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Trudi Wakelin*/**                             Steve Birtles**
Director of Waterways                         Head of Waterways Strategy and Safety

01603 756065                                  01603 756078

   Management Team                              Powerboat racing (L)
   Planning - navigation implications (L)       Boat Safety Scheme (L)
   Sediment Management Strategy (L)             Technical boat issues/investigations (L)
   BESL - strategic liaison (L)                 Safety information (L)
   Members liaison (L)                          Incident reporting and analysis (L)
   Committee meetings (L)                       Hire boat licensing (L)
   Legal matters including Private Bill,        Day Boat/Small Passenger Boat Code
    Byelaws (S)                                   (L)
   Upper Thurne/Barton Broad Liaison            Port Marine Safety Code - Safety
    Groups (S)                                    Management System (L)
   Environment Agency (L)                       Waterskiing (L)

Angie Leeper**                                Charlie Middleton**
Waterways Strategy Officer                    Waterways Officer

01603 756057                                  01603 756058

   Lease of moorings (L)                        Boat Safety Scheme (S)
   Broads Angling Strategy Group (S)            Technical boat issues (S)
   Moorings Strategy (L)                        Speed compliance/boat wash (L)
   Slipway Strategy (L)                         Sustainable boating good practice and
   Powerboat racing (S)                          research and development (L)
   Coordinate consultation responses (L)        Safety information (S)
   Bridges (L)                                  Publications (L)
   Alcohol licensing (L)                        Boat Census (L)
   Notice to Mariners (L)                       Events and promotions
   Oil Spill Plan (L)
   Planning (S)
   Incident reporting and analysis (S)

River Works
Robert Savage**                               Richard Farley*
Rivers Engineer                               Head of Navigation Works

01603 756066                                  01692 677022

   Delivery of construction programmes          River Works Team, workshop and
    and dredging - external contractors (L)       volunteers, e.g. Broadsword (L)
   Channel marking (L)                            Overhanging or dangerous trees
   BESL technical liaison (L)                      alongside rivers/moorings (L)
   Planning supervisor (L)                        Signage issues (L)
   Works licences (L)                             Production/implementation of Works
   First point of contact for any                  Programme (L)
    construction/dredging works (L)                Workboats, launches, equipment,
   Advice to third parties as above (L)            vehicles, trailers, etc (L)
   Hydrographic survey information (L)            Implementation of electrical charging
   Planning applications (S)                       point repairs/yearly checks for charging
   Notice to Mariners (S)                          points and billets (L)
                                                   Stock control of Navigation Works (L)
                                                   24 hour mooring inspections, reports
                                                    and maintenance (L)

Support Services
Chris Bailey**                                  Jo Eames*
Waterways Administrative Officer                Secretary/Administrative Assistant

01603 756007                                    01692 677025

   Point of contact for general enquiries at      Point of contact for enquiries at
    Broads Authority main office (Norwich)          Ludham field base

River Behaviour and Enforcement
Adrian Vernon*                                  Rebecca Callister*
Head Ranger (Navigation)                        Senior Navigation Ranger

01692 677028                                    01692 677023

   Navigation Officer (L)                         Deputise for the Head Ranger (S)
   Boating behaviour and enforcement (L)          Reedham Quay (L)
   Navigation rangers (L)                         Norwich and Great Yarmouth Yacht
   Emergency planning/response (L)                 Stations (L)
   Events - special (L)                           Navigation quay rangers (L)
   Tolls review (S)                               Auxiliary navigation rangers (L)
   Escorts/pilotage (L)                           River Control - performance (L)
   River Control - first point for                Uniform/personal protective
    incidents/emergencies (01692 678459)            equipment/oil spill and operational
    (L)                                             equipment (L)
                                                   Oil spill and other incident response (S)
                                                   Liaise and assist Head Ranger with
                                                    investigation of byelaw contraventions

Adrian Clarke**
Broads Project Coordinator

01603 756059

   Coordination of Broadland Flood
    Alleviation Project consultation
    responses and enhancement project
   Coordination and delivery of Broads
    Authority input to Fisheries Action Plan,
    Broads Angling Strategy Group and
    Slipway Strategy
   Ant Valley pilot coordinator

Tolls (Corporate Services)
Bill Housden**
Collector or Tolls
Jane Fisk**
Assistant Collector of Tolls
Joe French**
Tolls Assistant
Joel Rushton**
Tolls Assistant

The main area of responsibility of the tolls
section is the registering and licensing of
craft. In addition to this they can
supply Tide Tables, Byelaw information,
and can respond to requests for general
navigation information such as slipways,
chemical toilet disposal points and pump
out facilities.

Conservation (Conservation and Countryside Management)
** Conservation Manager

   Overall management of conservation
   Biodiversity action planning
   Upper Thurne Water Space
    Management Plan
   Upper Thurne bird refuges
   Coastal management including
    Shoreline Management Plan
   Conservation strategy policy
   Conservation input into planning,
    including Local Development
    Framework and Broads Fisheries
    Action Plan
   Overall lakes Public Service
    Agreement project delivery
   Trinity Broads Technical Group and
    Project Board

Andrea Kelly**                                 Dan Hoare**
Conservation Officer (Waterways Strategy)      Conservation Officer (Waterways)

01603 756015                                   01603 756043

   Strategic implementation of measures          Undertaking aquatic macrophyte,
    to protect and restore ecological              nutrient budget and sediment input
    condition of the waterways (e.g.               monitoring (L)
    Sediment Management Strategy, Lake            Responding to water abstraction
    Restoration Strategy, review of lake           consultations and technical enquiries
    restoration techniques) (L)                    (L)
   Coordinating aquatic ecological               Delivery of lake restoration projects
    research, such as Upper Thurne                 actions (S)
    Research Programme (L)                        Recording of invasive species (L)
   Water Quality Partnership coordinating        Coordinating undergraduate and MSc
    actions to address diffuse pollution (L)       research projects (L)
   Producing standard maintenance
    procedures for routine waterways work
   Producing and delivering the Barton
    Broad Water Space Management Plan
   Responding to consultations and
    technical enquiries (L)

* Based at Ludham field base
** Based at Broads Authority main office (Norwich)

(L) Lead (S) Support

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