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									Cue and Review Recording Service
Crowhill Business Centre
18a Crowhill Road,
G64 1QY

Tel: 0141-563-0306
Email: information@cueandreview.org.uk

                                       Membership Application
 Thank you for your enquiry and for showing interest in our service.
 For only 70p per week for 50 weeks of the year you can receive as
 many of our 15 talking newspaper titles as you can listen to. On
 registering with us you will be sent a yellow plastic postal wallet that
 will have a printed plastic card in a front sleeve. The card will have
 our address on one side and your address on the other. When you
 are finished listening to the tape, which you will find inside, you
 simply return the tape in the same wallet with the Cue and Review
 address card showing. Whether you return the tape on time or not
 you will automatically receive the next edition. One print copy of
 the Radio Times is currently 95 pence and one week of the Scottish
 Sun in print costs £1.45. I am sure that you will agree therefore
 that 70p per week for access to all our titles is good value for
 money. You can either pay by completing the enclosed standing
 order which should then be sent to your bank or alternatively you
 can pay by credit or debit card by telephoning 0141-563-0306 or by
 sending a cheque made out to Cue and Review Recording Service
 to the above address.

 Yours sincerely

 Alastair McPhee
 Managing Editor

                        Alastair C. McPhee (Managing Editor), Morag Mackay (Operations Director)
                             Details of our non-executive directors an be found on our website
                       Cue & Review Recording Service Limited is a company limited by guarantee without share capital.
                                         Scottish Charity No: SC018016 Company No: 129748.
                                     Registered Office: 18 Crowhill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 1QY.
            Cue and Review Recording Service’s subsidiary Deanwood Ltd is the sole owner of the Crowhill Business Centre profits are
                                                         covenanted back to the charity.
Please tick the box for the titles that you wish to order.
Cue and Review                      History Today
Evening Times
Inside Soap                         Empire
Kerrang                             Scottish Sun
More                                Four Four Two
SFX (Science Fiction)               The Herald
Star Trek                           Earth Matters
Sunday Herald                       Radio Times (Scotland)
I would like information on the team of volunteers in my
area that record the newspaper in audio.
Your Name
Your Address

Your Telephone Number
Postal Code
Local Authority Area
Date of Birth
Circle the appropriate description: Blind Partially Sighted
Reading Impaired
Your (or a friend/family member’s) email address to keep them
up to date on our news

Where did you hear about our service
Internet                         Evening Times Advert
Herald Advert                    Visit from Social Worker
Society for the Blind            Radio Advert
I am aware that the information that I have provided will be
stored in both an electronic and paper database. Should I wish
to be removed from this database I must contact Cue and
Review Recording Service in writing.

This Section Should be sent to your Bank by You Not to Us.
Bank of Scotland plc Standing Order
Please make the payments detailed below and debit my/our
Your Name & Address

Name of A/c to be debited:
Name of Your Bank
Address of Your Bank

A/c No:
Your Bank Sort Code
Name of Payee:                  Cue and Review Recording Service
A/c No:                                            06000476
Address of Payee:                                  18a Crowhill Road
                                                   Glasgow G64 1QY
Bank & Branch to which payment is to be made       Bank of Scotland
                                                   191 Kirkintilloch Road
                                                   GLASGOW G64 2LR

Code No:                              80-05-64
Amount ( in words)                    Three pounds per month/ Eighteen pounds
                                      per six months/Thirty six pounds annually
                                      *Delete as appropriate
Date of Payment:
Date of first payment:

Payments are to continue monthly/bi-annually/annually thereafter
until you receive further notice in writing.*Delete as appropriate
This instruction cancels any previous order in favour of the Payee
named above under this reference.

Signature:                                         Date:
       Is a Friend Blind or
        Partially Sighted?
  Do they miss their newspaper
          or magazine?
 To receive the Evening Times, Inside Soap, Kerrang,
More, SFX (Science Fiction), Star Trek, Sunday Herald,
 History Today, Empire, Scottish Sun, Four Four Two,
              The Herald, Earth Matters
  Radio Times (Scotland) on cassette from Cue and
      Review – “Print Speaking to Britains’ Blind”

           Please contact
 Cue and Review Recording Service
      Crowhill Business Centre
          18 Crowhill Road
              G64 1QY

  Please display on your notice board or pass to your local library, doctors surgery or optician.

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