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Degree and
Program Name:     M.A. in Art

Submitted By:     Glenn Hild, Chair


 What are the learning          How, where, and when are         What are the expectations?      What are the results?           Committee/ person
 objectives?                    they assessed?                                                                                   responsible

 1. Expand and enhance the      Fall Semester Review;            A portfolio of quality          Fall review: 7 out of 7 met     Masters Committee provides
 level of research/creative     graduate exhibition portfolio.   graduate level artworks that    expectation. Graduate           results of Fall review and
 skills in graduate student’s   Alumni survey of MA grads        could be used in se seeking     exhibit/portfolio: 7 out of 7   Graduate Exhibit/portfolio to
 selected media.                                                 exhibitions/ grants in          met expectation;                Graduate Coordinator.
                                                                 professional venues or                                          Results shared with
                                                                 admission to Master of Fine                                     departmental Graduate
                                                                 Arts degree programs                                            Committee.
                                                                 including assistantships/
                                                                 fellowships/ grants
 2. Expand and enhance          Fall semester review; oral       Successfully complete fall      Fall review: 7 out of 7 met     Masters Committee provides
 ability to form and defend     comprehensive examination        review; pass oral               expectation. Oral               results of Fall review and
 judgments of quality and       of ideas, techniques, and        examination for MA              comprehensive exam for          oral examination to Graduate
 effectiveness of creative      formal solutions involved in     degree program                  MA: 7 out of 7 met              Coordinator. Results shared
 work.                          the art works displayed for                                      expectation.                    with departmental Graduate
                                graduate exhibition ; Alumni                                                                     Committee
                                survey of MA grads

 3. Provide additional          Graduate exhibition              A portfolio of quality          Graduate exhibition oral        Masters Committee provides
 education to enhance the       portfolios; MA in Art with       graduate level artworks; pass   Oral comprehensive exam         results of Fall review and
 professional development of    Option in Art Education oral     oral examination for MA in      for MA in Art Ed: oral          oral examination to Graduate
 art educators including        comprehensive examination        Art with Option in Art Ed       exams given AY07.               Coordinator. TA supervisor
 creative and teaching skills   of research paper; student       degree program; on student      Student evaluation of GA        provides teaching
                                and supervisor evaluations of    evaluation of GA teaching a     teaching; 6 out of 6 exceeded   evaluations to Graduate
                                GA teaching; Alumni survey       average mean score between      expectation.                    Coordinator and Student
                                of MA grads.                     1.0 and 2.0 to exceed                                           evaluations are tabulated by
                                                                expectation, between 2.0 and                           Art Office. Results shared
                                                                3.0 to met expectation, and                            with departmental Graduate
                                                                between 5.0 and 3.0 is below                           Committee.

(Continue objectives as needed. Cells will expand to accommodate your text.)

Describe what your program’s assessment accomplishments since your last report was submitted. Discuss ways in which you have responded to
the CASA Director’s comments on last year’s report or simply describe what assessment work was initiated, continued, or completed.

For AY2006-2007, as in previous years, the faculty of the various studio areas of the department engage in refinements of the curriculum based on
the needs of the individual graduate student; this is usually a mutually agreed upon program of study that will facilitate the graduate student in
meeting his/her education goals. At the fall review the graduate student’s masters committee reviews his/her progress and recommends or
suggests a direction of study based on the artwork presented (portfolio review). This arrangement has proved to be very effective in allowing the
graduate student to realize and develop the potential of his/her creative work for the Graduate Exhibition in the Spring Semester. During the
Spring semester the graduate student’s masters committee will meet with the student to review artwork completed (usually completed since the fall
review) for the graduate exhibition and again the graduate faculty will provide direction and set expectations for the graduate student. The
graduate oral examination takes place while the graduate student’s art is on exhibit at the Tarble Arts Center; the graduate student is expected to
explain, evaluate, and defend his/her artwork in a manner that demonstrates knowledge of the art process(es) used to create the artwork, use of the
elements of design, and how the subject matter/content is articulated visually. In addition, the graduate students in the MA in Art program had the
opportunity to be critiqued by six (6) visiting art professionals. The graduate coordinator conferred with each visiting artist after he/she had
conducted individual critiques with graduate students; the general response from these professionals was the graduate program has high standards
and the graduate students are producing artwork that meets those high standards.

No data was collected regarding the graduate students in the MA in Art with Option in Art Education; no students completed research paper or sat
for oral comprehensive exam during AY2006-2007.

Responses to CASA Director’s AY 2005-2006 comments:
Learning Objectives – Department expects to enhance and expand students’ skills and knowledge. All prospective graduate students have to
“pass” a portfolio review (part of the application process) to be accepted into the MA in Art program; this review is conducted in Spring semester
(early March) and criteria usually is “does this student’s submitted artwork have the potential for continued develop and would the program at EIU
be able to assist in that development.” There are no set measures since the curriculum is very much tailored to the individual student (relationship
driven education), but there is the expectation the student will enhance and expand his/her skills; if not, then the program has not been successful
in meeting students educational goals. This year 3 of the 7 graduate students applied for MFA programs; all 3 were accepted into MFA programs
and 2 have elected to continue higher educational studies in Fall 2007 (one at Illinois State and one at The Ohio State University). Two graduate
students who completed MA in Art in 2006 were accepted and will be continuing in MFA programs starting in Fall 2007 (one at University of
Notre Dame and one at Boston College).
How, Where, and When Assessed – Graduate students do not receive scores on the oral exam, the graduate student either passes or does not pass
and the feedback is immediate. At the Fall portfolio review the graduate student presents artwork and discusses content/direction and then the
Masters Committee critiques artwork, discussing strengths and weakness with student and will often make specific recommendations for
improvement (again feedback is immediate); often there is a second review in two weeks to see how graduate student has responded to
Expectations – Criteria for Fall Review are (1) is student producing artwork (paintings/sculpture/prints/drawing/etc.) that is graduate level artwork
(both conceptually and visually), (2) is student able to discuss his/her ideas and processes in an effective manner, and (3) is student producing
sufficient amount of artwork.
Results –Results of Fall Review indicate graduate students who pass are very likely to successfully complete the MA in Art program.
How Results Will be Used – Masters Committees all report results of Fall Reviews and Oral Comprehensive exams to Graduate Coordinator since
these are required “milestones” for (a) continuing in the program (Fall Review) and (b) meeting degree requirements (Oral Comprehensive exam),
and Graduate Coordinator shares these results with the Graduate Committee and Graduate Faculty. To date, have not used information for
comparative purposes.

Summarize changes and improvements in curriculum, instruction, and learning that have resulted from the implementation of your assessment
program. How have you used the data? What have you learned? In light of what you have learned through your assessment efforts this year and
in past years, what are your plans for the future?

This year there was discussion by some faculty regarding a possible change to the Fall Review process; Graduate Coordinator contacted several
graduates of the program for feedback to the current system (graduate student’s assigned Masters Committee (consisting of 3 graduate faculty)
conducting the review). The majority of students who responded indicate that no change necessary to the current system and these alumni felt the
review process made them a better artist and served them well in going on to an MFA program. As stated above, the graduate faculty are closely
involved with the assessment of MA students through direct instruction and masters’ committee reviews (fall review, review of artwork and artist
statement for graduate exhibition, and review of comprehension (oral examination)). These assessment processes have continued to be effective in
raising and maintaining the academic performance of the students.

Graduate teaching assistants are required to take a Art 5850, Teaching Practicum, a one-semester hour credit courses offered in the Fall Semester;
the instructor of the course also is assigned the teaching assistantship supervision. From the instructor’s observation of graduate student teaching
methods there was added to Art 5850 information on time management to help graduate teaching assistants focus on how to budget time for their
teaching obligations and their studio/course work.

As stated last year, a survey of graduates regarding both program options is being planned as part of the IBHE program review and should provide
useful information from the graduates. Department should develop some survey instrument which can be used for a more formal assessment of
MA in Art program by visiting art professionals.

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