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————————————————————————————————————ELON UNIVERSITY, FALL 2008

    ELON UNIVERSITY                       In honor of the “Year of St. Paul” 
      MINISTRY                   University Chaplain Richard McBride offers a reflection 
                                  By Fr. Gerry Waterman
       Truitt Center
     Campus Box 2960
      Elon, NC 27244
                                 In       June of this year, our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI announced that the Church
                                         will dedicate “a special jubilee year to the Apostle Paul from June 28, 2008 to
                                 June 29, 2009, for the occasion of the 2000th anniversary of his birth." Among other
 SUNDAY MASS TIMES:              things, the Holy Father highlighted the fact that the Pauline Year will be characterized by
  Elon Community Church          its "ecumenical dimension" because "the Apostle of the Gentiles, particularly dedicated to
        6pm & 9pm
                                 bringing the Good News to all peoples, concerned himself with the unity and harmony of
  WEDNESDAY NIGHT                all Christians.”
     CATHOLIC:                            With this in mind, CCM invited Elon University Chaplain Richard McBride, an
Holt Chapel (South Campus)       ordained minister and member of the United Church of Christ, to offer a reflection on the
 7:45 - Rosary, 8:00 - Mass
                                 Sunday Scripture on October 12, 2008. For his text Chaplain McBride chose the Gospel
       8:30 - Program
                                 for that particular Sunday, from Matthew (Mt 22:1-10), the parable of the wedding feast.
    RECONCILIATION:              His message focused on the challenges of our Christian faith, highlighting an authentic
    Before Sunday Mass           inclusive mentality of men and women of all faiths. We are truly grateful to Chaplain
     or by appointment
                                 McBride for his words of wisdom, his profound faith, and his gentle and loving example.
      Campus Minister                     After twenty-five years of faithful service as the university chaplain, he an-
Fr. Gerry Waterman, OFM Conv
                                 nounced his retirement in May 2009.
    Business Manager/            Throughout his time at Elon, Chaplain
   Development Director          McBride has been actively involved in so-
     Robert Tikkanen
                                 cial responsibility and civic engagement,
      Faculty Advisor            setting the example for Elon students, fac-
      Dr. Chris Leupold          ulty, staff, and community members. In
                                 1988 he was influential in establishing
       Student Leaders
  Christen Aquino, President     Elon’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity and
Justin Sposato, Vice President   has served as staff advisor since its founda-
         Erin Bradley
                                 tion. In my opinion it is safe to say that
        Kara Cowdrick
        Melissa Gaisser          Richard McBride has made an extraordi-
         Peter Guyton            nary difference at Elon during his tenure
         Erin Sawyer
         Tracy Schell            and will be sorely missed… alas, his shoes
          Erin Silva             will not be easy to fill!
    By Nathaniel Smith

O        n September 19th-21st of
         the 2008 Fall semester,
Catholic Campus Ministry ven-
                                                                                            Mass in the chapel before every-
                                                                                            one buckled in for a delicious din-
                                                                                            ner which was cooked by some
tured off to Topsail, NC for their                                                          special people: Rene, Paula and T.
annual beach retreat. The theme                                                             We stayed up late and played
was, "The Holy Spirit, is it in                                                             games and chatted into the night
you?" It was a weekend full of                                                              and we also took a walk down the
spirit, sport, and splashes. We                                                             beach under the stars.
arrived at the gigantic and gor-                                                                      As Sunday came upon us
geous retreat facility that was                                                             quickly, some without having
three beach houses connected by multi-    sic, and having large group bonding          slept much, breakfast was had and an-
level decks with a large sandpit in the   activities. The beach retreat was a good     other bonding session ensued before we
middle of them.                           way to reconnect with the Holy Spirit        strapped in for the ride home in the
          The weekend started off with    and make that relationship even              Elon BioBus. All in all is was a great
an introduction to the retreat in the     stronger. We also had an opportunity to      weekend of spiritual growth, meeting
chapel, which was located on the top      experience the beach, which happened         new friends, and enjoying nature's gifts.
floor of the third beach house. Small     to be about 40 yards away, just over the     I got a greater understanding of the role
yet effective, the chapel gave us a       sand dunes that were recently hit by         of the Holy Spirit in my life, and I was
quaint space for worship time which       many hurricanes this season. After en-       so happy to have chosen to attend this
included breaking into different small    joying a brisk yet sunny day at the          trip. Everyone should consider signing
groups, singing along to awesome mu-      beach, we had a wonderful close-knit         up for the next CCM retreat!
                                                      Left, top: The Holy Spirit shines forth in the students as they partici-
                                                      pate in a fun and intense breakout activity.
                                                      Left, bottom: The CCM Beach Retreat crew dons their Holy Spirit
                                                      t-shirts before heading back to Elon on the last day.

                                                           Carolyn VanBrocklin interviews Robert
                                                           Tikkanen, CCM’s new part-time Business
                                                           Manager and Development Director
                                                           Topic: CCM’s Lay Advisory Board
                                                               Carolyn: Good morning, Mr. Tikkanen. How are you today?
                                                               Mr. Tikkanen: I’m doing great, Carolyn. Please call me Bob.

                                                               Carolyn: So, what is the Lay Advisory Board?
                                                               Bob: The Lay Advisory Board is a volunteer group of Catholic
                                                               stakeholders from the local community invited by Fr. Gerry to
                                                               work in collaboration with Elon CCM, the Catholic Diocese of
                                                               Raleigh and Elon University to promote spiritually relevant pro-
                                                               gramming and sustainable facilities in support of Elon CCM.

                                                               Carolyn: Who is a member of this board?
                                                               Bob: The (9) member board is comprised of current Elon faculty
                                                               & staff, Elon alumni, local business owners and other prominent
                                                               members of the local community. In addition to the board, we

  Habitat For Humanity                                                                       Be on the lookout for the
                                                                                             NEW Online Giving Page
  Shack-A-Thon!                                                                               on our CCM website:
  By Jacki Higgins

  O      n Thursday, October 9, 2008, CCM participated in the annual Shack-a-thon
  for Habitat for Humanity. About eleven people joined in to give their support for
  CCM and Habitat for Humanity. The team had two hours to create a shack out of
  the materials provided, and any materials each team wanted to bring themselves.
  The core materials used were cardboard, a few two-by-fours, nails, duct tape, and
  spray paint. All of the money raised through the shack-a-thon would go towards a
  house that Habitat for Humanity will build for someone in need.
           Many teams braved the rain that swept across Elon University to partici-
                                                                                             ATTENTION ALUMNI
  pate, CCM being one of them. CCM’s shack was a colorful masterpiece. Everyone             CCM alumni addresses are al-
                                                          who participated had a            ways welcome…we would love
                                                          wonderful time building in        to hear from you and see how
                                                          the rain. It was a great time     you’re doing! Please feel free to
                                                          to build community and            email them to Bob Tikkanen:
                                                          work for a good cause.  

                                                             Left: Though no prize          Coming soon...Plans are afoot
                                                             was won, the CCM team          for an online Alumni update
                                                             stands proudly next to         web page.
                                                             their “shack.”

have the full support of Bishop Michael Burbidge and Fr. Jo-      Carolyn: Where is the board located (or I guess, where is the
seph Vetter, the Director of Catholic Campus Ministry for the     central headquarters)?
Catholic Diocese of Raleigh. Fr. Gerry and I meet quarterly       Bob: The board has no permanent location or headquarters.
in Durham with the other university campus ministers and          Fr. Gerry and I have offices at the Truitt Center for Religious
staff in the Diocese of Raleigh for continuing education and to   and Spiritual Life on campus. We arrange meeting space on
share information in support of our respective ministries.        campus for the board as needed.

Carolyn: Sounds wonderful that the board has a lot of sup-        Carolyn: How often do members meet?
port! What is the function of the board?                          Bob: We have met once in January this year and plan to meet
Bob: The board was formed for the sole purpose of advancing       again Nov. 18th. We'll meet twice
the goals and mission of Catholic Campus Ministry at Elon         per year for now and increase our
University.                                                       meetings as needed.

Carolyn: Why do we need one?                                      Carolyn: Thank you so much for
Bob: Fr. Gerry invited this group of particular individuals to    your time, Bob. We look forward to
serve on our board for their high level of influence and afflu-   the Board carrying out its goals!
ence in our local community and Elon University. This
board's wisdom, community contacts and financial expertise        Bob lives in Elon with his wife and two
will help make it possible for Fr. Gerry, the Catholic Diocese    children and is a member of Blessed
of Raleigh, Elon University and Elon CCM students & parents       Sacrament Catholic Church, Burling-
to build a meaningful and lasting presence on our campus.         ton. He is a ’99 Elon MBA alum.

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Patchwork Music CD Brings Elon
By Kara Cowdrick    Christians Together
T     hroughout the past few months, Elon Religious Life organizations, faculty,
and alumni have been recording tracks for a new Christian music CD, Patchwork.
Fr. Gerry conceived the idea, and members of the Entrepreneurial program of the
School of Business at Elon Univeristy took the initiative and are responsible for
all aspects of the project, ranging from music licensing to the CD’s artwork.
         Many of CCM’s talented musicians recently spent time in Elon’s re-
cording studio with Bryan Baker, senior audio producer in the School of Commu-
nications, recording the song, “Breathe.” When asked about the recording experi-
ence, Melissa Gaisser, CCM’s Music Director, expressed, “Everyone enjoyed the
experience of getting to record in a studio just like the pros do!”
         According to Barth Strempek, an Elon Entrepreneurship professor, Patch-
work is scheduled to be released on November 21st and will cost $15.00. These
CDs will be released just in time to give as Christmas gifts. Locally it will be
available at many churches in the Burlington and Elon areas, as well as at For All
Occasions on Church Street, Burlington.
         If you would like to have a CD sent to you or a friend or loved one,
please send the “SHIP TO address” and a check for $15 per CD, plus $5 postage
and handling, payable to CCM, to:
Patchwork CD, c/o Bob Tikkanen, 2960 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244.

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