Ruby the Copycat by Peggy Rathman
Parents: Please work on these words and questions with your student ORALLY. Ask them questions & have them answer you aloud.

                             If you walked slowly as though your feet were stuck in the mud.
                        Would a student with a heavy backpack have trudged home or run home? Why?

                             When you were excited about something and talked a lot about it.
                If someone gushed during a speech, what can you tell about the subject and the person's feelings?

                A coincidence is when two things happen that seem to fit together but are not connected.
            Which is a coincidence, wearing the same shoes as someone in your family or having the same last name?

                               Something that is pleasant is enjoyable and makes you happy.
                               Would a bully be a pleasant person to be around? Why or why not?

                        If you modeled something, you showed it so that other people could see it.
                                     Which would be modeled, a new hat or a new book?

                         When people murmur, they speak so softly that they can hardly be heard.
                            Should an important announcement be murmured? Why or why not?

                               Someone who is loyal stands by you in good times and in bad.
                                     Would a loyal friend be someone you could trust?

                            If you recited something, you memorized it and then spoke it aloud.
                            Which is recited, the Pledge of Allegiance or a thought inside your head?

                     When you try and try to do something and cannot, then you might feel frustrated.
                          Would you feel frustrated if you missed the school bus? Why or why not?

                              If you copied what someone did or said, you imitated him or her.
                                           When would you be happy to be imitated?
                                      The Day Eddie Met the Author by Louise Borden
Parents: Please work on these words and questions with your student ORALLY. Ask them questions & have them answer you aloud.

                        When you conquer something, such as a problem or a fear you win against it.
           If you were asked to conquer a messy closet, would you feel anticipation for a pleasant experience? Explain.

                              When you feel resistance, you do not want something to happen
                  If you were meeting resistance to your idea of what to play, would you feel frustrated? Explain.

                                     A group of people who have gathered for a reason
       If a speaker murmured from a stage during an assembly, would people be able to hear that person? Why or why not?

                                      When you have more than enough of something
                                    Do you have plenty of time to relax after school? Explain.

                                                   Give permission to leave
            Would a teacher usually dismiss a class right after students had recited the Pledge of Allegiance? Explain.

                                   To keep wriggling around as if you were uncomfortable

    If people squirmed as they modeled new clothes, would they be doing a good job of showing the clothes? Why or why not?

                              a cloth made by sewing together small pieces of different fabrics
             Do you think an outfit that is made up of a patchwork of designs is pleasant to look at? Why or why not?

                                                 to sign your name to something
         Would it be a coincidence if you and I went to a concert together and the singer autographed CD's for both of us.

                                            Taking time to think about an idea
                      Would you need to ponder a great deal when working on a puzzle? Why or why not?

                                  Feeling excited because something is about to happen
          Would you have a great deal of anticipation before going to a concert for your favorite singer? Why or why not?
                                       Schools Around the World by Margaret C. Hall
Parents: Please work on these words and questions with your student ORALLY. Ask them questions & have them answer you aloud.

                                Something proper is the way it is supposed to be or correct.
                          Would it be proper to talk when you had food in your mouth? Why or why not?

                   When you are boarding someone, you are giving that person a place to live for a while.
                           Is it possible for you to board a horse where you live? Why or why not?

                                Chores are small jobs that you need to do but may not enjoy
                Would it be a chore for you to wash the dishes or to clean up after a mess your pet made. Explain.

                                                A certain thing is a particular thing
                Do you like a certain type of cereal for your breakfast or will any cereal do? Explain why or why not.

                            Resources are materials, money, and other things that can be used .
          What kinds of resources would you need to bake a cake? What kinds of resources would you need to fix a car?

                                   A culture is made up of a group's customs and traditions.
                   What is part of your family's culture? Is there something that you do together all of the time?

                               A tutor is someone who helps another person with schoolwork.
Would you rather be tutored by someone who is better than you at a subject, or about as good as you are at a subject? Explain why.

                      Uniforms are clothes that all the people in a group wear so they are dressed alike.
                             Explain what the uniform at Grassy Lake Elementary School looks like.

                                           Literacy is the ability to read and write.
            How does your teacher help you with literacy in the classroom? What was the last thing he/she taught you?

               If a group of things is diverse, the individual things in the group are different from each other.
                                       How could a bag of Silly Bandz be diverse? Explain.
                                         Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut by Janet Michaels
Parents: Please work on these words and questions with your student ORALLY. Ask them questions & have them answer you aloud.

                                 When you keep trying to do something without giving up
                                 Why is it important to persevere through vocabulary lessons?

                                       If you are sure that everything will work out.
                           Would you have enough confidence to climb a mountain? Why or why not?

                                   Someone with a special ability to do something well.
                                         What do you wish you were talented at?

                                            To give effort towards something
                                   What would you say if you were going to apply for a job?

                               This involves getting information about a question or a topic
                                           What would you research about space

                            An invention is something completely new that someone has made
                                      What invention would you not want to be without?

                          Making something difficult or impossible for someone to do something
                                      How could the weather hinder a space launch?

                                  If you are unhappy about the way something turned out
                                 Would you be disappointed if your team lost? Why or why not?

                                          Someone who is eager to reach a goal
                                      Would you rather be ambitious or talented? Explain.

                                           When you reach a goal, you attain it.
                                     What could you do to attain better grades at school?
                                  Theme 1 Review & Readers' Theater 'The School News'
Parents: Please work on these words and questions with your student ORALLY. Ask them questions & have them answer you aloud.

                                      People who watch something are called viewers.
                                 Have you ever been to a sporting event that had many viewers?

                                         Means to live during difficult circumstances
                                          Could a pot of flowers survive in Antarctica?

                                                    To hide something
                          What would you use as camouflage if you were trying ot hide in your backyard?

                             Something that is concealed is covered up so that it can't be seen.
                                     Have you ever concealed anything under your bed?

                                                         To be alone
                                What are some things you can do that make you feel independent?

                                        To give time, money or resources to a cause
                                    Have you ever donated your time to help another person?

    The many ways that people communicate, including newspapers, magazines and television are all part of the media.
                    Think about the ways you can listen to music. Which of these media is most popular?

                         When reporters do a special report on a topic, the report is called a feature.
                         Have you seen a special feature in the newspaper or on TV? What was it about?

                                       An image is a picture of something or someone.
      Do you have an image of a sports star, a musician, or another person on your bedroom wall? If so, who is the image of?

                                Something that is popular is something that many people like.
                                   What would make a television show popular with children?

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