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Dec ASMC San Diego


                                           AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MILITARY COMPTROLLERS
                                                              SAN DIEGO CHAPTER

          December 2007                                                                Volume 1, Number 7

In This Issue                         President’s Corner
                                      Happy New Year! Did you make your New Years resolution yet?
 President’s Corner                 January is a time of reflection and renewal for me. Reflection on life
 February Luncheon                  events the past year and a fresh look at where I want to focus my
 Membership Drive &                 energy in the coming year. One of mine is to dedicate more of my
  Membership Renewal                 personal time to volunteer in my local community. So many
                                     organizations depend on volunteers to make things happen. ASMC is
 CDFM Module 3 Audio Training
                                     no exception and we need more of our members to be involved in our
 DFAS SD Commemoration of           San Diego chapter. So as you think about how you can best focus
  Service; and, DFAS News            your energy in 2008, I encourage you to direct some of it to support
 December (Toys-for-Tots) and       the chapter and volunteer on one of our committees. Please contact
  October (Identity Theft)           me or any of the board members and let us know you want to help. I
  Luncheon Reviews                   promise we will put you to work!
                                      Finally, please take a moment to check on your membership status.
                                     Are you current on your membership dues? Active members receive
Save the Date!                       a discount at our luncheons so it pays to be a member.
8 January – DFAS San Diego
Commemoration of Service,            Cheers and see you in February!
onboard the USS MIDWAY(CV-41),         Tony
29-30 January – CDFM Module 3
Audio Training
                                     Upcoming 13 February Luncheon – Healthy
13 February Luncheon (Weds)      Heart Month Luncheon Hello All, Please join us for our annual
Healthy Heart Month
                                 health education luncheon meeting. This year‟s speaker is Christine
WHAT THE #@!* ARE WE EATING? Favus, a Registered Nutritionist at Naval Medical Center San Diego,
Location: MCRD BAY VIEW CLUB     NMCSD. She is the Nutrition Programs Manager at NMCSD, has
                                 been in this field 6 years, and is going to help us all to become a lot
                                 smarter about what we are eating. Her subject for the luncheon is
FUTURE LUNCHEON SCHEDULE         “WHAT THE #@!* ARE WE EATING?”. We live in a fast-paced
FOR 2008:                        time, so this important part of our health management can truly
12 March (Weds)                  influence our quality of life. Location: Marine Corps Recruit Depot
10 April (Thurs)                 Bay View Club Time: 11:30 -13:00. Please contact your AMC Rep
                                 or Sherry now with your RSVP NLT 07 Feb. No penalty for early
24 June (Tues) Mbrs Appreciation responses!
14 Aug (Thurs)                   NOTE: You are responsible for your RSVP! If for some reason you
22 October (Weds)                are unable to attend, please try to get a replacement so you do not
                                 have to pay for the reservation already promised to the club. Thanks!

                                                                Membership Drive

                                                                ASMC National is giving away
Important Links                                                 money! Each chapter will earn $5 for                                         each paid membership as of 31 March
San Diego ASMC organization                                     2008. To maximize on this windfall,                                           we urge you to recruit new members
National ASMC organization                                      and to ensure your own membership is                               paid-up!
ASMC CDFM information
                                                                We are inviting all of you to recruit
Discussion of issues that affect anyone
                                                                new members! Credit will be given to
working within the defense financial                            the recruiter only if the application is
management community                                            submitted through a board member, so
                                                                bring those new applications to the
                                                                February luncheon. New applicants
Contact Us                                                      will be given “members only” pricing                                         at the luncheon! Prizes will be given
                                                                for the top recruiters!

President:                                                      Current members -The bad news is that
Anthony Embrey                                                  231 people in our chapter of 480 have
                                                                memberships that expired between
                                           THANKS TO ALL OUR    1/1/07 and 12/31/07! By 31 March
619-524-7215                              DFAS MEMBERS THAT     2008 another 90 memberships will
Exec Vice President:                      ARE LEAVING US, YOU   expire! The chapter depends on you
                                               HAVE BEEN        paying your membership, so we
Sherry Major                              WONDERFUL AND WE
                                                                need you to renew your membership                       WILL MISS YOUR
                                           PRESENCE AND THE     ASAP; if you don‟t know if your
619-532-4837                               GREAT TEAM MATES     membership is paid up, contact me at
Admin Vice President:                     YOU HAVE BEEN WITH, and I‟ll be
                                             OUR SAN DIEGO      glad to look it up for you!
Karen Dalton                               CHAPTER. WISHING                     YOU FAIR WINDS AND    Additionally, if you have moved or
                                            FOLLOWING SEAS
619-532-1505                                                    changed email addresses or phone
                                                                number(s), give me the updated
Secretary:                                    Thank You,        information so I can update your
Debbie Wignall                                  Sherry          profile with National. Correct                                        address/phone number/email address
                                                                will ensure you continue to receive the
                                                                Comptroller magazine, PDI mailings,
Treasurer                                                       and ASMC emails.
Nanette Gutierrez
National Chapter Rep:

Jorgi Stever                      Upcoming Events

                            CDFM Module 3 Audio Training

                            Your San Diego chapter with the cooperation of local commands is
                            hosting sites where you can attend Module 3 CDFM training on 29
Newsletter Editor:
                            and 30 January for “free”. The class is presented in two four-hour
Michael Oquist              sessions from 0900-1300 each day. You must attend both sessions to     obtain CPE‟s. Training will benefit both the CDFM candidate and
                            those with CDFM certification that need the training CPE‟s. Call the
                            person indicated to register for the training at the following sites:
Asst Newsletter Editor:
Vacant (volunteer?)         FISC San Diego, 937 N. Harbor Drive, 3rd floor, Nautical Room –
                            POC Karen Dalton 619-532-1505

                            Site at NAVSTA- POC will be announced later
Tina Malabanan

Information Technology:
Edgar DeGuzman              DFAS SD Commemoration of Service (1963-2008)
                            Attention - All former shipmates‟ of the DFAS San Diego
619-532-1145                organization who have moved-on in their career or retired: This is
CDFM Coordinator:           your invitation to participate on Tuesday, 8 January 2008 (9:30-
                            10:15) in a very special ceremony aboard the USS MIDWAY(CV-41)
Tom Stone
                            to mark the 45 wonderful years of Service to the Fleet provided by            this soon-to-close entity.
                            If you would like to attend, it is essential to RSVP: JoAnne
                            Fehlhaber, 616-4700; Kevin McQuillen, 616-4801; or, Mike Moberg,
                            616-4811. (Area Code is 858. Alternatively, an e-mailed RSVP
                            using the „‟ convention will work).

                            Since the ceremony will be on Midway‟s Forward Flight Deck, you
                            may wish to dress warmly. The ship is berthed near the intersection
                            of Broadway and N Harbor Drive, opposite the FISC (Broadway

Employers Take Note! – DFAS News

Because of a BRAC decision, the Defense Finance and Accounting
Service office in San Diego will be closing on February 29, 2008. As
a result, a large number of highly qualified individuals with extensive
backgrounds in Navy accounting and finance are seeking employment
in the local area. If your organization has openings and you are
interested in reaching these individuals, please ensure the area of
consideration on your job announcements specifies all DoD activities.
If you would like further information on the personnel resources
available at DFAS SD, please contact John Maxwell at 858.616.4702.

  As a follow-up reminder, DFAS San Diego personnel have been
registered for PPP. If you have any questions on the program, please
 contact your HR office. Eds. note: The closing date for DFAS San
      Diego was changed from 29 February to 31 March 2008.

                     Past Luncheons
         Decembers’ Luncheon –Toys-for-Tots

Seventy-three members and guests attended the annual, and always
popular, Toys-for-Tots luncheon held 5 December at the Marine
Corps Recruit Depot Bay View Club. In attendance were the
following special guests: Personnel from Expeditionary Warfare
Training Group Pacific, EWTGPAC, who represented the Marine
Corps; and, NBC television 7/39 representatives Mr. Whitney
Southwick, Meteorologist, and Ms. Isabel Valdez, Community
Relations Manager.

As members and guests enjoyed a traditional Holiday Buffet
luncheon, LT Col Scott Wertz, EWTGPAC spoke on the Marines
very important role in this great program. LT Col Wertz has been
working this annual program for several years and volunteers proudly
with his key role in Toys For Tots. The Marines are instrumental in
collecting the toys donated from all the San Diego sites and then have
the very rewarding job of distribution throughout San Diego.

Mr. Southwick recounted how a Marine Corps Reservist, Major Bill
Hendricks, began the Toys-for-Tots program in 1947 based upon an
idea developed by his wife, Diane, how this charity drive has grown-
up to what it is today, as well as the association 7/39 has had with the

Quoting from the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation website 5,000
toys were collected for Christmas, 1947 distribution – in contrast, this
number increased to over 19m in 2006. To-date, the Marine Corps
have collected over 370m toys to benefit over 173m needy children –
and the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation supplemented this with
another 70m toys, valued at approximately $387m. What a long ways
this program has come since the very first toy, a handcrafted Raggedy
Ann doll, was passed-out in 1947!

In keeping with both tradition and the spirit of this event, attendees‟
were requested to bring a new, unwrapped, toy for donation to this
Marine Corps effort, and members who brought an unwrapped gift
received a ticket for a special drawing. Many items were raffled-off,
what with the assistance of Mr. Southwick and Chapter personnel!
A hearty “Thank You” to everybody who participated in a very
special Chapter luncheon that brought some Christmas Cheer to the
less fortunate in our community! You are all the best when it comes
to giving!

 Octobers’ Luncheon –Identity Theft &ASMC San
       Diego Chapter Officer Installation

The 10 October luncheon held at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot
Bay View Club event was educational, as we learned about identity
theft and we installed the incoming Chapter Officers‟ who will
continue to guide and inspire our Chapter!

Ms. April Langwell, of the San Diego FBI Public Affairs Office,
presented a comprehensive overview of both the San Diego FBI
office and the reasons it becomes involved with identity theft
investigations and how we can protect ourselves.
Ms. Langwell reported three FBI concerns: white-collar crime,
computer intrusion, and, terrorism. How this plays out: With bank
fraud, federal funds in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,
FDIC, cover insured losses; should computer hacking occur, telecom
resources crossing-over state lines are used; and, terrorism, either
internal or external to the United States, occurs if somebody steals
your identity to live off of your name. Each situation invites a federal
law enforcement response.
The speaker noted that anybody who has access inside your home
could potentially steal your identity during a “crime of opportunity”,

and that it‟s frequently stolen by another member in the same family.
Among the FBI‟s recommendations: Keep personal information
locked-up, and do not leave it in a car. Since identity thieves fish
through mailboxes and trash bins looking for information, be careful
where you deposit your mail, and do not leave incoming mail sitting
in your mailbox. Last, shred everything with personal information on
it and opt-out of pre-approved credit card offers. FBI case history
shows crooks, besides doing one-time only hits, are able to patiently
piece together pieces of information obtained over time from
mailboxes, dumpsters, and elsewhere in order to more effectively
mirror your identity.
Important Note: Don‟t make any more personal information
available other than what is absolutely necessary for that particular
transaction to be conducted. If anyone pries, then find out who wants
to know, and why. Of course, beware of e-mail scams and don‟t
respond to pleas for information without verification.
Crooks are creative in their quest to steal another‟s identity, and once
you realize your identity is being used elsewhere it is “too late” as the
damage has been done. Further, this year, approximately 10 million
people, or one in 30, will be affected by identity theft, requiring, on
average, approximately 267 hours from each person to get their
“good” name back.
Another of the many helpful suggestions advised by the speaker was
to request a copy of your credit report at least once per year from, but, don‟t check it just annually. By
alternating requests among the three major credit bureaus [Experian
(TRW), TransUnion, and Equifax], you‟ll obtain a free report every
four months (granted, in a different format), and you may become
aware of unusual activity that‟s going-on, but without the additional
cost that‟s associated with using one bureau for everything.
FBI‟s bottom-line: Protect your personal information at all times.
Should you become a victim, contact the fraud department of all three
credit reporting bureaus and place fraud alerts; also, notify the
account holders in question by phone, and then follow-up your phone
call in writing. Contact your police department and file a report with
them. Keep detailed records of all contacts, as well as keep copies of
all police reports you receive.
For more information, see the FBI‟s web site at
In addition to the identity theft discussion, Ms. Karla Horn swore-in
the incoming Chapter Leadership team. Congratulations, elected
officials, with very best wishes for a successful year to Mr. Tony
Embrey, President; Ms. Sherry Major, Executive Vice President; Ms.
Karen Dalton, Administrative Vice President; Ms. Debbie Wignall,
Secretary; and, Ms. Nanette Gutierrez, Treasurer.


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