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                              S erving g od , C ountry & n otre d ame                                         SinCe       a.d. 2003
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 P.o. box 46. notre dame. in. 46556.                                                        volume 8 iSSue 7. deCember 7, 2010

Prof. Thomas Stapleford: PLS scholar                                                                                                     Msgr. Heintz,
                                                                                                                                         George Weigel
discusses faith and science, conversion                                                                                                   comment on
           laura lIndsley
           Managing Editor                                                                school sweetheart; the two married just
                                                                                          after graduation from the University of
                                                                                                                                        USCCB elections
P      rofessor Thomas Stapleford is
       associate professor in the Program
       of Liberal Studies and concurrent

                                                                                            Do you have any comments on the
                                                                                                                                               ellIoT MarIe argue
                                                                                                                                                   Campus Co-Editor
associate professor in History, as well
as a convert to Catholicism. He is also
a member of Notre Dame’s graduate
program in the History and Philosophy
of Science. In addition to the history of
                                                                                          relationship between faith and the
                                                                                          constant developments occurring in
                                                                                            What we find in science can change the
                                                                                          way we articulate what we understand
                                                                                                                                        O        n November 16, Archbishop of
                                                                                                                                                 New York Timothy Dolan, was
                                                                                                                                                 elected president of the United
                                                                                                                                        States Conference of Catholic Bishops
                                                                                                                                        (USCCB). He succeeds former president
science, Prof. Stapleford’s intellectual                                                  about God and Christian revelation, but it    of the USCCB, Francis Cardinal George,
interests also include economics and                                                      doesn’t change the truth of His existence.    Archbishop of Chicago.
the study of the human mind. His first                                                    You don’t need to be afraid of a scientific      Dr. George Weigel (Ethics and Public
book, The Cost of Living in America: A                                                    discovery undermining fundamental             Policy Center) asserted that Archbishop
Political History of Economic Statistics,                                                 belief in God or core Catholic doctrine.      Dolan “will provide an example of vibrant
1880-2000, was published by Cambridge                                                       Personally, I am especially interested      orthodoxy for both the Church and the
University Press in 2009. He received                                                     in the intersection of Christianity           country.”
the Joseph Dorfman Award from the                                                         and the scientific study of human                Monsignor Michael Heintz, professor
History of Economics Society in 2004                                                      beings. Through doctrinal statements,         of theology and rector of St. Matthew’s
for his dissertation. The father of two            Professor Thomas Stapleford            theological texts, and spiritual practices    Cathedral in South Bend, echoed Dr.
children, Stapleford is married to his high                                                              continued on page 11                           continued on page 7

Government should ban violent    Newdow claims atheists are
 video games for minors, says discriminated against, lectures on
   ND psychology professor            religious equality
          JonaThan JasInskI                   She added, “What you practice is what you                                                 ask whether today it is considered
               Staff Writer                   become.”                                             MIckey gardella                      acceptable for the government to
                                                 Violent video games also activate “the                                                 discriminate against Catholics.

                                                                                                        Staff Writer
          r.     Darcia     Narvaez,Notre     reptile brain” in a child, which is the                                                      “Catholics were the atheists of the
          Dame associate professor of
          psychology, believes the Supreme
Court should uphold a ban against the sale
of violent video
games to minors.
                                              primitive part of the brain that focuses
                                              only on threat and reacting to it. “When
                                              violent video games keep the primitive      D         r. Michael Newdow, an
                                                                                                    attorney, physician, and atheist
                                                                                                    best known for his attempts to
                                                                                          strike “under God” from the Pledge of
                                                                                          Allegiance, discussed the relationship
                                                                                                                                        founding,” Dr. Newdow said. “They
                                                                                                                                        were despised as much as atheists
                                                                                                                                        are today.” He encouraged religious
                                                                                                                                        citizens to consider a scenario in which
                                                                                                                                        they are the group of people that faces
On November                                                                               between the US government and                 discrimination.
2, a dozen states                                                                         religion at the recent Political Theory          “You’re always protesting when
argued         for                                                                        Colloquium.                                   you’re the outsider,” Dr. Newdow
upholding the                                                                                Dr. Newdow focused his lecture on an       asserted, “but once you’re the insider
ban.                                                                                      article he wrote, entitled, “Question to      you don’t look at things in terms of
   Dr. Narvaez’s                                                                          Justice Scalia: Does the Establishment        equality, because you think, ‘Well, I’m
research indicates                                                                        Clause Permit the Disregard of Devout         taken care of.’”
that witnessing                                                                           Catholics?” He wrote the article                 Dr. Newdow also argued that any
violence as a                                                                             in response to U.S. Supreme Court             institutional pronouncement of God
child      directly                                                                       Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, who         by government is unconstitutional.
correlates      to                                                                        claimed that the Constitution permits         If, for example, a public school gives
developing cruel                                                                          the government to disregard atheists.         students time for silent reflection, it
and insensitive                                                                           Scalia is a Catholic.                         could be violating the Constitution.
tendencies. “In                                                                              “As an atheist, I found that rather        Dr. Newdow said the pause for
effect, watching                                                                          insulting that a justice on the Supreme       reflection would be unconstitutional
someone       take                                                                        Court would say the constitution              if its purpose was to “to get people to
action is like This little boy might grow up to be a bully due to his exposure to         permits the disregard of religious            pray to and think about God,” but if it
practicing         it                      violent video games                            minorities,” Dr. Newdow said. “If the         was intended “to have people to think
yourself. So when a child plays a video parts of the brain in charge,” she stated,        same was said about any other minority,       about whatever they want,” it would be
game where they can kill people begging “it takes energy away from the more               it would be front-page news.”                 permissible.
for mercy or burn people alive, they are                      continued on page 6            In his article, Dr. Newdow tries                         continued on page 10
practicing being cruel,” Dr. Narvaez said.                                                to turn the question around and

              CEC Conference                                                    Is the Spirit of you see
           contemplates simplicity
                 and virtue                                                   Inclusion enough? lose
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                                                                                                         The IrIsh rover
Page 2                                                                                               The Scoop                                                                                    December 7, 2010

  The IrIsh rover
            Gabrielle Speach
                                                           “Love is not just looking at each other,
               Sam Dettman
        assocIaTe PublIsher
                                                           it’s looking in the same direction.”
           Megan Gamble
          execuTIve edITor
            Claire Gillen                                      -Antoine de SaintExupery
          ManagIng edITors
            Jonathan Liedl
           Laura Lindsley
          ProducTIon chIef
            Stephanie Perry
               Karalyn Chen
                                                        Defending the Spirit of Inclusion
                                                                                                 more” (John 8:11). The Spirit of         self-restraint can’t be construed        statement informs us that adding
      assocIaTe edITors                                        gabby sPeach                      Inclusion statement illustrates this     as hypocritical or discriminatory.”      “sexual orientation” to the non-
     Elliott Argue, Campus                                      Editor-in-Chief                  call to conversion by highlighting       She adds, “One’s own struggles to        discrimination clause would
      Ray Korson, Campus                                                                         the Church’s teaching that “all          be pure provide the best possible        subject the university’s interaction
Matthew Balkey, Culture & Thought                                                                people, regardless of their sexual       jumping-off point for sympathy           with homosexual members of its
Adriana Garcia, Culture & Thought                                                                orientation, are called to live chaste   and compassion towards those             community to the governance of
      Katie Petrik, Politics
                                                                                                 lives in accordance with their           who have the difficult cross of          local civil courts, which link “what
     Josh Varanelli, Politics
 Dale Parker, Religion & Ethics                                                                  vocations as single people, married      homosexuality to contend with.”          we [the university] regard as two
      Mike Johnson, Sports                                                                       couples, priests or religious.”              At our Catholic university, we       distinct concepts—homosexual
                                                                                                     Chastity is one of the greatest      should respond to homosexual             persons         and      homosexual
       councIl of advIsors                                                                       forms of holistic love. It shows         students, employees, and faculty         conduct.”
          Alfred Freddoso,                                                                       respect for a man or woman in his        not by adding “sexual orientation”           Notre          Dame’s        non-
        Professor of Philosophy                                                                  or her entirety, whether as a friend,    to the non-discrimination clause,        discrimination clause refers to
          Walter Nicgorski,                                                                      a girlfriend, a husband, a colleague,    but instead by welcoming them            institutional discrimination, not
            Professor of PLS                                                                     or an employer. Practicing               into a community where we                harassment. As the Spirit of
            John Cavadini,
                                                                                                 chastity helps us not to see our         should promote greater standards         Inclusion statement tells us,
   Associate Professor of Theology
           Peter Kilpatrick,                                                                     companions on the “common                of chastity for all. We need to          Notre Dame’s harassment policy
                                                                                                 journey” as merely sources of            encourage the Church’s view that         protects homosexual members

 Dean of the College of Engineering
            Jeffrey Langan,                                         ith Solidarity Sunday        physical pleasure. Instead, chastity     sexuality must be taken seriously        of its community from offensive
Professor of Liberal Studies, Holy Cross                            two weeks behind us,         helps us see all people in our           if the human race is not only to         treatment.
  Father Bill Miscamble, C.S.C.,                                    we might ask, “As a          lives as those who help us attain        continue, but also to know, love,            Institutional      discrimination
          Professor of History                          Catholic university, how can we          salvation. All of us are capable of      and serve God.                           includes        discrimination       in
         Margot Cleveland,                              love the homosexual members of           using our freedom to live chastely.          But if we claim that adding          “employment,              educational
    Adjunct Instructor of Accounting                    our community with the same love         As the statement points out, Notre       “sexual orientation” to the non-         programs, admissions policies,
           Charles E. Rice,                             that Christ taught us? Is the Spirit     Dame encourages this attitude            discrimination clause encourages         scholarship and loan programs,
      Professor Emeritus of Law                         of Inclusion statement enough of         through such student life policies       a non-holistic approach to               athletics, recreational, and other
           Gerard Bradley,
                                                        a response to homosexuality at           as parietals and single-sex dorms.       homosexual students, shouldn’t           school-administered programs,”
            Professor of Law
          Michael Zuckert,                              Notre Dame?”                                 Though chastity links our            we say that adding phrases like          as listed on the website for the
     Professor of Political Science                         The Spirit of Inclusion              bodies and our sexuality in a            “disability” and “race” does the         Office of Institutional Equity.
                                                        statement is one of welcome; it is a     holistic way, part of the problem        same for disabled students or            And in this sense, the university
     board of dIrecTors                                 universal invitation to become part      of encouraging chastity, whether         minority students?                       does not appear to discriminate
    Gabrielle Speach, ND‘12                             of the Notre Dame community.             for homosexual or heterosexual               The      distinction      between    against homosexual persons. In
     Sam Dettman, ND ‘13                                It reads, “We welcome all people,        persons, is that we live in an           homosexuality and race, gender, or       accord with the Spirit of Inclusion
    Kevin Donohue, ND ‘10
     Mary K. Daly, ND ‘10                               regardless of color, gender, religion,   environment where chastity is            disability comes when we consider        statement, the university continues
    Matthew Smith, ND ‘08                               ethnicity, sexual orientation, social    considered silly or foolish. Though      the relationship between sexual          to welcome homosexual students
      Tommy Forr, ND ‘07                                or economic class, and nationality,      student life policies encourage          orientation and sexual activity.         and faculty members into its
       Brian Lasky, ND ‘07                              for example, precisely because of        chastity, casual sex is not absent in        Disability, race, and gender         community.
   Meredith Wholley, ND ‘07                             Christ’s calling to treat others as      our campus community. Outside            also produce certain tendencies,             Since the non-discrimination
  Christopher Hammer, ND ‘05
    Joseph Lindsley, ND ‘05                             we desire to be treated.”                the community, the media often           but those tendencies do not              clause refers specifically to
   Beth Monteleone, ND ‘05                                  The statement is accompanied         promotes an attitude that sexuality      corrupt actions resulting from           institutional discrimination, it
      Henry Scott, ND ‘05                               by a letter, and together they may       is not something to be taken             them. I might sound confusing, so        is unclear how effective adding
                                                        be read as one document. The letter      seriously.                               please bear with me. As a hearing        “sexual orientation” to the non-
The Irish Rover is a 501(c)(3) organization.            explains the university’s reasoning          In response to this attitude,        impaired person, my lack of              discrimination clause would be. To
                                                        for including “sexual orientation”       Catholics who promote the                hearing impacts my ability to listen     add the phrase to the clause would
                                                        in its welcoming statement but not       Church’s teaching on chastity            in class or participate in discussion,   risk the university’s freedom to
       THE FINE PRINT                                   in its non-discrimination clause.        need to practice what they preach.       but my act of participation is not       promote the Church’s teachings
     Founded in 2003, The Irish Rover is an indepen-        Nevertheless, it is still argued     Catholic author and columnist            distorted or corrupted when I ask        about sexuality, most importantly
dent, Catholic newspaper published fortnightly          that the university should add the       Melinda Selmys, now a wife and           that questions be repeated.              that sexuality is God’s gift to us for
by students of the University of Notre Dame du
Lac, and, as such, it receives no funding or official   phrase “sexual orientation” to its       mother who lived a lesbian lifestyle         Sexual orientation is a tendency     creating new life.
recognition from the University. Indeed, the ideas      non-discrimination clause in order       as a young adult, described one of       toward sexual action. The sexual act         As human beings created in
presented herein are not necessarily those of the
University, although they probably should be.
                                                        to truly love homosexual students,       the biggest frustrations of young        has a procreative and unitive aspect     God’s image, we all have a higher
     The Rover was established by Notre Dame            faculty, and employees as beings         homosexual persons:                      between a man and woman; this            calling to chastity, to love others
students who desired a strong and organized
conservative voice on campus with the primary
                                                        created “in the image and likeness           “In a lot of cases I think that      is supported by Sacred Scripture         holistically by encouraging each
purpose of keeping the University true to its           of a loving God,” (for example,          homosexual young people are              and Tradition (see the Catechism         other to practice sexuality the way
founding mission as a Roman Catholic institu-           see “Living up to the Spirit of          genuinely scandalized: they see          of the Catholic Church 2363-9; Gen.      God intended us to use it. In that
tion. The Rover seeks to facilitate part of what
the University’s mission statement desires in its       Inclusion at ND” in the Observer’s       that the standard for chastity           1:27-28; Lev. 18:22; Matt. 19: 4-6;      regard, the Spirit of Inclusion
community: “a forum where through free in-              Nov. 16 issue).                          amongst their heterosexual peers         Eph. 5:25-33; 1 Cor. 7:2-3). To act      statement is an appropriate
quiry and open discussion the various lines of
Catholic thought may intersect with all the forms
                                                            One can also argue the               is low to non-existent, and it’s only    sexually on a same-sex tendency is       response to all members of the
of knowledge found in the arts, sciences, profes-       opposite, that we do not need to         natural to feel resentment. In a lot     to distort God’s procreative and         Notre Dame community, because
sions, and every other area of human scholarship
and creativity.” To provide this forum, the Rover
                                                        add the phrase if we are to love         of cases, teachers and other role        unitive purpose.                         it invites all of us, heterosexual or
offers a distinctive kind of coverage that includes     homosexual members of our                models with the Catholic world               The Church distinguishes             homosexual, to become “brothers
campus news, religion, politics, culture, history,      community as they deserve to             are divorced or living common-           between same-sex orientation             and sisters through Jesus Christ
humor and sports.
     Out of civility, the Rover will not critically     be loved. When we consider the           law, young Catholics routinely use       and acting on that orientation. As       on a common journey back to
mention names of students, professors, or ad-           homosexual person a child of             contraception and rarely remain          the Catechism tells us, “[M]en and       the God who created us.” Only
ministrators, unless the person is either a well-
known member of the community, or he or she
                                                        God with inherent dignity, we can        chaste until marriage, and in most       women who have deep-seated               by realizing that our journey of
has openly sought publicity. Unsigned editorials        see that this dignity entitles each      cases no one will talk about these       homosexual tendencies must be            inclusion and conversion at Notre
represent the majority opinion of the Rover’s Edi-
torial Board, while content in individual columns
                                                        person to a love that looks at his       issues—they’re considered too            accepted with respect, compassion        Dame is “common” can we do as
represents the views of each respective author          or her whole person.                     personal and delicate.”                  and sensitivity.” (2358). Only           the Spirit of Inclusion suggests,
and should not be construed as representing the             Part of loving each other                What’s the solution to this          acting on a same-sex tendency is         namely, “act in accordance with…
views of the entire staff. All comments and ques-
tions regarding the Rover’s policies and editorial      holistically involves realizing that     hypocrisy? “By far the most              considered sinful, not the tendency      a higher standard—Christ’s call
content, as well as Letters to the Editor, may be       the call to “inclusion” is a call to     important thing for heterosexual         itself.                                  to inclusiveness, coupled with the
directed to the Editor-in-Chief Gabby Speach at or PO Box 46 Notre
                                                        conversion. In the gospels, Christ       Catholics to do,” says Selmys, “is           Though the Church and the            gospels’ call to live chaste lives.”
Dame IN 46556. These letters may be printed             invited to himself the poor, the         to provide a consistent example          university distinguish between
anonymously, upon request. Also, please feel free
to visit our website, where you
                                                        sick, the outcast, and the sinner.       of chastity, to show, instead of         sexual orientation and sexual               Contact Gabby at
can peruse archives and subscribe to the paper.         He forgave the sinner while              telling, how it is to be done. In a      activity, civil courts do not
                                                        commanding the sinner to “sin no         chaste environment, the call to          recognize this distinction. The
                                                                   The IrIsh rover
December 7, 2010                                      The Joe Lindsley Page                                                                         Page 3

the rambler’S

Rover Repor t
Providing Commentary, Insight, and Views on Occurrences of Note

                                                 Cheers & Jeers
                                                                MIchael Jackson

                                                                     Staff Writer

     C he                            Nice hands, feet!
                                 Oh so many ways to make fun of
                      USC now. Ronald Johnson I personally thank
                                                                                                      Baller-in-chief taking one for the team
                                                                                                      I love me a president who can play
                                                                                                      some basketball and our commander-
                                                                                                      in-chief really can. While all of us were
              you for your early Christmas present this year. I regret
                                                                                                      on pumpkin pie hangovers Baller-in-
              to inform you, however, that I have no gift in return,
                                                                                                      chief Barackoballer, (also the name of an ’08
              but maybe if you call the NCAA they’ll still let you
                                                                                                      bookstore basketball team), was boxing out
              transfer out. Let’s now see what UT men’s basketball
                                                                                                      and shooting J’s with his nephew and some
       coach Bruce Pearl has to say about USC’s coach Lane Kiffin:
                                                                                                      cabinet members. He just didn’t realize that
       “I’ve made mistakes, I clearly did,” Pearl said Monday while
                                                                                                      he would get elbowed in the face and need 12
       addressing the Knoxville Quarterback Club, “but what I was
                                                                                                      stitches when Rey Decerega (Congressional
       hoping for was that some other dumbass would get on the
                                                                                                      Hispanic Caucus Institute) was driving to
       front page and take me off the hook. I miss Lane Kiffin.”
                                                                                                      the hoop. Okay, so he isn’t exactly President
       And I applaud your student section shirts that said U Can’t
                                                                                                      Andrew Jackson taking bullets in duels for his
       Sanction (UCS) in Trojan colors. Because whether you’re
                                                                                                      wife every other day but it was pretty cool to
       USC, UCS, CSU, CUS, SCU, or SUCk, you were sanctioned.
                                                                                                      see him with a little warrior wound. Now the
       Enjoy the bowl game!
                                                                                                      only question is block or charge?

                            TSA Backlash
                 I’ll admit that the TSA gets very
                 friendly with their pat downs, but
                 when you end up next to the guy                                                         What the Heck, North Korea?
       with the butt bomb don’t complain to me.                                                         Last March you decided it would be a
       (Yes, I’ve been pulled aside for extra security.)                                                good idea to torpedo a South Korean ship
       Breaking news, the TSA is trying to stop                                                         for ABSOLUTELY No Reason and then
       terrorism but there’s definitely a better way.                                                   pretend like the torpedo was shot out of a
       Rather than complain about it, come up with                                        rock in the ocean. Obviously, we have a liar in North
       the better way and sell it to the Transportation                                   Korea. Now they’re shooting up a South Korean Island
       Security Laboratory (TSL) and become a                                             as retaliation for a South Korean firing drill that happened
       millionaire. I have an idea. How about every                                       in the middle of the deep blue sea. They said they’re sorry
       five people the TSA just asks, “How are you                                        that people were killed but basically told South Korea the
       today sir/ma’am? Do you have a bomb?”                                              people shouldn’t have been there when they were firing.
                                                                                          That’s like Homer Simpson chomping his mouth saying
                                                                                          that if the pie happens to be eaten it’s the pie’s fault. Oh

                                                                                                Black Friday
                                                               As my younger sister said over Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the
                                                               day to “Stay home, lock your doors, and hide your kids because
                                                               the crazies are out in full force.” If you’re willing to get up at 2
                                                               am in order to get to Macy’s by 3 am to buy a chique pair of flip-
                                                               flops you’re crazy. Besides, Black Friday is for children, that’s why this year if
                                                               you went to Toys ‘R’ Us, which I didn’t, you got a free box of crayons and
                                                               a coloring book. And just think of the disappointment on Black Friday too.
                                                               You might run into Arnold Schwarzenegger while looking for Turboman like
                                                               those geniuses in that horrible movie “Jingle All the Way.” The worst part is
                                                               that if you’re a normal American and have a specific sale where you can get in
                                                               and get out this is the day where you can’t.
                                                                                     The IrIsh rover
Page 4                                                                 Culture & Thought                                                                                 December 7, 2010

 St. Andre Bassette: Humble Door Keeper
                                        holiness.                             to him who needed prayers and            St. Andre also erected a chapel      of Christ, the humble St. Andre
      sandra laguerTa                     The most profound virtue St.        healings.                              on Mount Royal in St. Joseph’s         Bassette was motivated by the
           Staff Writer                 Andre practiced was humility.            Prof.     Cunningham         also   honor. As a barber, St. Andre          grace of God: “Philanthropists
                                        Barely literate, poor, and familiar   discussed St. Andre’s constancy,       collected the money he earned to       grow weary. Saints never grow

A          t the Center of Ethics and
           Culture’s 11th annual fall
           conference, “Younger
than Sin: Virtues of Humility,
Wonder, and Joy,” Professor
                                        with labor intensive jobs, Andre
                                        Bassette entered the religious life
                                        as brother in 1874. He took the
                                        religious name Andre to honor
                                        the parish priest who suggested
                                                                              or the virtue of stability. St.
                                                                              Andre’s humble job as a porter
                                                                              linked the “sanctity of the cloister
                                                                              to the world beyond.” Through
                                                                              this virtue of constancy, the saint
                                                                                                                     give to charity and to help begin
                                                                                                                     construction of St. Joseph’s
                                                                                                                       Although the construction
                                                                                                                     process encountered many
                                                                                                                                                              St. Andre died in 1937 at the
                                                                                                                                                            age of 91. 55,000 attended his
                                                                                                                                                            funeral mass and one million
                                                                                                                                                            visited his body outside of the
Lawrence Cunningham, the John           he consider the Holy Cross            expressed love in his vocation         obstacles, St. Andre never faltered    Oratory after his death. He was
A. O’Brien Chair of Catholic of         Community.                            and his utmost obedience to            in his perseverance. In the            beautified in 1982 by Pope John
Theology, spoke of Holy Cross’s           As the door keeper, Prof.           God.                                   midst of the Great Depression,         Paul II and was raised to the
first canonized saint in this year’s    Cunningham said, St. Andre               In light of these three virtues,    Canadians of all ages continued        altars by Pope Benedict XVI in
Jack Schuster Memorial Lecture:         was the greeter at the “threshold     St. Andre’s greatest model             to donate gifts and the basilica       October 2010.
“The Humility of the Door               of hospitality.” Cunningham           of humility, hospitality, and          was completed.
Keeper: The Case of Andre               explained St. Andre as a model        constancy was St. Joseph. St.            Toward the end of his lecture,
Bassette, CSC.”                         of Abraham in his belief that         Andre encouraged his visitors to       Prof. Cunningham proposed                 Sandra Laguerta is a sophomore
   In his lecture, Prof. Cunningham     “to show hospitality is to show       devote themselves to the humble,       putting St. Andre’s virtue to          theology major who enjoys playing
focused on the life of St. Andre        hospitality to angels unaware.”       just spouse of Mary by calling on      practice: “If we want people           the ukulele while wearing brightly
as a door keeper, where his             Like Christ who shared meals          St. Joseph’s intercession for them     to come back to the Lord, we           colored sweaters. You can contact
practice of humility, hospitality,      with the poor and the outcast,        and healing them with the oil of       ought to welcome them when             her, addressing the email as “To
and constancy contributed to his        St. Andre drew various people         St. Joseph.                            they come.” As the doorkeeper          LaSaundrah,”at

           Prof. Esolen discusses Christian simplicity as
                      solution to materialism
        andrew lynch                    and Eve lost the youthful             Lesuix puts it, ‘to be an atom of      his soul of an accounting house        spoke the light into being.”
           Staff Writer                 innocence of man by giving in to      Jesus.’”                               ledger book, fell away.” “                “Materialism,” Prof. Esolen
                                        the devil’s temptation of strength       According to Prof. Esolen,             Drawing on his explanation          offered, “looks upon the child

I    n a world of ceaseless
     conflict,       strife,    and
     oppression, where even basic
disagreements have descended
into what Alasdair MacIntyre
                                        and maturity, the world became
                                        steeped in a conflict between the
                                        Christian idea of youth in Christ
                                        and the materialist notion of age
                                        and progress.
                                                                              hope for the future lies in Christ-
                                                                              like childlikeness, “for the future
                                                                              belongs to the child, the child of
                                                                              Christ! And the hosts of children
                                                                              love him.”
                                                                                                                     of Dante’s childlikeness before
                                                                                                                     God in “Paradiso,” Prof. Esolen
                                                                                                                     explained, “When he [Scrooge]
                                                                                                                     awoke from his dream, which was
                                                                                                                     no dream but truth, he learned
                                                                                                                                                            and sees something less than a pig
                                                                                                                                                            or dog, a contribution perhaps to
                                                                                                                                                            our wellbeing or a consumer of
                                                                                                                                                            resources, but nothing wondrous,
                                                                                                                                                            nothing holy.”
calls, “the interminability of             The materialist notion of age,        Prof. Esolen pointed to scenes      that it was still the day when the        Prof. Esolen concluded by
public argument,” Professor             Prof. Esolen claimed, is what led     in Dante’s “Inferno,” Charles          Christ child was born. Scrooge, in     quoting the gospel, thereby
Anthony Esolen claims to have           political philosophers like Francis   Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol,”         the joy of his new youth, blurted      encouraging the audience to
found the problem.                      Bacon and Thomas Hobbes “to           and      William     Shakespeare’s     out his version of the words of        enter into the state of child-like
   In a lecture titled, “The Mighty     see in pre-political man, nothing     “Tempest,” where writers used          Dante before the living God, ‘I        wonder Christ says is necessary
Child: Visions of Youth in              more than a war against all, and      notions of youth and innocence         don’t know anything at all! I am       for eternal life. “Then let the
Dante and Shakespeare” during           to prescribe as remedy for that       to display that “everlasting truth     quite like a baby!’”                   words of our savior,” said Prof.
the Notre Dame Center for               war, not love or conversion of        that unites us to God and to              Prof. Esolen explained that         Esolen, “who well knew the
Ethics and Culture’s annual fall        heart, but the artificial restraint   one another.” This youth and           God wants us to be like little         hearts of men, ring in our ears:
conference, Prof. Esolen claimed        upon enmity imposed by that           innocence counters the burden          children that we may be most           ‘Suffer the little children to come
that our world is engaged in what       hulking, ancient, inhuman God         of materialism.                        dear to him and to one another,        unto me,’ says he, looking to
he calls “the ancient quarrel, the      called Leviathan, or the State.”         He focused particularly on the      and therefore most like God            his disciples and to us now and
quarrel of age against child.”             Prof. Esolen explained that        redemptive figure of Scrooge in        himself in his true power and          always. ‘For such is the kindom
   Prof. Esolen, a professor of         in a materialistic world, we long     “A Christmas Carol,” referencing       glory.                                 of heaven.’ How can it be
English at Providence College,          to shed the embarrassment of          the last part of Scrooge’s dream,         Prof. Esolen used the example       otherwise? For to us a child is
argued that today’s materialist         dependency, and we desire to be       where he witnesses the Cratchit        of Christ, illustrating his claim      born, unto us, a son is given.”
society is the result of eradicating    strong, autonomous, and self-         family mourning their dead son         that Christ-like childlikeness
Christ-like youthfulness and            thinking.                             Tim. “In this scene,” said Prof.       offers hope for the future. Christ        Andrew keeps it real over in
replacing it with the age of                 “In such a world,” he said,      Esolen, “Scrooge was made one          “dwel[t] among us for love,            Morrissey Manor. Send him crazy
progress.                               “it is necessary to be grown          in their love of a little child, his   [could] hardly move his little         dance moves at
   Prof. Esolen explained that          and strong, like a Machiavellian      heart fairly broke with remorse,       hand… sowed the heavens with
after the fall of man in the            prince, and it is pitiable to be      and all the old dismal wisdom of       stars as thick as grain, [could not]
Garden of Eden, where Adam              small and weak, as St. Teresa of      his world, his material mind, and      speak a word, who is word, and

  The Rover
 wishes you a
blessed Advent
 and a Merry
                                                                                    The IrIsh rover
December 7, 2010                                                      Culture & Thought                                                                                              Page 5

              Vampire hype: Professor discusses immortal fiends
                                       archetypes in John William            is superseded with this attractive     McInerny explained that Meyer        contrast to “Twilight,” there is
       adrIana garcIa                  Polidori’s book “Vampyre,” the        vampire. Instead of fearing this     creates a vampire type that is         no romantic rescue, no era of
                                       book and film series “Twilight,”      creature, the victims now plead      a perfect “knight in shining           peace and harmony - just savage
Culture & Thought Co-Editor            and the film “Let Me                                                                    armor.” Thus, the         killings and doomed 12 year-old

I    n this year’s Center for Ethics
     and Culture fall conference
     “Younger than Sin: Virtues
of Humility, Wonder, and Joy,”
Professor Daniel McInerny from
                                         Starting with the
                                       writer John William
                                                                                                                               prey is willing to
                                                                                                                               risk her soul for a
                                                                                                                               life of immortality.
                                                                                                                               McInerny drew a
                                                                                                                               scriptural    analogy,
                                                                                                                                                           McInerny connected the third
                                                                                                                                                         archetype to the hostile animal
                                                                                                                                                         instinct. In one film scene,
                                                                                                                                                         the young boy asks the female
Baylor University presented his        Polidori’s “Vampyre,”                                                                   stating that, like        vampire why she kills. She
lecture entitled, “Sucking the Life    McInerny described                                                                      Eve’s submission to       explains how she is just like him,
from Our Children: Hollywood           the way in which                                                                        the serpent in the        merely acting out the desire of
and the Romance of the Living          Polidori depicted his                                                                   book of Genesis,          every human being. McInerny
Dead.”                                 “living dead” character                                                                 Meyer’s protagonist       said that without innocence, all
  Professor McInerny addressed         after Lord Byron. As                                                                    too was willing to        humans would be just like the
a packed audience of academics,        Byron’s physician in                                                                    trespass and lose her     vampire, living out a life of wrath
laymen, and students as he             the Gothic era, Polidori                                                                salvation, in order to    and evil.
discussed the way in which the         made clear affinities to                                                                live out her romance        Finally, McInerny emphasized
vampire genre in popular culture       Lord Byron, from his                                                                    with a vampire.           how this insurgence of vampire
caused, and is currently causing,      character traits to his                                                                    In      “Twilight,”    lore must be addressed. From
a frenzy.                              travels, which led to                                                                   McInerny        stated,   his exposition of the three
  He explained that middle             the Byronic hero, an                                                                    humans             and    archetypes, he argued that the
grade and young adult literature       aggressive spoiler of                                                                   vampires are able         young should spend more
is once again being invaded            innocent virtue. At                                                                     to have peace and         time reading books that could
by a “profoundly negative and          this point, the vampire,                                                                harmony with one          cultivate their virtues rather than
chilling” phenomenon. Young            McInerny            said,                                                               another. This is only     envelop them in the world of
adults are enticed by this “kind       became        considered                                                                achieved, however,        the living dead. He suggested an
of immortality of a gruesome           the immortal predator                                                                   when          humans      appropriate place to start: Read
sort…the living dead,” which           of the vulnerable and                                                                   decide to forgo their     the novels of Jane Austen.
he argued is a devourer of             upright.                                                                                innocence, to “be
innocence.        The      vampire,      The vampire tale                                                                      like gods.”                  Adriana Garcia is a third year
McInerny stated, was a monster         was later rehashed                                                                         Likewise, in the       theology/sociology major and still
known throughout history as            in Stephanie Meyer’s                                                                    film “Let Me In,”         stands by her love for the Twilight
one who preyed on the pure of          popular       “Twilight”                                                                the horror of the         Saga. Go Team Edward! If you agree,
heart.                                 series. McInerny began                  Note church in background                       serpent’s words is        feel free to contact her at agarci16@
  McInerny          retraced     the   to describe the second archetype,     to become the vampires. “Clearly     plainly displayed on screen. We
popularization of vampire stories      which he called the romantic hero.    something different is going on      receive a “reduction to the absurd
and discussed three prominent          In “Twilight,” the Byronic hero       here,” claimed McInerny.             in this film,” stated McInerny. In

                                             Center for Ethics and Culture
                                           keynote lecture discusses Aquinas
         e.J. sanchez                  is one such inclination. One          instead embrace a spirit of
          Staff Writer                 sees this primarily in a child’s      childhood, which values play
                                       wonder at the world, at others,       and leisure. This playfulness,
                                       and at himself. The child sees        as an activity pursued for its

        he Center for Ethics and
        Culture’s fall conference
        opened with Fr. John
              address      ‘‘Giving
wisdom to little ones’ (Psalm
                                       the world and asks “Why?” In
                                       the same way, Aquinas follows
                                       Aristotle in looking at the
                                       world and seeking causes. This
                                       humility is essential to theology
                                                                             own sake, perhaps in this way
                                                                             resembles Aristotle’s highest
                                                                             good of contemplation. Saward
                                                                             pointed out that Aquinas agreed
                                                                             with this valuing of playfulness:
18: 8): St. Thomas Aquinas -           because theology is “faith            Indeed, he said that, while
Doctor of the Little Way.” Fr.         seeking understanding,” thus          playing too much is a sin, so is
Saward, an associate lecturer at       presupposing an acceptance            playing too little.
Oxford and a parish priest of          by faith of the truth received            Saward also pointed out in the
the church that J.R.R. Tolkien         through revelation.                   original manuscript of Aquinas’
once attended, explained how              Thus, theology primarily           “Summa Contra Gentiles,” he
Aquinas reflected and lived this       argues from the authority             wrote the words “Ave Maria”
ideal of retrieving simplicity.        of doctrine, scripture, and           frequently throughout. In Mary,
   In Aquinas’ philosophical           the Church Fathers. Saward            Saward said, we see a reflection
and theological works, Saward          referenced Aquinas’ claim that        of the conference’s theme,
said, lies the paradox that the        pride is in some fashion at the       “Younger than Sin: Reviving the
man whose intellect rivals that        beginning of every sin, which         Virtue of Simplicity through
of the angels is also a man of         hinders one’s finding of the truth    Humility, Wonder, and Joy.”
childlike humility. This paradox       through a preoccupation with          She was humble, and always
is also the paradox of Christ,         one’s own excellence. Rather, as      maintained       the   innocence
reflecting the mysterious nature       Aquinas said, humility is found at    of grace which was gifted to
of an omnipotent God who               the root of truth. Aquinas wrote      her through her Immaculate
died on a cross.                       his great “Summa Theologica”          Conception. Our Lady truly
   Saward argued that the              for those seminarians and             may be said to be “younger than
works of St. Thomas possess            students who were new to the          sin.”
the spontaneity of childhood,          study of theology, and came to            Finally,    Saward      stated
which comes before reason and          the realization that all his works    that, although Aquinas did
marks the disposition of those         were “like straw” compared with       not perceive the truth of the
who truly possess wisdom.              God’s wonder and glory.               Immaculate Conception during
One may object, he said, that             Another                childlike   his day, we see the same humility
“childlikeness” cannot be part         characteristic is playfulness. In     which marked his life and
of wisdom because children             discussing this, Saward cited         writings in those followers of his
themselves do not possess the          Josef Pieper, who argued that         Thomistic school of theology.
fullness of reason and thus do         the pursuit of philosophy             For example, Fr. Saward referred
not possess wisdom themselves.         requires leisure. He suggested        to Fr. Garrigou, who stated that                             St. Thomas Aquinas
Saward says, however, that one         that without play, one loses          it should be “a point of honor”      “always young, always humble,        E.J. Sanchez, a sophomore of
must imitate childhood not in its      the possibility of leisure,           for Thomists to concede the          childlike, younger than deceit, Morrissey Manor, lives in the higher
deficiency of understanding but        which is necessary in order to        failure of their patron. Thus,       younger than error, giving universe of mathematics. If you’d
rather in its natural inclinations.    contemplate truth. In contrast        in the writings of Aquinas, his      wisdom to little ones.”           like to take a visit, contact E.J. at
   Humility, which restrains the       to the “Protestant work ethic,”       life, and his philosophy we see                              
unbridled desire for excellence,       or utilitarianism, one should         a mind which is, as Saward said,
                                                                                         The IrIsh rover
Page 6                                                                              The Spread                                                                        December 7, 2010

                                                                                                                    Social effects of violent
                                                                                                                         video games
                                                                                                                continued from front page             for everyone), T (ages 13 and
                                                                                                                social and thoughtful parts of        over), M (17 and over), and A
                                                                                                                the brain. Research shows that        (adults only).
                                                                                                                normal kids immersed in such              Dr. Narvaez disagrees,
                                                                                                                games develop ‘game brain,’ in        claiming the government has
                                                                                                                which those more thoughtful           an obligation to step in and
                                                                                                                parts        hardly                                         legislate on
                                                                                                                operate at all.”     “Violent media                         this matter.
                                                                                                                   She compares                                             “ U . S .
                                                                                                                the          effects should be considered as                society is
                                                                                                                of        sustained                                         toxic     for
                                                                                                                e x p o s u r e
                                                                                                                to        violence,
                                                                                                                                     unhealthy as cigarettes                children
                                                                                                                                                                            these days
                                                                                                                through       video
                                                                                                                                     are for kids”                          wherever
                                                                                                                                                                            you look:
                                                                                                                games, to tobacco and other           food, consumer products, air,
                                                                                                                addictive and detrimental             water, soil, media,” Narvaez
                          “Notre Dame de Vie”                                                                   products, saying, “Violent            said. “It’s really unfair to put
                            Our Lady of Life                 The Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life          media should be considered as         policing all these things onto
                                                                          unhealthy as cigarettes are for       parents. Plus parents don’t have
                                                                                                                kids, so sales should be carefully    the information they need on
                                                                                                                monitored.”                           all these things. Society needs to
                                                                                                                   Several years ago, Dr.             step in and make things safe for
                                                                                                                Narvaez compared the social           kids.”
                                                                                                                effects of playing violent video          It is unclear how far-
             SO YOUR MOM’S PRO-LIFE...
            LIVES ARE SAVED ONE AT A TIME.                                                                      games with the effects of
                                                                                                                playing “helping” video games.
                                                                                                                                                      reaching this Supreme Court
                                                                                                                                                      decision will be in terms of the
                                                                                                                The research provided clear           permissible level of government
            THING FOR YOU,                                                                                      results in Dr. Narvaez’s eyes.
                                                                                                                “We found that people who
                                                                                                                                                      intervention into affairs of free
                                                                                                                                                      speech and children’s welfare.
                                                                                                                played the helping game were          Narvaez’s position, however, is
            For a free supply of “Notre Dame de Vie” prayer cards, email
            For a free supply of “Notre Dame de Vie” prayer cards, email                                        more pro-social afterward in the      clear.
             your address and quantity needed to                                          task we gave them,” she stated.           “It’s funny how the USA is
             your address and quantity needed to                                             Many advocates of removing         so nonchalant about violence
                              Send a supply to your mom!
                             Send a supply to your mom!                                                         the ban believe that limiting         when the empirical evidence
                                                                                                                children’s exposure to violent        shows it (is) overwhelmingly
                                                                                                                video games should be a               harmful in the short and long
                                                                                                                matter of parental discretion.        term,” she said.
                                                                                                                California-based video game
         Advertise with The Rover.                                                                              company Activision Blizzard
                                                                                                                told the Court that the existing
                                                                                                                Entertainment           Software
                                                                                                                                                          Jonathan Jasinski is a senior political
                                                                                                                                                      science and history double major who
                                                                                                                                                      lives most of his life at North Dining

      Contact                                                                           Rating Board provides parents
                                                                                                                sufficient information about
                                                                                                                the content of video games.
                                                                                                                                                      Hall. If you would like to contact him
                                                                                                                                                      when he is not stuck cleaning dishes
                                                                                                                                                      email him at
                                                                                                                The ratings include E (suitable

             Our very own Kelly Mason on working at the CEC
       kelly Mason                     Wood’s talk on “The Dialogue room reading I overheard Greer               But it wasn’t until I took           I still remember getting the email
          Staff Writer                 with Atheism: Chesterton’s Ball Hannan, an undergraduate Professor                    Solomon’s       class    while in Oxford for the summer,
                                       and the Cross.” I had never assistant at the time, say she “Morality and Modernity” in the                     after having appropriately just
    My freshman year at Notre          heard of this Chesterton before, needed someone to go to a dinner spring of my sophomore year                  visited the Eagle and Child, from
Dame I ran into a friend who was       but I knew that I instantly liked with Father Paul Mankowski that I ever thought to ask for a                  Mrs. Kathryn Wales, informing
going to a talk on Shakespeare         him, and his way of engaging the before his talk on Evelyn Waugh job. I remember reading about                 me I could work at the Center
and Catholicism put on by the          modern world. The next semester for the Center’s Catholic Culture tradition in Professor Alasdair              next year.
Center for Ethics and Culture.         I again attended everything I Series, themed that year as “Wit’s MacIntyre’s book After Virtue,                    It has been such a blessing to
I somewhat mocked him, saying          could that had the name Center Way to Wisdom.” I jumped at and thinking I wanted to be in                      work at the Center. I have met
that anything Catholic at Notre        for Ethics and Culture on it.        the opportunity. I still remember a living tradition. I belonged to       some truly incredible scholars,
Dame can’t be all that Catholic.          My       soph-                                                                         the Catholic         whose lectures and discussions
(Some background information           omore         year                                                                        tradition, but       with me have changed my life. I
here, from the time I was in 8th       I talked to                                                                               what about a         owe much of my intellectual and
grade and thinking of coming           Professor                                                                                 philosophical        spiritual formation to the Center.
to Notre Dame my dad made it           David Solomon,                                                                            tradition? And       I am certain that my college
his purpose in life to remind me       Director of the                                                                           a local tradition    experience would be drastically
that Notre Dame is not a truly         Center, and his                                                                           concerned            deprived without the Center.
Catholic university.)                  wife after an                                                                             with          the    The most important thing
    My friend responded that           opening event of                                                                          restoration          about the Center is its sense of
I should go to every event             the year. He said                                                                         of Christian         community. I have made friends
hosted by the Center for Ethics        to come up to                                                                             culture?         I   who I might never have met
and Culture, because that is           Center anytime,                                                                           decided         at   had it not been for the Center;
exactly what they espouse, true        even just to do                                                                           that moment          friends who share similar loves
Catholicism with an emphasis           homework. He                                                                              I needed to be       with me, but who also challenge
on how Catholicism relates to          said he likes to                                                                          a part of the        me. Professor Solomon and the
culture and the intellectual life. I   see      students                                                                         Center.              rest of the Center community
listened to what my friend said,       there. One day I                                                                              Every day        have welcomed me into their
and when I received an email           gained enough             From left: Angela Pfeister, Kelly Mason, Octavia Ratiu          after class I        hectic lives, and I am eternally
from the Center about one of           courage to take him up on it. I the conversation from dinner; mentioned to Solomon my desire                   indebted to them all.
their Breaking Bread dinners I         walked in nervously hoping no it changed my way of relating to work at the Center, then I
responded as quickly as possible.      one would mind that I was there, to people who aren’t orthodox started to bother every person                     Contact Kelly at kmason2@
    I went to my first Breaking        no one even noticed me. (Now Catholics. Fr. Mankowski’s talk I knew who had a connection             
Bread dinner in the fall of 2007       that I work at the Center I realize made me fall in love with Evelyn to the place. The more I talked
and the Center’s fall conference,      that this is because plenty of Waugh’s approach to literature: to people the more difficult I
titled “The Dialogue of Cultures.”     students walk in and out of the a supernatural outlook on life, realized it would be. I nearly gave
At the conference I remember           center daily.)                       and God writing straight with up on the possibility of getting the
how influenced I was by Ralph             While sitting in the conference crooked lines.                      job, but I didn’t drop my efforts.
                                                                                  The IrIsh rover
December 7, 2010                                                              The spread                                                                                              Page 7

continued from front page
                                      “A vibrant example of orthodoxy”
                                      “differently”     the     USCCB are to deal with dissident Catholic         small blip in the two thousand-       He argues that they are both
Weigel, saying, “Archbishop           document “Catholics in Political politicians -- i.e., no public             year history of the Church.”          committed to Catholic ideas
Dolan is a superb choice as a         Life,” which speaks clearly against forums, no honors, etc. -- are to          The NYT and other                  and the differences lie in their
spokesman and leader of the           honoring or giving platforms to be observed by everyone.”                   prominent newspapers have             leadership style.
nation’s episcopate. He’s affable,    pro-choice politicians.                 For the first time since the        pointed out that within the              Archbishop Dolan, who
articulate, self-deprecating, and a      Though Dr. Weigel told The 1960s, the sitting vice president             American Catholic Church,             was characterized recently in a
wonderful voice and face for the      Rover that he                                        was not elected        Archbishop Dolan represents a         Catholic Online news article by
Conference. In his short time in      didn’t know                                          to the seat.           moderate conservative tradition,      Deacon Keith Fournier as the
New York, he has already been         whether                                              According to           while Bishop Kicanas represents       “gregarious, dynamic, orthodox,
well-received and embraced by         Archbishop                                           the      USCCB         a more liberal tradition that         and beloved Archbishop of New
Catholics and non-Catholics           Dolan’s                                              press release, on      stresses social justice.              York,” carries a strong record
alike. He’s as solid theologically    election was                                         the third round           Archbishop Dolan, however,         on pro-life issues. He led the
as he is shrewd and prudent           related to his                                       of     balloting,      rejected seeing his differences       group of evangelical, Catholic,
pastorally. A great choice.”          criticism of                                         Archbishop             with Bishop Kicanas as bipartisan.    and Orthodox Christian leaders
    Archbishop Dolan was the          Notre Dame,                                          Dolan        was       In the press conference               that produced the “Manhattan
fifth of the 83 bishops who           he       does                                        elected 128-111        immediately after the election, he    Declaration,” a statement that
spoke out against Notre Dame’s        expect that                                          in a run-off           said, “We bishops would bristle       speaks out against abortion and
invitation to President Obama in      in the future                                        with      Gerald       at the characterization that there    same-sex marriage.
2009. He was quoted many times        “there will be                                       Kicanas.               are some bishops who tend to be          Rev. Thomas Reese, a
labeling the invitation “a big        intensified                                                    “While       more pro-life and family issues       senior fellow at the Woodstock
mistake” that wrongly signaled        conversation                                         Archbishop             while others tend to the social-      Theological        Center        at
to Notre Dame students, “We           w i t h                                              D o l a n ’ s          justice issues.”                      Georgetown, told the NYT the
[the university] hold him up as a     universities                                         election     was              “I don’t think that            election results are “a signal that
model to you.”                        that       the                                       something that         characterization would apply to       the conference wants to be a
    Bishop Kicanas, on the other      local bishop                                         seemed rather          Bishop Kicanas and myself,”           leader in the culture wars.”
hand, was more sympathetic            perceives as                                         unprecedented          he continued, adding, “I once
to Notre Dame’s decision. In a        being not-as-           Archbishop Dolan            it was not a            invited him to speak to one of            Elliott Marie likes performing live
2009 interview with John Allen,       Catholic as they might be.”         total surprise,” commented              our town meetings. He addressed       nativity plays. Contact her at eargue@
Jr. of National Catholic Reporter        Dr. Weigel also expects “the Msgr. Heintz. He added that the             pro-life, education, and marriage Gabby Speach also contributed
(NCR), he suggested that Notre        USCCB to make clear that its USCCB is an institution “which                 and family. I don’t find that kind    reporting to this article.
Dame may have interpreted             guidelines on how local dioceses is -- historically speaking -- a           of caricaturing to be accurate.”

                                      The Column
                                      A running commentary on the architecture of Notre Dame
                                      buildings do, must be developed      falls off towards the lakes. The       characteristics of its context, but   window (the name is not related
                                      with extreme precision and           inner courtyard is a peaceful oasis,   also responds to this ongoing         directly to heating, but rather is
                                      consideration, for the effect is     giving the whole area a sense of       need for development. The             descriptive of a clerestory window
     MaTThew balkey                   easily botched. As a general         unity and completeness.                parking lot below the site is one     the Romans placed beneath
Culture & Thought Co-Editor           case, however, and especially           Clearly the designers had           such necessary evil, and the ACE      the intrados of the vaulting
                                      on the campus of Notre Dame,         the spatial experience of this         building represented a chance         in their thermal bathhouses).

I    n this issue, I would like to
     introduce you to a practical
     framework you can use to
analyze the relative success of
a work of architecture. As I
                                      we seek to build in ways that are
                                      complementary to the existing
                                        The new ACE building, which
                                      is being constructed adjacent to
                                                                           courtyard in mind, as the
                                                                           building is scaled to a single floor
                                                                           on its inward-facing side and
                                                                           anchored with a two-story block
                                                                           at the northwest corner. The
                                                                                                                  to partially mitigate its impact
                                                                                                                  through      conscious
                                                                                                                  Instead, the most prominent
                                                                                                                  aspect of the ACE building
                                                                                                                  exudes the banal outcome of
                                                                                                                                                        Particularly problematic is the
                                                                                                                                                        fact that, from the west side, no
                                                                                                                                                        visual indication is given that the
                                                                                                                                                        grade rises on the other side of
                                                                                                                                                        the building, so that the front
pointed out in my article on floor    Brownson Hall and the Earth          volumetric aspect of the ACE           simply having ‘happened’. The         appears to rise precipitously yet
spacing, we expect buildings          Sciences building, helps instruct    building here is appropriate and       elevation, which on the courtyard     without cause. Had the bottom
to conform to particular              us in the principles of contextual   desirable. On the west façade,         was sensitively managed, is here      floor, which is in effect a walk-
proportions if they are to ‘look      design. Its site is within one of    however, I believe an opportunity      abandoned to fall three-and-a-        out basement, been articulated
right,’ and any departure from the    the most complex, coherent,          was squandered.                        half stories until it lands on the    in a stone veneer, it would read
intuitive norm feels disconcerting    and meaningful groupings of             First of all, I want to remind      pavement below.                       as a foundational element, or
to an observer. Sometimes the         buildings at Notre Dame. It          you that no site is perfect. There       The sole aesthetic gesture          even better, a retaining wall upon
disorientation is intentional,        features, in dramatic fashion, the   is always room for improvement,        adorning       this      otherwise    which the brick building was
even expected; more often it is       sole significant elevation change    and a successful building not          uncompromising yellow cliff is        perched.
simply a flaw, an ‘unavoidable’       on campus: where the plateau         only addresses the strong              a woefully inadequate thermal               This seemingly minor
consequence of the false                                                                                                                                adjustment in construction
dichotomies imposed by                                                                                                                                  would have had an enormous
modern construction and                                                                                                                                 effect on the reading of the
design theory. Passersby                                                                                                                                whole. In a single stroke, the
know that something is out                                                                                                                              formatting of the façade could
of place, but they often are                                                                                                                            convey the function of the
at a loss to pinpoint where                                                                                                                             building as a bulwark holding
the error occurs.                                                                                                                                       back the soil, break up the
  To ameliorate some of                                                                                                                                 monotony of yellow brick, and
the ambiguity surrounding                                                                                                                               express the underlying reason
the art of architectural                                                                                                                                for its towering height to the
composition, it is helpful to                                                                                                                           outside world. Simultaneously,
separate one’s perception                                                                                                                               the shorter appearance of the
of a building into different                                                                                                                            main block would improve the
layers.     The idea is to                                                                                                                              visual presence of the presently
think of the building as                                                                                                                                under-scaled thermal window.
responding to three different                                                                                                                             As a final note, the other two
environmental conditions.                                                                                                                               layers of design analysis are
First, one considers how                                                                                                                                the building as a self-contained
the building is integrated                                                                                                                              composition and the pedestrian-
with its urban or rural                                                                                                                                 scaled detail. I shall resume in
context, how it responds to                                                                                                                             the next installment discussing
topographic site conditions,                                                                                                                            these.
and how it participates in
the narrative of a place.                                                                                                                                 Matthew Balkey is a 4th-year
The human eye is readily                                                                                                                                architecture student. Matthew’s father,
attracted to the out-of-place,                                                                                                                          a civil engineer, reports consulting a
the incongruous and the                                                                                                                                 dictionary for the technical terms in
controversial. A building                                                                                                                               his son’s articles. Note to Dad: if
which seeks to exploit                                                                                                                                  you can’t find ‘intrados’, e-mail me at
this, as some hypermodern The new ace offIces under consTrucTIon, as seen froM The courTyard of brownson hall.                                
                                                                                        The IrIsh rover
Page 8                                                                      Faculty Column                                                                                     December 7, 2010

        Prof. Rice addresses ROTC students
               on the military vocation   Galerius on the threshold of the      rejoice at their honour. Neither          attacker knows, but does not               Unlike the universal pacifist,
     charles e. rIce                      fourth century had to ‘purge’ the     this nor any other provocation            intend, that innocent civilians will   the selective pacifist refuses to
                                          armed forces because they had         has tempted us to revolt. We              be killed in the attack. The key is    take part in a particular war he
   Law Professor Emeritus
                                          too many Christians is the best       have arms in our hands, but we            the intent. No one ever has the        regards as unjust. The law of the
    Law professor emeritus Charles        proof that, from the end of the       do not resist because we would            moral right to intentionally kill      United States allows exemptions
Rice delivered the following address      second century to the beginning       rather die innocent than live by          the innocent. But the good act         from military service only for
to Notre Dame’s ROTC students on          of the fourth, ‘conscientious         any sin.                                  of attacking the legitimate target     universal, and not for selective
Veteran’s Day. Encouraging ROTC           objection’ was not felt by the            Maximian proceeded to                 can be justified even though it        pacifists. The Catechism urges,
students to take pride in serving their   majority.”                            execute every member of the               has the unintended evil effect         but does not require, the state to
country, Prof. Rice’s address reminds         One reason for the rejection      Legion, none of whom offered              of killing the innocent, provided      make “equitable provision” for
all of us that military service is “a
noble calling fully in accord with,
                                          of military service by some early
                                          Christians was not an intrinsic
                                                                                any resistance. The massacre
                                                                                occurred at Agaunum, now St.
                                                                                                                          that the good
                                                                                                                          effect of the     We should all be                       all conscientious
                                                                                                                                                                                   objectors who
and indeed dictated by, the Christian     objection to military service as      Maurice-en-Valais, Switzerland.           attack is not                                            “are nonetheless
tradition.”                               such, but rather the potential of         So don’t let anyone, on this          obtained by     selective pacifists,                     obliged to serve
                                          that service to require immoral       campus or elsewhere, tell you             means of the                                             the       human

T        his commemoration used
         to be called Armistice
         Day, in observance of the
end of World War One. That
                                          conduct and idolatry. An example
                                          from the third century illustrates
                                          the duty of the Christian citizen
                                          both to participate in the common
                                                                                that your commitment to military
                                                                                service is somehow inconsistent
                                                                                with the Christian tradition. That
                                                                                commitment might be unpopular
                                                                                                                          evil effect and
                                                                                                                          provided there
                                                                                                                          is sufficient
                                                                                                                          reason       for
                                                                                                                                          insisting, with
                                                                                                                                          prudence, that any
                                                                                                                                                                                   community in
                                                                                                                                                                                   some other way.”
                                                                                                                                                                                   It is difficult,
                                                                                                                                                                                   however,        to
was supposed to be “the war to
end all wars.” It didn’t work out
                                          defense and to recognize that his
                                          ultimate loyalty is to God rather
                                                                                with one group or another from
                                                                                time to time. But it is a noble
                                                                                                                          permitting the
                                                                                                                                          war—or any other                         see how an
that way, as your presence here in
uniform confirms.
                                          than to the State. The Theban
                                          Legion, composed entirely of
                                                                                calling fully in accord with, and
                                                                                indeed dictated by, the Christian
                                                                                                                          evil effect.
                                                                                                                             T h e        act of state,-- is                       for      selective
                                                                                                                                                                                   objectors, who
    You are volunteers. One
price you pay for that decision
                                          Egyptian Christians and stationed
                                          at Thebes in Egypt, was ordered
                                                                                    It is not enough, however, for
                                                                                                                          Code          ofsubject to the higher                    object not to
                                                                                                                                                                                   war in general
is misunderstanding by others             by the Emperor Maximian to            you to rest on the assurance that         Military                                                 but only to
as to who you are and what you            march to Gaul to suppress a           you are doing the right thing. You        Justice,     thestandard of the                          a      particular
are doing. In an environment of           rebellion. Under the command          have to know why it is so and you         very restrictive                                         war, could be
“political correctness,” especially
on college campuses, we can
                                          of Mauritius (Maurice), the
                                          Legion marched through the
                                                                                have to be prepared to educate
                                                                                your critics on the realities of
                                                                                                                                        ofnatural law and the                      administered
                                                                                                                                                                                   without inviting
understand how sincere but
misinformed critics disparage
                                          Alps into Gaul. Maximian then
                                          ordered, in 287, that the whole
                                                                                the duty to defend the common
                                                                                good. So let’s review some basic
                                                                                                                          and       other
                                                                                                                          b i n d i n g
                                                                                                                                          law of God.                              fraudulent
your choice and the military              army must offer sacrifice to the      principles.                               military policies effectively              Whatever its legal status,
vocation as contrary to the               pagan gods and must take an oath          The Catechism of the                  protect noncombatants and              selective pacifism is required by
Christian tradition. But those            to assist in the extermination        Catholic Church affirms the               otherwise conform to the               the teaching of the Church. We
critics are wrong. Let’s try to set       of Christians in Gaul. The            traditional Christian view that           requirements of jus in bello. Some     should all be selective pacifists,
the record straight.                      members of the Theban                 “governments cannot be denied             military personnel violate the         insisting, with prudence, that any
    When “soldiers” asked John            Legion unanimously refused.           the right of lawful self-defense,         law but their record is far better     war—or any other act of state,--
the Baptist, “And we—what                 Their number is commonly              once all peace efforts have               than that of corporate executives      is subject to the higher standard
are we to do?,” John did not              placed at 6,600, although that        failed.”       Citizens are obliged       and members of Congress. And           of the natural law and the law of
tell them to find another line            number has been disputed. In          to support a just war. “Public            the armed services are diligent,       God. A strong presumption of
of work. “[H]e said to them,              reaction to the Legion’s refusal,     authorities, in this case, have           sometimes even to the point of         validity attaches to the decisions
‘Plunder no one, accuse no                Maximian ordered the legion to        the right and duty to impose on           excess, in prosecuting putative        and acts of those entrusted
one falsely, and [perhaps most            be decimated, with every tenth        citizens the obligations necessary        offenses.                              with the care of the common
important] be content with your           man selected to be killed. A          for national defense.”                       The Second Vatican Council          good. But that presumption
pay.” St. Paul did not demand             second decimation followed, but           Such defense must satisfy “just       affirmed that, “All those who          is not conclusive. All wars are
that newly converted Christians           the survivors remained resolute.      war” analysis. The requirements           enter military service in loyalty to   debatable, including the Iraq
who were soldiers must leave              Following the lead of Maurice         for jus ad bellum, justice in going       their country should look upon         and Afghanistan wars. Subject
that profession. Instead he said,         and their other officers, they        to war, are proper authority, just        themselves as the custodians           to the legitimate authority of
“Let every man remain in the              sent Maximian a reply which           cause and right intention. The            of the security and freedom of         Congress, the president has the
calling in which he was called…           capsulizes the vocation and duty      Catechism lists further details:          their fellow countrymen; and           duty to defend the nation. His
.[I]n the state in which he was           of the Christian soldier:             “[T]he damage inflicted by the            when they carry out their duty         decisions and those of Congress
called, let every                                                  We     are   aggressor… must be lasting,               properly, they are contributing to     are entitled to a strong benefit of
man remain with
God.” In the
                      [S]incere but                            your soldiers,
                                                               but are also
                                                                                grave and certain;” war must be a
                                                                                last resort, with “all other means
                                                                                                                          the maintenance of peace.”
                                                                                                                             The universal pacifist refuses
                                                                                                                                                                 the doubt. But there are limits.
                                                                                                                                                                     To participate in the defense
early Church,
                    misinformed critics                        servants of
                                                               the true God.
                                                                                impractical or ineffective,” “there
                                                                                must be serious prospects of
                                                                                                                          to take part in any and all wars:
                                                                                                                          “Those who renounce violence,”
                                                                                                                                                                 of the nation and the common
                                                                                                                                                                 good is an honorable calling.
pacifists drew
support from
                    disparage your choice                      We        owe
                                                               you military
                                                                                success;” and “the use of arms
                                                                                must not produce evils… graver
                                                                                                                          said Vatican II, “and, in order to
                                                                                                                          safeguard human rights, make
                                                                                                                                                                 Those who do so deserve
                                                                                                                                                                 appreciation and respect. So,
Ter tu l l i a n ,
O r i g e n ,
                    and the military                           service and
                                                                                than the evil to be eliminated.”
                                                                                “The evaluation of these
                                                                                                                          use of those means of defense
                                                                                                                          available to the weakest, bear
                                                                                                                                                                 please, do not permit anyone
                                                                                                                                                                 to try to lay a guilt trip on you
and          other
                    vocation as contrary                       but we cannot
                                                                                conditions,” however, “belongs
                                                                                to the prudential judgment of
                                                                                                                          witness to evangelical charity,
                                                                                                                          provided they do so without
                                                                                                                                                                 for your commitment to your
                                                                                                                                                                 country’s military service. You
theologians, but
they reflected      to the Christian                           Him who is
                                                               our Creator
                                                                                those who have responsibility for
                                                                                the common good.” Citizens,
                                                                                                                          harming the rights and obligations
                                                                                                                          of other men and societies. They
                                                                                                                                                                 should be proud of that freely
                                                                                                                                                                 given service. You have earned
                    tradition. But those                       and Master,
                                                               and       also
                                                                                including members of the
                                                                                military, are obliged, in effect,
                                                                                                                          bear… witness to the… risks of
                                                                                                                          recourse to violence.” However,
                                                                                                                                                                 the appreciation and respect of
                                                                                                                                                                 the Notre Dame community, and
Christian view
nor the teaching    critics are wrong.                         yours even
                                                               though you
                                                                                to give a benefit of the doubt to
                                                                                the decisions of those in lawful
                                                                                                                          a universal pacifism which denies
                                                                                                                          the right of the state to use force
                                                                                                                                                                 especially of those who profess
                                                                                                                                                                 allegiance to the Christian
of the Church.                            reject Him. In all things which       authority.                                in defense, is inconsistent with       tradition.
    Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., dealt       are not against His law we most           Jus in bello, justice in fighting a   the teaching of the Church.                Yesterday was the 235th
with this issue: “What was the            willingly obey you, as we have        war, requires proportionality and            Granting the sincerity of           birthday of the United States
attitude of the early Church              done hitherto. We readily oppose      discrimination (non-combatant             universal pacifists, their claim       Marine Corps. Permit me to
toward the bearing of arms?               all your enemies, whoever they        immunity from intentional                 to moral superiority is flawed.        quote a line from the Marine
More truly citizens of the earthly        are; but we cannot dip our hands      attack). The Catechism of the             One can well “bear witness             Corps Hymn which I rightly
fatherland than has sometimes             into the blood of innocent            Catholic Church affirms that:             to evangelical charity” by             apply to you and to the Army,
been thought, Christians similarly        persons. We have taken an oath        “Every act of war directed to             renouncing force in defending          Navy and Air Force in honor of
did not hesitate to become                to God before we took one to          the indiscriminate destruction            himself. The universal pacifist,       your service: “Here’s health to
soldiers, charged with their              you: you can place no confidence      of whole cities or vast areas with        who denies that force can ever be      you and to our Corps, which we
country’s defense and perhaps             in our second oath if we violate      their inhabitants is a crime against      used in defense of the common          are proud to serve.” Thank you.
extension. Accordingly, we find           the first. You command us to          God and man, which merits firm            good, would refuse to defend           And God bless you.
numbers of them in the Roman              punish the Christians; behold,        and unequivocal condemnation.”            not only himself but others. He
armies at a time when military            we are such. We confess God           Pursuant to the principle of the          would deny to his fellow citizens          Dr. Charles Rice is professor
service was obligatory only for           the Father, author of all things,     double effect, however, it can            their right to have the state          emeritus of law at Notre Dame Law
the sons of veterans or in the            and His Son, Jesus Christ. We         be morally justified to attack            provide what the Catechism calls       School. He can be contacted at charles.
infrequent cases of extraordinary         have seen our companions slain        a military target of sufficient           “legitimate defense by military
levies. The fact that Emperor             without lamenting them, and we        importance even though the                force.”
                                                                                        The IrIsh rover
December 7, 2010                                                             Faculty Column                                                                                              Page 9

    Drawing wisdom from St. Ignatius of
  Loyola on the Solemnity of Christ the King
                                          way to paradise, the way to truth      of the Spiritual Excercises. St.      be ostracized as deserters and         state, indeed our king.
bIshoP kevIn c. rhoades
                                          and life, the way to the kingdom.      Ignatius invites the retreatants      cowards. This is all from St.            On this Christ the King
Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
                                          Today we remember him as the           to contemplate the Kingdom            Ignatius Loyola 400 years ago,         Sunday, it is good to reflect on
Delivered in the Basilica of the Sacred   “good thief.” This evening, we         of Jesus Christ. He does so in        but we can contemplate such            our relationship to the Lord
Heart on November 21, the following       make the good thief ’s prayer our      a very creative way. He uses          a scenario today if our nation         Jesus. Is he truly the center
homily concluded the Notre Dame           own: “Jesus, remember me when          the image of a chief of state         was under a severe threat of a         of our life, our king? Do we
Center for Ethics and Culture’s 11th      you come into your kingdom.”           declaring a national emergency        terrorist attack and our president     faithfully follow him, obey him,
annual fall conference, Younger than        Christ’s unique kingship is          and calling the citizens to           asked us to sacrifice for our          and serve him? Are we loyal
Sin: Reviving Simplicity through the      manifested on the cross. On            emergency service. St. Ignatius       nation, for freedom, and for the       citizens of his kingdom? In the
Virtues of Humility, Wonder & Joy.        Calvary, two opposite attitudes        says to imagine that the nation is    common good, like our ancestors        Spiritual Excercises, at the end of
                                          confront each other. There is the      gravely threatened by an enemy        did during World War II.               his meditation on the Kingdom

I    t is a joy to be with you
     at the conclusion of this
     annual conference of the
Notre Dame Center for Ethics
and Culture. You have reflected
                                          attitude of the rulers and soldier,
                                          along with the bad thief, who
                                          address Christ with contempt:
                                          “If you are King of the Jews,
                                          save yourself.” Jesus does not
                                                                                 attack. We can perhaps imagine
                                                                                 our nation threatened by another
                                                                                 terrible terrorist attack like 9/11
                                                                                 or something worse.
                                                                                   St. Ignatius says to imagine
                                                                                                                         After presenting this idea for
                                                                                                                       reflection, St. Ignatius then says
                                                                                                                       a point-by-point analogy can be
                                                                                                                       made between such a chief of
                                                                                                                       state and the Lord Jesus Christ.
                                                                                                                                                              of Christ, St. Ignatius has a
                                                                                                                                                              beautiful prayer. I’ll quote just
                                                                                                                                                              one paragraph of it:
                                                                                                                                                                “Here I am entirely at your
                                                                                                                                                              service, great King and Lord of
on humility, wonder, and joy.             come down from the cross;              that the chief of state speaks        St. Ignatius writes: “If the           the Universe. I put myself at
How fitting it is that this closing       instead he reveals his glory and       to all the citizens and asks them     summons of that merely human           your service by your leave and,
liturgy occurs on the Solemnity           his kingship by remaining there        to join him to fight against the      chief of state to emergency            indeed, with your help, and with
of Christ the King. We are filled         on the cross as the immolated          enemy by making sacrifices with       service would demand our               no claim that this privilege is due
with wonder as we contemplate             lamb. Then we have the other           him. He says: “There will be          personal response and self-            me for any personal worth or
the image of Christ the King,             attitude, revealed unexpectedly        drastic changes in our standard       commitment, how much more              merit of my own. Myself and all
who humbly reigned from                   in the other thief who sides with      of living, economic recession         true will this be in the case of       that is mine I put before you; do
the wood of the cross. We                 Jesus and implores that Jesus          and rationing, less to eat, few new   Christ, the Eternal King.”             with me what you wish.”
contemplate the king who is               remember him when he comes             clothes to wear, and a general          Christ the King summons us to          What a prayer! St. Ignatius
our redeemer, the source and              into his kingdom. And the Lord         shortage of consumer goods.           join him in fighting and crushing      Loyola lived this prayer and we
cause of authentic joy, whose             says to him: “Today, you will be       (This perhaps reminds us of the       the forces of evil and we will         are invited to do the same, to
love reigns in the kingdom he             with me in paradise.”                  sacrifices required of Americans      receive as a result “final entrance    put our lives totally at the service
established. It is the kingdom of           This scene constitutes the           during World War II.) The chief       into the glory of His Father.”         of Christ the King. This is an
grace and peace we pray for each          moment of truth. The maximum           of state asks the citizens to stand   To reach glory with Christ in the      absolutely personal decision.
time we say in the Lord’s prayer,         revelation of God possible             fast with him though it will cost     kingdom requires us to endure          Where do we stand?
“Thy kingdom come.”                       in this world occurs in Jesus          blood, sweat, and tears; there        hardship with Him. It requires           With the humility and
   Humility, wonder, and joy are          crucified, because God is love         will be sleepless nights and other    taking up our cross each day and       contrition of the good thief, we
manifest in the one whom we               and the death of Jesus on the          hardships. But when we win,           following him. And he promises         pray: “Lord, remember me when
honor today as the king of the            cross is the greatest act of love      he says to his citizens, each one     us a great regard for every            you come into your kingdom,”
universe. The throne of this              in all of history. The power of        will share with him the blessing      effort made and every distress         with the hope that we will hear
king is the cross, and his triumph        divine mercy is revealed on the        of success for every risk and         endured.                               our king’s response: “Today you
is the victory of love, an almighty       cross – the merciful king saves        suffering endured with him in           St. Ignatius says that we should     will be with me in paradise.”
love that from the cross pours            the repentant thief and all people     defense of the nation and in          not hold back from such total
out his gifts upon humanity of all        who turn to him with contrite          dedication to freedom.”               commitment to the service of             Bishop Rhoades serves as Chair
times and all places. I pray that         hearts. We all stand before the          St. Ignatius says that loyal        Christ the King. After all, he says,   of the United States Conference of
this conference has strengthened          crucified divine king, with the        citizens will respond generously      we owe Christ total allegiance.        Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Task
your resolve to proclaim the              choice of entrusting ourselves to      to this appeal and suffer hardship    He is our Lord and Savior. We          Force on Health Care and as Chair-
kingship of Christ in your life           his kingship or of rejecting him.      for the sake of the nation and        are to serve him above all else.       Elect of the USCCB Committee on
and in your work.                           There is a meditation in the         freedom. They will be loyal to        We are to obey his teachings           Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and
   On Calvary, Jesus had a rather         Spritiual Excercises of St. Ignatius   their chief of state and then         and imitate his example. We are        Youth. He serves as a member of the
unusual companion in his passion,         Loyola I’d like to share with you      receive a reward for their efforts    to be his faithful servants and        USCCB Committee on Doctrine and
a thief. For this unhappy man,            in this homily. It comes at the        and for the distress they endured.    disciples. We are citizens of his      the USCCB Subcommittee on the
the way of the cross became the           beginning of the second week           Those who are not loyal will          kingdom and he is our chief of         Catechism.

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Page 10                                                                                    Politics                                                                           December 7, 2010

                                         It’s not easy being green,
                                           but maybe it’s happier
        ToM evereTT                       A recent study, issued by                 failure to change the subject         make sure studies like these don’t   sustainability reforms into their
          Staff Writer                 the Commercial Real Estate                   building’s shape or orientation,      make it past their press release,”   methods because they have
                                       Development         Association              or to implement basic green           Sacks urged her readers.             realized that consumers prefer to

F       or the environmentally
        conscious, being “green”
        is just as taxing as Kermit
the Frog attested to in his famous
song.        Television networks,
                                       and reported on by the New
                                       York Times, claims that the
                                       accomplishments of so-called
                                       “green building” may be more
                                       myth than fact. The study states
                                                                                    techniques       like    shading,
                                                                                    ventilation, and landscaping.
                                                                                        Danielle Sacks, writer for
                                                                                    the magazine Fast Company,
                                                                                    authored a post on the
                                                                                                                             In a related study, Ante
                                                                                                                          Glavas, assistant professor of
                                                                                                                          management in the University of
                                                                                                                          Notre Dame’s Mendoza College
                                                                                                                          of Business, and Associate
                                                                                                                                                               purchase food that they believe
                                                                                                                                                               is produced responsibly, said
                                                                                                                                                               Glavas. Referring to the theory
                                                                                                                                                               of comparably higher happiness
                                                                                                                                                               in green-industry workers, he
detergent       companies,      and                                                                                       Management Professor Matthew         said, “I have heard the theory
university departments have co-                                                                                           Bloom are in the midst of            validated already by owners of
opted the “green” brand, leading                                                                                          researching the job satisfaction     large-scale farms.”
to a superfluous and misleading                                                                                           and retention rates of those            In addition to using the
uses of the term. Despite                                                                                                 working in green industries.         research’s positive implications
the movement’s prevalence,                                                                                                At this point, their study has       to support green jobs, Glavas will
misinformation abounds on both                                                                                            indicated comparably higher          also use the research to reevaluate
sides of the “green divide.”                                                                                              levels of happiness and increased    basic management theory.
   Ronald Bailey of Reason                                                                                                productivity of up to 40 percent        “Management models often
magazine calls environmentalism                                                                                           when people work towards             are based on the assumption
“an ideology, very much like                                                                                              increased sustainability.            that people only care about
Marxism,” in that it pretends                                                                                                The research is being             profit and work for money,” he
to base its social critique on                                                                                            conducted as part of a project       asserted. “We want to understand
science. “Like Marxists,” he                                                                                              called “Business for the Greater     employees’ perceptions of their
writes, “environmentalists have                                                                                           Good.” The study is surveying        employers’ social responsibility
had to force the facts to fit their                                                                                       1,000 dairy-industry employees       with regard to sustainability.”
                                                                          Happy cows
theory.”                                                                                                                  and their spouses to learn more         Through this research, Glavas
   In opposition to the Green          that increasing the efficiency               magazine’s website calling the        about what motivates them.           hopes to delve deeper into what
movement’s predictions, Bailey         of buildings by 50 percent is                study “propaganda.” In the            “We’re finding that people who       drives people in the workplace.
cites the doubling of the life         technically impossible. Even if              post, Sacks also criticized the       work for green companies have        “We believe sustainability’s
expectancy of a person in the          possible, such buildings would               New York Times for publishing         a pride-in-ownership mentality       greatest impact could in fact be
developing world over the past         require up to 100 years to pay               what she viewed as an uncritical,     and are happier and more             on employees,” Glavas stated.
century, and the 80 percent            off the millions of dollars spent            recycled report on the study.         productive,” Glavas said.
decrease in the concentration          on efficiency technologies, says                Sacks further suggested that          Glavas and Bloom are also             Tom Everett is a junior political
of sulfur dioxide in the U.S.          the study.                                   the timing of the report was          currently working with the           science major and Latin American
since 1962. He concludes that             Environmental         activists,          dubious, as it was released two       Innovation Center for U.S.           Studies minor. After spending a
“the massive, accumulating             however, point to methodological             days before an important hearing      Dairy to reduce greenhouse           semester in Chile writing in Spanish,
contradictions       between     its   flaws in the study.          They            of the Senate Energy and              gas emissions from U.S. dairy        he is thrilled to be using the possessive
pretensions and the actual state       are especially critical of the               Natural Resources Committee           farms and to create sustainable,     case again. Contact Tom at teverett@
of the world can no longer be          Commercial        Real     Estate            on improving building energy          methane-powered farms.     
easily explained away.”                Development         Association’s            code standards nationwide. “Let’s        Some farms have adopted

 “A nation that thinks God is a myth”
continued from front page
                                                                                             “Children of Invention”:
                                                                                                  Attempting to
                                       the Constitution realize[s] must
   Dr. Newdow challenged               be equal; race is one of them,
the tradition of having the            and religion is one of them,”
president-elect repeat the words
“so help me God” to the Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court in
                                       Dr. Newdow claimed.

                                          Constitutional amendments
                                                  legislation     forbid
                                                                                                create happiness
the presidential oath of office.       discrimination on the basis of                   vanessa saManIego                 Elaine then begins the strenuous     home. Tina and Raymond return
But Dr. Newdow also argued at          race. He said the Constitution                         Staff Writer                task of answering ads in order to    from Boston with the money,
the same time that if a president      forbids religious discrimination                                                   find a new business opportunity.     but the next day they are picked
or an elected public official
wants to say “so help me God”
at the end of the oath, he or she
may do so under freedom of
                                       as well, but some institutional
                                       barriers still exist that violate
                                       the Constitution, including
                                       the phrase “under God” in the
                                       Pledge of Allegiance and the
                                                                                            he DeBartolo Performing
                                                                                            Arts Center recently
                                                                                            hosted a showing of
                                                                                    independent film “Children of
                                                                                                                          She believes her luck has turned
                                                                                                                          around when she makes an
                                                                                                                          investment, with borrowed
                                                                                                                          money, in Gold Rep, another
                                                                                                                          network marketing company.
                                                                                                                                                               up by child services.
                                                                                                                                                                   Things are quickly resolved
                                                                                                                                                               when the police realize that
                                                                                                                                                               Elaine was just another victim
                                                                                                                                                               of the pyramid scheme. Child
   Dr. Newdow asserted that            printing of “In God We Trust”                Invention.” Directed by Tze              Soon, however, she comes          services contact the police, and
the Constitution treats freedom        on US currency.                              Chun, the film tells the story        to realize that Gold Rep is a        the Chang family is reunited.
of religion as freedom of                 Dr. Newdow said he has heard              of a single mother, a Chinese         scam. In desperation she goes        Once they return home Elaine
conscience. This means one             the argument that taking “under              immigrant who is struggling to        to the company owner’s home          discovers that Raymond harbors
has the right to believe or not        God” out of the Pledge of                    provide for her family. Based         in an effort to get her first        resentment towards her, as he
to believe in a superior being.        Allegiance would be promoting                in Quincy, Massachusetts, the         check. The police are at the         tells her that they are “always fine
He paralleled this comparison          atheism. “That’s ridiculous,” he             film highlights the hardship          house investigating this pyramid     without her.” The mother breaks
to the distinction between the         responded. He argued that to                 immigrant families endure in          scheme, and they take Elaine in      down in tears and promises
protected freedom of speech            replace “one nation under God”               their pursuit of the American         for questioning.                     that she “will make everything
and the implied freedom of             with “one nation that thinks                 dream.                                   Meanwhile, Raymond and            better.”
expression.                            God is a myth” would favor                       Elaine Chang and her two          Tina are left alone. Raymond,            “Children of Invention” was
   “They say freedom of                atheism, but simply removing                 children, Raymond and Tina, are       being the eldest, does his best      a raw and powerful film. Their
speech, but they mean freedom          “under God” does not endorse                 the film’s protagonists. In the       to maintain a sense of normalcy      desperate desire to survive is
of expression, which is much           atheism.                                     opening scene, Elaine is trying to    after his mother does not return     highlighted, as everyday people
broader. It’s the same thing              Dr. Newdow said he and other              get her $2,000 investment back        home after a day. The money and      may invest into Gold Rep or
here,” he said. The Framers,           atheists face discrimination                 from a failed network marketing       food in the apartment soon run       other scam businesses in an
he explained, did not want the         and marginalization in the                   company. Eventually, the family       out, and he comes to believe that    effort to reach that better life.
federal government to define           current system. He believes he               is evicted.                           his mother, like his father, has         The hope and perseverance
religion or judge personal             has lost jobs because of the                     While they are moving out,        abandoned them. Tina refuses         Elaine demonstrates in the face
conscience.                            lawsuits he has filed against the            Tina innocently asks her mother       to believe that their mother has     of many obstacles is truly at the
   “In terms of religion, we           government. He said atheists                 why the police are present.           deserted them, but Raymond           heart of the film. Belief in a
don’t want a truth. Look at            are discriminated against in the             Elaine responds by saying that        decides that they must travel into   better tomorrow forms the basis
history and see what happened,”        marketplace of ideas and face                the police “are making sure no        Boston to withdraw the savings       for “Children of Invention.”
Dr. Newdow said. “When the             obstacles when running for                   one takes… [their] things.” This      in his account.
government starts taking sides,        office.                                      comment, and similar scenes,             An earlier scene in the              Vanessa Samaniego is a sophomore
people get angry and fight.”              When government favors a                  demonstrate the way in which the      movie demonstrates Raymond’s         Program of Liberal Studies/theology
   In the open discussion with         set of religious ideas, said Dr.             mother constantly tries to shield     creativity in inventing things,      major. She likes to cook. She can be
attendees that followed Dr.            Newdow, “It says those people                her two children from the harsh       such as spaghetti spinners. He       contacted at
Newdow’s lecture, he continued         aren’t as good as us.”                       reality of their circumstances.       thinks that he can support his
to focus on the principle of                                                            Thanks to a family friend, the    family with his savings by mass
equality in the U.S. Constitution.     How did you like this article? Tell Mickey   Changs move into condominiums         produce his inventions, and
“There are certain things that         all about it at             that are not yet zoned for renting.   perhaps even buy back their old
                                                                                       The IrIsh rover
December 7, 2010                                                                       Campus                                                                                            Page 11

                                                  Rover interview with PLS prof.
more generally, Catholics have           Can you comment on                    that until later.) Again, like any       second tutorial, as you know,       very attracted by the great books
implicitly and explicitly made         any describable difference              religious conversion, my journey         covers the Scientific Revolution,   program at St. John’s College,
claims about the motivations,          between higher education in             to Catholicism was partially about       using that period as a means        but I was planning on being an
norms, and processes underlying        the United States and higher            adopting new doctrinal beliefs but       to explore epistemological          engineer and there was simply
human behavior. I’m fascinated         education in the United                 also equally (and in retrospect, I       questions about the study of        no way to pursue engineering at
by how Catholics working in            Kingdom?                                think more so) about coming to           the natural world. The third        St. John’s. It was quite exciting
the mind sciences (psychology,           As      is   often      asserted,     understand and love a new form           science tutorial examines the       to imagine myself teaching in a
psychiatry, and neuroscience)          undergraduate education is a            of spirituality, in this case, one       scientific study of humans and      great books program, especially
have sought to integrate their         lot more rigorous in the UK;            deeply steeped in liturgy and            human behavior, emphasizing         at an institution that combined
scientific conceptions of human        undergrads specialize much              sacramental theology. Looking            human evolutionary biology          a strong commitment to
behavior with what we might            earlier, and the bright students        back on the transformation now,          and developmental psychology.       undergraduate education with
call the “Catholic anthropology”       are pushed very hard in their           nearly fifteen years later, the latter   I also teach in our Great Books     a top-notch graduate program
that emerges from this religious       particular area of study. That          dimension seems to me to be the          Seminars, though to date I have     in the history of science. When
intellectual tradition. Although       changes, however, at the graduate       more substantial and significant         only taught seminars I, V, and      I had a chance to meet the
I’m not actively working in            level. In my experience, graduate       difference, though it was not the        VI.                                 students in PLS, that experience
this area now, in the future I’m       school was more intense in              initial impetus for my interest in         I typically teach one graduate    only deepened my enthusiasm.
planning to pursue a project on        the United States. [That said,]         Catholicism and though doctrine          course per year. These have
the history of Catholicism and         the masters program at the              is (obviously) not unimportant.          covered a range of topics,            What is your favorite thing
psychiatry in the United States.       University of Edinburgh was a                                                    including an introduction to the    about Notre Dame’s campus?
                                       one-year re-training program.             Were you the first in your             history of science since 1750,        How spirituality is woven
   Can you describe your               Being a mechanical engineer as          family to pursue graduate-               science & democracy in America,     throughout the campus, whether
education? What, and where,            an undergrad, I had done a few          level education?                         the history and philosophy of       at the basilica, the grotto, or
did you study?                         things with artificial intelligence,      No, my dad has a PhD in                statistics, and a short course on   in the residence halls. That’s
   As an undergraduate, I              but not much. The Edinburgh             economics, and for a long time he        Michel Foucault.                    definitely my favorite aspect of
attended my hometown school,           master program catered to               ran a research bureau in Delaware,                                           Notre Dame: there is a constant
the University of Delaware, in         those who had only had limited          my home state. My mom has a                How long have you taught in       set of signs and symbols pointing
no small part because my father        exposure to the subject.                masters in environmental science,        PLS? What did you do before         to faith and belief in the divine.
was on staff there and I could go                                              so I certainly wasn’t the first.         teaching in PLS, and what
for free! That turned out to be a        Were you raised Catholic?                                                      drew you to the program?              On a lighter note, what is
good thing, because I completed          I was raised in an evangelical,         What is your current position                                              your favorite Notre Dame sport
a five-year, dual degree program       Christian household but joined          in the Program of Liberal                  I came to PLS in fall 2003,       to follow, and your favorite one
in mechanical engineering and          the Catholic Church in college.         Studies?                                 just after completing my Ph.D.      to take your family to?
liberal arts. From there, I went       Like any conversion, it was a             I’m an associate professor in          at Harvard. To be honest, I           I enjoy watching football and
to the University of Edinburgh         long and complicated process,           PLS and a concurrent associate           couldn’t believe my good fortune    follow college football closely,
for a master’s degree in artificial    with roots in both my immediate         professor in History. I’m also           that PLS was searching for a        but my wife and I don’t take the
intelligence (with a concentration     undergraduate            experience     a member of ND’s graduate                historian of science exactly when   kids to the games- Jane is almost
in robotics). That experience          and the particularities of my           program in the History and               I entered the job market. I was     seven and Will is three and a half,
confirmed for me that, as              own intellectual and spiritual          Philosophy of Science, and a             already familiar with the program   so the games are a little long for
much as I enjoyed my technical         formation. (For example, C.S.           faculty fellow in the Reilly Center      because I had visited Notre         them! We’ve gone to swim meets
courses, my heart lay more with        Lewis was my main Christian             for Science, Technology, and             Dame as a prospective graduate      before, and I think we went to a
the humanistic study of science        intellectual influence as a teenager,   Values.                                  student and had talked about        volleyball game once. I often take
and technology than with being         but Lewis is really much more                                                    PLS with Professor Philip Sloan.    them to lacrosse games, because
a scientist or engineer per se. I      of an Anglo-Catholic, and thus            What classes do you teach?             I was captivated by the ideals of   I used to play lacrosse and still
then moved to Harvard as a PhD         my immersion in Lewis actually            On the undergraduate level,            a liberal arts education and by     love it.
student in the Department of the       paved the way for my move away          I teach in the science sequence          the prospect of participating in
History of Science, completing         from evangelical Christianity,          of PLS, primarily our second             the Great Books seminars. When        Contact Laura at
my degree in May 2003.                 though I had no inkling of              and third science tutorials. The         I was in high school, I had been

              Risk aversion popular among younger investors
       saM kalbauch                       Will younger investors’ un-          nies.                     Young adults entering the work                     tiously optimistic about risk-
          Staff Writer                 willingness, or inability, to spend                               force are placed at a disadvan-
                                                                                  “Really, if you look at it,                                               aversion in the economy.
                                       money on stocks significantly af-                                 tage in comparison to their peers
                                                                               younger investors don’t have a                                                  “I think that people will get

A        ccording to,
         younger investors -
         those between the ages
of 18 and 35 - are much less
likely to invest in higher-risk as-
                                       fect the economy?
                                          Daniel Hungerman, professor
                                       of economics at Notre Dame,
                                       says that the answer is likely no,
                                       because these investors are still
                                                                               lot of money anyway,” he said.
                                                                                                         who entered the workplace dur-
                                                                               “Also, the stock market is fre-
                                                                                                         ing economically robust times.
                                                                                                         Risk aversion could postpone
                                                                               quently not the most important
                                                                               way for firms to raise equity.”
                                                                                                         the recovery, especially for young
                                                                                  Other economists paint a
                                                                                                                                                            back to being more willing to
                                                                                                                                                            take on risk,” he said. “Maybe
                                                                                                                                                            they won’t reach levels that they
                                                                                                                                                            were at in 2001, but then I think
                                                                                                                                                            there was far too much risk be-
sets now than they were 10 years       relatively insignificant to compa-                                   Although younger inves-
                                                                               dismal picture of the recovery.                                              ing taken on. I think that when
ago. The percentage of people                                                                                             tors are histori-                 you see risk-friendliness reaching
under the age of 35 who were                                                                                              cally more risk-                  those levels, we’ll have another
willing to take on a substantial                                                                                          friendly     than                 bubble economy on our hands.”
amount of risk fell to 22 percent                                                                                         investors       in                   Tillilie concluded his remarks
in 2009, compared to 30 percent                                                                                           older age brack-                  by saying that investors who may
in 2001.                                                                                                                  ets, there are                    be avoiding stocks now will not
   McDonough, a senior in the                                                                                             several possible                  be able to resist the higher rates
Mendoza College of Business,                                                                                              explanations for                  of return offered in stocks over
echoed this trend.                                                                                                        younger inves-                    those offered in treasuries and
   “It depends on the risk, obvi-                                                                                         tors’ decrease in                 savings accounts.
ously, but I generally would not                                                                                          the willingness                      “The stock market is really
invest in riskier assets, because I                                                                                       of investors in                   the best bellweather we have for
am not willing to throw money                                                                                             the age group to                  consumer confidence,” he said.
around without a decent chance                                                                                            accept risk. For                  “Once people become more
for a return,” he commented.                                                                                              instance, young-                  confident in the economy, they
“I feel that people have learned                                                                                          er       investors                will buy stocks again. Young in-
their lesson with the Internet                                                                                            might be more                     vestors are no exception to this
fad.”                                                                                                                     risk-friendly be-                 rule.”
   When asked whether this                                                                                                cause they have
hesitancy is the result of the eco-                                                                                       an asset that                         Sam Kalbauch is a senior philoso-
nomic downturn, McDonough                                                                                                 older      people                 phy major who resides in Dillon Hall.
replied, “I am definitely less will-                                                                                      lack: decades of                  Check out www.studentfreepressasso-
ing to invest now, especially with                                                                                        future salary.          , where this article and more
the recession - money is tight                                                                                               Rick Tillilie,                 of his work may also be found. Con-
and it is more difficult than ever                                                                                        president of the                  tact him at
to find a job, which makes me to                                                                                          Notre       Dame
                                           Given the uncertain status of the economy, Notre Dame student Eddie
want to save more rather than          McDonough is not interested in investing. He would much rather play with pandas.   Entrepreneurial
spend on riskier assets.”                                                                                                 Society, is cau-
                    R                                                                                                                                  S
                                                                                  The IrIsh rover

                                       OV E R S P O R T
Page 12                                                    Sing Her Glory and Sound Her Fame                                                                        December 7, 2010

                       New teams, new stadium,
       MIke Johnson
                            historic rivalry
                                     and Death. These are only aliases.    1928, when Knute Rockne gave          College Football Hall of Famers,      and Notre Dame played only 14
         Sports Editor               Their real names are Stuhldreher,     his legendary half-time speech        and both sides had two Heisman        times, with only the 1969 game
                                     Miller, Crowley and Layden.”          imploring his team to “win one        Trophy Winners, Army’s Doc            being held at Yankee Stadium.

T        wo weeks ago, the 5-5
         Notre Dame Fighting
         Irish met the 6-4 Army
Black Knights at the New Yankee
Stadium, continuing a traditional
                                       The game drew such attention
                                     from immigrant communities in
                                     New York that the owners of the
                                     recently opened Yankee Stadium
                                     invited them to play there in
                                                                           for the Gipper.” They did, with
                                                                           a final score of 12-6.
                                                                             Prior to World War II, Notre
                                                                           Dame dominated the rivalry,
                                                                           going 10-0-2 from 1932-1943.
                                                                                                                 Blanchard (1945) and Glenn
                                                                                                                 Davis (1946); Notre Dame’s
                                                                                                                 Johnny Lujack (1947) and Leon
                                                                                                                 Hart (1949).
                                                                                                                   In 1947, Army announced that
                                                                                                                                                       Notre Dame won that game 45-
                                                                                                                                                          In 1946 the New York Times
                                                                                                                                                       described the Notre Dame-Army
                                                                                                                                                       rivalry as one “that has come
rivalry that is perhaps one of the   1925. The two teams would play        But when war broke out, many of       this year would be the last for the   to transcend almost everything
most storied in college football.    there every year for the next 22      Notre Dame’s players, including       rivalry. They traveled to Notre       else in the game.” While that
It was the 50th meeting
between the two teams,
one in which the Irish
ran onto the field in
their green jerseys,
a move historically
saved for psychological
advantage in big games.
While neither team is
quite where they were
during the height of
this historic rivalry, the
atmosphere at Yankee
Stadium brought back
memories of some of
the greatest moments
in historic Notre
Dame-Army games.
   The first meeting
between the Irish and
Black Knights came
in 1913, when Notre
Dame traveled to
West Point and routed                                                                                                                                            Photo by Tommy Milligan/USMA
Army 35-13. But the                                                 Irish meet the Black Knights in the new Yankee Stadium
rivalry, and the lore, would only    years, except Knute Rockne’s last Coach Frank Leahy enlisted to Dame Stadium, but lost to the                     description no longer holds true,
grow from there. Following           season, 1930, when they played serve while Army kept its best Irish 27-7. While the decision was                  the 50th meeting of the Irish
a 13-7 Irish victory in 1924         at Soldier Field in Chicago.         players. The result was back-to- unpopular, West Point officials             and the Black Knights, although
at the Polo Grounds in New             Over      those     22     years, back thrashings of the Irish, 59- cited the ill-feelings toward               at the New Yankee Stadium, is a
York, sportswriter Grantland         Notre Dame and Army, two 0 in 1944 and 48-0 in 1945.                  Army that the heated rivalry was            fitting tribute to one of the most
Rice included in his description     powerhouses of college football,       So when the Irish players came creating. Longtime Army coach               legendary rivalries in college
of the game the historic and         would play some of the best home, they were looking for some Earl “Red” Blaik later wrote                         sports.
famous words, “Outlined against      games in the history of the sport. revenge, and the 1946 game did that “the game was generating
a blue, gray October sky, the        The Irish won 14 games, Army not disappoint. In what many a form of psychological hate                              Contact Mike at mjohns32@
Four Horsemen rode again. In         5, and three games ended in a tie. call the game of the century, the detrimental to the best interests  
dramatic lore they are known as      One of the more well-known two teams battled to a 0-0 tie. of the United States Army.”
Famine, Pestilence, Destruction      Notre Dame victories came in The game featured twelve future            From 1957 until today, Army

  Notre Dame goes undefeated in November
           behind strong defense
       MIke Johnson                  going into November, with a 4-5       month the season before), but         and 32 points better than against     season. In a press conference
         Sports Editor               record and consecutive losses to      they gave up only one touchdown       Navy). Despite capitalizing on        following the victory at USC,
                                     Navy and Tulsa, the Irish faithful    in those three games. And even        some crucial USC drops, the           Kelly expressed his belief that

W          e all remember the epic
           November collapses
           of the Charlie Weis
era. Everyone knows about
those games that nobody is
                                     had reason for concern. With
                                     opponents such as USC and
                                     Utah left on the schedule, there
                                     were doubts whether the team
                                     could even pull off the two wins
                                                                           that touchdown seemed like a
                                                                           fluke, as it occurred only after
                                                                           the Trojans recovered a fumble
                                                                           at the two yard line, and it still
                                                                           took them four tries to pound it
                                                                                                                 defense prevented the Trojans
                                                                                                                 from sustaining drives, giving up
                                                                                                                 all sixteen points off turnovers
                                                                                                                 that occurred in Irish territory.
                                                                                                                    After the game, Brian Kelly
                                                                                                                                                       he was accomplishing his main
                                                                                                                                                       objective since becoming head
                                                                                                                                                       coach at Notre Dame: “I think
                                                                                                                                                       more than anything else, today
                                                                                                                                                       we brought the fight back into
allowed to talk about – losses       needed to become bowl eligible.       in. The thirteen straight quarters    seemed to take the words right        the Fighting Irish.”
to teams such as Syracuse in             Rather than imploding, as in      without giving up a touchdown         out of the mouths of many fans.          Former Philadelphia Eagles
2009 and Connecticut last year.      past years, Notre Dame showed         prior to that was the best record     When asked how the team has           linebacker Jeremiah Trotter used
The past three seasons saw the       the fight that fans have been         for an Irish defense since 1981.      played at the end of the season,      to say that a defense needed a
Irish go 3-10 in the month of        anticipating for years. With             The last time Notre Dame           he said, “Overall, we wanted to       certain toughness, nastiness, and
November, in games where             backup freshman quarterback           played USC at the Coliseum, they      play better in November. All the      attitude about it to be successful.
the team appeared physically         Tommy Rees and a dominant             lost 38-3. However, the Irish         work that we’ve done all year,        He called it having some “dog.”
outmatched and seemed to lack        defense, the Irish reeled off three   pulled out a win as they continued    we work toward when we want           It looks like Brian Kelly, Bob
the stamina to finish games.         wins in a row to finish the regular   to play the tough defense that        to play our best football - in        Diaco, and the Irish defense
   The first season under Brian      season 7-5 and put Notre Dame         contributed to Notre Dame’s           November.”                            have brought the “dog” to Notre
Kelly was supposed to be             in great position for a respectable   victory streak. The defense stifled      Following     some        heart-   Dame.
different. He came in promising      bowl game.                            Utah’s high-scoring offense to a      breaking Novembers the past
to turn the team around, whip          Not only did the Irish go           mere field goal and held Army’s       few seasons, the Irish have given       Contact Mike at mjohns32@
them into shape, and put the fight   undefeated in November (after         triple option to only three points    fans something to be proud of,
back into the Fighting Irish. But    failing to get a win in the same      on 135 rushing yards (232 yards       and reason to hope for next

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