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					                                           Galleon Rugged NAS
                               High Performance Network Attached Stora

•   Ultra small:
    150 x 170 x 100 mm
•   4x Gigabit Ethernet
    ports (copper)
•   Optional dual 10Gbit
    Ethernet ports (optical)
•   WLAN
    FTP, HTTP and
•   WEB GUI for easy
    setup and administra-
•   RAID 0, 1 & 5 support
•   AES Disk Encryption
•   GPS synchronized RTC
•   Up to 1.6 TB Removable
    SLC Solid State Storage
•   Scalable up to 10TB
    Removable SLC Solid
    State Storage              Ultra Small Rugged NAS
•   Wide Input 9-36V DC        The Galleon Rugged NAS             system performance. Both
    Power (48V optional)
                               offers superior performance in     optical 10Gb Ethernet and
•   Rugged Air and Con-
    duction Cooled Design
                               an ultra small form factor.        traditional 1000Base-T copper
•   MIL-STD-810
                               Removable storage ensures          connections are available to
                               increased data security when       suit existing infrastructure.
                               the system is not in use, and      The unit can be delivered with
                               short ground times for airborne    Windows Embedded Storage
                               applications. Industry standard    Server       or FreeNAS SW
•   UAVs, UGVs
                               solid state drives are used to     preconfigured to suit your
•   Surveillance
                               benefit from the ever increasing   application needs.
•   Flight management
                               storage densities and cost         Local and remote server
•   Map systems
                               reductions as the technology       administration              and
•   Cockpit information
                               evolves.                           maintenance is very easy
                               Utilizing the powerful Intel®      through the intuitive WEB GUI
•   In-Flight entertainment
                               Core™ i7 or Core™ 2 Duo            or      windows         remote
                               processors,       the Galleon      administration.
                               Rugged NAS is capable of
•   SWaP Optimized
                               handling a high number of
•   High Performance
                               simultaneous connections
•   Flexible and Scalable      without      compromizing
•   Rugged design
                                                             Galleon Rugged NAS
                                High Performance Network Attached Stora

Galleon Rugged NAS
In a Nutshell
The Galleon Rugged NAS
represents a breakthrough
in ultra small, high perform-
ance Network Attached
Storage for harsh environ-
ments. Even the smallest
unit offers up to 2TB remov-
able solid state storage in a
150 x 170 x 100 mm con-
duction cooled chassis.

For further expansion, up to
10TB of Solid State Storage     Technical Specification
in removable 2TB expan-         Network                                                                 Operating Temperature
sion modules is supported.      • 4x Intel® 82574 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers                          • 0°C to +50°C Standard temperature (AC/CC)
                                • 1x Intel® 82577 Gigabit Ethernet Controller                           • -40°C to +85°C Extended temperature (CC)
                                • 2x Intel® 82599ES dual 10Gb Ethernet Controller                       • -55°C to +85°C Storage temperature
Up to four Gigabit Ethernet         (optional)                                                          •
connections are available       • WLAN (optional)                                                       Shock & Vibration
on Glenair MightyMouse                                                                                  • MIL-STD-810 compliant
connectors in the front         • Up to 1TB SLC Solid State Disks                                       Altitude
panel.                          • Removable Disk Unit                                                   • Altitude: -1500 to 40 000* ft
                                • RAID modes 0, 1 and 5
Optional dual channel 10Gb      • Supported file systems: UFS, Ext2/3, FAT, NTFS                        EMI/RFI
                                • Exported file systems: SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP,                            • MIL-STD-461F compliant
Ethernet on SFP+ Fiber              FTP, HTTP and RSYNC
connectors is available for     • ZFS                                                                   Humidity
                                • Disk encryption (AES)                                                 • Up to 95%
high bandwidth applications
and/or EMI in noisy environ-                                                                            Size, Weight & Power
ments where copper con-         Monitoring                                                              • Size:150 x 170 x 100mm (5.9 x 6.7 x 3.9”)
                                • SMART                                                                      (CC base unit not including mounting plate and
nections are not suitable.      • Email alert                                                                connectors):
                                • SNMP                                                                  • Weight: 3kg (minimum configuration)
The powerful Intel® Core™       • Syslog                                                                • Power (idle): 30W
i7 CPU offers high perform-                                                                             • Power (max load): 50W
                                Front Panel Interfaces
ance processing power for       • 4x Gigabit Ethernet                                                   Power Supply
protocol offload, encryption    • 1x Power                                                              • 12/24V DC (9-36V DC Wide Input)
                                                                                                        • 48V DC (36-75V DC Wide Input)
and demanding custom ap-        Optional Interfaces
plications.                     • 1x GPS Antenna Input                                                  * Contact factory for high altitude options.
                                • 1x WLAN Antenna
Easy setup and administra-      • 2x SFP+ Optical Gigabit Ethernet
                                • 1x PMC/XMC Expansion
tion through intuitive WEB
GUI.                            Note:
                                Available interfaces vary with model and environ-
                                mental specification. Contact factory for configuration

                                Intel®, Core™ and inside™ are registered trademarks of Intel Corpora-
                                tion in the US and/or other Countries.

                                Version 1.4/01.09.2011.
                                All data subject to change without notice.

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