Unit A Studying People Scientifically

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					Unit A: Studying People Scientifically           Study Guide

Write you answers on this sheet. Do not just write the letters A-D!!!

____    1. Testing medicines on people involves both benefits and risks. A risk that you accept in order to
           gain a benefit is known as:

____    2. By measuring the height of the plants, Sean collected:

____    3. You are worried that your results are inconsistent. What might you do to address this concern?

____    4. Drew doesn’t like eating raw carrots. He decides to provide his parents with qualitative data to
           support his opinion. Which of the following is NOT qualitative?

____    5. Hiromi wonders which of her friends can run the fastest. She decides that a race, starting at the
           maple tree and ending at the oak tree, will answer her question. Which variable (s) is she planning
           to control?

____    6. How could Sean have increased his sample size?

____    7. Which of the following variables did Sean keep constant?

____    8. A scientist studying a common type of snail says that the average length of these snails is 4.5
           centimeters. Her measurements are probably based on:

____    9. Sean is thinking about using seawater to water his plants. Sean places 10 spider plants near a
           window for 20 days. Each day, he waters five plants with 10 mL of seawater and five plants with
           10 mL of fresh water. He measures their heights before and after the 20 days.

            Which of the following could be a hypothesis for Sean’s experiment?

____   10. What was the average (mean) distance traveled by the skateboard?

____   11. Today, a clinical trial of a new medicine would most likely include:

____   12. Juli isn’t sure how much sugar to add to her powdered drink mix. She decides to test how much
           sugar will make her drink too sweet. Which of the following could NOT be a hypothesis for her

____   13. Which of the following is NOT a part of a well-designed experiment?

____   14. Shown below is a table of Sean’s results.
            Plants receiving: Average Initial Height (in cm) Average Final Height (in cm)
            Seawater                       12.1                         12.9
            Fresh water                    12.4                         14.7

            Based on these results, which of the following could Sean conclude?

____   15. Which of the following statements about Sean’s experiment is TRUE?

____   16. Your doctor asks your parents if you can participate in a clinical trial of a new asthma medicine. If
           everyone agrees, you could receive:

____   17. Questions 8-10 refer to the following table:
           Table 1: Skateboard distance

            Trial      Distance (in
              1            2.7
              2            1.5
              3            1.8
              4            2.0

            In Table 1, what was the range of distance traveled by the skateboard?

____   18. Ali wants to find out how long it takes his baby sister to fall asleep. Variables in his experiment

____   19. A scientist is interested in comparing the circulatory systems of different types of worms. What is
           the scientist most likely to do first?

____   20. Scientists who study people should be aware that:

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