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Document Sample
					                     API OF PEORIA NEWSLETTER
                     Attachment Parenting International, Peoria, IL Chapter
                     August 2004

”What is Attachment Parenting?”               “What is API of Peoria?”
                                              API of Peoria is a parenting group dedicated to
Attachment parenting is a philosophy          providing support, encouragement and
based in the practice of nurturing            education to parents in the spirit of
parenting methods that create strong          attachment. We encourage parents of all
emotional bonds, also known as secure         parenting philosophies to join us at our
attachment, between the infant and            functions.
parent(s). This style of parenting
encourages responsiveness to the infant       You can learn about API of Peoria’s parent
or child's emotional needs, and develops      organization, Attachment Parenting
trust that their emotional needs will be      International and view the Ideals of
met. As a result, this strong attachment      Attachment Parenting and of Attachment
helps the child develop secure, empathic,     Parenting the School Aged Child at:
peaceful, and enduring relationships.

“How can I get involved?”
Just pick whatever parts of API of Peoria that you'd benefit from and do them! Participation
is open to the public and free. We have monthly meetings in Peoria, playdates, mom’s night
outs, family events and much more. Many of our parents also find our internet discussion
group to be an invaluable source of 24/7 support, advice and friendship. Check the "Calendar
of Events" section or our website for activities scheduled for this month.

Featured Contents:                                                      For more information
                                                                        about our group or
       Calendar of Events                                    2          any of this
       Mommies and Daddies are Different                 3-4            newsletter’s content,
       Caleb’s Birth Story                               4-7            contact our API of
       Quotables                                            7           Peoria group leaders
       Easy Recipes                                         7           at our shared e-mail
       Classifieds                                     10 - 13          address:

                              API of Peoria Calendar of Events
                                                                August 29th, Pioneer Days. W.H.Sommer Park. 1850’s
                   AUGUST                                       Peoria living history. 1 p.m. More info: (309) 691-8423

There will be no monthly meeting in August.                     These are but a very few of the events happening in our
                                                                area this summer. Check for an
Please join us for our other scheduled activities to get        extensive listing of family activities to choose from.
your AP fix in August. Remember you can contact the
leaders anytime for anything…from a specific parenting
dilemma to just needing a little recharging. Jen, Carrie
and Shanna can be reached at
or via telephone at the numbers listed on our website.          Summer Hiatus is over. Our Monthly Meetings begin
                                                                again this month! We will revist our traditional
                                                                September topic and talk about attachment parenting
Playdate –                                                      the school age child. This will be a somewhat informal
There are no playdates scheduled for August at this             meeting with lots of interaction. Leaders will be
time. If you’d like to pick a date / time / location for        present and available for individual discussions
this, just let us know!                                         following scheduled meeting time to help with any and
                                                                all of your parenting issues. Come and enjoy the
Wednesday, August 25th                                          company of some great parents and maybe go home
6 p.m. Mom’s Night Out – FlatTop Grill                          with some new tricks too.

The Shoppes at Grand Prairie; 5201 W War Memorial               Saturday, September 14th
Dr Peoria, IL 61615                                             10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Monthly Meeting –                        Attachment Parenting the School Age Child

OTHER COMMUNITY EVENTS…                                         See the ideals of AP for the school age child at
August 27, 28, 29th , Erin Feis, Peoria Riverfront    
Festival Park. More info: (309) 688-3667                        ml

      UPCOMING TOPICS                                          February - Preparation for Childbirth
                                                               March - Emotional Responsiveness and
              (These are subject to change!)
                                                               Minimizing Separations
2004                                                           April - Breastfeeding
                                                               May - Babywearing
October – Positive Discipline                                  June - Co-sleeping and Nighttime Parenting
November – Maintaining Balance                                 July / August - summer hiatus / family picnic
December – Handling the Holidays                               September - Ideals of the School Age Child
                                                               October - Positive Discipline
2005                                                           November - Maintaining Balance
January – Overview of Attachment Parenting                     December - Family Issues

Mommies and Daddies are Different
By Tom Dierickx

Tom wrote this for another AP e-mail list and was kind enough to share it with us.
In response to your forwarded email from one of your email lists about the wife who was thankful for her husbands
contributions, yet at the same time frustrated by his needing "downtime" and low endurance for watching the kids, she
should keep in mind that men and women are biologically different. Granted, many of the behavioral differences seen
today are the result of these small biological differences amplified many times over by culture and societal norms. For
example, which sounds "weirder"? A male construction worker married to a stay-at-home wife -or- a
female construction worker married to stay-at-home dad? Obviously, the latter and not simply because
man="physically strong" and woman="nurturer". So, if it's not just biological differences which make this scenario
weird, is it because of how we were conditioned to view gender roles growing up? To some degree, perhaps, but not
completely. We live in a free society where people are completely free to choose their profession and own lifestyles,
yet many men "tend" to go one way and women another. And in the middle? There's significant overlap in more
gender-neutral arenas like business, which doesn't particularly favor one over the other.
It's great that women today (and to a much lesser degree men) actually have a "choice" between full-time career in any
profession they want and being a full-time stay-at-home mom. 35 years ago you would have had no choice. But, just
because women have free choice to work outside the home since 1965 does not imply we're suddenly all the same and
without major differences. Most, NOT ALL, males are not designed to have the same level of patience with kids as
most, NOT ALL, females. Does this mean we "love" our kids any less? NOT AT ALL!! We just express it in other,
more natural-to-us ways, like ensuring the family has security, stability, and guidance. I sympathize for women who
feel like their husbands are uninvolved, but "define involvement"? I would bet $100 men and women - in general -
would define it slightly differently. They would probably define it in terms they feel most comfortable themselves.
For example, I define an actively involved father as one who:
1) Makes sure his kids are taken care of and concerned about stable home
2) Provides them with tools to help them grow (i.e. books, computer programs, etc.) and interacts with them
3) Shows them affection
4) Goes to all doctor appointments whenever possible (to include still-in-the-womb pregnancy checkups)
5) Attends extracurricular activities their children are involved in
6) Asks questions and takes an active interest in their interests and knows who their kids' friends are
7) Proactively looks for ways and opportunities to stimulate and help child grow intellectually and morally
Note: Nothing on this list resembles "care taking" in the sense of "babysitting" and/or hauling kid from home to soccer
practice to library to grocery store to home, etc. Because males, again IN GENERAL, tend to be very goal/conquest-
oriented, we wear out much quicker doing repetitive activities. I would even go as far as to say we are better equipped
to serve as the firm, consistent source kids need as they enter their teen years - even more so that the mother. The
traditional view that mother is dominant figure for young kids, father dominant figure in teen tears makes sense to me.
Of course this is all very hypothetical and abstract, because we have very fractured families nowadays and many
women don't even have the luxury of their children's father to be there at all let alone actually pitching in to change
diapers. My own life is case in point. My parents divorced when I was 5 and my biological father was very uninvolved.
My stepfather tried to be there when he could but being a truck driver he was gone more than he was home. Yet, he
ALWAYS made sure we had food and clothes and when he was home he made us obey. This is an expression of
fatherly love for me, though, of course at the time I wasn't mature or wise enough to see it.
Having said all of this, our society really needs to find a more quantifiable way to reward mothers for their daily grind
and unique contributions above some fabricated "Mother's Day". It's too bad there's not some way to convert a mother's
efforts into physical currency. I've heard about the tax credit thing, but there'd be problems with that. In short, a good
mom is priceless and I'm lucky enough to have had one myself, am married to one for my own kids, and whose own
mom is a good one. :-) I also think every kid deserves - and needs - BOTH a mom and a dad, but I hope that all mom's
out there can understand without resentment that a "dad" is not a "mom" as much as sometimes you wish we were

Mommies and Daddies are Different continued
when you're overworked and under-appreciated. But, keep in mind, we dads too get frustrated and worried when we
can't make enough to pay the bills or our children are having problems in school or making friends and we can't help
them "solve it". We probably just don't come out and say it or verbalize it as well. We certainly don't get mad at the
mom for "not helping us" out on the issue.
Anyway, here are some scientific studies that support some of the above viewpoints.



Pregnancy and Birth Story
Caleb Richard Shirven
Born Friday, April 19, 2002
This birth story is from my perspective as the mother, and is not from Caleb’s perspective. The baby’s
experience is a very different experience than that of the mother’s, and I think it’s important to
remember and acknowledge that.

The Pregnancy
I loved being pregnant with Caleb. I experienced no morning sickness or weird food cravings. My mood was more
balanced and positive than it had been since adolescence. In fact, Bret told me he needed to keep me pregnant all of the
time, because he was really enjoying the non-existent mood swings! I ended up testing borderline for gestational
diabetes, but it never became an issue because I watched what I ate and kept a food log to keep me on track. Towards
the end of the pregnancy, my blood pressure elevated slightly (by about 10 points) and was accompanied by mild
edema. I was prescribed partial bedrest (laying on my left side 8 hours per day in addition to my sleeping rest),
although looking back I think that this amount of bedrest was unnecessary. I think my labor would have progressed
more rapidly had I simply laid on my left side whenever I wasn’t moving, kept my feet up when possible, and slept on
my left side while still maintaining a decent level of regular activity and self-monitoring my blood pressure and edema.

During my pregnancy, I avoided caffeine, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, medications, etc. I tried to eat about 80-100
grams of protein per day. I avoided high-risk situations and read all of the standard (read “mainstream”) pregnancy and
breastfeeding books. Initially, I thought that I would try natural childbirth (vaginally and without drugs), but that if I
ended up in too much pain, I would ask for an epidural. Somewhere around the fourth month of pregnancy, I decided
that if I were to have a natural childbirth, I needed to be determined and armed with the information I needed to do so
(although I wondered in the back of my mind if I were capable). Bret and I decided to take the Bradley Birth Method®
course after hearing about it from a couple of friends. We loved the way the classes actively included the father and
focused on prenatal care in addition to actual childbirth. I liked the exercises the method teaches (although I didn’t
practice them as much as I should have) and felt they really helped prepare my body for childbirth. I also preferred the
natural breathing to the forced breathing of other childbirth methods; it was definitely the right fit for our family.

Caleb’s Birth Story continued
The Labor
I was convinced that I was going to go past my due date and would need to be induced, so I was very surprised when
my water broke around 7:20 p.m., Thursday, April 18th. I had not had a single Braxton-Hicks contraction up to that
point, let alone any “real” contractions. I was lying on my left side on the couch watching “Friends” when I felt a little
twinge in my cervix area. I immediately thought, “That’s a weird feeling!” When I sat on the toilet, I noticed some
mucous and blood. I knew that didn’t necessarily mean I was going into labor right then, but when I went to stand up a
bunch of fluid starting leaking, then a small gush of fluid came out. All of the sudden, every little piece of labor
knowledge I had spent so much time acquiring vanished from my brain as if the information had never even existed at
all! I was completely dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do or even for sure if my water had really broken.

My mom was at home with us, but since Bret had wanted it to just be him and me at the birth, I signaled to him to come
to the bathroom. I whispered, “I think my water broke. Should I tell Mom?” He knew that I wanted my mom at the
birth, but I also wanted to honor his wishes for it to be just us. He obviously could see in my eyes what I needed and
told me that we should tell her and that he had changed his mind – she could be at the hospital for the event. I think he
thought the extra support would be good for us, especially since my mom had two births without painkillers. She was
very excited at the prospect of seeing her grandchild’s birth and was relieved that we had changed our minds about
having her there.

My OB had told us that we needed to come to the hospital right away if my water broke, so (being a good patient, but
not necessarily a wise one) we began making preparations to leave for the hospital. I got in the shower to shave and
freshen up while Bret loaded the van with what we had packed and made arrangements for our friend next door to
watch our dogs. He also called Gretchen, a friend of ours from church who used to teach the Bradley Method® and
had offered to help during labor. I was still only feeling a little crampy after my shower, so I told my mom that I would
call her from the hospital when I felt Baby was closer to arriving. She stayed behind at the house and cleaned in
preparation for us to bring our baby home in a couple of days.

We arrived at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center around 9:00 p.m. Since we had pre-registered, we were taken directly
to Labor and Delivery. We were informed that my OB was out of town and would not be assisting with the birth. This
news was very stressful for me, since I felt my OB really had a handle on what we wanted and was supportive of our
birth plan. She had never once planted even a small seed of doubt in my head that I couldn’t have this baby vaginally
and without drugs.

After partially absorbing the information about my out-of-town OB, a resident examined me and said that my water had
indeed broken. I was not effaced or dilated at all (not that I expected to be). At this point my contractions were mild,
but were consistently 5 minutes apart. I was then hooked up to a Penicillin drip since I had tested positive for Group B
Strep two weeks earlier.

After getting settled in the room, I found out who would be the attending OB. This news made me even more upset
than I was when I heard my own OB would not be there. I had heard only horror stories about this doctor. The nurse
did not help me feel much more optimistic. She told us that the stand-in OB was very “traditional” – constant
monitoring, drugs, on your back, feet in stir-ups, episiotomy, etc. – and just the opposite of everything we wanted.
However, the nurse seemed to understand our desires and said she would talk to the doctor to see what we could do. I
reminded the nurse that we had discussed our birth plan in great detail with my regular OB, and that she was on board
with it. A little while later, the nurse returned with the news that we would follow the birth plan as long as things ran
smoothly. I would be monitored with an external monitor for 10-15 minutes every hour, but other than that,
interventions would not be used unless necessary.

Now that the initial activity had subsided, Bret and I were left alone to labor peacefully and quietly. We turned out
most of the lights and I sat in the rocker keeping a record of when my contractions were. My contractions were getting
a little stronger and were very regular – about 2-3 minutes apart. However, I was only mildly uncomfortable at this

Caleb’s Birth Story continued
point. More than anything, my brain was going full-speed dreading that I would end up on Pitocin if things didn’t pick
up, especially with the unknown-OB factor. I expressed my fears to Bret, but told him that I was handling the
contractions fine. The nurse was very unobtrusive and only came in when it was time to monitor the baby and me. I
hated monitoring time since I couldn’t move during it. The contractions were much more uncomfortable when I had to
lie or sit still the whole time. Fortunately, the nurse stretched the time between monitoring to give me as much time as
possible alone without interventions.

Around 11:00 p.m., I told Bret that he should go ahead and sleep while he could. Had we been home still, we would be
lying in bed trying to rest anyway. I figured that I was going to need him a lot more as my contractions became more
intense, so I was happy to have him sleep (not so happy to hear him snore, though). I tried to sleep as well, but was too
uncomfortable to do so. Since I was having back labor, I spent a lot of time in the shower with the hot water on my
back. It was amazing what a difference the water made. I only wished they’d had a tub for me to use!

By 6:30 a.m., I was feeling like my body had really been working hard. The back pain and contractions had been pretty
intense most of the night, and I was convinced I had started dilating. Curiosity got the best of me, and I requested an
internal exam so that I would know exactly where I was. I was happy to hear that I was 80% effaced, but I was so
bummed to find out I was still at 0 centimeters. I thought for sure that I had started dilating! My fears of needing
Pitocin pushed themselves back to the surface (I’d barely been managing to keep them below the surface all night). I
was also beginning to feel that if this were going to go on for another 10 hours that I would never make it without an

My mom arrived at the hospital shortly after my exam, and we called Gretchen to give her the low down. Gretchen
showed up a while later to see how things were going. My contractions were getting more and more intense and
difficult for me to manage. The day shift nurse finally convinced me to sit on a birthing ball. I don’t know why I had
been resisting that, because things felt better as soon as I sat on it. I leaned forward and rested my head and arms on
the bed to help with the back labor. Bret massaged and stroked my back between contractions, but I didn’t want
anyone touching me during the contractions. I knew even before labor that I would find this too much too handle, and I
certainly did! Gretchen and Mom caught up on each other’s lives while I sat on the birth ball. The contractions started
getting much stronger and I had lost my ability to breathe through them. I was reminded by my birth support team of
how to relax, to sink into the birth ball, and breathe deeply and naturally. I really needed those reminders!

Gretchen left mid to late morning to tend to her daughter and said she would be back in time for the birth…or so she
thought! Things picked up and got very intense very soon after she left. I really began doubting my abilities and
saying, “I don’t know if I can do this!” I think I remember my mom saying softly to Bret that she thought I was in
transition. All of the sudden, I really felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down on the toilet, I
realized that I didn’t need to go. I needed to push! I called out urgently from the bathroom, “I think I need to push!”
The nurse checked me and said that I was fully dilated and ready to push. Within seconds it seemed like the room was
full of strangers. I was asked if one of the newer EMTs could watch. She wanted to see what a drug-free delivery was
like. I said, “I don’t care.” I just wanted to start pushing.

Baby’s Arrival
I began pushing around 10:30 a.m. Even though I had intended to push in more of a squatting position, I found myself
on the delivery bed mostly supine, but partially upright. I’m still not really sure how that happened, but was too tired to
ask for anything different. The first couple pushes were scary for me. It took a couple of tries before I was really
comfortable that I was doing it right. Even then, I was nervous about what it would feel like when the baby finally
moved out of me and into the world. At one point in the middle of pushing, I needed to relax and said so. Amazingly,
the contractions stopped coming one on top of each other and I was able to breathe and recompose. During
contractions, Bret and Mom helped hold my legs and encouraged me to push. There was no counting…just pushing
with the urge.

Caleb’s Birth Story continued
The stand-in OB arrived somewhere in the middle of me pushing. After the baby’s head crowned, she suggested an
episiotomy. I really did not want one and said so. She then asked, “Are you sure you don’t want an episiotomy?” I
didn’t know what to do. Obviously, I wasn’t at the height of my analytical abilities so I was really at a loss for what to
say. I asked if she really thought it was necessary, and she said, “Yes.” I told her that she could do a small pressure
episiotomy off to the side. She did, and I didn’t feel a thing. However, I think if I had been in a different position, had
warm compresses on my perineum, and had someone help me with more controlled pushing I wouldn’t have torn so
badly. Afterwards, I seem to remember the OB saying that the tearing was mostly internal from the baby’s shoulders,
and the episiotomy wouldn’t have helped that.

Finally, at 11:43 a.m., a healthy baby arrived. It was such a glorious and amazing feeling! Bret looked at the baby and
said, “It’s Caleb!” Caleb was placed on my belly while his Apgar score was assessed, and his cord was clamped and
cut (way too soon, and I believe it was accompanied by “helping” the placenta out resulting in me being given Pitocin
for too much blood loss). It was not too long before the lactation consultant showed up to help Caleb latch on. I felt
that was a very awkward process even though breastfeeding itself didn’t seem awkward at all. I hope to let my next
baby do a self-attachment sequence according to his or her biological impulses.

Caleb weighed 8 pounds 2½ ounces and was 20 ¼ inches long. He is an amazing human being. The feeling of holding
my newborn in my arms for the first time is too much for words to describe. Even though I had been falling in love
with him throughout the pregnancy, I fell in love with him even more once I saw him…my beautiful, amazing, baby
boy blessing.

Submitted by Carole Barr (Jen Scoby’s mom):

Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open.
Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.
A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.
You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.

Easy Recipes
Impossible Cheeseburger Pie – Submitted by the Frietsch Family
           1lb. ground beef or turkey                                      2 tsp. baking powder
           1/2 c. chopped onion                                            1/4 c. oil
           1/2 tsp. salt                                                   3 eggs
           1/4 tsp. pepper                                                 1 1/2 c. milk
           3/4 c. flour                                                    1 (small) zucchini sliced (optional)
           1/2 tsp. salt                                                   1 c. (4oz.) white Cheddar cheese, shredded

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Brown ground beef or turkey, onion, salt, and pepper. Drain off grease. Put in greased, 10-inch pie plate or 12x7-inch
baking dish. In a bowl, mix flour, salt, baking powder, oil, eggs, and milk for 1 minute. Pour over ground beef
mixture. Arrange sliced zucchini over pie and sprinkle on the cheese. Bake for 30-35 min. Serves 5-6.

Does Your Doctor's Office Have “Mothering” Magazine?
Or “The Baby Book” by William and Martha Sears? Several of our members have approached their physicians with
that question and offered to donate one or the other as a gift from our group!

                         Remember to ask your doctors if they would like to have a free
                         subscription to Mothering or a copy of Dr. Sears The Baby Book
                         in their waiting rooms.

                         Let us know if they say yes and we'll get it for them! Leaders

Meals for Moms
The early weeks of having a new baby are so special. It is so
important that parents take this time to enjoy and nurture their
baby, as well as rest. We are keeping a list of expectant
parents so that we may form a schedule of meal delivery to you
so you have one less thing to worry about and can truly enjoy
this time.

Please contact Maureen Leuba at with
your name, due date, food preferences/dislikes, and phone

Anyone who may be interested in being on the list to prepare
these meals, please let Maureen know with your name and phone number.                     A lap of love. Miranda Brush
She will contact you when we are able to organize a schedule and see if                   nuturing both daughters, baby
you are able to help when that special time comes. THANKS!!                                Ella, and big girl Madelynn.

API of Peoria E-Group
Whether you’re the type of person who is nearly as attached to their computer as they are to their kids or the type who
checks their e-box only once a month, the Attachment Parenting International of Peoria e-group can be an invaluable
resource and a fun meeting place. Jump on whenever you have a parenting question and hear back from like-minded
parents around the clock. Stay up-to-date on the latest API of Peoria events and API happenings and get connected with
other attachment parents in our area.

To check it out for yourself, visit the above site and click on “Join this Group”! If high volume is a problem, you can
always edit your membership to reduce your e-mail influx. Having trouble? Please let us know!

API of Peoria Library
APPeoria has a wonderful selection of books (you may view the book/video list at this link: You must be a contributing member (contact Janelle
at to check out a book. Books may be checked out for one month only. Please plan on
returning your book at the next API of Peoria Monthly Meeting. Donations of books are welcome and appreciated.
Please check with Sharon Heritch if you have a book that you would like to donate.

API of Peoria Website
This newsletter is posted as a page on our website:
Please visit for archived newsletters, a listing of attachment parenting ideals, useful links, meeting location information,
meeting topic pages, calendar of events and much more. Please refer anyone wanting to learn about our group to our

Volunteers Needed
Volunteer Opportunities always exist! Volunteer to help distribute flyers and business cards, bring treats to a meeting,
host a play date, or even help plan a meeting. Maybe you have a new idea that we've never thought of before! Contact
a leader (see page 14) if you would like to volunteer your time to API of Peoria, Il.

Meeting Ground Rules
When you come to a monthly meeting, please consider the following:

1. While children are welcome at meetings and there are plenty of toys for babies and toddlers, we currently do not
have hired child-care. We also do not have activities for older children. If you bring your children to a meeting, be
prepared to get up and attend to them regularly. If you bring older children, bring a quiet activity for them and
prepare them to sit quietly during the meeting.

2. No hitting, spanking, or verbal abuse of children at group functions.

3. No gossiping about group members and their situations outside of the group.

4. Please don't come to a meeting, or bring a sick child, within the first three days of the start of a respiratory illness, or
within twenty-four hours of the cessation of diarrhea or vomiting.

5. No group will espouse or maintain a political or religious affiliation.

If you have time:
Will you please consider helping clean up after a meeting? We need to put all the toys back, put the chairs and
tables the way they were, and vacuum the floor. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

Photo All-Call
Moms and Dads – Please consider sharing any photos of your attached family or
friends! Please include the names of the individuals in the pictures you send and the
                                        ages of the children (written on the backs of
                                        the pictures).

                                         If you’d like to submit them for the AP-
                                         Album, please send them to Jennifer Smith;
                                         724 N. Avon Curve; West Peoria, IL 61604.
                                         We cannot return your photos, so send a

                                       If you’d like to submit photos for the API of
Peoria Newsletter AND for our AP in Action Photo Album, send them to API of
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specify where you’d like your photos to be used. Thanks!

Newsletter Submission Invitation!
Reader submissions are what make this newsletter great!! Are you looking for an excuse to write your birth stories?
Have a great recipe to share? Read a good book lately? What are your latest favorite quotes? What are your recent
thoughts or discoveries about attachment parenting topics? Please share with the other readers of this newsletter.
Please send submissions to Thank you!

API of Peoria Mentors Program
API of Peoria’s Mentor Program offers direct one-on-one supports for any mom or dad. We hope this will be
especially nice for new parents with first time babies or for those who find that they need consistent help with their
current situation. After gaining a little information about your needs and position, a mentor will be assigned to you.
You’ll never have to wait a whole month to get personal support again!

Your mentor will check in with you to see how you are doing through phone calls, e-mails or home visits if you desire.
Your mentor will be able to help you with questions about sleeping, crying, babywearing, discipline, breastfeeding,
maintaining family balance and overall care taking needs – whatever they may be! If your mentor does not know
personally how to help you, be assured that they will find someone who can!
Don’t be shy! Sign up to receive a mentor of your very own! Contact Carrie Kerr at for more

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                                  ~Over the Shoulder Baby Holder~
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               There are so many great reasons to use a sling whether you have a newborn or a toddler!

                                Please call Carrie Kerr for babywearing support and
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                                             Slings make a great baby gift!

                                            ~Creative Memories~
                     “Where are your precious photos stored? Are they safe for future generations?

                   Call Jennifer Lane, Creative Memories Consultant, to schedule classes, shows,
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                     Check out to see the wonderful
                                     products that Creative Memories has to offer.


Classifieds continued…
                                             ~Usborne Books~
             "It's a rewarding experience when a child opens a book and discovers the magic of reading."
                          Libbe Dawdy- Independent Consultant
                                     Parties, fundraisers, book fairs, read-a-thons.
July 1st means a NEW catalog with NEW books! Contact me for a New Titles flyer. Earn DOUBLE merchandise
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              For more information, contact Libbe at or (309) 383-3103.

                                           ~Tastefully Simple~
Have you heard of a taste testing party with Tastefully Simple? Tastefully Simple is small indulgences for busy lives!
 Grab some friends and have fun tasting dips, breads, soups and more. What a great Mom's night out; fun, food and
                                              Call me for more details:
             Mia Abner Morge: 309-243-5482 or 309-678-3374 and check out the website at,

                                          ~Doula Birth Support~
                     Preparing for a birth and the amazing life-changing experience it should be?
If you or someone close to you is expecting, please feel free to contact doula (labor support person) Shanna Shipman.
   Shanna was formally trained through Doulas of North America (DONA) and has gained significant experience by
                                           attending several births to date.
 Shanna is passionate about the birth experience and the many ways in which she can nurture, inform, and support
Mom, Child, and Family members through the prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience! Please feel free to call and
                           discuss your ideas and needs for an ideal birth experience...

                                      Shanna Shipman (309) 353-1226.

                                             ~Discovery Toys~

                          Looking for new ways to stimulate learning in your children?
                     Discovery Toys has educational tools to help your child learn through play.
  Call me for an appointment or to get toys free by hosting a playdate or party! I'm also looking for some moms that
                 might want to make some extra money by sharing Discovery Toys with other moms.
               View the toys, books and software at
                      Call me today to get the latest catalog or to get free toys for your family.
                                          Marcia Mattern 681-4691.


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                         ~Organize Your Stuff & Simplify Your Life!~
Sharon Heritch can come to your house and help you figure out what to do with kitchen stuff, hallway closet stuff,
                            basement stuff, toy organization, and even bedroom closet stuff.
Clear out the clutter and start the holiday season feeling calm and clear. $25 for the first hour, $10 each additional hour.
                             I take notes of my suggestions for you to keep after our session.

                                 Call me at (309) 263-2346 to make an appointment.

                                 ~Lilies to Lilacs Hand-Made Soaps~
  Have you found that the soap you are using dries out your skin? Give my homemade, hand poured soap a try. It's
  made through a process called "cold process" preserving the naturally occurring glycerin in soap...sure to be extra
gentle and nourishing to your skin. I offer a variety of scents and the bars weigh 4.5-4.9 ounces each. They are $2.50
each or buy 6 bars for $10 and you get one free. If you would like to try out a bar of my soap, please send me an email
                                                      or call today!
                                                          - and -

                                       ~Cuddlebuns Cloth Diapers~
 If you are tired of the high cost of diapers, consider CuddleBuns™ cloth diapers. These diapers are nothing like old-
 fashioned thin cloth diapers. Custom-made CuddleBuns™ are the original single sized T-shirt diaper for babies 8-40
   pounds. All CuddleBuns™ diapers are constructed with three full layers, an internal soaker of at least three layers
(hemp or burley knit terry, or sherpa) and come with an optional snap in 3 layer sherpa soaker. If you are interested in
saving lots of money over using paper diapers or have questions on converting to cloth, please feel free to call or email
                                                         me today!
                                                      Lilies to Lilacs
                                                    Amy Thaller
                                               685-7098 or 696-9657

                                             ~Tangles & Tushies~
    Children & Adults Haircuts, Styles, and Waxing.                Gina is now selling Fuzzibunz cloth diapers and
   Ask about Chemical Services and In-home services.             accessories. Ask Gina about the Fuzzibunz products!

                                                Gina Beckwith
                                      (309) 696-7952, 1126 W. Purtscher Peoria

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                                               ~Stampin’ Up!®~
Stampin’ Up!® is proud to offer the most beautiful, affordable, high-quality exclusive line of decorative stamp sets and
accessories for home décor, greeting cards, craft projects, and scrapbooking that you can buy. For samples check out: Let me show you how to make your projects and make them less time consuming and cost

Stampin' Up!'s limited-time Reward-Your-Hostess Promotion offers our hostesses a chance to earn free
Stampin’ Up! merchandise--and that's in addition to our generous hostess plan. From now through August 31, you can
earn an additional $25 for every workshop order that totals at least $350 (excluding sales tax and shipping). Contact
Dawn today to book your workshop and start earning your free merchandise. Remember, this promotion is available
only through August 31.

             Call or e-mail, Dawn Gersich, Independent Demonstrator to schedule a workshop,
              demonstration, show or to purchase supplies. 309-472-3852,

                                          ~Tons of Fun Daycare ~
                 Stefanie Straw                                  •   Full and Part-Time Care Available
          Licensed Child Care Provider                           •   Openings for one child under 2 ½ and one child over 2
               Mom to Sydney (22 months)                         •   Scheduled Activities, Outdoor Play Area
        API of Peoria Member since October 2003                  •   I accept the Government Subsidy Program
                                                                 •   Located on California Avenue near Forrest Hill

                                   ~All natural spa-quality products~
        Are you looking for an opportunity to make money with your own home-based business?
                        Would you like a chance to achieve financial freedom?
New to Illinois, this complete line of skin, hair, and bath products are made with the finest all-natural ingredients. Our
entire line is spa-quality yet at very affordable prices. Allow women to indulge themselves by hosting a "spa
experience" in their own homes. Set the mood with candlelight and soft music while guests soak their feet in a warm
aromatherapy bath and pamper themselves with our many other luxurious spa treatments. The products practically sell
themselves and you earn great commissions and bonuses.

Like to know more? Learn about being a distributor, hosting a spa-class, or about our great products by going to or call Kristina Keehma at 815-458-0643.
                                  Get on the "natural" road to financial independence.

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