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					                              The Boy Scouts of America

The organization that I chose to write about is the Boy Scouts of America. Although I

have never been a member, I have always admitted the organizational culture of BSA.

Scouting makes a difference in the lives of boys and young men by teaching honor,

responsibility, and making America a better place to live for everyone. The Boy Scouts

of America also teach that young men can achieve the core objectives of strengthening

character, personal fitness, and good citizenship.

I share many of the same values as this organization. First, I believe that developing

character is one of the most important aspects of personal development. Without

character, a person really has nothing of worth. Next, personal fitness is extremely

important to me and in this world of violent video games, ill-rated television programs,

and negative images all over the media, kids fail to get proper exercise and have poor

diets. The Boy Scouts of America feel that exercise, wholesome activities, and personal

health are key factors for both mental and physical development.

The Boy Scouts of America embodies several of the seven primary characteristics of

organizational culture. Innovation is one of the first characteristics that BSA embodies.

When the organization was founded in 1908, it began to teach new means of citizenship

and survival to young men and boys. Today, one hundred years later, the BSA

continues to introduce innovative ways of outdoor survival to its members. Another

characteristic embodied by the Boy Scouts of America is easy easygoingness. Both

leaders and members are respectfully relaxed and even when selling their famous
Campfire popcorn, they are never pushy and always say “thank you” even if a sale is

refused. By displaying this kind of attitude, customers are nearly always inclined to

turnaround and purchase the product. Also, easygoingness is displayed by its leaders

towards the members as well as the general public. There is never any strain or

pressure from the Boy Scouts requesting funding or support. Another characteristic

strongly embodied by the Boy Scouts of America is detail orientation. This organization

begins with a subdivision for younger boys (called Cub Scouts) and continues through

adulthood (Life Scout). The advancement method is extremely detailed in its

requirements. Although each member is encouraged to move at his own pace,

members feel challenged to quickly climb the scouting ladder. Rank and achievement

are marked with detailed ceremonies and various badges and patches are rewarded for

each achievement.

This organization has an extremely strong culture. The Boy Scouts of America has a

high but clean cut profile. If you question just about any American, they can identify a

current or former Boy Scout in the family. Many military members and leaders are

former Boy Scouts and a large number are Life Scouts.

The culture of the Boy Scouts of America is ethical and semi-spiritual. Historically, the

BSA has operated in a highly ethical manner as its members learn and follow a strict

code of ethics. A higher power is discussed (God) however religion is not stressed or

pushed on members. Spirituality is encouraged by the BSA.

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