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					                                         January - February 2009

                                 January 11th, 2009 - Holiday Party
Another year’s festive annual event. Doug Dykema was presented a plaque recognizing his years of service
as Director (photo above). Barb Esdale was Activity Director for the Party and did a great job contacting
members, arranging the menu and location. The Esdales also provided musical entertainment from their
grandchildren, Matthew and Michelle. We enjoyed a great turn-out and several more members planned to
attend but were unable to fight the extreme weather. Also, above (clockwise) are Dominic (Treasurer) and
Julie Testa, Jack (Board) and Janice Diddens, Bill (Board) and Elaine Reynolds, Bill and Patti Nawrot
(Activity Directors). As can be seen from the large group photo, our members enjoyed the event, a fine meal
and the opportunity to renew friendships. Once again we are indebted to Chris Otis for the excellent
photography of the event. We hope to see everyone at upcoming 2009 LSR activities.
        Lincoln & Continental Owners Club
             LAKE SHORE REGION
                                                                          Picture of the Month
This newsletter is published every other month to provide
information to the LCOC Lake Shore Region membership.
All members are encouraged to submit articles and photos
of their cars, which will be utilized and edited as space will
allow. FOR SALE ads for Region members are free, or $10
per ad issue for non-members. Ad space for vendors of
Lincoln related merchandise or services is available.
Please contact the newsletter editor for sizes and ad rates.
The deadline for publication of all materials is the 10th of
the month prior to the newsletter issue date.
   2009 Officers, Chairpersons and Board Members
                    Art Whitmire
                4358 Falcon Drive                                    Some days nothing seems to go according to plan.
                  Byron, IL 61010
           Email: art-lcoc@comcast.com                                  LSR EVENT CALENDAR
                                                                     Below are the local LSR activities scheduled for the
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR & MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN                             next few months. Watch for Event Flyers for each
                Douglas Dykema                                       activity in future newsletters. Dates and times are
              1412 Brassie Avenue                                    subject to change, so be sure you are following the final
           Flossmoor, IL 60422-1814                                  schedules published in upcoming Event Flyers.
          Email: d.dyk@sbcglobal.net
                                                                     April 25 - Saturday 10:00 AM
                                                                     Volo Museum in Volo, IL. A map, final schedule and
                       TREASURER                                     lunch arrangements prior to the visit will be published
                      Dominick Testa                                 in a Flyer for this event in the March - April Newsletter
                  3111 King Alford Court
                St Charles, IL 60174-7802                            May 17 - Sunday 4:00 PM
                       630-584-3382                                  Meeting at Brickhouse Tavern in Downers Grove, IL. A
               Email: domtesta@yahoo.com                             discussion of collector car insurance options and
                                                                     general LSR business. A map and more details will be
                      SECRETARY                                      published for this event in the March-April Newsletter.
                     Barbara Esdale
                 1769 Eastwood Avenue
              Highland Park, IL 60035-2111
                                                                             Items of Interest
              Email: ezzy4112@yahoo.com
                                                                                   2009 National Meets
               ACTIVITIES CHAIRMAN                                   Two 2009 Meets are firmly scheduled in the
                      Bill Nawrot                                    January-February Continental Comments and
                     708-352-5835                                    arrangements are being made for a third Meet in
            Email: wmnawrot@ameritech.com                            September.
                                                                     Mid-America - April 24 & 25th in Salado, Texas
                Jack Diddens, Midlothian IL
                                                                     Western - June 11 thru 13th in Reno, Nevada
               Joe Esdale, Nighland Park, IL
                                                                     Eastern - September 9 thru 12th in Lancaster, PA
              Eldon Hueber - St. Charles, IL
                                                                     On page 4 of this newsletter is an article about
                Bill Reynolds - Chicago, IL
                                                                     the January 2009 National Board Meeting where
                                                                     the above and tentative future meet schedule was
              Richard Wilson - Flossmoor, IL
                                                                     presented and discussed.

   DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE                                          NINE WORDS WOMEN USE
  We look forward to an excellent schedule of activities       This is an educational piece of information for male car
and events for LCOC and LSR during 2009. As noted              collectors to help you either keep your current car or
on the previous page, we now have two Meets                    aid you in adding another one to your collection.
planned for 2009 with a third being worked on by the
Mid-Atlantic Region for September. In addition, the            (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an
                                                               argument when they are right and you need to shut up.
national board met in mid-January and several Meets
are being committed for in 2010 and 2011. While not            (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means
every member attends LCOC Meets, they are a very               a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you
important benefit to those who have purchased or               have just been given five more minutes to watch the
restored Lincolns to concours condition. For those not         game before helping around the house.
wishing to have their Lincoln judged, a Meet is a
wonderful opportunity to drive the car, converse with          (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This
other owners, enjoy local tours and become                     means something, and you should be on your toes.
acquainted with members from around the country.               Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in Fine.
Hopefully, you’ll personally join other LCOC members
                                                               (4) Go Ahead: A dare, not permission. Don't Do It!
participating in 2009 and future Meets. Carol and I
have attended 20 Meets and look forward to more.               (5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-
    On the local LSR agenda, we are attempting to put          verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud
together some new and different kinds of meetings              sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders
and activities. Naturally, collector cars and ownership        why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing
are a key focus, but we’d like to see you participate in       with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the
meetings where we can talk about how to enhance                meaning of nothing.)
ownership, save some money or learn about exciting
locations to visit. Each of us have experiences and            (6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous
knowledge that can benefit other members, and while            statements a woman can make to a man. That's okay
                                                               means she wants to think long and hard before
we aren’t asking you to prepare a speech or formal
                                                               deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.
presentation, we want to encourage your participation
in expressing both positive and negative experiences           (7) Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question,
in the collector car hobby.                                    or faint. Just say you're welcome. (I want to add in a
    Another area you can help us with is knowledge of          clause here; This is true, unless she says “Thanks a
local restaurants that have a separate room available          lot” - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you
for meeting and dining. The “no cost” kind is what we          at all. DO NOT say “You're welcome”. That will bring on
prefer (other than the cost of meals) and a menu that          a “Whatever”).
provides good variety at economical prices. Could be
a pizza restaurant with a private room or a family style       (8) Whatever: Is a kind way of saying to H-- with you!
or sports bar with such a facility. Our goal is to find
                                                               (9) Don't worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous
several locations around the Chicago area that we can          statement, meaning this is something that a woman has
alternate using for meetings convenient to members             told a man to do several times, but is now doing it
located in different areas. We realize that members            herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's
living on the north side find it difficult to attend           wrong?' For the woman's response refer to #3.
activities on the far south side and vice-versa. We
have scheduled our May meeting on the central west
side, but want to move to other good locations over
the course of the year. You know your area.... Tell us          2009 MEMBERSHIP DUES
what you think could be a good location to try out.
    In the hope that you are still reading this last       If you have not submitted dues a Membership
paragraph, we also need your help in bringing in new       Renewal is enclosed with this newsletter
LSR members. Our national and local club can only
prosper if we add new members each year. Invite            Confirm or correct the information on the Renewal
someone to an activity and let me know their name          Form and mail it with your check to our Treasurer.
and address for a welcome letter and invitation to join.
                      Respectfully                         You’ll receive one more newsletter before being
                      Art Whitmire                         removed from the LSR roster for 2009. We don’t want to
                                                           lose your support, so please submit your dues soon.

            2009 LCOC National Board Meeting

   The above photos are of the Saturday, January 17, 2009 LCOC National Board Meeting held in
Houston, TX. On the left photo at the held table are your current national officers, from left to right,
Art Whitmire, Exec VP; Jack Shea, Treasurer; Glen Kramer, President; Darren Klingler, Secretary;
and Bob Johnson, VP of Regions. The photo on the right shows other Region and At Large Directors,
interested members and Committee Chairpersons. Why should you care? Each year you as an
LCOC member vote for “At Large” Directors, who, plus your LSR Director, are your representatives
at the annual Board Meeting to make decisions on the future of the Club. They are unpaid, but
devoted members of LCOC, whose goal is to represent your best interests and manage the finances
and activities of the Club. Two full days of committee meetings are devoted to considering club
opportunities, problems and future directions for presentation and final approval by the full board at
the above Saturday meeting.
   Like most car clubs, the membership base determines the financial fortunes of a club and LCOC,
like other clubs, has experienced a slow decline in membership over the past several years. Dues
increases are always unpopular, but necessary to maintain magazine quality, cover postage
increases, judging and awards at Meets and general club services. This year the Board faced up to
these challenges and is working hard to reduce expenses without reducing the quality services we
are famous for offering. Our major challenge is to increase membership, which would solve most
financial problems in the future.
  This is the reason you should care about the challenges facing the board and your personal
membership in LCOC. It is often said that if each current member would recruit just one new member,
most problems and concerns would disappear. It would be a “magic wand” solution. Why is it so hard
to make it happen? As a club, we make membership available to everyone, even if they don’t own a
collector Lincoln (it would be nice if they, at least, wanted one or have a newer one)! For judging, a
Lincoln need only be 10 years old to qualify and a “driver” can earn recognition in the Touring Class.
We have one of the best club magazines available and our Regions offer local activities for those not
wanting to travel to national meets. We are striving to keep the cost of future Meets more affordable,
while still providing exciting local tours, good fun and food for attendees. We’re even opening a new
judging class for Professional Cars (limos, hearses, funeral cars, flower cars, etc.).
about it. It won’t cost you anything but the time to offer an invitation.

       Example of an LSR Member’s Devotion to LCOC
             1961 – 1963 Lincoln Continental Authenticity Manual
                                        Authored by: Rob Zeller

I was asked at the 2007 Mid-America National Meet to help out with the 1961 – 1963 Lincoln Continental
Authenticity Manual. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! In January of 2008, John Bailey,
National Publications Chairman, sent me the text that had been put together.

My first task was to read and understand the manual and then identify areas that required changes and
photographs. Although John Manifold and I own two 1961 Continental convertibles, they are not 100%
factory correct in the mechanical areas. My primary source of information was the Lincoln Forum. If
you haven’t checked out the Forum, here is the Forum web address:


The Forum is a wealth of information for restoring, maintaining or repairing your Lincoln. The members
are more than willing to help!

A second source of information was Chris Dunn at Lincoln Land in Clearwater, FL. Chris is particularly
knowledgeable on the rare, early 1961 parts. Finally, I utilized eBay. Knowing the photographs I
wanted and taking advantage of the Internet, I contacted various sellers, told them what I was doing
and received excellent photographs.

Through the Lincoln Forum, I made contact with a member of the original team led by Dr. Hans Norberg
in 1998. He sent copies of the original drafts and correspondence. I confirmed the material closely
related to the text I had received from John Bailey.

After months of acquiring photographs and inserting them into the text, I realized the biggest task was
yet to come – formatting. Ugh! I spent hours learning how to format headers and footers in Microsoft
Word to get the right layout. After that, it was time to learn how to format the Table of Contents and

Finally, it was time to recognize all the contributing members and find the appropriate cover artwork.
Through an Internet search, I found Randy Mytar’s painting of the 1961 Continental sedan formerly
owned by Gordon Jensen. This tied nicely with the 1966 – 1969 Lincoln Continental Authenticity
Manual’s artwork, also by Randy.

Through multiple revisions and error checking, it was time to send the Manual to John Bailey for his
review. John did an excellent job of finding the errors I’d missed and soon all changes were made. On
December 1st, I mailed the final manual for approval and publication.

I can’t fully express the sense of accomplishment that manual was to me! I knew how eager 1961 –
1963 Lincoln aficionados were to get their hands on the manual and was thrilled to have the manual
ready to publish. It was a great learning experience and I look forward to utilizing the manual to return
our cars to their original factory specifications.

Editor’s Comments:
Thanks to LSR member, Rob Zeller’s hard work, the 1961-63 Manual has been published and
is available to interested LCOC members. You may have noted in his comments that this
manual was begun in 1998 (10 years ago) and was worked on by several other LCOC members
before it was handed off to Rob to complete. It is truly a “labor of love” by all who have
participated in it’s preparation.

Another manual that is coming closer to publication is the Mark V Manual... More Progress!

                           1979 Collector’s Series in Midnight Blue Moondust Metallic
  In 1969, Lincoln introduced a new Continental, the Mark III. It was an immediate winner and was followed by
the Mark IV, which outsold Cadillac’s Eldorado. How do you improve on that record? Introduce the most
popular Mark of all time* (annual sales), the Mark V, which continued to outsell the Eldorado. If you’ve attended
LCOC Meets in the past 10 years, the popularity of the Mark V is always in evidence by the number competing
for awards. Also surprising is the number of low mileage Mark V’s still available today to avid Lincoln collectors.
Many original and secondary owners recognized the uniqueness and desirability of this classic design and
have carefully protected their treasures by driving them sparingly only on dry sunny days. Most parts are still
available for restoration, with the exception of new OEM trim and correct under-hood insulation blankets. Due
to the popularity of the Mark V more parts are being reproduced each year. Values have increased in recent
years for pristine Marks. A notable example was a 1,700 mile ‘78 Cartier in Mecum’s recent Kissimmee, FL
auction that was bid to $27,000 but did not reach the reserve (unknown). Good values in the $7,500 to $12,500
range still exist for what is one of the most luxurious and pleasurable to drive Lincolns. Competition at LCOC
Meets continues to be tough in the Class, but the joys of ownership far outweigh the frustration of finding three
or more 99 point Mark V’s at most Meets.
 The variety of Mark V’s available during 1977-79 is as overwhelming as its popularity. Prices for a basic model
ranged from $11,396 in 1977 to $13,069 in 1979. The Designer Edition Series included the Cartier, Bill Blass,
Givenchy and Pucci versions which were repeated from the Mark IV era and cost $1600 (77), $1800 (78) and
$2000 (79) over the base models. This Series provided unique interior and exterior colors, vinyl roofs and
other options normally extra. The Designer combinations varied each year. In addition, “Luxury Group” options
were available which included special color combinations, interior and exterior trim and some power equipment
for about $700. The ultimate in luxury was offered in 1978 as the Diamond Jubilee Edition for $20,099 which
included every option other than a moon roof and CB radio. This was followed in 1979 by the Collectors Series
for $21,326. The list of special equipment for these ultimate ‘78 and ‘79 Marks is far too lengthy to list in this
article, but suffice to say, you looked and felt like a celebrity when driving these cars. Today they are among
the most coveted of the Mark V’s and many were considered collectibles by original owners and meticulously
maintained since new. In terms of restoration and judging, the main problems relate to whether special
umbrellas, tool kits and owner’s manuals were saved. For all Mark V’s, often normal replacement parts were
not Motorcraft or original equipment type parts and need to be replaced for high point authenticity judging.
  Total 3 year Mark V production was 228,862 ranging from 80,321 in ‘77, to 72,602 in ‘78 and 75,939 for ‘79.
The Designer Editions, Jubilee and Collectors Series accounted for about 25% of annual production, so most
versions are still plentiful today. For great documentation of the Mark III, IV and V look up an Internet site
http://automotivemileposts.com from which most of these numbers were gathered. Many more details are
available for current owners or those seeking more information when considering purchase of a Mark.
   Your editor, as a former ‘78 Mark V owner, can vouch for the desirability of this fine automobile, as overall, it
is the most enjoyable Lincoln I’ve owned. It continues to be a temptation to find and own another one.

*Total 3 year Mark III production was 79,387 and total 5 year Mark IV production was 278,649.

                           YEAR – 2009 (Updated 2/1/09)
DATE                ACTIVITY or EVENT                             TIME            HOST

January 11         Annual Holiday Party
Sunday             Mill Rose Restaurant – Rosewood Room         1:30 PM         Esdales

April 24-25        Mid-America LCOC Meet                        See Continental Comments
Fri - Sat          Salado, TX                                    January - February Issue

For members not planning to attend the Mid-America Meet in Salado, TX:
April 25         Volo Car Museum
Saturday         Volo, IL                                  10:00 AM             Nawrots

May 17             Meeting & Car Insurance Presentation
Sunday             Brickhouse Tavern – Downers Grove            4:00 PM         Whitmires

June 11-13         Western LCOC Meet                            See Continental Comments
Thur-Fri-Sat       Reno, Nevada                                   January - February Issue

June 21            Father’s Day Oakbrook Car Show
Sunday             Oakbrook Shopping Center                      Noon             TBA

July 25            One Day Tour
Saturday           Visit Historic Oak Park Homes                10:00 AM          TBA

August 22- 23     Poplar Grove Air Show & LSR Picnic
Sat-Sun           Poplar Grove, IL & Fletcher’s Home           To be Announced Fletchers
(Tentative Dates) Northstar & Midwest Regions Invited           (Details in next newsletter)

Sept. 6            Luxury Car Show & Dinner Meeting
Sunday             Cantigny Estate Wheaton                        Noon       Cadillac Club

Oct. 17            One Day Tour
Saturday           w/ Visit to Chicago Botanic Gardens            9:30 AM        Esdales

Nov. 8 or 15       Membership Meeting
Sunday             Dykema & Wilson Home                          1:30 PM       Dykema/Wilson

We are always open to adding new and different activities to our event schedule for this or next
year. You assistance in locating interesting sites to visit or restaurants to hold a meeting are
encouraged and appreciated. If we can’t include some events in our formal calendar, we can
publish dates and locations for members’ options. Please contact either Bill Nawrot or Art
Whitmire with your ideas. Our home addresses , phone number and email addresses are on
the second page of every newsletter. We’d enjoy hearing from you.


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