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					West Virginia Board of Education
Educational Technology Plan for 21st Century Learners
Strategic Work Plan
Integration and Instruction Work Committee

Table of Contents                                            p. 1

Committee Members                                            p. 2

Task 2                                                       p. 3

                       Current WV course offerings          pp. 4-5

                       WV Virtual School Courses            pp. 6-11

Task 9                                                       p. 12

                       Technology Integration Specialists   pp. 13-14

Task 11                                                      p. 15

Task 14                                                      p. 16

Task 16                                                      pp. 17-18

Task 17                                                      p. 19

                       SAS Champion Schools                 p. 20

                       Teacher Technology Training          p. 21

Integration/Instruction Working Committee

          Keith Butcher—Co-Chair
          Sarah Lyons—Co-Chair
          Susy Calvert
          Lou Casini
          Gene Coulson
          Karen Davies
          Gilda Haddox
          Pam Hoppe
          Alta McDaniel
          John Merritt
          Nancy Napolillo
          Mary Nunn
          Linda Palenchar
          Terry Reale
          John Riddle
          Ann Skinner
          Nancy Sturm
          Cynthia Sumpter

Task 2                   Action Steps
Provide students an      1. Review data regarding course offerings and determine areas        January     Pam
equitable access to         of need.                                                          2006        Hoppe
curriculum/instruction      http://wveis.k12.wv.us/wveis2004/documents/CourseCodes20
offerings through           05-2006.pdf
technology                  See Attachment A for WV course offerings
                            Alphabetical list of courses most frequently requested:
                              All foreign language courses
                              American history
                              Art history
                              Career Planning
                              English 4
                              Health
                              Introduction to Photography (Fine Arts requirement
                              Mathematics – all levels
                              Physics
                              World History

                         2. Summarize in the CRF the existing courses and define new          September   Pam
                            rigorous courses that may be delivered via technology (virtual    2006        Hoppe
                             See Attachment B for a list of existing courses in WV Virtual

                         3. Maintain existing online rigorous courses that align with WV      October     Pam
                            CSOs and meet SREB evaluation guidelines.                         2006        Hoppe
                         4. Submit to the Legislature a budget to support new virtual
                            school courses.
                         5. Develop or procure additional online courses that align with WV
                            CSOs and meet SREB and WV Virtual School online course
                            evaluation guidelines.

Task 2 - Attachment A
Current course offerings for WV

Current course offerings
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
Aries Technologies
Automotive Technology
Business Education Technical and Industrial Education
Career and Technical Courses
Agricultural Education
Career and Technical Education
Cisco Networking Academies
Civil Technology
Collision Repair Technology
Communications Technology
Computer and Information Sciences
Computer and Information Sciences
Fine and Performing Arts Education
Computer Systems and Operational Support
Conventional/Computer-Aided Drafting
Diesel Equipment Technology
Diversified Cooperative Training
Driver Education
Early Childhood/Elementary Education
Electrical Technology
English Language Arts
Facilities Maintenance
Family and Consumer Sciences
Fine and Performing Arts Education
Foreign Language
Forest Technology
General Building Construction
General Fine and Performing Arts
Graphic Communications
Graphic Design
Health Education
Health Occupations
Industrial Equipment Maintenance
Instructional Classes
Lodging Management
Machine Tool Technology
Marketing Education
Materials Distribution
Networking Technologies
Occupational Family and Consumer Sciences

Oracle Internet Academy
Ornamental Horticulture
Physical Education
Power Equipment Systems
Quantity Foods Occupations
Social Studies
Technology Education
Welding Technology

        Task 2 - Attachment B
        West Virginia Virtual School (WVVS) Course Offerings List
                The WVVS developed and owns Spanish 1 and Spanish 2
                Currently, West Virginia teachers are delivering middle school Spanish 1A and 1B to seventh and eighth
                 graders around the state. At the end of the two-year program, they receive credit for Spanish 1 and can
                 move in to Spanish 2.
                Students enroll in all other courses on a tuition basis. Tuition is negotiated and contracted by the WVVS.

                    Course Name
                   7th Grade English/Language Arts
                   Adv. Placement English Literature and
                   Adv. Placement Physics C: Electricity &
                   Advance Placement Calculus 1a&1b
                   Advanced Chemistry
                   Advanced Composition
                   Advanced Placement American
                   Advanced Placement American History
                   ENG 001 Language Arts 9
                   Advanced Placement Art History
                   Advanced Placement Biology
                   Advanced Placement Calculus AB
                   Advanced Placement Chemistry
                   Advanced Placement Comprehensive
 3/ C.S. 3
                   Advanced Placement Computer
                   Advanced Placement Computer
                   Advanced Placement English Language
                   Advanced Placement English Language

                   Advanced Placement English Literature
                   Advanced Placement European History
                   Advanced Placement French Language
                   Advanced Placement Macroeconomics
                   Advanced Placement Microeconomics

      Course Name
      Advanced Placement Physics B
      Advanced Placement Psychology
      Advanced Placement Spanish
      Advanced Placement Statistics
      Advanced Placement U. S. Government
      Advanced Placement U.S. History
      Algebra 1
      Algebra 1A & 1B
      Algebra 2
      Algebra 2 Honors
      American Government
      American History
      American Literature
      American Short Stories
      American Studies
      Basic Chemistry: Chem City
      Basic Geometry: Geometry in Our

      Beginning Composition: A Writing Road

      Biology / Biology Honors ELECTIVE
      Business and Personal Protocol
      Business Software Applications - PC

      Business Systems Technology
      C015 Introduction to Java
      C11A, C11B, C11C, Programming in C
      Career Planning
      Chemistry Technical - Conceptual
      Computer Programming Basic 1

Course Name
Computer Programming Basic 2
Computer Science
Creative Writing
Earth Space Science
Emergent Computer Technologies
ENG 001 Language Arts 9
ENG 002 Language Arts 10
ENG 003 Language Arts 11
ENG 004 British Literature
ENG 005 World Literature
ENG 005B World Literature Honors
ENG 006 Mexican American Literature
ENG 007 Native American Literature
ENG 008 African American Literature
ENG 009 Practical Writing
ENG 010 Children’s Literature (Honors)
ENG 011 Fiction Literature
ENG 012 World Mythology (Honors)
ENG 013 Science Fiction Literature

ENG 014 Communication Skills
English 1
English 12 AP Literature
English 2
English 3
English 4
FA 001 Theatre Arts (Honors)
FA 002 Art History (AP)
FA 003 20th Century Music
FA 004 Intro to Photography
FA 005 Beginning Piano
FA 006 Communications Skills
FCAT Prep-10th Grade Review
Fitness Lifestyle Design

           Course Name
           French I
           French II
           General Computing
           General Mathematics 1A & 1B
           Geometry 1A & 1B
           German I
           German II
           Global Studies
           HEALTH 001 General Health
           HEALTH 002 Personal Fitness
           Health Science 1B
           Health Science 1A
           HTML, DHTML, and Scripting
           Intermediate Algebra
           Introduction to Internet
           Introduction to Technology
           Japanese II
           Keyboarding/Middle School
           Latin 1
           Latin 2
           Latin 3
           Life Management Skills
           Middle School / Jr US History/US
           M00A K-2 Kindergarten Thru Second

           M00B 3-4 Mathematics 3rd / 4th Grade
           M00C 5-6 Mathematics 5th / 6th Grade
           M00D 7 Mathematics 7th Grade
           M011 Beginning Algebra
           M012 Intermediate Algebra
           M013 Precalculus
           M015 Honors Geometry
           M040 Calculus A

               Course Name
               M041 Calculus B
               M042 Calculus C
               Marine Science
               MATH 001 Practical Math
               MATH 001 Practical Math
               MATH 002 Pre-Algebra
               MATH 003 Algebra 1
               MATH 004 Algebra 2
               MATH 005 Geometry
               MATH 006 Informal Geometry
               MATH 007 Pre-Calculus
               MATH 008 AP Calculus
               MATH 009 Trigonometry (Honors)
               Math Skills Review
               Music Appreciation (Survey of Western

               Music History
               P051 Advanced Placement Physics C:
               P10A, P10B, P10C, Advanced
nt Physics B
               Personal Economics and Finance
               Personal Fitness
               Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
               Physics C: Mechanics
               Physics Technical/Conceptual
               Programming and Database
ment I
               Reading Comprehension
               SAT Prep/Critical Thinking Skills
               SCI 001 Biology

             Course Name
             SCI 002 Biology (Honors)
             SCI 003 Physical Science
             SCI 004 Computer Applications
             SCI 005 Modern Earth Science

             SCI 006 Environmental Science
) (Honors)
             SCI 007 Chemistry
             SCI 008 Physics
             SCI 009 Astronomy (Honors)
             SCI 010 Resources of the Earth

             SCI 011 Oceanography (Honors)
             Science Fiction in Literature and Film
             SOCSCI 001 World History
             SOCSCI 002 American History
             SOCSCI 003 Political Science
             SOCSCI 004 Economics
             SOCSCI 005 Sociology (Honors)
             SOCSCI 006 Western Civilization

             SOCSCI 007 Pirates Throughout

             SOCSCI 009 History of Asia (Honors)
             SOCSCI 010 History of the Holocaust

             SOCSCI 011 Native American History

             SOCSCI 012 Psychology
             SOCSCI 016 Medieval Britain (Honors)
             SOCSCI 017 History of the Crusades

             SOCSCI 018 Geography
             Spanish 2
             Spanish I
             Study Skills/Thinking and Learning
             TECH 001 Keyboarding

                  Course Name
                 TECH 002 Computer Applications
                 TECH 003 Intro to Design
                 TECH 004 Intro to Internet
                 TECH 006 Intro to HTML
                 TECH 008 Word Processing 2
                 TECH 014 Medical Assisting (Honors)
                 TECH017 Introduction to Paralegal
                 U.S. Government and Politics
                 U.S. History
                 U001 Introduction to Music theory
                 U011 Music Theory
                 US History
                 W09A, W09B, W09C Elementary Essay

                 W10A, W10B, W10C Intermediate
                 W11A, W11B, W11C, W11D,
ry Writing
                 Web Design
                 Web Design I
                 World History/World History Honors
                 World Literature

         Task 9                 Action Steps                                           Timeline        Resources
         Provide schools with   1. Analyze current data to determine availability of   January 2006    John Merritt
         access to                  existing technology integration specialists.                       Susy Calvert
         Technology                See Attachment A.
                                2. Determine areas of need.                            February 2006   John Merritt
                                                                                                       Susy Calvert
                                3. Summarize in the CRF the recommendations            May 2006        John Merritt
                                   for staff and funding requirements.                                 Susy Calvert
                                4. Submit a report to the Legislature for required     October 2006    John Merritt
                                   funds to support technology information                             Susy Calvert

Task 9 - Attachment A
Technology Integration Specialists

 County       School/s                             TIS         2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 EETT Grant County Funded
 Berkeley     Valley View Elementary      Sue Schnarrs                               1          1
 Braxton      Burnsville Elementary       Carla Mauser               1       1                  1
 Braxton      Frametown Elementary        Carla Mauser                       1       1          1 1 1/2 time county
 Braxton      Flatwoods Elementary        Carla Mauser                       1                  1
 Cabell       Central Elementary          Julie Cooley                               1          1
 Cabell       Guayandotte Elementary      Julie Colley                               1          1
 Clay         Clay Elementary             Addie Cole                         1       1          1
 Clay         Clay Middle                 Addie Cole 6                       1       1          1
 Clay         Clay Middle/High            Teresa Morris                              1          1
 Clay         Clay Middle/High            Heather Roebuck                    1                  1
 Doddridge    Doddridge Elementary        Marilyn Jett                       1                  1
 Fayette      Ansted Elementary           Tina Chapman                               1          1
 Fayette      Collins Middle              Alma Simpson                               1          1
 Fayette      Valley High                 Leonard Walker                             1          1
 Fayette      Mt. Hope High               Valerie Wilson                             1          1
 Gilmer       Gilmer Co. High             Reta Kight                                 1          1
 Greenbrier   Lewisburg Elementary        Dena Williams                              1          1
 Greenbrier   White Sulphur Springs ES    Dena Williams                              1          1
 Greenbrier   Greenbrier East High        Gary Williams                              1          1
 Harrison     Wilsonburg Elementary       Doretta Walker                     1                  1
 Kanawha      Cedar Grove Elementary      Ken Bostic                         1                  1
 Kanawha      Dupont Middle               Ken Bostic                         1                  1
 Kanawha      Herbert Hoover High         Lori Whitt                         1                  1 1 Full time county
 Lewis        Robert S. Bland Middle      Cynthia Sumpter                    1       1          1 1 Full time county
 Lewis        Lewis Co. High              Traci Monachello                           1          1
 Lewis        Elementary                  ?                                                         1 Full time county
 Lewis        Elementary                  ?                                                         1 Full time county
 Marion       E. Fairmont High            Sally Morgan                       1       1          1 1 Full time county
 Marion       Monongah Middle             Jessica Weekly                             1          1
 Marshall     John Marshall High          David Soltesz                              1          1
 Mason        New Haven Elementary        Angela Roach                       1       1          1
 Mason        Mason Elementary            Angela Roach                       1                  1
 Mason        Pt. Pleasant Intermediate   Angela Roach                               1          1
 McDowell     Mt. View Middle             Roger Miller                       1                  1
 McDowell     Mt. View Elementary         Karen Morgan                       1                  1
 Monongalia Cheat Lake Elementary         Claudia Zimarowski                 1       1          1
 Monongalia Mason Dixon Elementary        Marla Ammons                       1       1          1
 Monongalia Brookhaven Elementary         Marla Ammons                               1          1
 Monongalia Daybrook Elementary           Marla Ammons                               1          1

Monongalia Ridgedale Elementary          Claudia Zimarowski           1   1
Monongalia Easton Elementary             Claudia Zimarowski           1   1
Ohio       Woodsdale Elementary          Sandra Wiseman           1       1
Pocahantas Pocahantas High               Susan Chappell           1       1
Raleigh    Stratton Elementary           Bodie Fulford            1   1   1 1 full time county
Raleigh    Beckley Elementary            Nancy Hickman            1       1
Raleigh    Fairdale Elementary           Sandra Canterbury        1       1
Raleigh    Beckley-Stratton Middle       Kathryn Lazenby              1   1
Raleigh    Trap Hill Middle              Robin Dishmon                1   1
Raleigh    Independence Middle           Robin Dishmon                1   1
Ritchie    Ritchie Middle/High           Laura Snodgrass      1   1       1
Ritchie    Ritchie Middle/High           Jim Crosby                   1   1
Ritchie    Smithville Elementary         Karen Prim               1   1   1
Ritchie    Ellenboro Elementary          Karen Prim               1   1   1
Ritchie    Harrisville Elementary        Karen Prim               1   1   1
Ritchie    Creed Collins                 Karen Prim               1   1
Roane      Roane Co. High                Jessica Shimp                1   1
Tucker     Tucker Co. Elementary/High    Kim Falls                    1   1 1 full time county
Upshur     Tennerton Elementary          Kelly Caynor             1       1
Upshur     ????                          Dan Green            1           1
Upshur     French Creek Elementary       Dan Green                    1   1
Upshur     Rock Cave Elementary          Dan Green                    1   1
Upshur     Washington District Elementary Dan Green                   1   1
Webster    Webster Co. High              Tammy Holcomb                1   1
Wetzel     Valley High                   Kari Coen                1       1
Wood       Blennerhasset Elementary      Gilda Haddox         1   1       1
Wood       Fairplains Elementary         Gilda Haddox             1       1
Wood       Madison Elementary            Gilda Haddox             1       1
Wood       Martin Elementary             Gilda Haddox             1       1
Wood       Lubeck Elementary             Gilda Haddox                 1   1
Wood       Kanawha Elementary            Gilda Haddox                 1   1
Wood       Franklin Elementary           Emil Whipkey         1   1       1
Wood       Jefferson Elementary          Emil Whipkey             1       1
Wood       Mineral Wells Elementary      Emil Whipkey                 1   1
Wood       Waverly Elementary            Emil Whipkey                 1   1

Task 11                     Action Steps                                      Timeline   Resources
3. Provide software that    1. Analyze current software programs to           Ongoing
supports basic skills          determine if they address 21 Century skills,
acquisition and aligns         in addition to the basic skills of reading,
with the WV CSOs.              mathematics, composition, and technology.

                                           School Kit
                                           http://www.schoolkit.com/
                                           SAS
                                           http://wvde.state.wv.us/sas/
                                           Compass software
                                           River Deep software
                                           Inspiration software

                            2. Summarize in the CRF and make                  May 2006
                                recommendation for addition, modification
                                and funding requirements.

Task 14         Action Steps                                        Timeline       Resources
4. Ensure       1. Analyze current data.                            January 2006   Sarah Lyons
counties and         Reports will be collected from parent
schools are             involvement compliance in county and
using                   school strategic plans.
technology to
increase        2. Collect county, school and Adult Basic           March 2006
parental and       Education (ABE) data.
community       3. Summarize findings in the CRF.                   May 2006
involvement.    4. Explore partnerships to increase parental        August 2006
                   involvement and promote/deliver ABE and/or
                   install community Technology Opportunity
                   Centers (TOC) for (1) adult education training
                   courses and (2) higher education courses.

Task 16                  Action Steps                                              Timeline   Resources
5. Continue to plan      1. Conduct a meeting with county technology               Ongoing    Sarah Lyons
with county                 coordinators for feedback in implementation of                    Kathy Boone
technology                  BSCE, SUCCESS and TI.                                             Brenda Morris
coordinators for the                                                                          Wes Holland
implementation of
statewide and
federal technology
initiatives (e.g.,         2. Continue E-rate support for planning, requests,      Ongoing    Vickie Allen
SUCCESS,                      discounts, etc.
Technology                 http://access.k12.wv.us/erate/manual/stats/commit.pdf
Infrastructure, E-
rate, EETT, filtering)
that support the
acquisition of 21
Century skills and
improve student

3. Keep statewide filtering in place to meet federal           Ongoing    Bruce Cole

       Federal programs require that schools have
        Internet filtering in order to qualify for E-rate
        discounts. The filtering is configured to block
        access to graphic depictions of pornography
        and obscenity, which is also stated in our Policy

       The Internet filtering occurs at the points in the
        network where traffic leaves the private K-12
        network and enters the public Internet.
         This implementation requires no changes to
         school networks; no filtering software is

       Netsweeper won the bid in November 2006 for
        Internet filtering for WV K-12 Schools :

       The database of web sites is updated daily to
        keep up with the dynamic nature of the Internet.

       A procedure is in place for any teacher or
        student to submit a request that access to a
        particular web site to be blocked or permitted.

       Internet filtering alone is not sufficient to ensure
        that the Internet is used appropriately. Teacher
        supervision of students and enforcement of
        Acceptable Internet/Network Use Policies are

        Acceptable use policies are required at the
        state and county level for E-rate eligibility.

       The WVBE Policy 2460-Safety and Acceptable
        Use of the Internet by Students and Educators
        is available online at

       All computers on the K-12 network, including
        those in County offices, are provided filtered
        Internet access.

4. Include pertinent findings and recommendations of           May 2006
   the county plans within CRF.

Task 17                   Action Steps                                        Timeline          Resources
6. Continue to support     1.     Begin utilization of the resource matrix    January 2006      Keith Butcher
the implementation of             for math, science, language arts and                          Sarah Lyons
standards-based                   social studies.
software and curriculum
modules/lesson plans                      900 resources for grades 3-8,
that align with the WV                     Mathematics and Reading
CSOs and support                           Language Arts from SAS
improved student                          in School Curriculum Pathways
learning (e.g., SAS                        and i-Know.
InSchool, MarcoPolo,
SchoolKiT, Reinventing                    We are in progress of reviewing
Education, Resource                        approx. 2000 resources for:
Matrix, Technology                        Grades K-12 Mathematics and
CSOs, etc.)                               MarcoPolo Resources for
                                           Grades K-12 for all core content

                                          The CSO Resource Matrix
                                           page, Standards and
                                           Objectives pages and Resource
                                          list pages should be completed
                                           by February 25, 2006.

                                          Resource links will be made to
                                           the CSO Resource Matrix
                                           during March 2006.

                           2.     Provide technical assistance to SAS         January 2006
                                  champion school for improved
                                  technology integration.
                                  Attachment A

                           3.     Target technology integration               September 2005-
                                  professional development needed in all      May 2006
                                  WV schools including the use of Marco
                                  Polo, SchoolKit, Reinventing Education,
                                  SAS InSchool.

                                        Digital Divide Survey report on
                                         Professional development
                                      See attachment B
                   4. Summarize findings in the CRF.                          May 2006

Task 17 - Attachment A
SAS inSchool Champion Schools
                Champion School Team Members:
               School Administrator
               Mathematics Teacher
               Science Teacher
               Language Arts Teacher
               Social Studies Teacher
               Spanish Teacher *

The West Virginia Department of Education Office of Technology will:
                    Provide SAS inSchool professional development for all team members.
                    Provide a web based electronic portfolio tool.
                    Provide professional development regarding the construction of electronic portfolios by
                      teachers and students.
                    Provide assistance in the development of pre-tests and post-tests via the I-Know Web
                      site to provide baseline, formative and summative assessment data in terms of the
                      utilization of SAS InSchool Curriculum Pathways content
                    Provide sustained support of all team members throughout the implementation of this
                    Provide opportunities for team members to participate in conference presentations

Teacher-team members will:
                 Attend a SAS inSchool professional development session
                 Plan and implement a minimum of four (4) SAS inSchool Curriculum pathways lesson
                    plans, activities
                 Projects, web inquiries, Interactivities or other content**developed by SAS in Schools
                    during each
                 Grading period.
                 Develop pre-test and posttest assessments for SAS inSchool Curriculum Pathways
                 Develop a teacher electronic portfolio to document use of SAS in School Curriculum
                    Pathways content as
                 well as gains in student achievement over the course of the school year
                 Assist a minimum of 20 students, preferably one class, to document and provide
                    evidence of usage
                 and student progress based upon SAS inSchool content through the implementation of
                    student portfolios

Administrators will:
                          Attend a SAS inSchool professional development session
                          Provide time for teacher-team members to mentor other teachers in the use of SAS
                          Support the development of electronic portfolios by teacher team members and students

*A second mathematics, science, language arts or social studies teacher may be substituted for the Spanish
teacher when a school has no Spanish teacher.
**SAS inSchool Curriculum pathways content can be defined as lesson plans, activities, projects, web inquiries, InterActivities
and other content developed by SAS inSchools.

Task 17 - Attachment B
Professional Development Report
Digital Divide Surveys – November 2005
School Self-reported Data


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