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Tia Nelson named Executive Secre


									                                   Tia Nelson
                               Executive Secretary
                     Board of Commissioners of Public Lands
                   Speaking Tuesday, March 7th at 9:15 (Guava)
                    ”FE-FI-FO and the Common School Fund.”
                                Tia Nelson was named Executive Secretary of the Board of
                                Commissioners of Public Lands in October 2004. She oversees
                                the management of approximately 78,000 acres of Trust Lands
                                located in northern Wisconsin, the State Trust Fund Loan
                                Program, four Trust Funds valued at over $617 million, and the
                                Original Land Records Program, which includes land survey
                                records dating back to the 1830’s. Since her appointment, she
                                has overseen record Trust Fund earnings totaling $52.2 to
                                Wisconsin’s public school libraries and a $50.6 million increase
                                in the State Trust Fund Loan Program.

                                Ms. Nelson was previously with The Nature Conservancy for
                                seventeen years, first in Government Relations and then as
                                Senior Policy Advisor for the Latin America Region. Beginning
                                in 1994 she led The Nature Conservancy’s climate change
                                program. She played a key leadership role in climate change
                                and in developing forest protection and restoration as a climate
                                change mitigation strategy. Ms. Nelson has developed and
                                negotiated climate mitigation projects with industry,
                                environmentalists and numerous governments around the
                                world, including the United States, Belize, Bolivia and Brazil.
                                She has conducted forest carbon workshops around the world
                                and has been a frequent expert speaker on the topic of forest
                                carbon offset trading.

Ms. Nelson served as an advisor to several councils including the World Bank’s Bio Carbon
Fund, the Chicago Climate Exchange, the Climate Neutral Network and was recently appointed
to the Board of Visitors for the Gaylord Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies. In 2000, Ms.
Nelson was the recipient of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leadership Award.

Ms. Nelson’s professional life has come full circle with her return to Wisconsin where she
received her Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin.

Long before her work with The Nature Conservancy, she worked for the State of Wisconsin,
beginning her employment with the Department of Natural Resources as a fisheries technician
and later the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

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