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									Oracle Application Version: 11.5.10 CU2 i.e - (4337683) Oracle Database Version: CORE DBA TASKS

PATCH --> AD.I.2

Job description #Oracle DB architecture #Creation & administration of Database / Database Objects # Creating & adding data files to table spaces, Creating Users and Granting Privileges # Database Refresh activities, Database movement from one machine to another. # Planning on Transaction volumes and database size & its growth # Releasing locks as per the user request # Scheduling periodic backups of all databases # Involved in various administration jobs, like storage of database objects, monitoring extents and max extents, LMT, partitions, tables and indexes # Configuration of Database parameters for optimal performance # Rebuilding the Indexes to rectify segment fragmentation # Resolving connectivity problems with Oracle database Oracle Application Server 10G Installation Upgradation Starting and stopping of components(OEM,opmn,dcmctl) Configuration of SSL on various components WebCache administration WebCache configuration WebCache Tuneing Use Oracle Wallet Manager Oracle Certification Authority(requesting and approving certificate) Ultrasearch configuration and administration Enabling ECID on various components Managing logs of various components Backup and recovery from OEM and command line tool mid tire cloning

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