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									Portal Development Package
           Admin Side Feature
                     User Privilege Management
                     Content Management System
                                 Manage the general Contents of the Site
                                 Blog or Requirement Management
                                             Add, Edit or Delete any Blog Articles or information about any latest requireme
                                             Define the rights of the user to access the artilces or information about require
                                             Categorize the Blog Articles or requirements
                                             Give answers of the quesiton being asked about diff articles or requirements
                                             Filter out the bad questions
                                 Forum Management
                                             Define the Forum Access Rights
                                             Filter out any bad comments detrimental for the user base
                                             Define the uploading and downloading capacity
                                 Manage the advertisement Section
                                 Process the payment made for paid articles, advertisement and other stuffs
                                             Process the payment made by the Credit Card or Debit Card
                                             Process the payment made by the check
                                             Process the payment made by the paypal
                                             Generate the invoice and other confirmation detail about the payment
                                 Handle the contents of the polling section
                                 Define the paid link and do the inter-link and intra-link management
                                 Define and manage the information of the user tracking system
                                 Define the Search Criteria
                                 Define the format and placement of the live information
                                 Manage the contents of the Upcoming Online Events
                                 Define the format and contents of the automated email and news letters
                                 Manage the map integration
                                 Keep the track of internet data integration system is properly working or not
                                 Manage the Comminity Users
                                 Check the contents being posted on online community are being genuine or not
                                 Manage the Whats New Section
                                 Handle compltely the database of general users, paid users and system users
                                 Define different packages for the different services
                                 Manage the statistics about different things
                                 Manage the cost of different paid Sections

           User Side Features
                                   Sign Up Facility for the new user
                                   Sign in for existing user
                                   Forgot Password Utility
                       BE a part of the online Community
                       Chat with other people who are being online using the integrated chat software
                       Make the comments about the artilcles being posted on the blog and ask questions about it
                      Browse the different contents category wise
                      Use the forum for exchanging the views about different topics
                      Get yourself updated using the news section and other constantly updating sections
                      Make the payment for paid articles or for advertisements or for different packages
                                  Make the payment through credit card or debit card
                                  Make the payment through Check
                                  Make the payment through Paypal
                                  Have access to the invoice and confirmation report about any payment
                      Get automatic alert about different requirements
                      User can post the articles or any requirements on blog and can have approval from the admin
                      User can apply for any requirements being posted by other user or admin
                      User can upload the information his or her specialization and view about different articles
                      Information access to the different information will be bound to the rights given by the admin
                      Be a part of the polling and can give vote about different things
                      Have access to the history maintained by the system

Technological Implementation
                    PHP or ASP.NET for the server side Coding
                    Client Side Coding in Java Script
                    HTML, DHTML
                    Java Script Fundamentals
                    Web 2.0 Fundamentals

                     MY-SQL or MS-SQL
          Server Configuration
                     IIS for ASP.NET
                     Apache for PHP

Overall Cost: $3000

          These are the general features. Portal can be as dynamic as customer wants. For making the perfect analysis abou
          in detail and then we will be submitting the task_cost_estimation_report, resource_allocation_report and budget
          ided that in which manner your project will be carried out.

          Above mentioned are the ready made features available in different modules. We can provide you the same featu
according to your requirements or can provide you the added features you want. Please let us know your requirem

           Complitech Team
mation about any latest requirements
 lces or information about requirements

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 approval from the admin

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 rights given by the admin

 r making the perfect analysis about it, We need to understand your
 rce_allocation_report and budget_report so you will have the perfect

We can provide you the same features, moodify these features
t. Please let us know your requirements.

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