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					               FORDHAM UNIVERSITY
Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                                       May 2009

                           HAVE A NICE SUMMER!
   A Message from the Director...                                         2009-2010 SASP Officers
                          by Dr. Harris
                                                                                  President: Christina Eller
  Greetings,                                                             Vice-President/SASP Liaison: Alexis Gibson
                                                                         Vice-President of Programs: Lauren Fischer
  As most of you know, we have been in the midst of accreditation
                                                                                  Secretary: Sobonneth Ung
  reports and visits for the last two years. We have great news!
                                                                                 Treasurer: Kimberly Martin
                                                                              Membership Chair: Wandalee Cruz
      •    The school psychology program was reaccredited for
          another 7 years. This is the maximum number of years                 Technology Chair: Lacey Mora
          awarded and most programs receive fewer years.                       Alumni Liaison: Claudia Alvarez

      •   NCATE provided very favorable feedback following the
          site visit. They were impressed with our programs and                   Congratulations!
          indicated that we had addressed all of the areas required
          for NCATE approval.

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                                                                          The Federal Student Loan
 INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                            Forgiveness Law
                                                                                             by Nicole Fulton
 A Message from the Director                                             In September 2007, President Bush signed the College
                                                                 1       Cost Reduction Access Act of 2007 (CCRAA). Some of
 2009-2010 SASP Officers                                                 the provisions of the new CCRAA include: Pell Grant
                                                                 1       increases, deferment for certain members of the Armed
 The Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Law                                Forces, interest rate reduction, income-based repayment,
                                                                 3       and loan forgiveness for public service employment.
 Fordham School Psychology Students                                      The CCRAA can help those of us with educational debt
 Present at the Midwest Symposium for                                    by significantly lowering monthly student loan payments
 Leadership in Behavior Disorders and the                                by creating an income-based repayment plan as well as
 CEC Convention & Expo                                                   providing loan forgiveness for public service
                                                                 4       employment by canceling remaining debt after 10 years
 APA Division 16 Membership Offer                                        of income-based repayment.
 SASP Photos                                                     4       Which student loans are eligible? Federal Direct Loans and
                                                                         Federally Guaranteed Loans, which include: Stafford

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                                              Fordham School Psychology 1
A Message from the Director                                               The Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Law
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      •     Following our accreditation review by NASP, our           Loans, subsidized and unsubsidized, GradPlus Loans and
            specialist programs (Professional Diploma and             Federal Consolidation Loans.
            Bilingual Professional Diploma) received a rating of
            Nationally Recognized. This is the best of the possible
            ratings;                                                  Where do you have to work? Public Service Employment
                                                                      includes: a full-time job in emergency management,
                                                                      government, military service, public safety, law enforcement,
Thanks to all of you who participated in the accreditation            public health, public education (including early childhood
processes. Students helped prepare the reports, responded to          education), social work in a public child or family service
surveys, analyzed the results of supervisor, alumni and current       agency, public interest law services (including prosecution or
student surveys, and met with site team visitors. We wouldn’t         public defense or legal advocacy in low-income communities
have had such successful outcomes without this support! These         at a nonprofit organization), public child care, public service
results reaffirm the quality of our programs and strengthen our       for individuals with disabilities, public service for the elderly,
already strong national reputation.                                   public library sciences, and school-based library sciences and
                                                                      other school-based services, or at an organization that is
It is hard to believe another year has passed! It seems like only     described in section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and exempt
yesterday that I was reading the consultation logs of students        from taxation, or teaching as a full-time faculty member at a
who will be graduating in a few weeks. Congratulations                Tribal College or University and other faculty teaching in
graduates! I wish you all the best as you enter careers in school     high-needs areas, as determined by the Secretary.
psychology. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are
doing!                                                                How do they determine my monthly payments? The income-based
                                                                      repayment plan is capped at 15% of discretionary income
For continuing students, I look forward to seeing you back in
                                                                      (defined as adjusted gross income minus 150% of the
the fall!
                                                                      borrower’s family size). IBR’s purpose is to help all high-
I hope you all have a great summer.                                   debt/low-income borrowers afford repayment of their
                                                                      student loans.
Warm regards,
Dr. Harris                                                            If you are employed full-time for 10 years in a qualifying
                                                                      public service job and make 120 qualifying payments; the
                                                                      balance of principal and interest on your eligible Federal
                                                                      Direct Loans will be cancelled by the federal government.
                                                                      Here is an example-
                                                                      -Marie owes $100,000 in qualifying debt at 6.8% interest rate
                                                                      and takes a job paying $40,000 to start in public service.
                                                                      -She elects to use the income-based repayment (IBR) plan. In
                                                                      her first year, Marie’s monthly payments under IBR are $309
                                                                      (as opposed to $1151 under standard ten-year repayment).
                                                                      -Marie stays in public service and makes $49,132 of her
                                                                      qualifying loan payments over 10 years under the IBR plan.
                                                                      -The federal government cancels the remaining $118,868 of
     Congratulations to Fordham alumnus                               the principal and interest balance.

          Dr. Cara Cahalan Laitusis
                                                                      The law will be fully effective for borrowers who graduate
                                                                      after July 1, 2009 who plan to enter public service for ten
                  On her promotion to                                 years. However, there are options available for those who
               Senior Research Scientist at                           have already graduated and who are currently working in
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                                                   Fordham School Psychology 2
The Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Law                              Fordham School Psychology
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                                                                    Students Present at the Midwest
public service.                                                      Symposium for Leadership in
Please reference the following website for more                     Behavior Disorders and the CEC
information. There are also pod casts, videos, and
powerpoints that further explain CCRAA, as well as
                                                                          Convention & Expo
                                                                                  by Nicole Fulton and Harriet Zois
information on how to enroll and calculate your monthly
                                                                   Graduate School of Education faculty member Dr. Kelley A.
                                                                   Lassman and students Nicole Fulton and Harriet Zois presented
                                                                   their research at two conferences this spring. On February 27,
                                                                   2009 they presented the study during a poster session to an
Equal Justice Works has created a Student Debt Relief
                                                                   audience at the Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior
Forum as a place to post questions, receive answers, and
                                                                   Disorders. The annual conference in Kansas City, MO attracts
join discussions with others concerned about student
                                                                   about 1000 participants from across the United States and Canada
debt. Please visit and
                                                                   representing multiple disciplines to disseminate information on the
register as a user. Complete the form and a confirmation
                                                                   latest research, legal, and pedagogical trends pertaining to children
email will be sent. Once you confirm your email, you will
                                                                   and youth with behavior disorders. On April 3, 2009, Dr.
be able to post your questions in the forum.
                                                                   Lassman, Ms. Fulton and Ms. Zois presented a lecture on their
                                                                   study at the Council for Exceptional Children Convention & Expo
This program enables student borrowers to not only
                                                                   in Seattle, WA. This annual conference brings together an
access higher education but also choose their careers
                                                                   international audience of individuals involved in special education,
without being unduly influenced by their debt burdens. We
                                                                   and addresses the most compelling and critical issues involving
may be fortunate to have a guest speaker visit Fordham
                                                                   students with special needs.
this summer who is one of the primary advocates for
CCRAA and will be able to provide us with more                     This year-long study was a collaborative effort with the Rosa
information. We will keep you updated!                             Hagin School Consultation and Early Childhood Centers at
                                                                   Fordham University. Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, director of the centers
References:                                                        and faculty member in the school psychology program, and Ms.
                                                                   Suehee Chung, assistant director of the center and doctoral
The Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Law: College Cost Reduction
                                                                   candidate at Fordham, collaborated on the research.
and Access Act of 2007. Retrieved April 19, 2009 from Equal
Justice Works website:
                                                                   The research conducted and presented was titled, “A Descriptive                    Study of At-Risk Student Assessment Data: Correlations Between
                                                                   Emotional/Behavior Indicators and Language Ability.” This study
                                                                   examined assessment data of at-risk students in grades four
                                                                   through 12, collected from 1998 to 2008 at the Centers at
                                                                   Fordham University. The data were examined to investigate the
                                                                   relationship between reported aberrant behavior and language
    If you would like to contribute to                             ability, and correlations between assessments were reported to
                                                                   replicate earlier studies of behavior disorders and language ability.
 the next School Psychology newsletter
      please email Jaclyn Balkan at                                Amongst the findings, it was suggested that: subtests on
                                       achievement measures assessing oral and written language
                                                                   correlated with behavior indicators; correlations with low language

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                                                    Fordham School Psychology 3
Fordham School Psychology Students Present at
the Midwest Symposium for Leadership in
Behavior Disorders and the CEC Convention &
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ability are evidenced for both internalizing and externalizing
behavior scales; achievement subtests had stronger
relationships with behavior reports than did subtests from the
cognitive battery; and more research is needed to unravel the
relationship between specific types of language ability and
behavioral subtypes.

       For more information on the research study, contact:

                    APA Division 16:
                   School Psychology
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   Individuals who have never been a member of
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                                                                            For 7 Years!!!!

                                                 Fordham School Psychology 4

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