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									  Jan Leen „t Jong
  Managing Director
Harvey Nash Nederland
Offer portfolio

Strategic Leadership Services       Professional Recruitment              Outsourcing

   Executive Search               IT Recruitment                Offshore Software
   Interim Management             Finance Recruitment
                                                                  Contract Management
   Leadership Services                   Contracting
                                                                  BPO
                                          Permanent
Harvey Nash Technology Services

Market leading position in Europe & USA

Unique portfolio of Technology Services

- Leadership and professional recruitment
- R & D wireless test laboratory in Germany
- Offshoring capability in Vietnam
- Software development and support
- Managed services
The CIO as business leader
Personal brand
      “97% agree that the CIO needs a strong personal brand”

                              Very Important 63%

                              Quite Important 34%

                              Not Important 3%
The CIO as business leader

     Influencing skills
     Change Management
Strategic responsibilities
      “reversing a 3 year negative trend the role of the CIO is
                           suddenly becoming more strategic”

                                              Cost saving     84%

                                              Collaboration   46%

                                               Innovation     44%
Skills (1)
             “leadership skills required in a downturn”
Skills (2)
             “54 per cent suffer skills shortages”

                               Project delivery    39%

                               Business Analysis   39%

                               Architecture        32%

                               IT Strategy         28%

                               Relationship        28%
Outsourcing and offshoring (1)
   “this year cost reduction as the main reason for outsourcing
                                    has leapt into the top slot”
Outsourcing and offshoring (2)
            Most important reasons to outsource
The future workforce
Collaboration & Innovation

The road to……….
     Peter Hagedoorn
     Former CIO Océ;
Chairman RvA CIO-Platform;

 • Introduction
 • The Harvey Nash Survey 2009
   – Observations & Comments
 • What was not in the survey ?
 • Some trends:
   – Europe
   – The Netherlands
 • Concluding remarks
Introduction of the speaker

 •   Former CIO Océ
 •   Chairman Raad van Advies CIO-Platform
 •   Columnist CIO and CFO Magazine
 •   Program Director EuroCIO
 •   Partner 3Align
Comments based upon:

 • CIO Platform Netherlands experiences
 • CIO Round Tables in 2008 and 2009
 • EuroCIO meetings
 • Meetings ICT-Office/IT industry, ICT-
   Regie/dutch ICT research
 • Meetings Industry Leadership Board & European
 • Other Surveys
Respondents (your role)
                             Harvey Nash survey 2009

           Harvey Nash                                 Comments

  • All sectors
        • 15% IT                                The Netherlands:
        • 14% Finance sector                    • 51% respondents are CIO
        • aprox 20 % “public”                   • ca. 30% report to CEO
  • Reporting:                                  • ca 59 % in the Board
        • 30% to CEO
        • 19% to CFO (grown)                    • More strategic role
        • 23 % to CIO                           • High % in Board
  • aprox 46 % in the Board
  • 1345 respondents
  • aprox 92% “Chiefs”
  • aprox 12% The Netherlands
  • aprox 61% UK

 “The growing influence of the CFO in reporting lines for technology leaders”
                              Harvey Nash survey 2009

          Harvey Nash
  • Average: € 1-10 million
  • 10% € 100 million- € 1 billion
                                                 • Most CIOs report cost
  • 5% > 1 billion
                                                  cutting in projects
  • 42% report decline budget
                                                 • Confirm growing role CIO
   (sharp increase)
                                                 • More use “collaboration”:
  • 25% report increase !
                                                      • Google tools
  • however: trend is decrease
                                                      • Cloud computing
  Authority & Key issues:
                                                      • Videoconferencing
  • 52% act global
                                                 • Integration “legacy” with
  • more strategic (trend change)
                                                  “consumer” tools
  • costs, collaboration, integration

       “ ....Board is looking to technology to address cost saving”
                            Harvey Nash survey 2009

         Harvey Nash
  • > 54% skills shortage
                                               The Netherlands:
  • > 64% fear financial impact
                                               • 61% skill shortage
  • shortage in:
                                               • shortage in:
       project delivery
                                                    business analysts (40%)
       business analysis
                                                    architects (38%)
                                               • solving gap: mainly local
       testing, security
  • solving gap: more local
                                               EuroCIO, Eur.Commission:
  • key skills:
                                               • e Competence Matrix confirms
       working with business
                                               • e-skills Program
       creating business value
                                               • CIO Academy
       managing projects
  • own skills: more “soft” needed effectively with the business and ensure value achievements...”
Leadership in a downturn
                             Harvey Nash survey 2009

            Harvey Nash                                Comments
  • aprox 72% experienced                      The Netherlands:
   the 2000 downturn                           • aprox 74% experienced
  • important skills:                           the 2000 downturn
       communication                           • 63% adapting IT strategy
       leading by example                      • but: less use of recession to
       transparency                             change IT profile
       show direct leadership                  • CIO day November 2008:
  • a strong personal brand                             Chiefs or Indians ?
  • > 94% changed IT strategy                  Most Eur countries: CIO
  • recession opportunity to                   dialogues about downturn
   change the IT profile (74%)
  • new processes (34%)
  • collaboration, links customers
Innovation & collaboration
                             Harvey Nash survey 2009

        Harvey Nash                                    Comments

  • 86% asked to provide                       The Netherlands:
   technology innovation                       • collaboration with suppliers
  • 29% in a “structured” way                  • barrier: lack of shared
  • 35% invest > 8% in innovation              information & behaviour
  • 17% invest > 15%
  • 87% obtain 5 - >10% ROI                    Europe:
  • collaboration with suppliers+              • many meetings about use of
   customers + partners                         collaboration tools
  • 84% collaboration success:                 • main barriers: international
       speed up developments                    project leaders, int.change
       strengthen relationships                 Management
  • barriers: geography,
       not agreed approach

          “the importance of collaboration has never been more defined”
Outsourcing & Offshoring
                             Harvey Nash survey 2009

        Harvey Nash
                                                 The Netherlands:
  • Key outsource topics:
                                                 • 91% maintains same level
      application development
                                                  of outsourcing
                                                 • infrastructure still favourite
      application maintenance
                                                  for outsourcing
  • 50% ca. 10% of total IT budget
  • 23 % > 25% of IT budget
  • Main goals: cost reduction and
                                                 • dialogues about how and
   better meet business needs
                                                  what to outsource
   + improve performance
                                                 • strong competition:
  • 62% meet/exceed expectations
                                                  newcomers with advanced
  • 57% maintain level
   however trend: downwards

  “ 12 months ca. 28% will increase offshoring; but trend is down.......”
Employment & Career;
                               Harvey Nash survey 2009

        Harvey Nash                                      Comments

  • With Current Employer
    30% 2-5 years                                The Netherlands:
    37% > 5 years                                • 17% (only) 2-5 years with
    33% < 2 years                                 Employer
  • 79% satisfied (up !)                         • 83% job satisfied
  • still 24% want to move:                      • fewer look for a move
    fresh challenge, move in                     • 78% earns > € 100.000
    business, change, Board
  Compensation:                                  Europe:
  • 37% € 100.000-150.000                        • Many CIO moves
  • 23% > € 150.000                              • Netherlands seems
  In general satisfied (80%)                      somewhat disconnected

          “almost 24% looking for new jobs”
What was not in the survey ?
                 What was not in the survey ?

 • Cloud computing
 • Upcoming “consumerization” of IT
   (Google, Apple, “personalisation” of
 • Gaming
 • The security threats
Some trends; Europe
                     Some trends

 • E-skills Program (ILB, EuroCIO, European
   – e Competence Framework;
   – IT awareness campaign; need for “dual-thinkers”
 • EuroCIO Educational Offering
   – Business Schools
   – National CIO societies
   – CIO Academy Netherlands
Some trends; The Netherlands
                    Some trends

 • CIO-Platform (> 70 members)
 • Cooperation: ICT-Office - ICT Regie - CIO-
   – Streamline agenda‟s
   – Common approach Government (ICT-Agenda)
 • WCIT 2010
 • ICT Infrastructure for Scientific Research
   – Dutch Supernode; GRID computing
Concluding remarks
                      Some trends

 • CIOs become more visible
 • Recognition of “dual-thinkers” for business
 • Boards still struggle with IT
 • Too low attention (also from CIOs) for
   breakthrough possibilities & technologies via
   cloud computing, SaaS (PaaS, HaaS),
   Application clouds etc.:
   – “The business forecast is cloudy !!”
   Alfred den Besten
MarketCap International
    & COMvenience
Collaboration ?
                      TRENDS & DEVELOPMENTS
                     TRAFFIC & CONGESTION
    ENVIRONMENT                               ECONOMIC SITUATION

WORKING BALANCE                                  MARKETS


                                            GLOBAL PRODUCTION

                       TRAVEL & EXPENSES

                     (TOGETHER) AND LIVE


                        TRENDS & DEVELOPMENTS

  •Current market situation increases focus on:
     –Cost reduction
     –operational efficiency
     –personal efficiency
     –(environmental) conscious business
     –maintain the working “pleaser”

  •These elements have a direct impact on the professional and
  her/his workplace/workspace.

  •The New Way of Working (“Het Nieuwe Werken”) and the
  necessary tools make The High Performance Workplace
                                  THE NEW WAY OF WORKING

 •   “Work is an activity and not a place”
 •   “The work comes to you versus you go to your work”
 •   “Be able to work independent of place and time”
 •   “Optimal usage of communication and collaboration”

 • TNWoW must contribute/lead to:
     –   decreasing costs
     –   increasing productivity
     –   strengthen the (market) position of the organization
     –   bring back the fun in communication

 • TNWoW is not a toolset, it‟s a vision!
     –   don‟t just buy technology
     –   (firmly) rooted in the organizational processes
     –   start with a vision and from conviction
The New Way of Working
                                  SOME FACTS

•   Employees who communicate more efficient, achieve more. Bottom line,
    communication is a Key Performance Factor.

•   Overall 34 percent of the employees gains inspiration and ideas for work while
    communicating with friends and family (

•   While searching for a new job employees are more interested in the organizational
    culture, salary is a less important factor (Johnson & McElhenie).

•   Working mobile leads to better quality and performance (

•   Outworkers are (compared to office workers) more satisfied, more loyal and more
    proud (WallStreetJournal).

•   When 20 percent of all external business meetings is replaced by videoconferencing
    this naturally will save up to 20 percent of all business traffic which will reduce
    traffic with 2.7 billion kilometers (
The New Way of Working

 • Communication and flexible access to and distribution of
   documents and data are the basis of TNWoW

 • Excellent and flexible communication:
     –   “viewing” what the other says, indicates and what it really means: visual and
         non-verbal communication
     –   simple, intuitive, fast: ease of use

 • Efficient and productive collaboration:
     –   simple and fast access to data, documents, information, news
     –   independent of place, time and network access to the workplace
     –   collaborating, reworking and sharing of documents

 • Be more productive: within the same timeframe with better
   quality and more fun, more satisfaction and sufficient time for
Generation Y

 • There are 3 generation employees:
    – G1: 50 years or older
    – G2: 30 to 50 years old
    – G3: 30 years or younger

 • Overall app. 60% of the large enterprises don‟t
   recognize the “generations” and their different
   levels of technology acceptance, adoption and
   (efficient) usage. Especially IT management
   doesn‟t recognize and/or acknowledge the
   generation differences.
Generation Y

 •   Born between 1980 and 2000
 •   Demanding and productive
 •   Very knowledgeable/search experts
 •   High expectations (themselves, others)
 •   Focus on quality (money isn‟t everything)
 •   Serious workforce (but not all expenses)
 •   Looking for self-development
 •   Want to be responsible
 •   Variance is a necessity
 •   Working with intensity

 • High performance / High maintenance!
High Performance Workplace

 • Overall 28% of all workspaces within large
   enterprises are “flexible” workplaces.

 • App. 47% of the workforce belongs to the
   “knowledge workers” category.

 • App. 43% of all tasks can be seen as “routine”
   activities, which means that app. 57% is more
   “ad hoc”. The past 5 years the percentage of
   “ad hoc” tasks increased significantly.
High Performance Workplace

 • Overall 50% of all large enterprises makes use
   of Enterprise Content Management
   applications. But also 40% uses Team Spaces,
   Social Networks, Instant Messaging and/or
   Video Conferencing.

 • Imagine there is a 35% percent usage of Wikis
   within the large enterprise. And the market
   penetration of Social Tagging, Web
   Conferencing and Corporate Blogging is already
   above 25%. Times, they are changing!
High Performance Workplace
                     I:   Low potential
         SUBJECTS         value / Low use
                          of HPW;

                     II: Low potential
                          value / High use
                          of HPW;

                     III: High potential
                          value / Low use
                          of HPW;

                     IV: High potential
                         value / High use
                         of HPW.
I Can‟t See You!
Visual Communication is Key
Visual Communication
Non Verbal Communication
Non Verbal Communication
Non Verbal Communication
Technology versus Vision

 • It‟s not only technology or vision, it‟s also the
   way it becomes a fully integrated part of the
   organization, the business processes, and the
   company mentality …

 • It‟s hard to collaborate with genetic
   organizational bureaucracy …
High Performance Workplace
           THE SPECTRUM
Video, Collaboration or All-In-One?

 • The new way of communication, collaboration
   and with full flexible workplaces is called:

United Conferencing TM
United Conferencing TM
United Conferencing TM

Thank You!
 Interested in “Het Nieuwe Werken”,
Unified Conferencing & Collaboration?

   Just visit:
        Robin van Raaij
   Senior Manager Information
Management & Process Realisation
     RWE Energy Nederland
RWE – Innovation in practice

•   Who is RWE?
•   What is innovation?
•   Innovator in action
•   The energy to lead
RWE Group Structure
            Who is RWE?

• RWE is a leading Energy company in Europe
• Most important markets for generation, sales
  and trade of energy are located in Germany, UK
  and CEE
• 63,500 employees
• € 48,9 billion turnover (2008)
                  Who is RWE?
                           ENERGY NEDERLAND

•   Supplier of energy (electricity & gas) on the Dutch market
•   Established in Hoofddorp (main office) and Helmond
•   450 employees
•   Turnover 2008: € 1.8 Bn
•   Development activities of RWE in the Netherlands:
     – 1.600 MW coal-/ biomass fired power plant in Eemshaven

    – Joint development with partners of onshore CCS                   CO2 Capture

                                                                 CO2 Transport

                                                                     CO2 Injection

    – 2.000 MW offshore wind park
           What is innovation?

• Invention: a new idea
• Innovation: deployment of ideas
• Innovation is about people
   – Cooperation
   – Leadership
   – Culture

• “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you
• It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re
• led, and how much you get it” Steve Jobs
       What is innovation?
                  CHOOSE AND MANAGE

• Strategy: framework for decision-making
• Project portfolio management: setting
  priorities and monitoring progress
• Business cases: a standard valuation of changes
  and projects
• Benefit management: Realization of promises
  made in the business case using a benefit
  management plan, to be delivered latest at the
  end of the project
• Accountability: promised results are part of
  the result targets agreed with a senior manager
                     Innovator in action
                                              RWE INNOGY – A SNAPSHOT

 Overview • RWE Innogy is bundling renewables activities and competencies across RWE Group
            – Focus on profitable capacity growth in commercially mature renewable technologies
            – Research & Development and ventures to drive the development of emerging technologies
          • Asset portfolio of 1.2 GW capacity in operation and 0.5 GW under construction (as of February 2009)
          • Project pipeline of 12.6 GW capacity (as of February 2009)

Business    Wind Onshore         Wind Offshore         Hydro                  Biomass               New technologies

            Key technology for    Key technology for    Run-of-river          Development of        Ventures and R&D
Focus and   capacity growth       capacity growth       projects              biomass (> 5 MW)      Emerging
Strategy    Focus markets         Focus markets         Development of        and biogas plants     technologies
            include UK, Spain,    include UK,           hydro power           Regional focus on     Carbon neutral
            Germany, France,      Germany,              projects              RWE core markets      generation
            Italy, Central-       Netherlands           Focus areas are       and South-Eastern
            Eastern Europe                                                    Europe                Efficient energy
                                                        Central- and                                storage
                Innovator in action
                                     FOCUS ON RENEWABLES

           • CO2 Hedge                                   Focus on Europe
•    Sustainable improvement of the CO2
                                                   Choosing the right opportunities as
      • balance of the RWE Group                        critical success factor

                                RWE Innogy
                  • Capacity target of 4.5 GW in operation or construction by 2012
                           translating into generation of 15 TWh/a in 2013
                         • Wind, Hydro, Biomass, new technology ventures
                  • 750 people in 10 countries (2/2009) – a true European venture
                 • Excellent management of value chain through high quality people
                               from all areas of the renewables sector

           Technology                                Operational Excellence
    Build on existing RWE technical/                 High availability and understanding
    contract risk management skills                      resource, e.g. wind speed
                                       Innovator in action
                                                             ONSHORE AND OFFSHORE WIND ASSETS AND PIPELINE
                                                             (as of February 2009, pro rata)
3,200                                                                                   4,500

2,800                                                                                   4,000

2,400                                                                                   3,500

2,000                                                                                   3,000

1,600                                                                                   2,500

1,200                                                                                   2,000

 800                                                                                    1,500

 400                                                                                    1,000

   0                                                                                     500
           In          Under       Pipeline    Pipeline     Pipeline                                In          Under
        operation   construction   status 1    status 2     status 3                             operation   construction   Pipeline   Pipeline   Pipeline
                                                                                                                            status 1   status 2   status 3

Onshore wind assets & pipeline                                                        Offshore wind assets & pipeline
> 593 MW onshore wind farms in operation                                              > 60 MW offshore wind farm (North Hoyle) in operation and 340
  and 91 MW under construction                                                          MW (Rhyl Flats, Greater Gabbard) under construction
> Onshore wind pipeline of 4.9 GW                                                     > Offshore wind pipeline of 6.9 GW
  - 3 major contributors are UK, CEE and Italy                                          (among others Gwynt y Môr 0.75 GW and Triton Knoll 1.2 GW
                                                                                        in UK, Nordsee 1 in Germany 0.96 GW as well as 1.8 GW in

         Definition of pipeline status:
         Pipeline status 1 – Project consented, not yet under construction
         Pipeline status 2 – Prospects (not consented) – land agreements in place, environmental impact studies commenced
         Pipeline status 3 – Identified opportunities – sites identified, but no land agreements – initial discussion on agreements
                                  Innovator in action
                                                          OFFSHORE WIND ROAD MAP

                                   2009                2010              2011                 2012          2013        2014            2015 & beyond
Nearshore                           60 MW (33%,
North Hoyle (UK)                    since 2003) 1

Rhyl Flats (UK)                     90 MW (100%)

Greater Gabbard (UK)                                509 MW (50%)
Gwynt y Môr (UK)                                                                                     750 MW (100%)
Nordsee 1 (D) 2
                                                                                                                                  960 MW (100%)
Triton Knoll (UK)2
                                                                                                                             1,200 MW (100%)
Inch Cape (UK)2
                                                                                                                                    905 MW 3
NL Pipeline2
Round 3 (UK)                                                                                                                          2 GW

           In operation          Under construction               Under development              Bidding process ( xyz% ) Percentage of RWE Ownership

1) RWE operates 100% of the North Hoyle wind farm     2) Construction dates to be confirmed      3) RWE percentage to be agreed
                            Innovator in action
the corporate venture organization of RWE Innogy
                                             ENABLING NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND FUTURE GROWTH
  •     A leading driver of innovative renewable energy technologies
  •     Creating future growth opportunities
          –    New renewable technologies will be more than wind
          –    New business models will address customer needs
          –    New market segments will change renewable energy generation
  •     Bridging the „scale gap‟ between RWE and emerging businesses of potential
  •     interest
  •     Building portfolio of investments in European companies within emerging renewable
  •     Acting as reliable partner for the management of portfolio companies, encouraging their
        success with financial, technological and management support

                                                                                    Voith Hydro Ocean
      Topell                      Quietrevolution            ReVolt Technologies
                                                                                    Current Technologies
      >Biomass                    >Small decentral           >Energy Storage        >Ocean Current
                                   wind                      >Norway                 Power
                                  >UK                        >Revolutionary re-     >Germany
       and pelletisation          >Electricity                chargeable Zinc-air   >Reliable 3 blade
       technology                  generation from            battery technology     tidal stream
                                   turbulent winds                                   turbine with 1MW
            Innovator in action
                          RWE AHEAD

                                      • Micro- algae to be used in
                                        smokestack emission
                                        reducing the CO2 and usable
                                        as biomass to generate car

• Together with Daimler AG, RWE
  shows a future of mobility. E-
  Mobility experiment is started in
  Berlin initially with 100 Smart
  electrical cars, to be extended
  with Mercedes A;
• RWE build and operates 500
  loading stations
       The energy to lead
                 INNOVATION & CULTURE

• Benchmarking and / or Best Practices
• Are all pigs equal?
   – Creation of team is essential
   – Recognise, acknowledge and use each
     others individual qualities
• Innovation and learning are key a success
   – It‟s the People that make a success!
        The energy to lead

• Innovate: To succeed we must be BOLD but not
  RECKLESS, based upon strict investment criteria and
  financial discipline
• Success strongly depends on our culture, the capacity
  to cooperate and the leadership that everybody is
  willing to take
• “BOLD but not RECKLESS” means we don‟t always
   – … but we do always learn!
Roland Steenvoorde
Managing Director
Executive Search
                   IT Leadership Survey

 • 11th IT Leadership Survey (1345 respondents)
 • 3rd year in The Netherlands
   – Input from Board of Advice CIO Platform
   – 133 respondents (30%)
   – 1st year with overview per country
                        The Comments

 •   Profile: 59% of the Dutch respondents are in the board
 •   Responsibilities: key issue „Cost Saving‟
 •   Skills: 61% reported shortage
 •   Leadership: Communicative and leading by example
 •   Outsourcing and offshoring: established position
 •   Employment and Career: Level of fulfilment rising again
 •   Compensation: 81% satisfied or extremely satisfied.

 •   Becomes increasingly important
 •   Requires excellent communication
 •   Communication is more than a message
 •   Tools are available
 •   Proper use requires behaviour change

 • 86% have been asked to provide technology innovation
 • % spent on innovation remains fairly robust
 • Goal of innovation is the creation of value:
    – 61% claims an ROI on innovation of 5% or more
To conclude
                   Will Strategic roles and business influence expand?

 IT leaders who succeed with the following:
 • Continued project excellence
 • The pursuit of business leading innovation
 • The ongoing drive towards greater operational
 • The development of an outstanding pool of
 Will see that happen

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