02-9-11 - St. Lawrence University by xiuliliaofz


									                          The Thelomathesian Society
                          Wednesday February 9, 2011
                           Called to Order at 7:03pm

Senators           Present/Absent   ContraDance        NCEMSF        Student
                   (P/A)            Contingency        Contingency   Activity Fee
                                    Request            Request       Resolution
Beaulieu, Chris    P                Y                                N

Blash, Denzel      P                Y                                N
Campbell,          P                Y                                N
Cash, Steven       P                Y                                Y
Crossan, Sam       P                Y                                Y
Dorsey, Alexis     A                ABSENT                           ABSENT
Durkee,            P                Y                                Y
Dixon, Terrence    P                Y                                Y
Eisenhart,         P                Y                                N
Frese, Robby       P                Y                                Y
French, Zach       P                Y                                Y
Golden, Leslie     P                Y                                Y
Gondwe, Felix      P                Y                                N
Green, Griffin     P                Y                                Y
Hamlin, Sam        P                Y                                Y
Hayden, Spiker     P                Y                                Y
Higgins, Kitty     P                Y                                Y
Hillbrunner,       P                Y                                ABSENT (left
Renee                                                                during meeting)
Jeffress, Ashley                    Y                                Y
Kahl, Taylor       P                Y                                Y
Krause, Bourke                      Y                                Y
Krieger,           P                Y                                Y
Longo, Iris        P                Y                                N
Mao,               P                ABSENT (left                     ABSENT (left
Chansoknea                          during meeting)                  during meeting)
McBride,           P                Y                                Y
McKibben,          P                Y                                Y
Minogue, Marc      P                Y                                N
Morrow,            P                 Y                                Y
Ndagijeimana,      P                 Y                                N
Noto, Lydia        P                 Y                                ABSENT (left
                                                                      during meeting)
Peterson, Cory     P                 Y                                Y
Price, Raymond     P                 Y                                N
Rothrock,          P                 Y                                Y
Rotich, Nathan     P                 Y                                Y
Scannell, Emily    P                 Y                                Y
Shaffner, Nicole   P                 Y                                N
Stone, Alex        P                 Y                                Y
Tyler, Britne      P                 Y                                Y
Wight, Tyler       P                 Y                                Y
Wohler, Britt      P                 Y                                Y
Wolmort,           P                 Y                                Y

     Committee Chairs                                       Present
     Public Relations              Rob Meacham              P
                                   Allie Cook (Assistant)   P
     Campus Entertainment          Matt Donato              P
     Greek Life                    Natalie Lucas            P
     Academic Affairs              Mary Baucom              P
     Student Life                  Iain Hart                P
     Canton Community Outreach     Andrew Pfluger           P
     Environmental Conservation    Chris Shrope             P
     Internet Technologies Chair   Nate Eldridge            P
                                      I. Officer Reports

                         Vice President of Senate Affairs, Alli Shea
       Hi everyone, thank you for your cooperation with that whole thing [Thelmo
  photographs]. Today we have a little more on the agenda than last week we have two
 contingency requests that I sent you all in an e-mail and also, a resolution to be passed
about student activity fee so that should be definitely be an interesting debate, so, looking
                                        forward to it.

                               Secretary, Sarah Deakins
Please state your name before you speak and be sure to speak loudly and clearly. Thanks.

                  Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees, Alina Miska
I have a sign up sheet for anybody that wants to attend the board of trustees meeting. The
 meetings will be on Friday, February 25th. There are only a couple of spots, maybe three
 or four people. So, just come and see me at the end of the meeting if you want to sign up
                                     for one of them.

                         SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
   We have our first two contingency requests of the year tonight. Please, look at them
  carefully because your vote does matter. Secondly, Robby and I worked together, last
 semester and this semester, to get CWA machines. We have two portable ones that will
  be available in the Student Center starting Friday after the beer and wine social. If you
                    want more information about that, please contact me.

                                 II. Committee Reports

                          Public Relation Chair, Rob Meacham
 Just a few things to report. I ordered some Thelmo t-shirts they are simple red t-shirts
 with the Thelmo logo. They will be distributed at a hockey game in the near future. It‟s
  all about Thelmo‟s name and getting the name and the logo it out there. Thank you.

                       Academic Affairs Chair, Mary Baucom
   Thanks, Dean Lehr and the committee have been working to get a motion regarding
    FYPs and FYSs. Basically, it will allow the courses to count toward distribution
                      requirements starting next academic year.

                      Internet Technologies Chair, Nate Eldridge
   Not much to report. Still working on the website and trying to meet everyone in my
   committee so, please respond to my e-mails. If any committee would like to have a
 presence on the Thelmo website, please send me some basic information: pictures, text,
                        whatever and we‟ll get that up on the site

                           Greek Life Chair, Natalie Lucas
 Not too much this week. Students at Pi Kappa Alpha are trying to reinstate themselves
                         and things are getting on their way.
                        Canton Community Outreach, Andrew Pfluger
  This week, I‟ve helped solidify an internship for the county attorney and I‟ve had back
  and forth communication with the CEO at the Canton Potsdam hospital, which sounds
     more promising. This would facilitate pre-med interested people and shadowing
    opportunities. I‟ve been speaking with Emily McDonald about how I can provide
 information to local businesses and to post on the saints website in the future. I want to
  draft a contract for internships to reassure that students aren‟t just doing clerical work.
There are future projects to be assessed at our committee meeting tomorrow and meetings
                         with the mayor and the economic developer.

                              Student Life Chair, Iain Hart
Look for an email after this meeting about when our committee will be meeting. We will
                   be looking forward to discussion about SLUSAF.

                        Campus Entertainment Chair, Matt Donato
 Not a whole bunch. Meg and I did a lot of talking today and there‟s a 75% chance that
Springfest is going to consist of White Panda and Chitty Bang so, looking forward to that
we‟ll let you know late afternoon tomorrow. Next Club Win we‟d like to change it up and
 make it a charity event as well and get a raffle or charge a dollar at the door and donate
                                     funds to charity.

                    Environmental Conservation Chair, Chris Shrope
                          Thank you, not much to report here.

                                 President J. Robby Glass
 There are important resolutions on the floor and I look forward to healthy discussion on
                          that. Now, moving into new business.

                                    III. New Business

                              Alumni Council Presentation:

                               President, J. Robby Glass
This week‟s Alumni Council Weekend so a lot of alumni are going to be on campus. We
want to get the pulse on campus and inform everyone what the alumni council is all about

                                   Senator Rothrock
 My name is Joe Rothrock for those of you who don‟t know me. I am one of the student
delegates to the Alumni Council this year. Tonight we have with us Deena McCullough,
who is the president of the Alumni Council and Steve Todd, who is the vice president of
   the Alumni Council. Basically, what they are going to talk about tonight is what the
 Alumni Council is and what they do. They‟re really interested in hearing feedback of a
  pulse of what‟s going on on-campus and where we can move forward. So, I‟ll turn it
                               over to Steve and Deena.
                     President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
 First off, how many of you know that St. Lawrence has an Alumni Council? How many
of you can name one of the committees that we partner with? That‟s one of the things that
    I think is interesting too and you‟re not alone in terms of knowing what the Alumni
 Council does. This opportunity over a brief period of time is to tell you who we are and
  explain to you what you might do over the next couple days and what you might do to
use the Alumni Council and what you might do for the rest of your life to use alumni as a
       resource. Like Joe said, I‟m Deena McCollough I was here, class of ‟84 I was a
          Sociology and Fine Arts major. I am third generation St. Lawrence alum.
     What we do as alumni is different from trustees who partner with the university in
 different and productive ways building grounds and budget finance advancement. What
    we do is we get involved with career services, admissions, Saints wear is our line of
     clothing (you may own a rugby shirt or found something for your parents), Saints
 network and reunions, events that happen around the country, the reunion that‟s here on
 campus every year, development, we have a finance committee too. So, we partner with
 the university in ways that can be really helpful. We span six generations of alumni and
 bring together adverse sorts of people and have a little mini reunion for us. So, what‟s in
 it for us? What we do is we meet and try and figure out how we can be of service to the
  university. We‟re doing the “mocktail” event Friday at 4 in Sykes common so, if you
    haven‟t already put that on your schedule to do and you want to meet thirty alumni
council members to find out the ways can be of service to you. If you‟re seniors, there‟s a
  wine and beer tasting Friday night after the hockey game. And you don‟t have to drink
                         you can buy a lesser price ticket to come, too.
But we‟ll be on campus. I think we‟re having dinner with SAA to kick it off. Steve, what
                                      do you have to say?

                      Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
   Steve- I guess I would just piggyback on that by saying that I think Deena has really
       explained who we are. To draw the parallel you as a representative, we are the
    representative body of the entire alumni association. We are three thousand alums
  around the country. And there are about forty of us that have given time. Our job is to
   tap into the wishes, the concerns, the interests of our alumni constituents and also, to
engage them the same way that you guys I think try to do the same for future alumni. Our
hope is that we can be of service to you and that‟s what one of our major goals is through
   our admissions efforts, through our fundraising efforts and through all of our efforts.
   How can we harness the alumni body, which is an eager bunch of folks? We want to
help. I think you‟ll find that St. Lawrence folks want to help their alma mater and current
    students and future alumni probably more than any other school certainly, from my
 experience. You cant go anywhere in the world without somehow, somewhere running
 into someone wearing a St. Lawrence shirt and within thirty seconds, form a friendship.
 That‟s rare out in the world and Laurentians, I think, are uniquely committed to opening
                                     the door for others.

                  President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
Who‟s been to a mocktail event already? We‟ve got a handful of people who have taken
advantage of that. I think what happens sometimes when you‟re in this world here at St.
 Lawrence, you can feel like the bigger world is much farther away. So, with us coming
to campus, it bridges that gap a little bit. Whether you meet people this week or you reach
  out to them through career services, you‟ll find that people are genuinely interested in
what people are thinking here. We do surveys after our meetings. We really want to hear
 what you have to say. You‟ve been in the bookstore and seen the Saints line of clothing.
Those proceeds do go back to fund internships, wine and cheese, it goes to Laurentians in
                        residence programs so all money goes back.

                    Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
We already have student representation on the council. At least, on a given year we have
      three or sometimes four or five delegates, including Joseph [Rothrock] who is
         representing the student body along with his colleagues extremely well.
Historically our student delegates have had the strongest and most helpful voices of all of
 the voices on the council and it helps us to see what‟s really going on here. We can be
      talking about ways in which we can continue and enhance that back and forth
communication between council, and Thelmo, and all of the other student representatives
and organizations. We can be helpful to and it might help us better understand and better
                              support and help the mission.

                    President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
Pull us aside, feel free to ask us any questions and say hey are you in the Alumni Council,
 I‟d love to speak with you. We‟re going to be eating in Dana dining hall, at the hockey
                          games, we‟ll be around a lot this weekend.

                  Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
             Many of us will be wearing our scarlet and brown rugby shirts.

                     President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
  It‟s a lot of fun for us to be here. We enjoy our time with you. Once again, we want to
thank Joe for setting this up tonight. We appreciate your time and your interest. Are there
                                      any other questions?

                    Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
Not just questions but what‟s on your mind—what are students thinking about right now?
                          What are students passionate about?

                President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
 What brings you to this meeting tonight? This is an amazing room full of people. What
                                about you, in the front?

             SLUSAF Central Treasurer Junior Assistant, Andrew Krieger
 I joined Thelmo last semester as a junior to get more involved on campus to hear more
                         about what‟s going on around campus.
                  President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
    Yeah so you know what‟s going on even though you get e-mails, you want to know
firsthand. Don‟t you get to vote on important matters, too? It‟s good to get a voice and be
              able to speak for the student body. What you say is important.

                                     Senator Golden
 I‟m actually the year book representative. I think last year, Thelmo passed a resolution
 that we get a representative so we could get more attention and access to the budget. I
              just got back from abroad so, this is only my second meeting.

                   President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
                     What about you, Raymond? Why are you here?

                                     Senator Price
To be a voice for the people who aren‟t here and who don‟t always know what‟s going on

                                   Senator Krause
          I‟m involved in ACE and I like to stay involved with Thelmo as well.

                                    Senator Price
             Why did you decide to become members of the alumni council?

                       Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
  I had a tremendous experience at St. Lawrence. I am one of five kids and all five kids
   went to St. Lawrence. And truthfully, part of the reason we could all come here was
 largely in thanks to the people that made contributions. I‟m deeply appreciative of that
and the Alumni Council allows me tangible opportunities to give back to that cause. It‟s
     fun. It‟s like a reunion every few months. We get together with people we enjoy
          spending time with at a place we love and it‟s a tremendous experience.

                   President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
   Honestly, I was asked [to join Alumni Council] and I‟m a big believer in any type of
community service. I‟ve been president of a lot of different organizations: united ways to
childcare councils and I sit on a lot of different boards. I thought it would be interesting. I
 think what I found was something much bigger than something just interesting. When I
was here in the 80‟s it was a completely different atmosphere on campus and it helped me
 appreciate because you guys know what you know and you have what you have but we
    didn‟t have this common space that you guys have or the leadership or the campus
  you‟ve had over the last many years that‟s been carried through. It‟s a very different
time. When I was here in the 80s I wasn‟t as connected to St. Lawrence even though I‟m
a third generation student. So, I came back because I was very committed to community
  service but what I found was to be much more connected to St. Lawrence. I‟m much
more engaged and sometimes things surprise you. One thing leads to something else and
that changes the course of your life forever. I have new friends forever that I never knew
id have and I think life long friends by being connected to St. Lawrence. So, mine is not
 quite as an altruistic story as Steve‟s but I think it‟s just as happy an ending. Thank you
                                    for the question though.

                    Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
                              What can we do to help you?

                          Vice President of Senate Affairs, Alli Shea
I just think it‟s great the fact that… I mean I‟m not sure if you guys broadcasted the fact
   that alumni were here last year but it‟s great you guys are here now. But, I think it‟s
 interesting that people don‟t think to take advantage of alumni until maybe when April
you might want to intern that summer or maybe that second semester senior spring when
   you‟re like „Oh crap, I‟ve got to get a job soon‟ things like that. And I think, I mean
 those strings are fine to pull but if you if you can first see them on campus or have that
             conversation people are going to be more willing to help you out.

                    President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
We met with the Hill News staff earlier today because we‟re trying to talk to all the clubs
  on campus and one of the messages we shared with them too is: remember the value of
     St. Lawrence to trademark or to share on your resume. As you‟re researching the
  companies, organizations you want to go and work with, most of the information is on
the Web now. Where the principles or the leaders of that organization or however you‟re
connecting with the school. If you see St. Lawrence on their bio, it gives you an in to say
 „I‟m from St. Lawrence too‟ so, you can make that connection. Maybe, what it does for
  you is it may not be that job that you get but it might get you in the door to say „would
  you be willing to just sit and talk with me?‟ If you meet someone that might be able to
   get you some help, you want to leverage that as much as possible. If you can get into
  career services, it‟s great and you should take advantage of that while you‟re here, but
 don‟t forget even afterward, if you didn‟t get to it, it‟s always going to be there for you.
  And I know if someone even dropped in and said „hey, I‟m from St. Lawrence, do you
    have a minute?‟ if I had a minute, I would take that time to say you know, there‟s a
fellow alum in here. And I think most St. Lawrence alumni would do the same. So, that,
   that if you heard nothing else tonight remember that there‟s a tremendous amount of
franchise value in the St. Lawrence name and don‟t let anybody every tell you that it isn‟t
    worth as much as anything else because it‟s worth…the way St. Lawrence connects
                                people together is very unique.

                    Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
 Nobody prides themselves in helping students who come after St. Lawrence alumni like
 St. Lawrence people do. Never feel like it‟s any condition, never feel like it‟s somehow
inappropriate to say „I‟m a St. Lawrence person, you‟re a St. Lawrence person, could you
  help?‟ Because St. Lawrence people are just…I mean that‟s what we do. I don‟t know
 any other school that has that intense desire to do that. You‟re probably doing an alum a
                                  favor if you ask for help.

                  President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
 Career services definitely has Saints link also set up so you can utilize that service and I
am amazed at how many St. Lawrence alumni that are signed up for that and say that they
never get contacted. I think that really, it‟s interesting because they say they want to hear
 from the students and the students say I don‟t know how to reach out to the alumni and
  they say I put my name out there and I don‟t know how to get to the students. So, the
 information is there and I think a lot of times it‟s a matter of being proactive and taking
that step and knowing its takes a few reach outs. Sometimes the first one might not quite
                       be what you want. That‟s part of networking.

                         Public Relations Chair, Rob Meacham
 What was something that really sticks out in your mind as your favorite St. Lawrence
moment? Maybe that one time that you were like „wow, this is the coolest thing I‟ve ever
  done‟ or some experience you had here that you remembered for the rest of your life.
And before you answer, this is something I want people to hear because they‟re going to
speak to their experience here. The experience that they had here, we want to make sure
                                       we have.

                     Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
I was a Laurentian singer for four years. Many of my life long friends, people I see every
   year, we get together for vacation every year and summer are Laurentian singers and
my…the tours we did every spring and one in particular when we had the opportunity to
go to the former Soviet Union. I‟ll never forget those moments and I think that‟s part of
  the St. Lawrence experience and I think every Laurentian has those types of memories.
 I‟m glad you‟re thinking that way because the experience you all are building right now
     and through your representation and your votes, you‟re enabling students to enjoy
                              our…those types of memories.

                   President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
But I love the academic side of this school here. I was a student when I was in school not
 that I didn‟t have a good time but I really liked my course work and I took advantage of
     the professors and getting to know them. I think that‟s a tremendous asset to this
university. If you‟re engaged, and you want to learn, they‟re there for you. So that‟s my
  memory. This whole idea of critical thinking it‟s what gears you through—the lib arts
 education is a tremendous value because if you‟re an engineer or a science or whatever,
   you‟re training just for that, but as a liberal arts education, you can be the leaders of
                                      everybody else too.

                                    Senator French
 Did either of you have alumni reach out to you at all or help guide you to where you are

                     Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
    My first job out of college, my first teaching job, was in Watertown, NY. I got the
  interview there out of a very large pool of social studies teachers. I was a social studies
 teacher and I love social studies but the fact of the matter is, I got the interview because
the HR director was an alumni. Probably, any St. Lawrence person has that kind of story.
                  President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
  I‟m in a family business so, I graduated from St. Lawrence and travelled around the
United States and stayed in Texas, staying with different families along the way, some St.
 Lawrence, some not. But, I…my grandfather was diagnosed with a tumor and my dad
asked if I could come back to the family business and we‟re all St. Lawrence so, we had
     another guy working for us at the time that my father actually hired because he
  interviewed my sister when coming to college here and hired him as a result of that
 interview. So, it wasn‟t necessarily my experience, but I think it speaks to your point.

                                   Senator Blash
You both have seen St. Lawrence and you see St. Lawrence now. Is there anything that
      you would want to see in St. Lawrence‟s future? Anything more or less?

                     Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
 If the St. Lawrence in the future is as much improved as it has since when I was here, I
can‟t wait to see it. Because the academics, the social atmosphere, the fiscal spaces, this
place, I don‟t know…if you haven‟t seen it…it‟s a wonderful place, I love it. And I loved
it. I had no complaints when I was here. But my god, this place has come a long way in
the last 15-20 years. If it goes that far or even half that far in the next 10-15 years, watch

                   President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
 I think the only thing that I would say is when I ask people you know, about the alumni
 council and what we really do—if for the future there could be more awareness and we
 could bridge that gap. I think tonight starts that process, but if I had to say in the future,
  it would be so in the future, it‟s not that last part of senior year so you feel so insolated
from the world that you start off right away with whether it‟s: mentoring or connecting to
        alumni. That would be if I had to say, for the future, what I would hope for.

                                       Senator Green
There‟s been a lot less involvement in Greek life. Could you guys mention maybe, some
                            positives and negatives about that?

                      President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
   You know, I think that yes, obviously, the Greeks are not here. When I was here the
drinking age was eighteen. It‟s a big difference right there. So, whether you say Greeks,
drinking age, I just think you guys have found other ways. I mean, I know what goes on
   here. I get it. I have two college age kids now and I get it. So, I understand what the
      university has had to do and why they‟ve had to do it and I think they‟ve been
  exceedingly fair given the circumstances. You guys have parties all the time—it‟s not
like its not happening. A lot of it was over the top ridiculous; it‟s over the top ridiculous
 now. That‟s no different than it was. I was not a bar rat—I think I didn‟t go to the Hoot
          Owl until we started going as an alumni council. It‟s just not my scene.
                   Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
I think the theme houses are much more of a larger role than when we were here. Greek
                             houses filled some of that void.

                                      Senator Rotich
  I‟m asking about the international students. Do we keep a strong connection with our
                                  International alumni?

                   President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
 We try. I think it‟s tougher. In fact, it‟s a great question because we do reach out to the
graduating class but we reach out to the graduating class. This year we reached out to the
graduating class of 2010, and it‟s much more difficult to engage the international alumni.
I‟m not quite sure if you have any ideas on how we might engage them better? But trying
  to reach out to people and having them attend things, it‟s certainly something that...I
mean Laurentians are Laurentians. It‟s the same deal for everybody. Everybody gets the
   same thing. But I do know that I‟m aware that we could do a better job with them.

                                      Senator Wolmort
Going along with Nathan‟s point, I‟ve spoken to a couple international students who have
said that their status has been increasingly difficult for them to find jobs in particular. Is
                     there anything you can do to help them out as well?

                   Vice President of the Alumni Council, Steve Todd
I wasn‟t aware of that. But certainly, if there‟s a need, we‟re here to help. But, we don‟t
                           have any specific targets of effort.

                  President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
I would think again that Carol Bate would be more aware of what‟s involved in that. We
  do work directly with her. You can ask if there is something more we can be doing in
                                       that regard.

                                       Dean Tolliver
There‟s a point I‟d like to make. Part of being an international student at SLU, one of the
  things you do is say you will return home after four years after and not work. It‟s a
                               governmental requirement.

                                      Senator Longo
Just to speak to your students not utilizing saints link and alumni not being contacted—I
found that I had to go to other options for internships because there weren‟t any offered,
which is physical therapy, that‟s my focus. It seems to be more centered on business and
           government jobs. Is there any way you could spread that out a bit?

                                      Senator Scannell
                   I can relate to that I‟m in the sciences as well and…
                  President of the Alumni Council, Deena McCullough
 Well, I know there‟s a doctor actually in Florida that‟s been looking for an intern for a
while. I‟m curious and this is somebody that I heard would…have never been contacted.
 But, sometimes, they‟re not geographically where students want to go. So, that can be
 challenging too. Somebody might not want to go to Florida. Internships are tricky and
 we‟ve had even a hard time asking for internships. So, I appreciate the challenges that
 you as students are facing with it. But, I think the trick to it really is a lot of your own
 hard work and starting early enough, working with not only career services but, doing
your own work. I have a friend of mine from Plattsburgh that did her own research and
  she was an intern for the Dr. Phil show in L.A., she‟s just now on staff for him. She
  graduated from St. Lawrence in 2010. So, remembering that there are resources and
 sometimes they pan out but it sounds like you again, had to go some other routes. You
   know, that‟s an example that one thing may not work for you but you‟ve got to try
  sometimes three or four. But I appreciate what you‟re saying. The diversity needs to
maybe broaden up. A lot of finance related jobs here and a lot of kids that are interested
    in finance but we have to remember too that people are interested in other things.

                                IV. Contingency Requests

                                     A. Contra Dance

                                President, J. Robby Glass
         Our first contingency request is from Ryan Gillard. It is Contra Dance.

                                            Ryan Gillard
  Hello, I‟m Ryan Gillard. We are here representing the greenhouse theme cottage. First
   off, I‟d just like to point out that there were changes to the proposal made today based
    today on spaces availability for the Contra Dance, so, fortunately, we‟ve lowered the
price. So, I can talk about that as we scroll down. This is our proposal for a Contra Dance
 to be held on February 25th, Friday, at St. Mary‟s school gym—the cost of the event total
is: $650. The space is free. The band, which is coming, the Fiddlers Three is $450, which
  was a quote we got from the band. They need to prepare songs and come perform. The
   caller, who is Beth Robinson, is $150 a dance. That‟s how much she charges and it‟s a
                                          standard flat rate.
  So, if you‟re unfamiliar with what a Contra Dance is— there‟s a caller that conducts the
 dance and you dance with everyone on the floor. It‟s like a large square dance. The caller
   conducts the dance and helps run through the dance. So, the dance will last two hours.
 There will be a half an hour lesson beforehand. It starts at 7pm. I‟d like to point out that
     we had a 250$ donation from student life and Dean Tolliver, I‟d like to thank him,
      because this will be a substance free and alcohol free event. That‟s how it will be
      Admission will not be charged but there will be a suggested donation at the door.
  Probably $10 for community members and a lesser donation for St. Lawrence students,
  probably $3-4 but we do not have that figured out with the people organizing this. We
plan on having those donations fund future dances and the hope is to be a self-sustaining

                                   Ryan Gillard
The Greenhouse has a limited budget: $490 for the year. With that limited budget and
much more programs that we would like to have for the rest of the semester we‟d like to
                                 limit our funds.

                      SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
  Speaking of costs, we‟ve worked with Ryan in the past and he‟s probably the most
conscientious person here. Money is not really an issue with him. He‟s really good with

                             Student Life Chair, Iain Hart
   I just had a question about the admission. Is it a conscious decision not to charge
admission price? Or were you instructed not to because you‟re not allowed to charge for

                                     Ryan Gillard
 That was a conscious decision that we as the Greenhouse made with two main groups
 we‟ve been working with: TAUNY, which is in the Traditional Arts of Upstate New
York and the Sustainable Living Project. This was to make it a more appealing event to
  everyone because a lot of people in the North Country are of lower income. A lot of
people at St. Lawrence are of limited budget because we‟re all here paying for college.
We wanted to make it more appealing. But also, students do have the means to be able to

                                      Senator Lash
     You said there are donations at the door. The donations are going to a charity?

                                     Ryan Gillard
      Yes, the funds going back into a fund for Contra Dance as well as to charity.

                                   Senator McKibben
  I‟m not that familiar with the Greenhouse but have you done outreach with Canton
community organizations to try to make sure that the community is informed and to have
                                 them attend the dance.

                                     Ryan Gillard
 Yes, TAUNY is right on Main Street. They‟re going to be doing a lot of advertising in
  the community. The sustainable living project has created a network of people in the
community. They had the Sustainable Living Fair last fall. They‟ve kind of both gathered
        enough people on their contact list and they‟re really good at advertising.
                                       Senator Green
   As Paul mentioned, this is 1.48% of our budget for the semester. We‟ve got another
  eleven or twelve meetings left. I think this is pretty solid. I think you guys did a good

                                         Ryan Gillard
  I‟d just like to point out one last thing: for numbers, we‟re shooting for fifty or sixty
 people. Just to get a feel for how many people would be interested, I sent out a question
       over break to my contacts I guess through EAO and the Greenhouse and the
Environmental Listserv, the Outing Club. I got back thirty-five responses of people, over
     break, saying they would like to come and they‟d be willing to pay a donation.

                                 President, J. Robby Glass
                                  Any further questions?

                              Student Life Chair, Iain Hart
I was wondering if you had talked to any of the churches in the area. That may be a good
               idea to get a larger community participation in the area.

                                      Ryan Gillard
  Its being held at St. Mary‟s Church School and so, we‟ve kind of tried to find people
                                  through that as well.

                                   President, J. Robby Glass
                                    We‟ll move into debate.
                                         Debate for…
                                         Senator Noto
   I think this is a great idea. I was really excited when I got an e-mail over break and
                   bringing the community together. I think it‟s awesome.

                                 President, J. Robby Glass
                                     Debate against…
                                        Speak to…
                                       Debate for…

                                       Senator Shaffner
  I agree. Actually, I do girl scouts and I will be sure to pass this along. I think its great
you‟re trying to connect to the community and to St. Lawrence at the same time because I
                        feel like people connect over things like this.

                                 President, J. Robby Glass
                                     Debate against…
                                        Speak to…
                                       Debate for…
                                     Debate against…
                                        Speak to…
                         Motion passes: 39 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions

                                   B. NCEMSF Request

                                         Carlos Beltran
 Hello everyone, my name is Carlos Beltran and I am the assistant director of SLU EMS.
 We‟re trying to get funding for us to go to our…the 18th annual national collegiate EMS
  medical service conference. This is the 18th annual and we are trying to get eight EMS
members to go to this conference because it basically it helps us with collegiate students.
 That‟s what we deal with mostly. This conference is solely based on collegiate students.
  What is…what you should know about EMS is we‟re not funded by Thelmo. We work
directly with the school and there‟s only one opportunity to enhance our skills and that is
     the EMT class. That is the only time we are able to enhance our skills in any way.
  So basically, what we‟re asking for is a SLU van and fuel money. The conference this
    year is in Philadelphia. The total fuel cost is $160. Parking in Philadelphia is really
expensive so, we estimated $29 per day. The conference offers two meals a day because
the classes are very long so, $24 per meal is estimated. It‟s on the website, if you want to
                        look at it. So, the total of that would be $768.
Conference registration for eight SLU EMS members—one thing I wanted to point out is
 that six of our members are SLU students the other two are actually graduates. They are
  past directors and working. What they do is they come with us to the conference. They
  meet us there. They help us get our feet wet with the administrators there and they also
                  get recognized for graduating as collegiate EMS students.
   So, the conference registration for eight SLU EMS members is $120. Lodging—two
 hotel rooms, separate genders. The two EMS members, the ones who graduated will not
 be rooming with us. It will just be the six members. We need to lodge at the conference
even though there definitely are hotels that are cheaper. None of us are very familiar with
   Philadelphia. So, we want to be close to the conference and the total of that would be
 $800- approximately $60 in taxes. I just called them and that‟s what they said. The total
                              for the whole trip will be $2,581.

                         SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
                                   Any questions?

                                       Senator Crossan
I just want to start off saying I think this is a pretty good contingency request. I think this
   is a really good idea. That being said, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the
                     meal costs. How did you come up with that figure?

                                       Carlos Beltran
                           That‟s the quote from the conference.

                                      Senator Price
          Out of curiosity, what are individual members paying out of pocket?

                                       Carlos Beltran
 Out of pocket? They will probably pay for dinner. Because they don‟t provide us with
                                    dinner at all.

                                  Senator Morrow
              Have you guys thought about doing any fundraising for this?

                                     Carlos Beltran
We are not allowed to do fundraising as EMS. We thought about looking for other EMS
 organizations around but to be honest, they‟re all volunteers. They have no money to
                    give. So, it‟s really hard for us to find money.

                                    Senator McKibben
                       So, last year the school paid for you to go?

                                   Carlos Beltran
                               We went through Thelmo.

                                   Senator McKibben
There‟s no other organization on campus that would be willing to help pay? I find it hard
                     to believe you have nowhere to go for money.

                                       Carlos Beltran
 I mean, you know, we do work with security but they need their funds for their officers.
I‟m not sure if you know about our EMS vehicle. A lot of our money goes to our vehicle.
  It breaks down at least twice a week and we have to give to facilities to get them back.
                        Their means of funding has been expended.
                                        Senator Stone
                       Just a question, did you go yourself last year?

                                     Carlos Beltran
                                No, I did not go last year.

                                  Senator Stone
                    Do you know how many actually went last year?

                                       Carlos Beltran
 Last year, four members went. Two of them were graduates. Two of them were assistant
 director and director. The reason why we‟re increasing numbers this year is because the
conference is very large. It‟s meant for colleges to bring their whole squad. Whole squads
 usually consist of at least fifty members. SLU EMS is only twenty-five members. In the
    other blocks, there‟s seven classes. Actually. I have some examples of the classes.
  There‟s a CPR class. There‟s a new way to do CPR. At the conference they will tell us
        what to do. There‟s also another class called “Collegiate ABC‟s”. Which is
 amphetamines and drugs like caffeine and what to do with a student who‟s been affected
by drugs. We want to attend these classes so we can bring this knowledge back and teach
                            other members about this information.
                                   Senator Rothrock
So, I‟m just wondering. What‟s the breakdown? Do you already have these eight students
                     chosen? If you do, what class years are they?

                                  Carlos Beltran
   Two of them are freshmen. Two of them are graduated. The other four are juniors.

                                       Senator Green
  Just out of curiosity as far as lodging goes—is there any way you can use a GPS or
someone‟s phone to find something cheaper because it‟s less than half of what your total
    budget is. You would be able to save quite a bit of cash if you were to do that.

                                      Carlos Beltran
I mean, we could but, my argument was that the conference is at the hotel and we want to
  network with other people and organizations. We may be able to learn something new.
Even though this conference has been going on for eighteen years, they still consider us a
 developing EMS because we‟ve been going for 4 years and to be honest, we‟re so far up
north, we‟re so behind. It‟s amazing when you go to these conferences, as I‟ve heard, and
                         you learn from other EMS organizations.

                                     Senator Price
         Out of curiosity, why did you not register for the early registration fee?

                                      Carlos Beltran
We didn‟t do the early registration due to the fact that we weren‟t sure about our numbers
yet. And we weren‟t sure if we were going to go at all. Because, like I said we need past
            grads to come with us to establish ourselves as an organization.

                                        Senator Frese
You said that two of the people going have already graduated? I feel like maybe it would
be a better allocation of our funds to fund students who are enrolled here to go rather than
                            students that have already graduated.

                                       Carlos Beltran
 We take the two graduates because like I said before, they help us get our feet wet. They
help us talk to the administration there. Once we get there, we‟re not going to know what
 to do. None of us have gone. Only the past graduates have gone. They know what to do,
  they know where we can go and who we can talk to. That‟s work they‟ve done in the
  past. That‟s what we‟re continuing now. We could take 2 more members but we don‟t
   know who to talk to about certain things such as, who to talk to about getting a grant.
   They know these things and they will be recognized as people that have graduated as
                                 collegiate EMS members.

                        Vice President of Senate Affairs, Alli Shea
  I‟m just going to go off that point a little bit. It seems like… I understand the point of
you‟re getting there and you want someone to tell you where to go and how to do things.
But, I‟m sure there‟s going to be plenty of other people there that could help you out. The
 fact that we would be taking part of tuition to take people who aren‟t here anymore and
are not going to be helping us if we‟re sick or whatever else is going on. We‟re just kind
  of paying for their lodging and food and that just kind of sounds like…I don‟t know. I
  agree that perhaps, maybe, we could take maybe some more sophomores maybe some
                              freshmen. Something like that.

                                      Carlos Beltran
 We told them. It‟s actually very risky when we do this because we know for a fact that
  they may not go. So, if I have to take two off, I‟ll take two off. It‟s not a problem.

                                    Senator Rotich
                    Do you have any idea how much it was last year?

                                      Carlos Beltran
                         I don‟t have the proposal from last year.

                 Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees, Alina Miska
                                     I can find out.

                                      Senator Wight
I was wondering if there were any spots for people on campus that aren‟t first responders
                                  or apart of SLU EMS.
                                      Carlos Beltran
                               It‟s strictly for SLU EMS.

                                Student Life Chair, Iain Hart
  I don‟t know if anyone else is familiar with the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia but it‟s a
  very nice hotel. I just quickly did a Google map search and there are hotels within the
three-block radius. I understand the convenience of staying at the conference center but,
          do you think that maybe you should utilize the other hotels in the area?

                                        Carlos Beltran
 I did look at other hotels. But, lets say it was 90$ per night. But, the bedding won‟t be
   enough. So, it‟ll be $90 per night, but for one bed instead of two. We‟re bringing six
 people, if I‟m not bringing these other two directors (which, it doesn‟t sound like I am),
  so, let‟s say I bring two other members, it‟s…the bedding situation is not going to pan
                          out. In the end, it‟ll be just the same cost.

                                     Senator Stone
                    Quick question, when exactly will you be going?

                                      Carlos Beltran
 We‟ll be going February 25th. It‟s actually, very time sensitive. It‟s one class, after one
class, after one class. So, we have to be there between 4-11. We have to register two days

                                          Senator Stone
 I do think that figure is a little high. I think what you‟re doing is extremely respectful—
 bringing back knowledge to campus. However, I do think it seems extravagant. That‟s
 $200 for a night there. I don‟t want to say it‟s unreasonable but it is very high. I would
appreciate it if you could find smaller numbers because the numbers you have seem large
for a two-day event. Honestly, I want you to go, I really do, but I am uncomfortable with
the current figure. I know it‟s time sensitive but I would strongly advise you to play with
                         the numbers and bring them back next week.

                                     Senator Crossan
Just to speak to your point about rooms—I‟ve stayed in hotels through this university for
  sports and things of that nature. I know you can request a cot so you can have extra
people in the room and pay a small fee. So, if you can find a hotel that‟s $100 a night and
     get a cot put in the room, you can save money and get your figure a little lower.

                                President, J. Robby Glass
                                  Any other questions?
                                      Debate for…
                                    Debate against…
                                       Speak to…
                                     Motion tabled.

                         We‟re going to move into the resolution.

                           V. Student Activity Fee Resolution

                              President, J. Robby Glass
 Alright so, Paul, Andrew Krieger, myself as well as the budget and finance committee,
along from input from a number of senators and chairs on Thelmo have put together this
                                  I‟ll just read it out:

    Whereas, The St. Lawrence University Student Activities Fund (SLUSAF) was
 established by the Thelomathesian Society to coordinate financial management of the
 Student Activities Fees collected from every full-time matriculated undergraduate and
                                  graduate student; and

Whereas, With approval of the Thelomathesian Senate, SLUSAF funding generated from
the Fee is allocated to support campus organizations, clubs, and students in their pursuit
      of programs of an educational, social, cultural, and recreational nature; and
  Whereas, current increases in the price of goods and services have increased at a rate
       incomparable with the yearly increases of the Student Activity Fee; and

  Whereas, current increases in the student activity fee relative to peer schools such as
  Hobart & William Smith, Hamilton, Trinity, Bowdoin, and Middlebury, is lagging.

        Whereas, increases to the fee can be recommended at the discretion of the
                           Thelomathesian Society; therefore

 Resolved, the Thelomathesian Society recommends to the Board of Trustees an increase
  of the Student Activity Fee in the amount of sixty-five dollars ($65) to a total of three
      hundred and five dollars ($305) per student during academic year 2011-2012.

                         SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
 Just a little background on this: back in 2004, Thelmo voted to raise $5 every fiscal year
 to keep up with demand. However, if you look at the table of other peer schools—we‟re
lagging. Ultimately, this year we‟re going to have fifteen new organizations and concerts
 are getting more expensive in general. We feel like raisins it to $305 would allow us to
                       open up more opportunity to the student body.

                                  President, J. Robby Glass
  Thelmo has a great track record of spending. We are also an isolated institution being
 here in the North Country in Canton. It just costs more to even get here. People have to
    travel to get here. I sat down with Dean Tolliver last week and we have $200,000
   transportation budget, which is one of the highest transportation budgets that Dean
  Tolliver has ever seen so, that‟s for airport transportation over spring break, stuff like
                       that. That proves that we actually are isolated.

                          SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
  Not to mention, you know, we have a contingency request coming in for about $3,000
   next week. Next year, if we don‟t raise the fee ultimately, we won‟t have the funding
necessary to allocate to all of the organizations. We think it‟s a good idea, the budget and
 finance committee, to raise it to $305. We thought it‟d be a good level to allocate more
 money to concerts and organizations on campus. $305 is the number we‟ve come to. If
you look at other peer schools, it‟s like $834 for Skidmore, which is large of course. I like
  to compare myself, when I look at other schools, to Hamilton and Hobart and William
   Smith. They‟re both in the $400 range and we never want to go that high at least for
    another fifteen years. We thought $305 would be a good level that the student body
                                      would approve of.

                                   President, J. Robby Glass
  When you look at this, $305 is still a very low number (speaking to table in SLUSAF
table). $305 is still at the very bottom. When you look at Vassar, they have more students
than us, look at Colgate they have more students than us so, it evens out as far as the total
budget so, if you look at Dickinson $350 times 3,440 that‟s total budget of $819,000. So,
that‟s a lot of money and we‟re definitely on the low end. I applied to Hamilton, I applied
  to Union, I applied to Hobart and I ended up coming here but when you look at these
other schools everyone‟s always like “Oh, I went to go see Wiz Khalifa at Spring Fest at
Colgate” and we have Reel Big Fish for our Spring Concert. So, everyone‟s complaining
but unfortunately, if everyone pays a little bit more, we‟re going to have some big results.
                              So, we‟ll move into questions.

                                 Senator Morrow
                  How much would the total be if it was raised to $305?

                                President, J. Robby Glass
                        Well, $305 times 2,000 is around $610,000

                        SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
 I mean there will certainly be more money involved in that as well but we are worried
                                    about allocating.

                                   Senator Hayden
 What‟s limiting us from surpassing the $305? Why can‟t we be in the $400 range with
                         Middlebury or Hobart by next year?

                         SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
Ultimately, it‟s a tough situation to raise the tuition at any level. We felt that $305 with a
$65 increase per semester is manageable. I mean, if we raise it another $400 that would
be $100 a semester, which isn‟t something that you want to do. Because you don‟t want
 to add another $100 and your parents get the bill and they‟re like “Oh look, it went up
 another thousand dollars”. We try to keep it manageable and to a level where students
  understand, parents understand, it‟s just something that we feel comfortable without
                                       going too high.

                                    Senator Hayden
     But is 100$ astronomically higher when you‟re already, you know, spending…

                                      Senator Stone
  Actually, what I did today, because I thought the same thing. I was curious. We‟re all
 senators and we have a duty to talk to our peers. I was sitting in the library today and I
  probably should be doing other things but I thought to myself “Well, I‟m going to ask
   people what they think”. No one knew this resolution was coming through Thelmo
   tonight. I asked them “how do you feel about raising the tuition $65?” In my quick
survey, 88% of people said its not that much more when you consider the benefits for it.
                     Those who said no said so for different reasons.

                        SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
      Also, to answer that point, if we raised it by $100, that would bring us to a…

                                 President, J. Robby Glass
 So, if we raise it by $100…we‟re at $240 now, which is $480,000. If we went to $320,
                                   that‟s $640,000.

                         SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
  Let‟s just say $750,000. Right now we allocate about $495,000 to organizations. If we
 raise that by $300,000, there would be a lot of wasteful spending. Ultimately, it‟s not in
  our interest to have people wasting money. With $305 properly allocated and properly
                         spent, it‟s a good addition to our campus.

                             Student Life Chair, Iain Hart
  I have a question about how the activity fee is paid for by the tuition. For example, if
                              people are on financial aid.

                                 President, J. Robby Glass
It‟s tied right into the comprehensive fee. So, it‟s right on your bill and it‟s all tied right
into comprehensive fees with room, board, tuition and an activity fee. SLUSAF initiates
    the fee, but then the university, you know SLUSAF isn‟t going to send out 2,000
                                       individual bills.

                        SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
               And it‟s divided in half so, $305 would be $102 a semester.

                                       Senator Minogue
Is this something that you‟ve brought before the financial aid? Just as far as tuition goes.
 I think we‟re all aware that the good majority of students here are on financial aid. So, I
    feel like by increasing the activity fee you‟re doing something that is more than St.
                                 Lawrence is able to finance.

                                        Dean Tolliver
Good question you may not like the answer but when you consider raising the fee and it‟s
Thelmo‟s right to raise the fee. It‟s only a part of what‟s going to be raised. Each year the
  St. Lawrence tuition goes up. So, this will be on top of whatever amount the tuition is
raised this year. When your parents see the full bill, they‟ll see a percentage of the tuition
 rise. Even though many students are on financial aid, most students pay something. At
         least 10% or something, and that gives us a feel and a frame of reference.

                                      Senator Jeffress
  Are we with the figure that we‟re at now and I understand tuition and it being raised.
 But, I was wondering how if we don‟t raise it enough now if we‟re going to have to do
this again in a few years and our parents are going to be like “Okay, I‟m doing this every
             year,” as opposed to giving a set number that will benefit in time.

                      SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
  What we could do in that situation, it could just go up $5 on average. That way, you
                        allocate for future growth of the fund.
                                  Senator Green
               How much of that will go to ACE and the concert funds?

                                      Senator Kraus
I have a quick list of bands that were listed on our survey [ACE]. For example, Passion
Pit was about $40,000. That would have been our entire concert with no production, no
  sound guys. We wouldn‟t be able to put that show on. Kid Cudi is $75,000. MGMT
   ($75,000), Jason DeRulo($40-50,000), Edward Sharpe ($30,000). That‟s all I have
written down as the most popular bands. As you know, we would not have been able to
                                       afford them.

                      Campus Entertainment Chair, Matt Donato
Basically, we try to pay $10,000 or less in terms of production so, if we had a budget at
say $50,000, straight up we could pay for an artist and we could completely change the
people we bring here. The names people put on the survey we thought “We‟d love to,”
 but we have no way we could do that. We could bring bigger names to St. Lawrence
             with a bigger budget, but at this point in time it‟s unrealistic.

                                  Senator Minogue
  Have you guys figured out where you want these funds allocated? I think we all get
        excited about Spring Fest. How much of the funds would go to that?

                        SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
 It all comes down to how much ACE wants. I would feel personally okay with giving
 them an extra $30,000 per semester. It would increase the number of concerts and the
   enthusiasm. But ultimately, Robby‟s side was the concert issue, while my side was
basically being able to fund all of the organizations. That‟s my primary concern—being
able to allocate the funds. But, concerts are an important issue and obviously, you guys
                                      have some ideas.

                                   Senator Shaffner
   I was curious- do we look at how much the clubs actually spend of their budgets?
Coming from a club where we haven‟t spend any money, I‟m curious if the Greenhouse,
which obviously they could use extra money…do you compare how much they‟ve spent
             in the past? I‟m concerned its not getting allocated properly.

                Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees, Alina Miska
 Last year during budget process, I was in charge of it. Basically, we looked at budget
 proposals and we looked at what they had spent in the past year in comparison to what
 we had allocated. We looked at how many members they had in the organization, how
 many people were attending their events, sort of the general interest on campus, what
they were using the money for, if they were using their money appropriately and if they
were using their money on silly little things we took that into consideration. We do cut
    down budgets. Or Paul will cut down budgets based on spending that‟s not done.

                       SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
 Usually, the Greenhouse is a good example. Two years ago, they used $900 when their
                    budget was $600 so, we had to monitor that and

                 Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees, Alina Miska
    If you go over your budget for the year, you lose 15% the year after. So, they had
                           technical reason for losing money

                                        Senator Green
If we increased it that would give us an extra say, $130,000 and granted, we have an extra
                   $30,000 there‟s still another $70,000 to be distributed.

                        SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
  With departmental cuts, a lot of organizations have tried to come for contingency and
 we‟ve had a hard time letting them come. If we had more in the contingency fund, we‟d
                     have more money for trips and things like that.

                               President, J. Robby Glass
As of now, it goes up $5 every year. If we did not pass this resolution per se, it would be
                           $245 next year, for this $240 now.

                       SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
                 And the whole $5 increase is basically to meet inflation.

                                      Senator Rothrock
    I just had another point that I agree, I think $305 is a perfect, comfortable number.
However, if we raise it more than that, we are trying to be fiscally responsible. The board
is still looking to see where they can make cuts and such. So, I agree that we could raise
                 it up to $400 but $305 is much more comfortable number.

                                      Senator Higgins
I think this number is appropriate. Looking at these schools, we do compete academically
       but in terms of looking to be competitive in entertainment, we‟re not in line.

                                     Senator McKibben
Did you look at how other schools and how they organize their activity fee? Or how they
raise it on an annual basis and if that encompasses more under the activity umbrella? Do
              they have an annual increase as well, or do they vote annually?

                         SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
We have that information. I can bring it in. And to answer your other questions, I can find
                                      that out for you.
Robby and I are considering in the future, if we have an extra like, $20,000 we would put
 it in a Thelmo fund, which would go toward things such as the CWA machines we just
      bought and other things that could contribute toward improvements on campus.

                              Student Life Chair, Iain Hart
  Is there any discussion on indexing so, we don‟t have to do these kinds of votes? So,
basically if St. Lawrence wants to compete with the “New York Six”, than why don‟t we
just take this out of our hands so we don‟t have to go through this process because I think
student life and student activities are just as important? What kind of process would that
   even entail? So like, if the top five schools that people apply to and they apply to St.
    Lawrence, what are their activity fees? So then, take that figure and apply it to St.

                       SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
 See the problem with that when Robby and I were looking at schools to compare to, we
 looked at enrollment and relative student organizations and ultimately, I guess, the peer
  group we‟re looking at is one that is the closest in the same amount of enrollment and
                     student organizations and comprehensive fee.

                                      Senator Golden
  I work in admissions and it‟s 85% of students that receive financial aid to answer the
 question from earlier. When I‟m giving tours to prospective students and they want to
know what happens here, they want to know why they need to come all the way up here.
 How can we draw in competitive, prospective students to make our campus better? We
could do this by raising the activity fee. $65, $100, it doesn‟t matter because in the end,
                              the benefits outweigh the cost.

                                        Dean Tolliver
 I think this is a good debate. The only real group that has the legal responsibility of any
fee is the board of trustees. The board will have a meeting to discuss these sorts of things.
 There should be delegates from Thelmo at that meeting to feel out how high you can go.
                      They look at it as apart of the aggregate total fee.
  I think you‟re doing exactly the right things in talking about in what way should those
 funds be allocated. But you need to be prepared to persuade them because you need the
     board‟s approval. With do diligence, you could achieve this but be prepared to be
                                  convincing of the board.

                                      Senator Longo
  There was another survey question on the survey from ACE, which was asked would
students be willing to pay a higher price for a ticket—I‟d be curious to hear the response
                                          on that.

                                     Senator Kraus
                    Overall, people said they would pay more money

                      Campus Entertainment Chair, Matt Donato
  We asked that question because we were unaware that this type of increase would be
coming up. We wanted to know: are people going to buy a ticket to make enough revenue
back—are you going to spend 10$ a ticket to have another big name band come back next
         year. However, bigger budget would make it less money for tickets.
                                    Senator Kraus
  We want to keep Springfest a free event for everybody and we want to keep it on the
 quad. Having to charge a person for it takes away from that experience. With a bigger
                 budget, this prospect wouldn‟t have to be considered.

                                Student Life Chair, Iain Hart
 Building off of what Dean Tolliver said, bringing big name bands or more high profile
events on campus is really important because it raises the profile of St. Lawrence. I want
  people talking about st Lawrence and saying it‟s fun. I want people talking about St.
Lawrence in that context and I think on campus events are truly important. So, assuming
           that this resolution would be passed, we could achieve such things.
                                      Check recording

                                President, J. Robby Glass
                                      Debate for…

                                      Senator Crossan
    I was one of the members who sat on this committee. Selling our school and our
 reputation is just as important as anything else. However, at the same time we do have
more student organizations. We need a larger budget to accommodate these requests and
                      this resolution could have the capacity to do so.

                                President, J. Robby Glass
                                    Debate against…

                                       Senator Price
If we‟re representing the student body, Thelmo prides itself in keeping the tuition at a low
   price, why are we trying to raise the amount? Having a bigger name bands would be
    making people happy, but people do not make their decisions about coming to St.
    Lawrence solely on concerts. Financial aid at 88% and that needs to be considered.

                          Public Relations Chair, Rob Meacham
 Speaking to the financial aid thing and a lot of students receive a legacy grant. Don‟t be
 deceived by this high statistic, you would be surprised by how many people are capable
                                    of paying the tuition.

                                President, J. Robby Glass
                                      Debate for…

                                   Senator Wolmort
             As Dean Tolliver pointed out, its going to raise $1,500 anyway.

                                      Dean Tolliver
                         The tuition could be raised by up to 3%.

                                     Senator Wolmort
  Why not add a 65$ increase as something that, we the students, might actually want.
 Also, like Sam pointed out there is more at stake than just ACE performances. While I
would love to see a big name band, there is more at stake such as the departmental issues
 that require funding. We have SLU EMS staff that can‟t afford to send eight of their
members to a concert. We could at lease make other things better. Not to take anything
     away from what ACE is trying to do, but that needs to be considered as well.

                                 President J. Robby Glass
                                    Debate against…
                                       Speak to…

                                    Senator Higgins
We‟re an advertisement to all other students that are applying here and it comes down to
what kind of students that we want. Do we want a student who‟s looking for an academic
        experience? Or an all around student who wants to go to student events?

                                 President J. Robby Glass
                                    Debate against…
                                        Speak to…
                                       Debate for…
                                    Debate against…

                                      Senator Shaffner
 When I came here as a first year, I came here because it was cheaper for me than a state
 school. Tuition increase has almost prevented me from coming here. Things happen in
  your four years here and your financial aid does get cut and your financial aid doesn‟t
always increase. It‟s not fair to assume that everyone can withstand these raises in tuition.

                                 President, J. Robby Glass
                                        Speak to…

                                    Senator McKibben
 More on a practical note and how we approach the board—most people seem to be on
board with this—would you be willing to present several different numbers to the board?
 Are you going to walk up with $65 and it be a yay or nay or are you going to walk up
          with options and feel it out? How do they deal with these requests?

                        SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
With this resolution we have to vote on this number. However, Robby and I can come up
                                  with other numbers.

                  Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees, Alina Miska
It almost be like would you rather pay 5$ for a shirt $10 or $20. They‟d choose the lowest
  number. In order to do that, you have to start with a higher number and work your way
                      SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
          We pick $305 because it‟s the number we feel comfortable allocating.

                                  President, J. Robby Glass
                                        Debate for…

                                        Senator Peterson
I definitely think that it‟s a great idea for us to increase the activity fee. My sister goes to
Colgate and one of the reasons she wasn‟t as keen on going here is because of the social
  aspect and it being lacking with the concerts and what not and she knew she‟d have a
                               better experience at another place.

                                  President J. Robby Glass
                                     Debate against…

                                      Senator Price
  Thelmo represents a lot of things and we don‟t represent diversity. You can‟t assume
 everyone will be okay with this or assume that everyone can handle the influx of a raise
                                        in tuition.

                                  President, J. Robby Glass
                                         Speak to…

                                          Senator Stone
           I know we all have things to do and the last thing any of us wanted was to delay
 the promise of moving forward with our hectic schedules. However, I promise you that I
  will never waste your time with something that does not matter. This speech focuses on
                the issue at hand but I‟d urge you to read deeper into the content.
             When I first read of the increase in tuition I was immediately reminded of the
     recent increase in tuition and the tooth and nail discussion we had in Thelmo about
 keeping it the same. “Not again.” I said aloud. I read the resolution, which made perfect
   fiscal and economic sense. Goods and services have increased and our student activity
fund has yet to be corrected for the increase. Furthermore, the breakdown of other student
    activity funds from schools HWS and Skidmore, in comparison to ours, is laughable.
The Board of Trustees will certainly see an increase in tuition and student activity fees as
     maintaining our competition with schools of similar demographics (size, liberal arts
  education and amenities). In truth, we wouldn‟t be able to raise tuition on someone who
     chooses to go to somewhere else. Perhaps they chose a school with more funds for
    activities. Maybe they saw our school in Canton and thought we didn‟t have enough
  money for activities on campus and that Canton would surely not satisfy their weekend
       thrills. That being said, there is more to the issue than simply what is best to be
    As Senators we are charged with the task or representing the entire student body. As
  seemingly small as our little campus is, it‟s impossible to know everyone. I‟m a Senior
     and I still here faint tales of Seniors I have yet to meet. Still, I have a job to do. We
  always talk about removing the stigma of Thelmo so that the student body gets to know
   who we are and what we do, but how many of you can honestly say you‟ve made the
     efforts to do so? Yes, we all have homework, sports, clubs and activities, meetings,
    Senior Theses, leisure time and dollar Blues. Does that mean we do not also have an
                                 obligation to fulfill as a Senator?
      It‟s our job to talk with people about what we‟re doing and inform them about our
   decisions and how they‟re impacted. We are charged with the task of representing our
student body, our community of 2,200 students. Not only that, our decision tonight affects
 the potential students of tomorrow. With the weight of that decision I found it absolutely
necessary to talk with anyone and everyone who would listen about the potential decision
                                      from this room tonight.
  While procrastinating doing my homework in the library I began thinking of how to tell
      people about this issue. Raising tuition is not something done lightly, even for the
seemingly small amount of $65. There was a simple fix to how I should approach raising
     awareness. Tell people! I came up with a small survey on a clipboard with the basic
    information of what we pay now for activity fees, how much it‟d increase, where the
 money would go, how SLU relates to other colleges and simply asked if the student was
                                 in favor of the change and why.
Within half an hour I had surveyed 42 people with a rough percentage of 88% in favor
and 12% against. For those that cited reasons why they like the change:
       Tuition costs are already so high, what‟s $65 on top of that
       Being that Canton is as small as it is we need the money for events on campus
       Larger budgets for clubs and organizations means more activities
       More opportunities to have fun on campus

For those that were opposed, they gave the following reasons:
     Fear of economically disenfranchising those already on the bubble of paying
     Is there a real need for the increase?
     On the principal. Where does the increase end?
     Experience with the administration is the actual problem, not the lack of funds.
        Too much red tape to do the things we want to do. Until we see more leniencies
        we have no idea what the money we ALREADY have will truly get us
     Bureaucratic stuff is the problem, not funds
      This represents is a very small percentage of our student body but even in that small
 survey there were a huge variance in opinions; many of which we don‟t get to hear on a
 weekly basis. By introducing myself to strangers and telling them I was a Senator, I not
   only put a face to Thelmo but got to hear their ideas; in essence, connect them to our
meetings. Isn‟t that the point of what we‟re doing here? By spending a half an hour I was
                       able to have a better understanding of the issue.
 The survey helped me formulate my decision on the issue. In truth, I‟d like to table this
    issue. I could certainly vote on how I feel, personally, or even use the rough survey
statistics I got in one afternoon, but I know that might not be indicative of the University
 at large. I have to remember I represent more than just myself, Thelmo, or the people in
  the library. I speak for all students at St. Lawrence. If Thelmo is going to grant me the
           power to do so, I better be damn sure that my vote is that of the people.
Fellow Senators, I know the burden of talking with students about Thelmo is not always
an integral part of your busy schedule. However, I urge you to start the conscious efforts
 to do so. We will flourish as a campus if we work within the best interest of the student
  body. If you agree with me on even that much I urge you to table this issue until next
meeting with the hope that you‟ll talk more with your student constituents and come back
                                   with an informed vote.

         I thank you for your time and hope you‟ll all make a choice for change.

                                President, J. Robby Glass
                                      Debate for…
                                    Debate against…
                                       Speak to…

                                     Motion to vote

             MOTION PASSES WITH: 27 yes‟s, 11 no‟s and 0 abstentions

                    SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
    Quick question—would you like us to keep it at five would you like us to have a
                            resolution to change it?

                                      Senator Green
                         I think a percentage might be simplest.

                      SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
                 Anyone that wants to work with us, please contact us.

                                   VI. Members time

                  Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees, Alina Miska
             If anyone wants to attend the board of trustees meeting, see me.

                                    Senator Blash
On Feb 19th, the Black Student Union is hosting a Black History Month celebration in the
Sykes formal lounge. There‟s going to be free food, skits and poetry and a guest speaker
                                    Margaret Bass.

                                  Senator Campbell
I am working with the student alumni association and we heard earlier in the night from
alumni. We want to start giving back to our school now, which will extend further when
we are alumni. We have a competition going on between the classes within our school to
 give to the Momentum Project. Please give a dollar it counts toward a percentage that
                              goes into a fund for alumni.
                               President, J. Robby Glass
                         The competition ends at 4pm tomorrow.

                                  Senator Campbell
         It not about how much you give but that you give. Even a dollar helps.

                         SLUSAF Central Treasurer, Paul Tranby
I am the senior class gift chair and I will be in the student center downstairs with the new
 CWA machines. We will be accepting donations on the new machines toward the class

                                      Senator Rothrock
  Building off of Nicole‟s point, the class gift competition is tied into spirit week, which
    starts this Thursday. We put stickers in everyone‟s CMRs yesterday. There are also
 sweatbands and towels and bracelets. I encourage you all to attend all the events. There
 are posters around campus advertising each of the events and a Thursday kick-off event
      with a St. Lawrence Trivia. If you win that, you get $50 for your team. Again, I
   encourage you to attend. The alumni council has two networking events: first, is the
   mocktail which is at 4pm in the Sykes formal lounge and second, the beer and wine
    social on Friday night down in the student atrium. Tickets for that are on sale at the
                                      information desk.

                                      Senator Golden
Senior portraits are this week and I encourage you all to get your portraits taken. They are
completely free and you get to go in the yearbook so, please do it it‟s really great and you
 all get free senior year books after you graduate so, if you want to be in them, get your
                                       picture taken!

                                 Senator Morrow
 Sophomores and some freshman, next Friday February 18th in the Winston room from
                 11-1 is the “You Gotta Have a Plan” majors fair.

               SLUSAF Central Treasurer Junior Assistant, Andrew Krieger
  February 18 is also the deadline for freshmen and sophomores to apply for the central
treasurer‟s junior assistant position. It‟s a really great opportunity and I encourage you all
                  to apply if you‟re interested. It looks great on a resume.

                                    Senator Wight
     Saturday February 26 , the OC is hosting the Titus North Country Cool Down.

                                   President, J. Robby Glass
                                 Do I have a motion to adjourn?

                                 Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm

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