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									                                                              Annual Troop Report
                                                            Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails, Inc.                                   This report is due to the
                                                                                                                                     Service Unit Manager by
                                                     4000 Jefferson Plaza NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109                                     June 1st and to the
                                                     Phone number 505-343-1040 Fax 505-343-1050                                         council by July 1st.

1. This report is for one year: _______________________________ to ________________________________.
                                                                   (month and year)                                    (month and year)
2. Service Unit #__________ Troop #______________ Name of Leader_________________________________
3. Age Level of Troop_____________________________ # of Registered Girls ________________________

                                                                        Column A                                                                 Column B
           Income Description                                      Income Amount         Expense Description                                 Expense Amount
4.         GSUSA dues collected from registered Girl               $                     GSUSA dues sent to the council along with           $
           Scout members                                                                 Membership Registration forms
5.         Juliette Low donations collected from Girl              $                     Juliette Low donations sent either to GSUSA         $
           Scout members                                                                 or to the council for remittance to GSUSA
6.         HUGS family contributions collected from                $                     HUGS family contributions sent to the               $
           family members                                                                council
7.         Program fees collected from participants for            $                     Program fees paid on behalf of participants         $
           events and activities.                                                        (camping fees, entrance fees, event fees, etc)
8.         Troop Income:                                                                 Troop Expenses:
              Troop Dues                                           $                         Meeting supplies, snacks, etc.                  $

              MagNut Sales proceeds                                $                        Insignia (badges, pins, etc.)                    $
                 (same as reported on product sale forms)
              Cookie Sale proceeds                                 $                        Equipment                                        $
                 (same as reported on product sale forms)
                                                                                            Service Project costs                            $
             Donations received by troop (list)                    $
                 _________________________                                                  Other expenses (please explain)                  $
                 _________________________                                                     ___________________________
           Other Troop earning projects (list)                     $                           ___________________________
                 _________________________                                                     ___________________________
                 _________________________                                                     ___________________________
9.         INCOME TOTALS                                           $                     EXPENSE TOTALS                                      $

                  Opening balance from prior year                                                                $
                  ADD Income Totals (# 9, column A)                                                              + $
                  SUBTRACT Expense Totals (# 9, column B)                                                              -    $
                  SUBTRACT Value of unsold Product Sales items (cookies, nuts – on hand)                               -    $
10.               Ending Balance (should be equal to bank balance and cash on hand - # 11.)                      $
           Bank account balance                             plus       Cash on hand           equals   Ending Balance (equals # 10.)
11.        $                                                  +        $                         =     $
Bank Information:                                                                     List all authorized signatures on the account:
     Account Name________________________________________                             ____________________________________________
     Account Number______________________________________                             ____________________________________________
     Bank Name/Branch____________________________________
     Bank Address_________________________________________                            ____________________________________________
     ____________________________________________________                             (There should be three authorized signers for the account. All checks
                                                                                      should be signed by two of these signers. Debit cards are not allowed)

If the troop balance is over $100, please describe the troop’s future plans and estimated expenses________________________________
Signature & position of person completing this report_____________________________________________________
Signature of Troop Leader (attesting accuracy of this report)______________________________________________date________________
Send a copy of the most recent bank statement, along with this report to your Service Unit Manager or Membership Development Director by June 1st.
Service Unit Managers and Membership Development Directors should turn this form in to the council’s Accounting Department by July 1 st.
                              Leadership and Community Service Form
Returning for next school year? Leader (01)     Yes □      No   □   Asst Leader (02) Yes □ No □

If you are not returning in the fall, list any referrals/replacements of new adult volunteers and indicate whether you have approached them
about taking over, and their response.

         Name____________________             Address________________________

         Phone #__________________            Approached? _______ Response _____

         Name____________________             Address________________________

         Phone #__________________            Approached? _______ Response _____

         1.    Next fall, will the girls in the troop start a new program level: Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior?
               Yes           □         No        □       If no, go to question 2.

               If yes, did your troop participate in a bridging ceremony or celebration event?
               Yes           □         No       □                  Month________ Year__________
               What type? Council               Service Unit               Troop

               Have the leaders taken the new program age level training or transition training?
               Leader (01) Yes □       No     □      Asst Leader (02) Yes □ No □

         2. Community Service Projects Outcome

                                                                        # of Girls and       # of Hours
              Date      Description of Service Project                      Adults            Worked          Total Hours

                                                                                    Grand Total # of Hours _______________

What kinds of additional support would help you as a Girl Scout Leader? __________________________________

General Comments/Concerns/Suggestions: __________________________________________________________

                                       If you have any questions, please call your Service Unit Manager or
                                                      Membership Development Director.
                                          Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails, Inc.
                                        4000 Jefferson Plaza NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
                                        Phone number 505-343-1040 Fax 505-343-1050

                                             Annual Troop Report Instructions


The purpose of the Annual Troop Report is to provide a uniform system for the reporting to the council of all monies for activities and
events at the group level along with the community service projects performed by the troops. Every troop leader is responsible for
accounting for all troop/group funds. The Annual Troop Report form is the tool used to report to girls, parents, the service unit and the
council how troop funds were managed during the Girl Scout year. Effective management of troop funds models financial responsibility
for the girls and helps to communicate with parents the value of the Girl Scout program. Please refer to the Leader Resource Manual for
more information regarding board approved council policy and standards.

          Eleven Easy Steps to Complete the Annual Troop Report Form
The following instructions will help you successfully complete the Annual Troop Report form. Should you have questions or concerns,
please contact your Service Unit Manager, Membership Development Director or the council’s bookkeeper.

Each line/section of the Annual Troop Report form is numbered. The following instructions are based on the line items.

1. Please indicate the time frame the report covers. Since this form must be completed each year, the time frame should be no more than
one year. The form is designed to cover June 1 – May 31 of each year, which will be the dates that are used by most troops.

2. This line is asking for service unit, troop and leader information. Please complete each section.

3. Please record the age level of the girls in this troop, along with the number of girls registered as Girl Scouts.

The next section of the form is broken into four columns: Income Description, Income Amount (Column A), Expense Description, and
Expense Amount (Column B). You will need to record all of the troop’s income and expenses in these columns.

4. GSUSA dues are the National Registration Dues (the $10 that accompanies the green (girl) and blue (adult) registration forms turned in
to the service unit or council). To calculate this, use the following formula:
(Number of paying girls & paying adults in troop) X $10 registration fee = Total GSUSA Registration Dues collected. Enter this total in #
4, column A. In # 4, column B, enter this amount plus any GSUSA Registration Dues that the troop may be paying for on behalf of troop
members. In the case of the council providing membership assistance for GSUSA Registration Dues, nothing needs to be entered in either

5. The Juliette Low donation is money collected or earned to support the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund. These funds are sent to
GSUSA and are not kept by the troop, service unit or council. Please record the collected funds in column A and record the funds
forwarded to the council or GSUSA in column B.

6. The HUGS family giving campaign is money collected or earned to support the general operations of the Girl Scouts of New Mexico
Trails, Inc. These donations are tax-deductible for the donors. Please record the collected funds in column A and record the funds
forwarded to the council or GSUSA in column B.

7. Record Program Fees that each girl paid to the troop funds to help cover the cost of a troop program. For example, your troop is going
camping and each girl needs to pay $5.00 to help cover the expense of the camping trip. This is considered income. Please enter program
fee income in column A. Fees paid to camping facilities, event admissions, etc. on behalf of the participating girls are and expense and
should be entered in column B.
 8. The troop earns income from dues, product sales proceeds, donations and troop earning projects. These should all be entered in
column A. Troop dues are the monies that each girl pays to the troop funds on a weekly or monthly basis that help support troop activities.
The MagNut and Cookie Sale proceeds are the portion of the product sale that the troop gets to keep for supporting troop activities. The
amount entered should be the same as the amount recorded on the product sale paper work. Any leftover, unsold product will be taken
into consideration in # 10. Donations received by the troop refer to cash donations under $100 received directly by the troop and cash
donations over $100 that gets processed through the council. Please provide a written description of donations received and the dollar
amounts in column A. Other troop earning projects refer to income from bake sales, car washes, (any extra money earning projects that
the troop initiated) etc. Please list (individually) the money earning projects and total their amounts in column A. Please record all troop
expenses in column B.

9. Add #s 4 – 8. The sums will equal your totals for income and expenses.

10. Record the opening balance from the prior report year. If your troop is new this year, the opening balance will be zero unless you
were provided with start-up-funds. To calculate your ending balance, add the beginning balance to your Income Total, subtract your
Expense Total, and subtract the value of unsold product sale items (# boxes of cookies or cans X selling price).

11. The ending balance from # 10 should be equal to the balance in your troop’s bank account, plus cash on hand. It is the council’s board
approved policy that all troops/groups with a treasury of $50 or more must keep these funds in a bank account.

Bank Information: It is very important that the council be kept informed as to where the troop funds are being held. The council is able to
recover several thousand dollars a year in abandoned troop funds from inactive bank accounts and use those funds to pay for membership
assistance. Please complete all information requested in this box and record the names of all authorized signatures.

Troop funds balances that exceed $100 need an explanation of the intended future use of the funds. Some troops are planning major troop
trips that will require several years of earning and savings. Other troops have a special event or camping trip planned for the summer.
Please describe the future plans and estimated expense.

The person who has completed this report must sign and indicate their troop position. The troop leader must also sign and date the report
to attest to the report’s accuracy and truthfulness.

The backside of the report is for recording the Community Service Projects that your troop has been involved with. This information is
important for reporting to our supporters of the Girl Scout programs.

After completing the report, make a copy for your troop records. Please send the original report along with a copy
of your troop’s most current bank statement to your Service Unit Manager or Membership Development Director.

                        You have completed the Annual Troop Report!

A few things to remember:

            Troop financial record keeping may be delegated to a registered assistant leader, troop helper or if you have older girls, the
             girls in the troop.
            Girls, parents and guardians, and council staff have the right to see this information at any time.
            If troop leadership changes at any time during the year, the outgoing leader must file an Annual Troop Report on his/her date
             of departure. The new troop leader is responsible for filing an Annual Troop Report for the remainder of the year.
            If the troop disbands, the troop leader must file an Annual Troop Report and forward the funds to the Service Unit Manager
             for proper disbursement to troops accepting the transferred girls or to the council for custodial care until a new troop forms.
            Annual Troop Reports are due to the Service Unit Manager or Membership Development Director by June 1 st of each year.
             The Service Unit Manager or Membership Development Director should then turn in the report to the council’s Accounting
             Department by July 1st.
            The council’s Accounting Department audits each report by checking the math computations, comparing the beginning
             balance to last year’s ending balance, comparing MagNut and Cookie Sale proceeds to records from the Product Sales
             Department, and other information gathered from the council’s Fund Development Department.

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