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EX. HO CHI MINH TO JAPAN OCEAN VESSEL SCHEDULE               ★LCLは最終ページに記載しております。

Shipping Schedule to JAPAN < Aug . 01, 2011>
* The below shipping schedule are subject to change with or without prior notice *                                                                              Agu. 1. 2011

 CARRIER            VESSEL                   VOY               ETD HCM        TRANSIT    ETA        ETA         ETA         ETA       ETA      ETA      ETA         ETA         ETA
                                                                               PORT     TOKYO    YOKOHAMA      OSAKA       KOBE       NGO      HKT      MOJI        SMZ         MIZ
           ACX CHERRY                        079N           2-Aug                       10-Aug     11-Aug                  13-Aug    12-Aug
           ASIAN GYRO                        089N           9-Aug                       17-Aug     18-Aug                  20-Aug    19-Aug
           ACX LILY                          146N           16-Aug                      24-Aug     25-Aug                  27-Aug    26-Aug
  NYK      SUZURAN                           255N           23-Aug                      31-Aug      1-Sep                   3-Sep     2-Sep
  SPIC     ACX CHERRY                        080N           30-Aug    TUE      DIRECT    7-Sep      8-Sep                  10-Sep     9-Sep
           ASIAN GYRO                        090N            6-Sep                      14-Sep     15-Sep                  17-Sep    16-Sep
           ACX LILY                          147N           13-Sep                      21-Sep     22-Sep                  24-Sep    23-Sep
           SUZURAN                           256N           20-Sep                      28-Sep     29-Sep                   1-Oct    30-Sep
           ACX CHERRY                        081N           27-Sep                       5-Oct      6-Oct                   8-Oct     7-Oct
           ASIAN GYRO                        091N            4-Oct                      12-Oct     13-Oct                  15-Oct    14-Oct

           AYUTTHAYA BRIDGE                 A217N           3-Aug                       9-Aug      9-Aug                            11-Aug                         10-Aug
           SAIGON BRIDGE                    A217N           10-Aug                                                                OMIT
           SAIGON BRIDGE                    A218N           17-Aug                      23-Aug     23-Aug                           25-Aug                         24-Aug
           AYUTTHAYA BRIDGE                 A218N           24-Aug                      30-Aug     30-Aug                             1-Sep                        31-Aug
 K'LINE    JAKARTA BRIDGE                   A043N           31-Aug                       6-Sep      6-Sep                             8-Sep                         7-Sep
  WH       SAIGON BRIDGE                    A219N            7-Sep    WED      DIRECT   13-Sep     13-Sep                            15-Sep                        14-Sep
           AYUTTHAYA BRIDGE                 A219N           14-Sep                      20-Sep     20-Sep                            22-Sep                        21-Sep
           JAKARTA BRIDGE                   A044N           21-Sep                      27-Sep     27-Sep                            29-Sep                        28-Sep
           SAIGON BRIDGE                    A220N           28-Sep                       4-Oct      4-Oct                             6-Oct                         5-Oct
           AYUTTHAYA BRIDGE                 A220N            5-Oct                      11-Oct     11-Oct                            13-Oct                        12-Oct
           JAKARTA BRIDGE                   A045N           12-Oct                      18-Oct     18-Oct                            20-Oct                        19-Oct

           SUMIRE                            110N           4-Aug                       12-Aug     13-Aug        10-Aug    10-Aug    11-Aug
           RATANA THIDA                      264N           11-Aug                      19-Aug     20-Aug        17-Aug    17-Aug    18-Aug
           SATSUKI                           246N           18-Aug                      26-Aug     27-Aug        24-Aug    24-Aug    25-Aug
           SUMIRE                            111N           25-Aug                       2-Sep      3-Sep        31-Aug    31-Aug     1-Sep
  NYK      RATANA THIDA                      265N            1-Sep                       9-Sep     10-Sep          7-Sep    7-Sep     8-Sep
  SPIC     SATSUKI                           247N            8-Sep   THUS      DIRECT   16-Sep     17-Sep        14-Sep    14-Sep    15-Sep
           SUMIRE                            112N           15-Sep                      23-Sep     24-Sep        21-Sep    21-Sep    22-Sep
           RATANA THIDA                      266N           22-Sep                      30-Sep      1-Oct        28-Sep    28-Sep    29-Sep
           SATSUKI                           248N           29-Sep                       7-Oct      8-Oct          5-Oct    5-Oct     6-Oct
           SUMIRE                            113N            6-Oct                      14-Oct     15-Oct         12-Oct   12-Oct    13-Oct
           RATANA THIDA                      267N           13-Oct                      21-Oct     22-Oct         19-Oct   19-Oct    20-Oct

       WAN HAI 232                           N159           6-Aug                                              16-Aug      15-Aug                                              14-Aug
       KING BRIAN                            N006           13-Aug                                             23-Aug      22-Aug                                              21-Aug
       CAPE FULMAR                           N027           20-Aug                                             30-Aug      29-Aug                                              28-Aug
       WAN HAI 232                           N160           27-Aug                                              6-Sep       5-Sep                                               4-Sep
       KING BRIAN                            N007            3-Sep                                             13-Sep      12-Sep                                              11-Sep
WANHAI CAPE FULMAR                           N028           10-Sep    SAT     DIRECT                           20-Sep      19-Sep                                              18-Sep
       WAN HAI 232                           N161           17-Sep                                             27-Sep      26-Sep                                              25-Sep
       KING BRIAN                            N008           24-Sep                                              4-Oct       3-Oct                                               2-Oct
       CAPE FULMAR                           N029            1-Oct                                             11-Oct      10-Oct                                               9-Oct
       WAN HAI 232                           N162            8-Oct                                             18-Oct      17-Oct                                              16-Oct
       KING BRIAN                            N009           15-Oct                                             25-Oct      24-Oct                                              23-Oct

           MOL ATTRACTION                    069N           7-Aug                       14-Aug     15-Aug                            13-Aug
           MOL GRACE                         046N           14-Aug                                          OMIT
           GANTA BHUM                        220N           21-Aug                             OMIT                                  27-Aug
           MOL ATTRACTION                    070N           28-Aug                      4-Sep      9-May                              3-Sep
  MOL      MOL GRACE                         047N            4-Sep                      11-Sep     12-Sep                            10-Sep
  RCL      GANTA BHUM                        221N           11-Sep    SUN      DIRECT   18-Sep     19-Sep                            17-Sep
           MOL ATTRACTION                    071N           18-Sep                      25-Sep     26-Sep                            24-Sep
           MOL GRACE                         048N           25-Sep                       2-Oct      3-Oct                             1-Oct
           GANTA BHUM                        222N            2-Oct                       9-Oct     10-Oct                             8-Oct
           MOL ATTRACTION                    072N            9-Oct                      16-Oct     17-Oct                            15-Oct
           MOL GRACE                         049N           16-Oct                      23-Oct     24-Oct                            22-Oct

         TS SHENZHEN                        11011N          7-Aug                                              16-Aug      17-Aug                      18-Aug
         TS HOCHIMINH                       11011N          14-Aug                                             23-Aug      24-Aug                      25-Aug
         TS KEELUNG                         11011N          21-Aug                                             30-Aug      31-Aug                       1-Sep
         TS SHENZHEN                        11012N          28-Aug                                              6-Sep       7-Sep                       8-Sep
         TS HOCHIMINH                       11012N           4-Sep                                             13-Sep      14-Sep                      15-Sep
T.S LINE TS KEELUNG                         11012N          11-Sep    SUN     DIRECT                           20-Sep      21-Sep                      22-Sep
         TS SHENZHEN                        11013N          18-Sep                                             27-Sep      28-Sep                      29-Sep
         TS HOCHIMINH                       11013N          25-Sep                                              4-Oct       5-Oct                       6-Oct
         TS KEELUNG                         11013N           2-Oct                                             11-Oct      12-Oct                      13-Oct
         TS SHENZHEN                        11014N           9-Oct                                             18-Oct      19-Oct                      20-Oct
         TS HOCHIMINH                       11014N          16-Oct                                             25-Oct      26-Oct                      27-Oct

           APL JEDDAH                         176           1-Aug                       7-Aug       8-Aug                  10-Aug     9-Aug   13-Aug
           APL DALIAN                         527           8-Aug                       14-Aug     15-Aug                  17-Aug    16-Aug   20-Aug
           APL CAIRO                          775           15-Aug                      21-Aug     22-Aug                  24-Aug    23-Aug   27-Aug
           APL JEDDAH                         177           22-Aug                      28-Aug     29-Aug                  31-Aug    30-Aug    3-Sep
           APL DALIAN                         528           29-Aug                       4-Sep      5-Sep                   7-Sep     6-Sep   10-Sep
   APL     APL CAIRO                          776            5-Sep    MON     DIRECT    11-Sep     12-Sep                  14-Sep    13-Sep   17-Sep
           APL JEDDAH                         178           12-Sep                      18-Sep     19-Sep                  21-Sep    20-Sep   24-Sep
           APL DALIAN                         529           19-Sep                      25-Sep     26-Sep                  28-Sep    27-Sep    1-Oct
           APL CAIRO                          777           26-Sep                       2-Oct      3-Oct                   5-Oct     4-Oct    8-Oct
           APL JEDDAH                         179            3-Oct                       9-Oct     10-Oct                  12-Oct    11-Oct   15-Oct
           APL DALIAN                         530           10-Oct                      16-Oct     17-Oct                  19-Oct    18-Oct   22-Oct
           APL CAIRO                          778           17-Oct                      23-Oct     24-Oct                  26-Oct    25-Oct   29-Oct

Noted :
For LCL cargo :
            OSA / KOB PORT                                USING NYK (THUS) VSL WITH CLOSING TIME 16H:00 ON WED AT ICD TANAMEXCO PORT (WH NO 6)
            TYO / YOK PORT                                USING K'LINE (WED) VSL WITH CLOSING TIME 16H:00 ON TUE AT ICD TANAMEXCO PORT (WH NO 6)
            TYO / YOK / NGO PORT                          USING MOL (SUN) VSL WITH CLOSING TIME 16H:00 ON FRI AT ICD TANAMEXCO PORT (WH NO 6)

HCMC Office: 169 DIEN PHU St,WARD 15,BINH THANH Dist,HCMC Tel:(84-8) 38409 330 - 38409 550 (ex 501, 504) Fax:(84-8) 38408 335 - 38408 337
The above sailing schedules are subject to change with or without prior notice.
For Enquiries or further information, please contact us at any time.
PIC :      Mr. Quang (0909992451) Mr. Thao (0909001851)

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