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    Why I Purchased A Watchdog Sump PumpI recently purchased a Watchdog sump pump 2000 GPH, and
I wanted to write a quick article to help others that are in the market.
Sump pumps are a must have for any home owner with a basement especially if it is finished . As little as 2
to 3 inches of water can cause thousands of dollars in damage and a failed primary pumping system is
commonly the suspect. I made the decision to purchase a battery operated sump pump backup system after I
experienced some flooding during a power outage. It is not one of those things that I gave any thought to
until the damage was done. After quite a bit of research I decided to go with the Watchdog simply because
of all the positive reviews that I found on both their backup system and primary systems.Watchdog
Basement Sump Pump (BW1050)
     What Should You Look For In A Sump Pump              First thing that you should look for is the correct horse
power of the pump. They will vary anywhere from 1/4 HP to multiple HP. Usually a good 1/2 HP sump
pump will displace about 2000 to 4000 gallons of water per hour if the drainage pipe is at the same level as
the pump. The effective pumping volume decreases as you have to pump the water higher to remove it.
While the motor is important, the switching mechanism that turns the system on or off is vitally important. If
the sump doesn't know when to turn on or off you have a big problem! There are a few different types of
switches but the best one that you should look for are caged vertical floating switches. You do not want the
type that are free floating. They look like a ball on a wire and they always get caught or stuck when you
need them most.
The housing material is also very important when choosing a sump pump. Thermal plastic is good, while
cast iron or stainless steel are the best. The most important part to have the metal housing for, is around the
motor. There are some great pumps that have thermal plastic intakes and legs and that is fine as long as the
motor is housed in metal.
     Watchdog Backup Sump Pumps             All Watchdog sump pumps are renown for their performance,
dependability and longevity. These pumps will often out perform larger and more expensive units because
of the way they are built and the quality of the components.
The watchdog sump pump comes with extensive monitoring units and alarms. The pump will notify you
when the battery is getting low, if the pump is clogged or damaged and if it is improperly installed. There is
even an alarm to let you know that the pump is running. The great thing is that they are customizable and
can be turned on or off with the users discretion.
The backup system that I purchased will run for six to seven hours continuously on one battery charge. Once
the battery is drained and electrical power is restored the battery recharges itself. I have read a lot of reviews
that say the battery will last for 5-6 years before it needs to be replaced.
Another benefit of the Watchdog Sump Pumps are that they have a dual float system for redundancy. If one
of the floats is caught or otherwise fails to work the second float will cause the pump to activate.
The pump also has a user friendly control panel that lights up for ease of use.Basement Watchdog
Emergency Backup Sump Pump (1000 GPH @ 10')
     Basement Watchdog Sump Pump 1/2 HP Primary Pump                Basement Watchdog has a completed line
of sump pumps that very in power depending on your needs. The 1/2 HP sump pump actually pumps a lot
more water than other 1/2 HP pumps in the same price range. Their primary pumps, like the one pictured
here, are made to continuously pump water 24 hrs a day 365 days per year.
High pumping capacity 4,000 GPH (2,820 GPH at 10 Ft. lift)
Efficient permanent split capacitor motor (PSC)
Dual seals to protect the motor
Upper and lower ball bearings
Water-cooled, no oil to leak
Thermally protected
13 Ft. epoxy-sealed power cord
Stainless steel shaft and fasteners will not corrode
Non-corrosive housing
Vertical discharge provides narrow footprint to fit in sump pits as small as 7 In. in diameter
Built-in air relief vent
Includes caged dual float switch for added protection
3-Year warranty For The Best Prices on Watchdog Basement Sump Pump (BW1050)
     Basement Watchdog Sump Pump Combination System               Best Value!If you are looking for an all-in-
one solution the Basement Watchdog 1/3 HP Combination Primary and Backup Sump Pumps w/ Battery
is for you. These systems provide both primary and secondary (battery) pumping capabilities. If the power is
interrupted, or if more water is coming into the sump than the AC pump can handle, the backup sump pump
will begin pumping automatically. The backup system has unique monitoring features that diagnose a
problem and sound an alarm. A light on the display panel of the control unit will indicate the cause of the
alarm and the corrective action. The two systems have been pre-assembled for easy installation and come
with very detailed instructions on how to set up the pump including if minor plumbing is needed for the
The Basement Watchdog Sump Pump Combination System that is available through the links in this article
includes a watchdog battery which are arguably the longest lasting in the business. It will also contain six
quarts of battery acid. The battery box is optional if desired but a good add on. The instructions that come
with the sump pump will show you step by step how to prepare and install the battery. See below for the
amazon listings on everything that you will need.
Primary system pumps 3,200 GPH at 0 ft. lift, 2,200 GPH at 10 ft. lift
Backup system pumps 2,000 GPH at 0 ft. lift, 1,000 GPH at 10 ft. lift
Compact, fits in pits as small as 12 In. in diameter
Includes dual float switches for added protection. Primary float switch has a protective cage.
User-friendly controller sounds an alarm, illuminates a warning light and describes what to do for easy
maintenance.Basement Watchdog 1/3 HP Combination Primary and Backup Sump Pumps w/ Battery
     Unbeatable Amazon Prices        Lower Prices and Faster Shipping!!
     Watchdog Installation Instructions    Installing a Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pumpby
BasementWatchdog |
video info
7 ratings |

   In this video learn how to install a Basement Watchdog battery backup sump pump. For more on
Basement Watchdog sump pumps please visit curated content from
      Watchdog Sump Pump Reviews           Review Quotes From Various Sites"Power invariably goes out
during a major storm. I have had this baby for 6 years. During a recent storm this sucker kept my basement
dry while my neighbors are bailing water. Also kicked in last year when the main sump went bad, and
another time when float switch got stuck. Small price to pay for piece of mind. I would not recommend as a
primary because it is pretty small. Also you need to check the battery once a year or so. After 5 years I
bought a second battery to keep as a spare. Nice thing is it kicks in automatically even if you are not home!"
"I recently purchased the Watchdog Emergency Pump for a backup system to an existing pump in a home I
just purchased. The directions were very good and made the setup a breeze. My only problem with it is that
it is not powerful enough for my needs and upgrading to The Big Dog is just a little too steep. Although I
like the fact that the Watchdog systems check the Batttery fluid level, I will probably be opting for the
Wayne 3300 gph wich comes in a lot less $$. Overall though if you don't have a severe sump intake as I do
this pump is a great value."
"Does not get used very often, but good knowing it's there. (has worked perfectly in tests - unplugged main
sump pump.)
Note that it also works as backup for main pump, - but it's not heavy-duty enough for full-time, forever use"
"Nice product, fairly easy to install and works just as advertised. Great investment for piece of mind. Pump
is more than enough for a back up and system works very well."
"This item is truly a complete package. The installation was very easy and the instruction well laid out. A
day after installation, the system was tested with a power outage. All systems worked as expected."
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