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					Odyssey FCAT
Odyssey Log-On For Students
  using a home computer
            Common Mistakes
•   It has to be https:// “s” for secure site
•   Misspelling “odyssey”
•   duvalschools.org “plural”
•   Duvalschools.org “.org” not “.com”
        Odyssey Log-On
for any Duval School Computer
            Go to Duval County Website

               Highlight address
Just Type Odyssey

   And Enter
Log-On Screen
                 Student Log-On
• The username is the letter “s” followed by your
  student number
• Example: s123456677
• The password is uppercase of your first name,
  two digit day of the month you were born, lower
  case of your last name followed by the last four
  digits in your social security number.
• Example: John Doe born the 23rd of whatever month with the last
  four digits of social security #
                        Example: J23d1234
Your Odyssey Desktop

                Your Name
                appears here
Click on the Subject Area
Choose your FCAT Folder
              Click on Test

How well you do on the test will determine how
much practice the program gives you for each
FCAT strand.
So try your best!!!
Click the Grey Circle to go back to
       the Odyssey Desktop

Click the Grey Arrow to go back
     to the previous screen
Click on Portfolio
Click on the Purple Reports
Select Subject, Activity Type “ALL”
      and the length of time
Your Progress Report
  will show up here

    Here it is with a Date Range
“Obviously, there is little you can
   learn from doing nothing.”
            Zig Ziglar

“It is time for us all to stand and
      cheer for the doer, the
      achiever -- the one who
 recognizes the challenges and
    does something about it.”
           Vince Lombardi

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