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									                                                                                                                                 Please mail completed form to:
                              PARKS VICTORIA                                                                                     National Rhododendron Gardens
                              Wedding Ceremony Application                                                                                    The Georgian Road
                              Pirianda Gardens                                                                                                 Olinda VIC 3788
                              ABN 95337637697
                                                                                                                                                 For enquires:
                                                                                                                                          Phone (03) 9757 7333
A fee of $420 applies (this amount includes GST).
The booking, including set-up time, is for two hours.
Full payment is due on return of this form. Cancellation is required 30 days prior to date booked and your receipt of
payment must be returned to us to be eligible for a refund; a fee of $50.00 will be charged on any cancellation.
Weddings may be booked 7 days a week except Christmas Day. All bookings are subject to changes by management due
to special circumstances such as; Total Fire Bans, capital works, special events and any unforeseen circumstances.
Vehicles are not permitted in the gardens at any time.
PLEASE NOTE: As all venues are locked promptly at 5.00pm, please ensure your guests, photographer and
celebrant are aware of the timeline and have left premises prior to closing.

1 Applicant details
  Name Person responsible for function                                              Number of Guests Approx.

  Bride’s name                                                                      Location

  Groom’s name
                                                                                     I understand that Pirianda Gardens only permit parking in the car
                                                                                     park inside the main entrance and strictly no vehicles can drive
                                                                                     within the property under any circumstances.
                                                                                     I understand that should the gardens be closed due to severe
                                                                                     weather warning or the declaration of a Total Fire Ban that I will be
                                                                                     fully refunded.
                                                Postcode                             I understand that the gates will be locked promptly at 5pm and the
                                                                                     wedding party are to be off the premises prior to closing
                                                                                     I understand that my booking time will not be extended, even if I
  Daytime phone no.                      After hours phone no.
                                                                                     arrive late.

  Email                                                                       3 Applicant’s agreement
                                                                                    I / we acknowledge and agree to abide by the conditions of booking and any
                                                                                    special conditions which may be advised

2 Wedding details                                                                   Signature
                 /        /

   Time                                                                             Date
     Start                                 Finish                                                /         /
                          am / pm                            am / pm

     The booking is for two hours. Please allow time for setup,
     including guest arrival and departure.

4 Payment                        Visa                  Mastercard            Cash                    Cheque               Money Order
   (make all cheques / money orders payable to Parks Victoria)

   Credit Card Number:                                                                                            Valid until:                    /

   Name on card                                                                     Signature of card holder
                                             PIRIANDA GARDENS
Pirianda Gardens is located in Olinda, in the Dandenong Ranges, the 11 hectare terraced gardens of Pirianda are
distinctive for their combination of botanically important trees, shrubs and perennials with an over storey of large
blackwoods and mountain ash towering over the natural fern gullies.

From the pathway across the top of open lawns at Pirianda ,the view south takes in Kallista and the valley of Sassafras
Creek and parts of Sherbrooke Forest. On a clear day you can see Arthur’s Seat on the Mornington Peninsula and
French Island in Westernport.
A gazebo located near the top of this spectacular garden is an excellent location for your wedding ceremony.

Pirianda Gardens is stunning all year round but particularly beautiful in autumn when the trees change colour to the
many hues of orange, red and yellow.
This beautiful garden provides the perfect surroundings for your special day.

Your booking, for a fee of $420, includes:

•        Wedding Ceremony Permit
•        Exclusive hire of selected site for 2 hours
•        A small metal garden setting (1 round table, two chairs), for signing of register

To protect visitors and the Gardens’ environment:

•    No vehicles are permitted to drive within the gardens.
•    If you have elderly or disabled guests we suggest that you choose a location close to the car park.
•    Confetti or rice is not permitted within the grounds of the gardens; however flower petals, butterfly releases or
     bubbles are acceptable.
•    Clients are permitted to decorate their preferred site; however set up and removal of items must be within the 2
     hour booking.
•    It is your responsibility to remove all litter generated at the conclusion of your event.

Additional Information:

•    Your 2 hour booking includes set up, arrival of guests and wedding party, ceremony, photos in surrounding
     gardens, departure of guests and bridal party and removal of decorations, rubbish etc.
•    Please choose your site carefully as some sites are not accessible for elderly guests. You may wish to bring
     some chairs for wedding guests who may require seating.
•    We suggest you advise your guests to wear appropriate footwear as your chosen site may be a distance from the
     car park.
•    Please ensure that all guests understand the location of your wedding. We suggest you photocopy the map
     overleaf for distribution to guests.
•    Please note that there is no power or running water available at any of the sites.
•    As the Garden does not have a large undercover area you will need to have an alternative venue arranged in
     case of inclement weather. No refund will be given if you cancel your wedding due to weather conditions.
•    Music is permitted during your ceremony provided sound levels are kept to a level that does not disturb other
     users of the gardens.
•    We cannot guarantee that there will be no other members of the public in the area. Your preferred site will be
     reserved for you and the majority of people respect that this is your special day.
Extreme Weather Conditions:

•    If your wedding day is declared as Total Fire Ban/Code Red Fire Danger rating the gardens will be closed and your
     wedding will be unable to go ahead in any of our properties. In these instances Parks Victoria will refund you fully.
•    If there is a Total Fire Ban/Extreme or Total Fire Ban/Severe Fire Danger Rating on the day of your wedding the
     Gardens will be closed to the general public but your event can still go ahead under the supervision of a Ranger.
•    The Gardens may also be closed if severe/damaging winds gusting at 80 km/h or more are forecast for the Central
     Region for the day of your wedding. For the safety of your guests we may need to cancel your booking, in which case
     a full refund will be provided.
•    It is anticipated that Total Fire Ban days of Code Red or Extreme Fire Danger Rating will be called by the Bureau of
     Meteorology and will be declared up to 3 days ahead. Severe Weather Warnings may only be called the day prior to
     your wedding day.

We would recommend that you think about alternative arrangements for your wedding ceremony in case of a Code
Red or Extreme Fire Danger Rating day or a day with Severe Weather Warnings.

Whatever season your wedding is you can be sure Pirianda Gardens will provide a setting that will be perfect to capture your
special day.

Should you require further advice on this matter please contact us at the National Rhododendron Gardens office on

The gardens are open from 10am until 5pm. The first wedding ceremony may commence at 10am and the last
wedding ceremony should commence no later than 2.30pm. Gates are locked promptly at 5pm.

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