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									                                        Cub Scouts
                               Pack 7 South Pasadena

                         Tiger Cub Dens Forming for 1st Grade Boys!!!

     ♦      Family Camping and Hiking              ♦      Community Service Projects
     ♦      Bowling Night                          ♦      Whale Watching
     ♦      Skits and Songs                        ♦      Rocket Camp
     ♦      Flag Ceremony                          ♦      Pinewood Derby
     ♦      Pancake Breakfast                      ♦      Dodger Night
     ♦      Winter Snow Camp                       ♦      4th of July Parade

                    Orientation Meeting for Parents/Guardians and Boys:
                    Monday, September 27, 2010, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
                         Marengo Elementary School Auditorium
                      1400 Marengo Ave., South Pasadena, CA, 91030

       The Tiger Cub program is for first grade boys. Dens will be formed at the Orientation
Meeting with 5-6 boys each, and 1-2 adults as the den leader(s). Along with their den leaders
and parents/guardians, Tiger Cubs will complete a variety of fun, age-appropriate indoor and
outdoor activities on their way to earning their Tiger Cub Badge and advancing in rank. The
emphasis is on safety, fun and good citizenship. Tiger Cubs will participate in events with
their den and with the pack…there are fun activities throughout the year for the entire family!

       Boys are invited to the Orientation Meeting along with their parents/guardians. The
boys will be entertained with Cub Scout activities while the adults learn about Cub Scouts and
Pack 7. Interested boys will be organized into Tiger Cub dens, and den leaders will be
recruited. Volunteering as a den leader is rewarding and fun…experienced den leaders will be
available at the meeting to answer your questions!

        For more information on Cub Scouts, Pack 7, or den leader commitments, please feel
free to contact the pack’s committee chair Ed Elsner at
Look for Tiger Cub registration forms and a 2010-2011 calendar on our website,, prior to the meeting!

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