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There are plenty of tricks that you can try and tackle, like Kickflips, grinds, and
tricks for parks and ramps. Here are a few to try. Check back, as we will be
adding more soon.

But remember - learn at your own pace, and most importantly HAVE FUN with it.
Skateboarding is all about having fun. Remember that above all - if you stop
enjoying yourself, then slow down, relax, and just go skating!

Tail drag fingerflip skateboard trick tip
This is a pretty easy trick, but it's a good start to learn fingerflips.
1. Do a tail drag (when you do a manual and your tail scrapes the ground).
2.When you're out of speed, grab your nose (not the on your face!....Some people
these days...)
3. Plant your front foot on the ground, push off and you flip your board with your
front hand like a fingerflip.
4. Before you land put your front foot on the board first (for control) then your
back foot and land.

Pumping in a ramp trick tip
1. Start at the bottom of a halfpipe. Give yourself a push to get going. When riding
on a side of a halfpipe, bend your knees.
2. When you feel you're loosing speed, stretch your knees. Push your board high
on the ramp.
3. Then put all of your weight back on the board. Push it down the ramp with lots
of power. Try to push the board trough the ramp.
4. Now you should be riding to the other side of the halfpipe with more speed than
you had when you started.
5. Repeat this progress on the other side. If you keep doing this, you will be going
higher and higher. In the beginning, it may not work, but just keep practicing!
Here are some good street tricks to learn next:

The Ollie - most skaters try to learn this trick too soon, but it is an important trick
to learn! The Ollie is a trick where the skateboarder pops the skateboard into the
air. The effect is the skateboarder jumping with the skateboard stuck to his or her
feet. Basically, the trick involves snapping the tail of the skateboard down while
sliding the front foot up along the skateboard and jumping. This trick takes a lot of
practice to get the technique, but once learned it opens the door for the bulk of
common skateboarding tricks.

Pop Shuvit - this is a GREAT trick to learn along with the ollie, since it takes very
different skills.

Manual - another different trick, that will help you practice balance. And you can
mix manuals in with other tricks!

Rail Stands - also sometimes called Primo stands, this trick is tougher than it

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