
                                                                                                                                               inspiring Pia Jane Bijerk!
                                                                                              DATE: MONDAY 29 AUGUST.
                                                                                              TIME: 630-930PM COST - $95                 Pia is an internationally acclaimed
                                                                                                                                       stylist, photographer and author spe-
                                     GINGERBREAD SNOWFLAKES                                        kitchen table class                 cialising in interiors, still life and food.
                                     bake & decorate winter lovelies
                                             [6-8 YEARS HANDS ON]
                                      The kids will learn how to bake fabulous
                                                                                            SECRET MENS BUSINESS                       Pia will talk about her latest book, My
                                                                                        Our popular hands on class where the men        Heart Wanders... a reflective, inspira-
                                       gingerbread and will learn some basic
                                      piping skills to decorate their snowflake
                                                                                        get a chance to shine in the kitchen & pre-     tional, tender memoir that speaks to
                                                                                        pare an impressive 3 course meal for their    ‘the wandering heart’ in all of us. A cel-
                                                   inspired cookies.
THE COOKS LARDER                      DATE: Monday 4 JULY with SAM MACKIE
                                                                                             guest. Suitable for all skill levels!      ebration of French food, taking risks,
                                                                                              DATE: MONDAY 5 SEPTEMBER.                 letting go and making a home where
                                           TIME: 9.30-11am COST - $35.
store 1, 21-23 Old Barrenjoey Road                                                        CHEF TIME: 630-930PM GUEST: 830PM
                                                                                                                                                    ever you are....
                                         Please wear non-slip shoes and clothes                 COST - $160 PER COUPLE
   Avalon, NSW 2107. Australia
        phone: 0299734370                         that can get messy!                        hands on dinner party class                     DATE: THURSDAY 18 August
                                                                                                                                                  TIME: 630-930PM
          fax: 0299734371            We supply aprons.This class may contain dishes
                                                                                           GNOCCHI MASTER CLASS                                      COST - $75
email:      with gluten, nut products, dairy and egg.
                                                                                         With a well made gnocchi the number of                 a shared table event
                                                                                        wonderful dishes you can make every sea-
                                                                                        son is endless! You will learn how to make
  ALL DETAILS ARE FINAL AT TIME OF                                                      3 different handmade gnocchi recipes with           PRODUCER’S DINNER
PRINTING BUT ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE                                                          loads of tips on how to serve them.                 an Italian showcase...
         OR CANCELLATION.                                                                     DATE: MONDAY 19 SEPTEMBER.
                                                                                                                                                   details to come
                                                                                                TIME: 630-930PM COST - $95
                                                                                                    kitchen table class                         a shared table event

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