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									              Navy Expeditionary
              Combat Command
                          N1 Brief

                    CAPT Trish Moore

                        16 MARCH 2011
                    THIS BRIEF CLASSIFIED:
                    UNCLASS / FOUO

11/25/2011                                                                    1
             NECC                       Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary

11/25/2011                                                  2
               NECC   Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                    A Hybrid Response to
                       Hybrid Threats

                                                Building    Train /
                                                Partner    Advise /
                                          MCO   Capacity    Assist

                                                Hybrid                   Peace
                      enabling                                        Enforcement

                    Hybrid Power


11/25/2011                                                                          3
             NECC                   Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
 Blurring the Lines Between Hard and Soft Power
                                          NECC Overview

• Man, Train & Equip 40K personnel (billets and GSA IAs)
      –       3 Flag Level Commands
      –       8 Tribes
                • NCF
                • EOD
                • MESF
                • NAVELSG
                • Riverine
                • Civil Affairs/Security Forces Assistance Training
                • Expeditionary Intel
                • ECRC
      –       62 Sea Commands
      –       91 Shore Activities
      –       46 Mobilization Units
      –       3 BSO’s (60, 70, 72)

“…NECC represents about 12% of Navy manpower, yet operates with 1.5% of Navy Total Obligation
Authority – a bargain considering the extensive capabilities they bring to the COCOMs”
                                                      - VCNO, Congressional Testimony, 16 Feb 2010
 11/25/2011                                                                                                 4
                             NECC                                     Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                                                NECC Forces
                                                                 USFFC                                              Key: (Total)
                                                                 NECC                                                    [IA/ILO/ADHOC]
NECC Overall                                                     (250/43/87)

   30054                  Riverine                1NCD                            EOD                MESF
                            (983)                (15374)                         (2580)               (6195)
13847/15759/354          (743/225/15)          (7134/8058/182)                 (2336/220/24)       (2435/3733/27)

                         NAVELSG                   NEIC                           ECRC               MCAST
                           (3655)                    (289)                          (71)               (435)
                         (405/3240/10)                                            (71/0/0)
                                                   (218/71/0)                                        (257/169/9)

    First Naval Construction Division (1NCD)
                                                                 Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG)
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)                            Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training Command (MCAST)
    Maritime Expeditionary Security Force (MESF)                 Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC)
    Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command (NEIC)

 11/25/2011                                                                                                                               5
                             NECC                                                      Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
      Updated Oct 2010
                                            NECC At A Glance
                                                  Naval Construction, 50.8%

      Maritime Civil Affairs and
      Security Training , 1.4%
                                                                                                  Riverine, 3.3%

  Expeditionary Logistics, 12.3%                                                             Explosive Ordnance Disposal,

                       Combat Camera, 0.3%

                                                    Maritime Expeditionary
                      Expeditionary Intel, 1.0%        Security, 20.8%

                         53 percent of NECC Forces are Reserve Component
11/25/2011                                                                                                                  6
                              NECC                                            Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
     Updated Oct 2010
                               N1 Manpower & Personnel
                                                                              (N1) 1200G RT

                                               MANAGEMENT ASST                DEPUTY ACOS
                                                 (N1AA) YB-01                  (N1A) YC-03

           SPECIAL PROGRAMS                                MANPOWER                     RESERVE PROGRAMS                   MANNING/READINESS                       ADMIN

POM/OCR/DIVERSITY                                        MANPOWER SUPV                                                         FORCE PERS                        ADMIN MGR
                        (N10) 1200H AC                                                             OSO
   (N13) YA-02                                             (N12) YC-02                                                          (N14) YC-02                      (N1S) YC-02
                                                                                              (N1R) 1200H RT

MA COMM SPONSOR         MIL MANNING/IA    MANPOWER ANALYST        MANPOWER ANALYST                                                                             ADMIN MGR ASST
                                                                                              MOB/SR ASST
 (N1MA) (STF SEL)        (N101) PS1 RT     STF & DIRECT RPTS       NAVELSG & 1NCD                                            DEP FORCE PERS                        YN1 AD
    MACM AD                                   (N121) YA-02           (N122) PSC AD              YNCS RT                        IA/ILO COOR
                                                                                                                             (N141) 6410 LT AD
                                                                                                                                                                 ADMIN LPO
MA PROGRAM ASST                                                                                 ASST OSO                                                          YN1 AD
                          CIVPERS         MANPOWER ANALYST        MANPOWER ANALYST
     (N1MA1)                                   PM/PR/IW             POM/PR & MESF                (N1R2)
                         (N11) YA-02
     MA1 AD                                  (N123) PS1 AD           (N124) YA-02                YN1 RT
                                                                                                                 PERS REDI SP                  PERS REDI SP    AWARDS CLERK
                                                                                                               COGNOS/WEPPS/New               SORTS/DRRS-N      (N1SA) YA-02
                                                                                                                  (N1411) YA-02                (N1412) YA-02
                           CIVPERS         MANPOWER ANALYST       MANPOWER ANALYST
                         (N111) YA-02     POM/PR/IW & MCAST/DR            EOD
                                                                                                                                                                ADMIN CLERK
                                               (N125) YA-02          (N127) YNC AD
                                                                                                                                                                  YN2 AD
                                                                                                                PERS SP / N1 LCPO
                     MANAGEMENT ANALYST                                                                           ADMIN (Dir Rpts)                              ADMIN CLERK
                         (N15) YA-02                                                                             (N1411A) PSCS AD                                 (N1S4)
                                                                                                                                                                  YN3 AD

                                                                                                                  PERS REDI SP
                                                                                                                                              PERS REDI SP
                                                                                                                                                 YN3 AD
                                                                                                                     PS1 AD

 11/25/2011                                                                                                                                                                     7
                                         NECC                                                                  Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
     •       Primary responsibilities:

              –   NECC Force Awards Administrator
              –   Maintains NECC Force and HQ directives
              –   Correspondence
              –   Command PASS Coordinator
              –   Maintains HQ ITEMPO data
              –   HQ Staff Gains/Losses
              –   HQ Staff Evaluations and Fitness Reports
              –   Standard mail room functions
              –   HQ Plan of the Week production and distribution
              –   HQ Daily Muster Report
              –   HQ Leave Administration

     •       N1 Representative on Command Assessment Team

11/25/2011                                                                                            8
                          NECC                                  Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                               Reserve Management
•     N1R oversees all Reserve Management for the Force
•     Mobilization
        –    Reviews mobilization packages and justification in Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing
             System (NMCPS)
        –    Validate Force Tracking Number (FTN) along with Request For Forces (RFF’s) for each
        –    Coordinates with USFF and OPNAV MOB CELL for staffing and implementation of mobilization
        –    Coordinates with PERS or CNRFC for fill of Requirement Tracking Numbers (RTN’s) for each
•     Manpower and Personnel
        –    Unit Action and Billet Change Requests
        –    Ensures manning requirements aligned with Fleet Readiness Training Plan (FRTP) execution (tour
             lengths, RFAS codes)
        –    Reserve Capabilities Review (RCR) coordination
        –    Selected Reserves Data pulls as required
•     RPN Funding
        –    Coordinates all fiscal requirements (Operational Support Plans)
        –    Allocates funds and manage Reserve Program Navy (RPN) discretionary execution:
               • FRTP BUDGET – $15M/$34M
               • NON-FRTP BUDGET – $277K/ $1.94M
        –    Provides coordinated monthly execution briefs with N41 to N00
•     Other
        –    Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) coordination
        –    Strategic Communication Working Group RC Input/Cross Functional Team One (CFT-1) AO
11/25/2011                                                                                                    9
                         NECC                                        Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                           NECC as an
                     Operational Reserve Force
     •       NECC's RC units are commissioned, hardware units that train and deploy to
             provide essentially identical capabilities to their AC counterparts
              – Fundamentally different model than that of “strategic” or “augment” RC units
     •       NECC RC units are sourced through the GFM process as "units of action”
              –   Sourcing solutions impact entire, integrated force
              –   RC solution often optimal, sometimes only solution
     •       Operational Reserve “Train-Mobilize-Deploy” construct
              –  NECC applies the DoDD 1200.17 Operational Reserve Construct
              – Realized at NECC by the RC FRTP
              – Beyond entitlement training (and participation) requirements
              – End goal: periodic, predictable deployment across the range of military
                operations in response to COCOM demand
     •       FRTP ensures ready force; mobilization provides access

              NECC’s RC Fills Enduring Requirements
                         NECC                                   Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                               Summary Challenges
             •   Manning Stability Across FRTP
                  – Participation enforcement
                  – Reduction of cross-leveling
             •   Mobilization Policy
                  – Mob for Training
             •   Activation Authority
                  – Unit vs. individual dwell and mobilization
                  – Post-OCO
                  – “OIF/OEF” restriction within OCO
             •   Funding
                  – Pre-mobilization training
                  – Post-mobilization travel and pay
             •   Will of the Nation
                  – Family Support
                  – Employer Support

                          NECC                                   Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                         N10 POM, EEO, Diversity,
                         OCRs, & IA Coordinator
•     POM: Responsible for the development and submission of unfunded
      manpower issues for active, reserve and civilian requirements for budget
      and POM submissions.
        – Billet level detail for all NECE POM issues must be entered into the Intelligent
        – POM-12: Top 10 NECC N1 Priorities
               •   NECC N1R Operational Reserve FRTP Funding
               •   NECC Forces Operational Deployment Mental Health Support
               •   JEB/FUJ Mission Required End Strength
               •   MESF Unmanned Systems Detachments
               •   MESF UFR Force Structure - MSRON 7
               •   EOD Force Deployment Sustainment
               •   NEIC MIO IET Capacity
               •   C4ISR Operational Deployment Support
               •   NCF Deployment Support Realignment NCF Deployment Support Conversions
               •   NECC Force Strategic Mobility Operational Deployment Support)

•     Force and Command Individual Augmentation Coordinator (FIAC/CIAC).
        –    Identifies pool of possible IA’s to meet USFF taskings from the force
        –    Assists, trains, and tracks CIAC's at all subordinate commands for compliance with instructions
             and NAVADMIN's governing the CIAC program.

11/25/2011                                                                                                     12
                          NECC                                         Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
    •        Current Challenges
             – POM 12
                 • MESF – 419 (two AC MSRONSs)
                 • RIVGRU – (plus up 164 AC) 4TH Riverine Squadron

             – POM 12 End Game
                 • MESF – Two additional AC MSRONs
                 • NCF – Three AC NMCBs

             – Diversity Accountability Brief

             – EEO Training/Data Collection

             – IAs
                 • 119 - 2009 to present
                 • Low Density/High Demand

                        NECC                                    Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                               Civilian Personnel
         •   Administers all Staff and Force civilian matters relating to plans,
             policies, and programming actions. Oversees sensitive and
             adverse issues.

              – Reviews, evaluates and classifies all NECC Force Position Descriptions.
              – Processes and tracks all civilian personnel actions, civilian performance
                appraisals and awards.
              – Plans and coordinates the preparation of personnel actions for changes in
                organization, transfers, Reduction in Force (RIF) and realignments.
              – Coordinate, schedule and prepare materials for quarterly Civilian
                Management Review Board. This board reviews and validates all new
                civilian position requests throughout the force.
              – Advises Manpower Officer on upward mobility and labor relations issues.

                       NECC                                  Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
      •      Plans, develops, implements, evaluates and administers Force manpower
             procedures and policies.
      •      Develops, manages, analyzes and forecasts force-wide military and civilian
             manpower requirements. Reviews organizational, policy and procedural
             changes and assesses impacts on manpower requirements.
      •      Manages, prioritizes and allocates military and civilian end-strength. Formulates
             resourcing plans for satisfying near, mid and long-term requirements. Identifies
             and executes end-strength reductions and realignments within COMNECC units
             to meet mandated budget cuts and to fund COMNECC priority requirements.
             Monitors execution of civilian authorizations.
      •      Maintains close liaison with OPNAV, USFF, PACFLT, BUPERS, NAVMAC,
             other TYCOMs and COMNECC subordinate commands on Force manpower
             and organizational matters.
      •      Serves as the principal advisor on all organizational matters. Develops
             strategies for and implements actions for consolidations, realignments,
             establishments and disestablishments of Force activities, i.e. Fact and
             Justification Sheets, billet reprogramming actions, UIC and activity code
             changes, etc.

11/25/2011                                                                                             15
                         NECC                                    Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
      •      Responsible for the administration, management, effectiveness and oversight of
             Navy Manpower Programs within the Force: Shore Manpower Requirements
             Determination (SMRD), Fleet Manpower Document (FMD), and Commercial
             Activities and Strategic Sourcing Program.
              – Reviews manpower requirements validated in SMRD and FMD studies.
                  Coordinates reviews by subordinate commands and staff members and
                  develops recommended position regarding draft reports for Force
                  commands. Monitors approval and implements final requirements
                  documents into activity manpower documents.
      •      Coordinates the review of proposals for revision, establishment and
             disestablishment of Occupational Standards, NECs, NOBCs, subspecialty
             codes, etc.
      •      Monitors end-strength programmed in Navy’s Future Year Defense Plan (FYDP)
             ensuring that military end-strength is correctly allocated to Force UICs and to the
             correct funding category.
      •      Conducts analyses on various complex issues, i.e. major manpower change
             requests and organizational issues. Initiates billet reprogramming actions and
             correspondence to effect the realignment, establishment and disestablishment
             of activities and takes action to effect administrative changes in TFMMS.

11/25/2011                                                                                              16
                         NECC                                     Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                       N13 Enterprise/
                    Community Management
 •     Develop, analyze, implement and evaluate policies within NECC to achieve effective
       total force manpower use.
 •     Provide subject matter expertise (SME) support through final approval and
       implementation for all Manpower Initiatives including: Navy Enlisted Rating, Additional
       Qualification Designator (AQD) and Navy Enlisted Classification Code (NEC)
       management and development
 •     Provide expert guidance to management regarding the organizational performance
       management and performance agreements with Navy Total Force and other
       Enterprise and Enablers.
 •     Develop the annual NTF/NECE Performance Agreement and coordinate the quarterly
       assessment working group and submit final product to N1
 •     Direct and guide preparation of directives and instructions regarding Special Duty
       Assignment pay, Major Command Designation, and other special tasking from N1
 •     Review officer personnel distribution, AQD assignment, AQD inventory, and selection
 •     Liaison with Navy Personnel Command (NPC), Budget Submitting Office (BSO), unit
       commanders, commanding officers, higher authority for mutual resolution of Officer
       and Enlisted manning problems and other manpower and personnel issues.
 •     Provide quality assurance of all manpower authorization change requests being
       processed through Total Force Manpower Management System (TFMMS).
 •     Review and compile data/reports via Navy databases.

11/25/2011                                                                                          17
                      NECC                                    Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                     N13 Enterprise/
                  Community Management
•     Expeditionary Warfare Community Review: BX3 – ACT: 235 +4 / RES:72 -
      FEB 2011
•     NECs
        – MED EXP HM NEC – BUMED endorsed 3 Feb sent to FFC
        – ATFP Coxswain PKG with NAVMAC. DCO held 3 Mar – funding issue
•     MPTE/NECE Performance Agreement
•     COMNECC MFT: N1 sent to FFC N1
•     CTF-56 CONOPS: Review Concept of Operations for CTF-56.
•     GM/ND MANNING: ECM Community Briefs on GM and ND (Diver) held 3 Mar

11/25/2011                                                                             18
                   NECC                          Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                                    Force Personnel
     • Personnel Readiness of the Force
              – Responsible for coordinating with Manning Control Authority, PERS and
                subordinate commands to ensure manning/readiness levels are maintained for all
                   o Crossdecks/Personnel shortages
                   o Excess Personnel
                   o NMP corrections
              – Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy (DRRS-N)
              – Maintains liaison with USFF, NPC and subordinate activities on matters
                concerning personnel planning, policy and distribution
              – Coordinates reassignment of personnel in activities scheduled for reorganization,
                deactivation or change of homeport
              – Reviews SORTS personnel readiness reporting on a weekly basis
              – Analyzes individual unit readiness through review of messages, Manning
                Advisories, EMIRs, PERSMARs and manning assessments of deployers and
                special interest units.
     •       Acts of behalf of N1 as the RCRP Personnel Figure of Merit (PFOM) Lead
     •       Tracks, reviews, reports on force Aggregate/FIT metrics
     •       Ensures Personnel Accountability for the Force via NFAAS for exercises or real-world

11/25/2011                                                                                            19
                          NECC                                  Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                                  NECE ENLISTED CURRENT READINESS
                                                                                                                                                                                          Source / Date: COGNOS 28 February 2011

                                                                                                   CONUS SEA FIT                                                                                     NEC (SEA) FIT
                          Curr Fit%     % Green    % Red
        Enlisted Sea
                            90%          43%       23%                                                                                                                             100
        Enlisted Shore      89%           N/A       N/A
        Op Shore            N/A           N/A       N/A
                                                                    100                                                                                                             80
        FDNF                86%           0%       67%
        Enlisted NEC
                            55%          TBD       TBD
        Fit                                                          90
        Enlisted FDNF
                            51%          TBD       TBD
        NEC Fit
        RC Enlisted                                                  80
                            80%          21%       62%
        Sea                                                                                                                                                                         40
        RC Enlisted
                            71%          TBD       TBD
        AC Officer Fit                                                                                              Fill                Fit                                                      NEC FILL                     NEC FIT
                            87%          TBD       TBD                                                                                                                                           Critical FIT                 Critical Fill

                        CONUS SEA FIT                                                    FDNF ENLISTED FIT                                                                                       GROUP/TYPE FIT
        35                                                                5                                                                                                        90%
        25                                                                                                                                                                         70%


                                                                                                                                                                      % of units
                                                           UNIT S

        15                                                                                                                                                                         50%
                                                                          0                                                                                                        10%
                                                                              APR 10 MAY 10 JUN 10 JUL 10 AUG 10 SEP 10 OCT 10 NOV 10 DEC 10 JAN 11 FEB 11 MAR 11                   0%
                ≥ 90%        80 - 89%      < 80%                                                           ≥ 95% 90 -94% < 90%                                                            1NCD             EOD              MESG            RIVERINE
                                                                                                                                                                                                  < 80%          80 - 89%           ≥ 90%
         11/25/2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    20
                                          NECC                                                                                                                Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                          NECE ENLISTED CURRENT READINESS

         A/C ENLISTED SHORE AGGREGATE/FIT                                                                                                                  A/C OFFICER CONUS SEA FIT





 70                                                                                                                    70

                                                                                                                                                                                  Aggregate            Fit

                                  Fill               Fit

      RC ENLISTED AGGREGATE / FIT                                           RC ENLISTED SEA FIT                                                                                  RC ENLISTED GROUP / TYPE FIT
        IAPs are included in Aggregate

              NECE RC ENLISTED AGGREGATE/FIT                  100                                                                                                         100%
      110%                                                                                                                                                                80%
                                                           UNIT S

                                                                                                                                                             % of units
      90%                                                                                                                                                                 60%
      80%                                                           50                                                                                                    40%
                                                                    0    APR 10 MAY10 JUN10 JUL10 AUG10 SEP 10 OCT 10 NOV 10 DEC 10 JAN 11 FEB 11 MAR 11                                1NCD                     ELSG           MESG
             FIT ENTITLEMENT             SEA FIT
             SEA AGG
             SHORE AGG
                                         SHORE FIT
                                                                               < 80%                   80 - 89%                    ≥ 90%                                                       < 80%         80 - 89%   ≥ 90%
                                         NECC                                                                                                     Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                        NECE Current Readiness

                                     NECE KEY ISSUES
      Manning at MRSON 3 Bahrain continues to be an issue with minimal improvements.
     Request additional support from USFF in increase must fill billets above the Red Zone
         • MSRON 3 Det Bahrain - Current FIT is 84.93%, no change from last month. POB 02
         (MAY 11) FIT projected to be 85.84%.
         • SECDIV 71 (GUAM) - Current FIT is 86.12 down from 87.76% last month. POB 02
         (MAY 11) FIT projected to be 93.47%.
         • MSRON 7 (GUAM) – Current FIT is 90.48 up from 85.71% last month. POB 02 (MAY
         11) FIT projected to be 95.24%.
 • EOD Master Tech (NEC 5337) Manning – Current 5337 aggregate (both Sea and Shore)
   for NECC is 82.97 an increase from 78.47% last month. This is an increase of 17 5337 in
   NECC Units.

                     NECC                                   Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary
                             N14 – Manning
                             Current Issues

  - MSRON 3 DET BAHRAIN – Current FIT 84.93% and Aggregate 86.76%
  - SECDIV 71 – Current FIT is 87.35% and Aggregate is 86.35%
  - MSRON 7 – Current FIT is 85.71% and Aggregate is 95.24%


Riverine Squadron FOUR
   - Phases one and two NMP applied and requisitions available for detailing.

   - CBMU 202 Det Key West – PERS has draft manning plan, awaiting 1NCD
   approval of planned dates.
   - CBMU 303 Det Fallon – Manning plan at SRG for review.
   - EODMU 3 PT Mugu – Only EOD personnel remain.

EDVR Scrubs
11/25/2011                                                                                23
                 NECC                               Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary

                                                                                FMRD (SMD,           Funding &
         Identify               ROC/POE/MFT               Manpower
                                                                               SQMD, FMD) or
         Mission                  Statement              Requirement
                                                                                SMRD (SMR)          Authorization

                     Updated                                                                           Quality/
                                                    Billets             /TFARS
                    Manpower                                                                          Quantity
                                                  Authorized           Packets to
                    Document                                                                        Determination

 Personnel                                              Navy                             Detailer        Personnel
                    Available       CNO/MCA                            Personnel
Distribution                                           Manning                            writes         Report for
                    Inventory        Priorities                        Requisition
  System                                                Plan                              orders           Duty

                            NECC                                       Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary


11/25/2011                                                        25
             NECC           Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary

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