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									                                         Fact Sheet
What is the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association?

The Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association (ADNA) is a neighborhood group made up
of Downtown Atlanta residents and others in Atlanta committed to making Downtown a
strong, vibrant neighborhood.

What is the history of ADNA?

The DNA has been going since about the time of the1996 Summer Olympic Games and has
steadily gained strength as more residents have come to Downtown. ADNA has been very
active and in Spring 2000 the organization became an officially recognized organization within
the City of Atlanta neighborhood planning process. In May 2002 ADNA sponsored the first
ever Downtown Neighborhood Festival.

What are some of the activities and goals of the DNA?

      Monthly Meetings
      Distribution of Downtown and ADNA news (via email listserve, web site, and more)
      Communication with other organizations and local government (Fairlie-Poplar Task
       Force, Central Atlanta Progress, City of Atlanta, etc.)
      Fostering interaction and friendship between Downtown residents and businesses
      Promoting Downtown as a place to live
      Improving quality of life Downtown
      Actively participating in the local political process
      Encourage businesses, services, entertainment, and other activities Downtown.

How can I contact the DNA?

Although the DNA does not have a phone, we do have an email address:

How can I find out more about the DNA?

Visit http://www.atlantadna.org or email downtownatl@hotmail.com.

Information last updated Oct. 9, 2002.

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