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Subject: Troubleshooting Generic Service Manager Problems Doc ID: NOTE:177250.1 Last Revision Date: 06-MAR-2007 Type: TROUBLESHOOTING Status: ARCHIVED

STEPS TO TROUBLESHOOT GSM AFTER APPLYING Patch 2125967 ========================================================= 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Is the Application Instance installed on a Single Node or on Multiple Nodes? Are all the nodes in the Application registered in the INSTALL > NODE form? Is the latest Concurrent Processing Rollup Patch applied? (at time of print it would be patchset D - 2500746) Has the latest FND patchset been applied? (at time of print it would be patchset F - 2404698) Shutdown the Concurrent Managers - stop apps/apps Shutdown the FNDFS/FNDSM Listener - stop APPS_<SID>

7. If the Node has not been registered in Application: go to INSTALL > NODE form and register the node(s). 8. Has the PROFILE > SYSTEM Option Concurrent:GSM Enabled been set to "Y" 9. Start the FNDFS/FNDSM listener - start APPS_<SID> 10. Start the Concurrent Manager - start apps/apps 11. Check the Listener status - lsnrctl status APPS_<SID> - there should be 2 Services Handlers Running Services Summary... FNDFS has 1 service handler(s) FNDSM_<SID> has 1 service handler(s) 12. Go to the 8.0.6 $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin - view the "apps_<SID>.log" file for errors 13. Do the following on the Server to check if the FNDSM process has started all the other Concurrent managers. - ps -ef | grep SM - record the PPID for the FNDSM process - ps -ef | grep <PPID # for FNDSM> Check if there is an excessive amount of Database processes running - ps -ef | grep oracle - ps -ef | grep <SID> 14. In the Application: CONCURRENT > MANAGER > ADMINISTER Screen What are the Target and Actuals for the "Service Manager: <nodename>" What are the Target and Actuals for the "Internal Monitor: <nodename>" 15. View the Concurrent Manager log for errors - $APPLCSF/log/<SID>.mgr

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References: =========== Note 165041.1 .

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