INTRODUCTION TO HUMANITIES
                    CREATIVE PROJECT FALL 2010 ~ Professor D. Clark

We all have a creative voice. Yes, you are creative! My hope is that your project will celebrate the common
threads of our humanity – life – great thought - art! Selected pieces will be featured at the end of the semester in
a special exhibit featuring Collin’s humanities students. Details TBA!

The theme for this semester's projects will revolve around what is sometimes called a "dying art" - the art of the
handwritten letter. Many art forms such as visual art, films, music, and more revolve around letters! Your task will be
to create a project that is inspired by the concept of the handwritten letter. We will be “brainstorming” for ideas in
class as well as looking at examples of past projects that cover a variety of themes. To begin, here’s a fairly recent
Newsweek article about letter-writing:

Choose ONE of the following options:

    1. Create an artistic, well-composed photograph. You alone must take an ORIGINAL photo during this
       semester, and you should not be the subject of it unless you've checked with me about a special
       self-timed portrait. You are welcome to experiment and enhance your photograph with a photo-editing
       program. If photographing a person, obtain a signed permission form (available on Blackboard) to
       photograph and use that person’s photo for this project. The photo should be tasteful, “PG” rated, and
       appropriate for class discussion/viewing. NO nudity. NOTE: The photo must be presented in two ways:
       on a PowerPoint page for optimal class viewing and as an enlargement (minimum 8 x 10) inside a mat
       and/or frame. (Be sure to save it on a travel drive and test it at the Collin computer lab before the due date
       and bring in. Email it to yourself as a precaution.) Your PowerPoint photo page should have a title, the
       date, and location of the photo. Print a copy to turn in. NOTE: If you choose this option, you must first
       read “The Power of Photography” @

    2. Create a 2-D piece (such as a painting), 3-D piece, sculpture, collage (not digital), etc. that ties into
       the theme of letter-writing referenced above. You are also welcome to explore the idea of a self-portrait
       that ties into the theme - for example, a letter you write to yourself about your dreams, hopes, aspirations,
       etc. Please attach a photograph of your project to your text since I will want to review the photo
       after you take your project home. Examples of past 2-D and 3-D projects will be shown in class.

    3. Do you have a writer’s heart? Compose a poem about the above referenced theme and read it to us.
       Are you a singer or musician? Compose a song and perform for us! Your classmates and I will enjoy your
       talents! You will not only need to hand in a copy of your poem or song but you should also show the
       stanzas/lyrics to the class via a PowerPoint slide.

    4. Do you have an idea about creating a short video about this semester's theme? See me and let’s
       discuss your plan before you begin! You will have to obtain special permission slips (available on
       Blackboard) from those you video.

NOTE: EVERY project must be accompanied by a 1 page essay that explains how you decided on your
project, what materials or compositional methods you used, and how your project ties into the assigned
theme. Please be sure to present your project to the class in five minutes or less. Important: Do not create a
project that is too private or too sensitive to share with the class. Do not create a project from other people’s
letters due to privacy issues. However, if you are basing your project around a published historical letter, be
sure you are citing any sources in an MLA Works Cited page. View this as a fun exercise – and an opportunity
to share your distinctive voice with others. If your project is chosen for the end-of-semester showcase, I will ask you
to bring it back a few days before the exhibit and have you sign an exhibit release form.

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