Certificate by caenk2010



This is to certify   that the undernoted product(s) has/have been tested with
                     satisfactory result in accordance with the relevant requirements of the LR
                     Type approval System.
                     This certificate is issued to :

                     Producer                   KEYSTONE SOUTHEAST ASIA PTF LTD
                                                No 4 Tuas Ave 18
                                                Singapore 2263

                     Description                Batterfly Valve
                                                Body              : CF 8M
                                                Disc              : CF 8M (44092)
                                                Seat              : PTFE
                                                Fig               : F370 162
                                                Size              : 16”
                                                Ansi              : 150
                                                Operated          : Gear Operated

                     Application                These butterfly valves may be employed in the
                                                following systems/location in ships classed or
                                                intended for Classification with Lioyd,s register. It is
                                                considered that, in all cases, they shall be installed
                                                to the attending Surveyor’s satisfaction.

                     Certifcate No.             05/31131
                     Issue Date                 10-Oct-09
                     Expiry Date
                     Sheet                      1 of 1

                     Notice : This certificate is subject to the terms and conditions overleaf

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