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NSC Newsletter by wuyunyi


									Page 2                                                                                                                         October 2011

          CENTER STAFF                                            NEWARK SENIOR CENTER
 Executive Director                                The Newark Senior Center enhances the lives of the 50+ community by
 Carla Grygiel ext. 15                           providing resources and opportunities for growth in body, mind and spirit.
 Secretary                                                      200 White Chapel Drive • Newark, DE 19713
 Margaret Fraser ext. 11
                                                                 Phone: (302) 737-2336 Fax: (302) 737-2636
 Social Services Director/                                          E-mail:
 Caregiver Resource Center                                         Website:
 Alexis Morris-Lemar ext. 12
                                                        Main Center Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 8:30pm
 Program Director
                                                                        Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm
 Katie Rivera ext.19
                                                        Reception Desk Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm
 Program Coordinator                                       Please see Special Activities Calendar on page 42
 Heather Mitchell ext. 27
                                                                Membership Dues: $30/Year or $300/Lifetime
 Development Coordinator
 Jessica Feinberg ext.13                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS
 Newsletter Coordinator                        President: Veronica Rempusheski                     Vice President: John Suchanec
 Kate Hajec                                    Treasurer: Bill Latham                              Secretary: Gail Chickersky
 Food Service Director                         Robert Anderson                 Shirley Anderson               Patricia Brill
 Raymond Williams ext. 17                      Connie Cecil                    Lynda Daring                   Vance Funk
                                               Janice Holton                   Polly Sierer                   Mark Sisk
 Nutrition Director                            Sara Jane Spaulding             Bertha Tosh                    Steve Wheat
 Erin Hook                                     Beverly Wise
 MOW Assistant
 Stefanie Popejoy ext. 16
                                                  If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas for the NSC
                                                Newsletter please give them to Margaret Fraser, Secretary or email
 Food Service Staff                             to
 Rhonda Faison
 Diana Ferrara
 Angela Suglia
                                                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
 Mark Thomas                                    The Arts                                   22       Jitney Jaunts                            15
 Accountant                                     Calendar of Events                      41 - 42 Kitchen News                                 34
 Mercedia Green ext. 22
                                                Clubs and Groups                           19       Lifestyle Connections                    32
 Facility Director
 Wendell Davis ext. 26                          Community News                             40       Member News                            8 - 11
 Facility Assistant                             Computer Club                              21       Menu                                     43
 Sterdie Maxwell
                                                Computer Courses                           20       New Horizons                          26 - 28
 Site Managers
 Bruce Zabel                                    Day Trips                               16 - 17 Resource Center                           30 - 31
 Bus Drivers                                    Donations and Contributions                 6       Social Services Available                33
 Bill Hart
                                                Extended Trips                             18       Support Groups                           29
 Robert Smith
 Michael Stokes                                 Games                                      41       Transportation                            7
 Gabe Woods
                                                Gift Shoppe                                23       Upcoming Events                         4, 13
                                                Healthy Active Living                   36 - 39 Volunteer News                               14

                      *NOTE: The advertisements in the NSC News are paid advertisements and are not endorsed by the NSC.

                                                                                                                Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                         Page 3

Dear Friends,
The News Journal recently featured an article about two University of Delaware professors who have
developed a Social Security tool. We are very pleased to have them do a presentation at the Center on
Tuesday, October 11th at 7:00pm. Please tell friends, neighbors and children who may be nearing
retirement age. This is a great opportunity to find out how to make the appropriate selections to optimize
Social Security benefits. Anyone is welcome to attend and the event is free. Please register at the Reception
Desk. Details about this program can be found on page 31.

The United Way recently kicked off the annual campaign. The theme is “Live United - Give. Advocate.
Volunteer.” Please take this opportunity to advocate for the NSC by encouraging friends and family
members to designate the Newark Senior Center, 0443. This is a simple way to support the NSC or other
nonprofits throughout the community. We receive slightly more than $40,000 each year to help support
our Meals on Wheels and Transportation programs. We are also very fortunate to have several local
companies who volunteer through the United Way Days of Caring during the month of October. We are
very grateful for the support of so many throughout our community.

The Center is very busy during the month of October with our Fall Sale; so many of our members volunteer

                                                            No programs or classes will be held on
for this great event. We are also very grateful for the

                                                                 October 26th, 27th and 28th.
donations of good saleable items that help us to raise

                                                         No bus service on Wednesday, October 26th.
needed funds each year. It is such a great feeling to

                                                         No disruption to the Pool, Fitness Center and
clean out that closet, drawer or jewelry box. We can

                                                                         Lunch programs.
make room for the things we really enjoy and also
pass things along that can benefit others.

Have a wonderful fall!
                                                         Did You Know…
                                                         ~ Last year the NSC received more than
                                                          $60,000 of general donations to help meet
GOLD – We welcome the donation of odd pieces of           the operating expenses for the programs
gold jewelry. You may feel that it is not worth the       and services at the Center.

                                                         ~ Last year the overall payroll expense at the
trip to the jeweler but if many of our members

                                                           NSC rose only .3%. The NSC portion of the
donate that single earring or broken chain, it could

                                                           cost of providing health care to full time
result in a substantial benefit. Please bring

                                                           staff rose 14%.
donations of jewelry to Margaret or Katie in the
main office.

VETERANS DAY DISPLAY- Alexis Morris is                   ~ Last year our electric costs rose 16%. Please
                                                          be sure to turn out the lights when you
                                                          leave a room.
interviewing veterans for a special Veterans Day
display. We would like to feature your story. We

                                                         ~ If it doesn’t end in “.gov” for example
encourage our women veterans to participate in this

                                                , it is not an official website.
project. More information on page 30.

                                                          Beware of scams that may have a .com
     LOOK FOR THE “GIVING TREE” IN DECEMBER.              ending and charge for services that are free
                                                          through the official .gov or government site.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 4                                                                                               October 2011

                                                          BECOME A FAN OF THE NEWARK SENIOR CENTER
    Upcoming Events                                       ON FACEBOOK
                                                          As a fan of the Newark Senior Center you will be
                                                          automatically updated on various news and
                                                          activities going on at the Center. To do this log
                                                          onto your FB account and search for the Newark
                                                          Senior Center in the search bar at the top of the
                                                          page. Go to the NSC fan page and click “Like”.

SAVE THE DATES!                                          BJ’S WHOLESALE CLUB
                                                                                      10:00am – 1:00pm
                                                         Monday, October 17th and
27th - 29th - Fall Sale                                  Wednesday, October 19th       Save $10 on the
                                                         annual membership fee(regularly $50) – Now $40!
                                                         Plus, get 3 months FREE – 15 months total. Every
22nd - Thanksgiving Celebration                          BJ’s membership includes a 2nd membership card
24th and 25th - Center Closed for Thanksgiving
                                                         for a household member at no extra charge. Become
                                                         a new member or renew. $5 of every membership
23rd – Crab Cake Sale pickup                             benefits the NSC.
                                                         FOURTH ANNUAL THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION
SATURDAY HOURS                                           Tuesday, November 22nd            5:00pm – 7:00pm
October 1st and 15th            10:00am - 2:00pm         Elder Aaron L. Harris and the Ekklesia Fellowship

                                                         Center Family would like to invite NSC members,
                                                         friends, and neighbors to attend our “FREE” Fourth
Friday, October 7th         10:30am                      Annual Thanksgiving Celebration. We will be
Come sneak a peek at the Jewelry Box before the          serving a hot Thanksgiving meal at the Newark
Flea Market!                                             Senior Center. This will be on a first come first serve

                                                         basis, with the maximum being 190 individuals (due

                                                         to limited space). Special thanks to the Newark

   All November Newsletter article submissions
                                                         Senior Center’s staff and the Food Bank of Delaware

   need to be received by October 6th, 5:00pm.
                                                         for partnering with us for this celebration. If you

      You may either drop off submissions to
                                                         have questions, or would like to make donations,

    Margaret Fraser, Secretary or email them to
                                                         please contact Stephanie Davis-Harris at (302)287-

                                                         2525, Monday – Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

                                                           NS C POKER NIGHT
                      ~Thank You!
                                                         No Cost. Open to the public.

           in the Lobby on the following dates:
       October 21st & 24th from 9:00am - 1:00pm
   If you do not pick up your Newsletter on the listed
   day, your Newsletter will be mailed October 25th.             Friday, October 21st 6:30pm
      Volunteers are needed to help with mailing on
    October 25th, 8:00am - 10:00am in Evergreen C.
          Please walk in that day if interested.                      COMPLIMENTARY DINNER!
  PLEASE NOTE: All new trips/classes/programs will
     be available for registration starting on the         WE HAVE A NEED FOR NEED FOR KITCHEN VOLUNTEERS.
                  first of the month.                         PLEASE CONTACT JESSICA FEINBERG EXT. 13

                                                                                      Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                              Page 5

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 6                                                                                             October 2011

                                                                In Memory of Ann B. McAlpine
   Please thank our donors for their
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert McAlpine

         support of the Center
                                                                 In Memory of Harry Reynolds
                                                                       Patricia Twilley
                                                                    In Honor of Bob Bloom
 Thank you to the following generous individuals
                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taggart
  who contributed from August 9, 2011 through
               September 2, 2011:                       In Appreciation of Ralph Cavanaugh’s Appraisal
            In Support of NSC Services
                                                                      Katherine Saunders
 Harvey MacClary, Virginia Baker, Carolyn Barnes,
  Louis Benson, Mary Beth Brocklebank, Mr. and             In Support of Updating Lobby Furniture
 Mrs. Frank Forster, George and Margaret Grundy,           Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ferguson and Dr. Aletha
Arline Gulli, Dale Meyer, Hazel Morris, Jane Steele,                      Scarangello

                                                                    GROUP CONTRIBUTIONS
Joseph Stefanowicz, Wings of Faith Chariots of Fire,
         Sandra Willoughby, Arlene Zappo
                                                       We appreciate the donations that many groups make
           In Memory of Dave Hutton
                                                       to the Center in an effort to offset the cost of main-
                 Senior Surfers
                                                                       taining the building.
         In Memory of Mary Southwick
                                                                 For the month of August 2011:
                 Julie Busick
                                                       Wednesday Pinochle           Friday Pinochle
         In Memory of Edward Dingilian                 Mah Jongg                    Cards Anyone
           Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford                  Cribbage                     Canasta
                                                       Scrabble             Shuffleboard and Billiards
                                                       Monday Bridge        Friday Bridge
            NSC WISH LIST                              Bingo                Table Tennis
Here are some items that would be of help at
                                                       Computer Club        Let’s Dance
the Center:                                            Book Group           Stamp Group
                                                       Walk Our Land        Chess Club
Gift Cards to Staples to support the purchase of:
                                                       Golf Club            Chess Club
        • Various office supplies
                                                       B & B Investment Club
To support the Special Events and daily operation         Total Donations for the month were $939.40.
of the Center, Gift Cards to:
                                                       GOODSEARCH: ANOTHER EASY WAY TO HELP NSC!
        • BJs          • ShopRite
        • Acme         • Pathmark
        • Lowes        • Home Depot
                                                       Search the internet and help raise money for the
                                                       NSC. Make your page for all
• (Snack-sized) chips, pretzels, cookies, crackers,    of you searching. Go to and
                                                       then on the middle of the page where it says “Who
• Cases of soda – Coke, Pepsi in regular, diet,
   and caffeine-free varieties
                                                       do you goodsearch for?” type in “Newark Senior
• 30 4x6 acrylic table top sign holders                Center” and click “Verify”. Once you have verified
  (to advertise our special events)                    NSC, every time you search through
• Dry-erase markers, erasers                  money will be donated to the NSC.
• Reams of white or colored copier paper               You can also shop through and
• Commercial-grade clothing racks                      a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the
• Lockable cabinets for the storage room               Center. Questions? Please contact Jessica at
• Mystery prizes for BINGO - Value \ $10 -$20.         737-2336 or

                                                                                    Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                               Page 7

                                                              MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT
      TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS FOR THE                          October 15th – December 7th
          NEWARK SENIOR CENTER                                             IT’S EARLIER NOW
   *No bus service on the Wednesday, 10/26
                                                      Your health needs change from year to year. And, your
   Option 1: Individuals must be a member of the      health plan may change the benefits and costs each year
   Newark Senior Center to ride the Center bus        too. That’s why it’s important to evaluate your Medicare
   and need to sign up at least 24 hours in           choices every year. Open Enrollment is the one time of
   advance. Service is door to door.                  year when ALL people with Medicare can see what new
   *Tickets: $10 for a book of 10 tickets             benefits Medicare has to offer and make changes to their
   available for purchase at the Reception Desk.      coverage.
   * Bus Service is available on Monday, Tuesday,     There’s never been a better time to check out Medicare
    Wednesday, and Friday for all routes.             coverage. There are new benefits available for all people
   * The bus leaves the Center at 8:00am to begin     with Medicare – whether you choose Original Medicare
    pick ups.                                         or a Medicare Advantage plan – including lower
   * The bus departs from the Center at 2:00pm        prescription costs, wellness visits, and preventive care.
    on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and           Take advantage of Open Enrollment and you may be able
    1:00pm on Fridays – or when entertainment         to save money, get better coverage, or both.
    concludes on celebration days.                    What is the benefit of having and earlier enrollment
   Bus Routes: Bus Service is available on Monday,    period?
   Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for all routes.     Starting this year, Open Enrollment starts earlier – on
   City of Newark route: Local, City of Newark.       October 15th – and lasts longer (7 full weeks) to give you
   Pike Creek route: From the City of Newark to       enough time to review and make changes to your
                                                      coverage. But, also starting this year, you will need to
   Rt. 7 and Rt. 2.
                                                      make your final selection for next year’s Medicare
   Bear route: From the City of Newark to Rt. 71,     coverage by December 7th. This change ensures
   Rt. 72 and Rt. 896.                                Medicare has enough time to process your choice, so
   Option 2: The NSC is on the City of Newark         your coverage can begin without interruption on January
   Unicity bus routes. This bus service is free of    1st.
   charge but only services the official City of      It’s worth it to take the time to review and compare, but
   Newark limits. Schedules are posted on the         you don’t have to do it alone. If you typically use the
   bulletin board in the kitchen hallway. Schedules   December holidays to discuss health care options with
   are also available at       family or friends, plan now to move that conversation
                                                      earlier. And remember that Medicare is available to help.
   Option 3: The DART fixed-route bus stop is
   approximately ½ block from the Center.             • Visit to compare your
                                                      current coverage with all of the options that are available
   Schedules are available in the lounge at the
                                                      in your area, and enroll in a new plan if you decide to
   Center. Schedules are also available at            make a change.                            • Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) 24-hours a
   Option 4:                                          day/7 days a week to find out more about your coverage
   If qualified, members can take the DART            options. TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.
   paratransit service.                               • Review the Medicare & You 2012 handbook. It is
   Shopping:                                          mailed to people with Medicare in September.
                                                      • Get one-on-one help from your State Health Insurance
   Friday mornings at the College Square
                                                      Assistance Program (SHIP). Visit
   Shopping Center.                          or call 1-800-MEDICARE to
      Pick-up and drop-off at the East Entrance.      get the phone number.
     *Redeem your completed bus ticket for a free
                                                      This message is brought to you by the U.S. Department of Health
                cup of soup at lunchtime!             & Human Services.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 8                                                                                                October 2011

                                                         WHY SHOULD I PRE-REGISTER? - Often, in the
       Member News                                       newsletter, you will be asked to register at the
                                                         Reception Desk. It is important that you do so for
THE NSC DOES NOT SELL OR GIVE ITS                        several reasons. 1 – We sometimes cancel a
MEMBERSHIP LIST TO ANY OTHER ENTITY.                     class/trip due to low registration. If you are
                                                         interested and do not sign up, you might miss out
ATTENTION NSC MEMBERS - For safety reasons               on a class/trip that you are interested in. 2 – If a
please do not use the outside entrance door to the       class is cancelled and you are not registered, we can’t
Fitness Center when arriving or leaving the Center       call you to notify you of the cancellation. Then you
due to safety reasons. The Fitness Center door is to     come to the Center and are disappointed that you
be used only for members using the Fitness Center.       have made the trip for a cancelled class.
                                                         3 – Instructors will often ask us for a number of
SIGN IN AT THE PODIUMS - Please sign in or scan          registrations. This helps them to prepare for the
your new key fob at the station located outside of       class and make the appropriate number of handouts.
Evergreen A near the Gift Shop. We are in the            4 – Room assignments might be able to be adjusted
process of distributing key fobs – stop in and get       to accommodate a smaller or larger group, but this
yours today. It is very important that you have a        too depends on the number of registrations.
current membership to participate in NSC programs        Please help us to help you and register at the
and activities. Thank you for your cooperation.          Reception Desk for the classes and programs you
                                                         are interested in. Thank you!
RECEPTION DESK - The Reception Desk is manned
by dedicated volunteers who are here to assist you.      SENIOR DISCOUNTS – Please visit our website –
You can help the process if when you come in, you and go to the Senior
have a list of the programs you want to register for     Links tab to see a great list of restaurants and stores
and corresponding page number from the                   that offer senior discounts.

                                                         COMPUTER LAB OPEN FOR ALL NSC MEMBERS -
newsletter. We ask that if the desk is busy, you limit
yourself to four programs at a time. Thank you for
your cooperation and consideration.                      We remind you that the NSC computer laboratory is

LOST AND FOUND - If you are missing your car
                                                         open twice a week for use by all members of the
                                                         Senior Center. The open hours are Monday,
keys, a watch, jewelry, etc., please ask the Reception   11:30am to 1:00pm and Wednesday, 12:30pm to
Desk volunteers for assistance to check out the lost     2:00pm. Come in and Surf the Web, Check your
and found.                                               email, read the latest news online, or browse some
OPEN-DOOR POLICY - Please know that if you have
                                                         online magazines. Please take advantage of this
                                                         modern facility. Assistance by volunteer monitors
questions or concerns about the Newark Senior            will be limited - we are all still learning.
Center I will do my best to try to address them.
Carla Grygiel, Executive Director                        The equipment is provided and maintained by the
                                                         NSC Computer Club (Senior Surfers), whose
SUGGESTION BOX - Located at the Reception Desk.          members volunteer to monitor the lab during these
Please sign your name so that staff may respond to       hours. Both Apple Macs and Windows PCs are
your suggestion.                                         available. To listen to online music, videos, TV and

                                                         podcasts, please bring your own earphones. For
                                                         specialized devices (slide converter, VHS tape to
Please call Mercedia Green at 737-2336 x22 to            DVD, or Audio records to CD, etc) a few club
schedule an appointment. This is a free service for      hobbyists and our “gurus” can guide you during
members.                                                 NSC Computer Club Member hours (Mondays

                                                                                       Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                          Page 9

1:00pm to 4:00pm). Senior Surfer Membership costs      charging a nominal fee of $15 to help pay for her
$5 per year.                                           gas. If you are interested in contacting her, please
                                                       call Carla at 737-2336 x15.
assortment of greeting cards available at the          JUNK MAIL SCAMS – If you are receiving junk mail
Reception Desk. Blank cards and Christmas cards        that is asking for money in exchange for free gifts or
are also available in the library. At the end of the   winnings, or checks requiring you to wire money,
blank cards are post cards and miscellaneous items.    call the U.S. Postal Inspector Service at 877-876-
To donate cards please bring them to Margaret          2455, choose option 4, report it then throw it away.
                                                       SENIOR ROLL CALL is a daily telephone reassurance
Fraser, Secretary. Thank you everyone who have
ANTIQUE APPRAISALS - Do you have an antique at
                                                       program to check on the safety of seniors in New
                                                       Castle County. Senior roll call checks on senior
home that you would like to have appraised? Ralph      subscribers daily with a prerecorded message. The
Cavanaugh is available to come to your home            service is available to individuals 55 and older,
(transportation required), you only need to make a     disabled and individuals with unique medical needs.
donation to the Center. Please contact Ralph at        There is no cost for the program. If you are
737-0180 to make arrangements.                         interested in a Senior Roll call for yourself or your
PAYING IT FORWARD - A member of the Center and
                                                       loved one please call New Castle County Police
                                                       Senior roll call life line at 302-395-8159.
                                                       SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT ESTIMATOR -
instructor of our “Fix-It” class is offering to help
members of the NSC with small projects around the
house. This effort is directed toward people who       Millions of people have used the Retirement
cannot afford the standard market rate for             Estimator. You may try it yourself at
contractors and are on a limited income. She will be

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 10                                                                                                 October 2011

                                                              IT IS TIME TO DECLUTTER!
 Member News                              con’t           Are you feeling crowded by “things” you’ve
                                                         collected over the years? Do some of your
                                                             “treasures” pose a risk to tripping or
                                                         falling? Do you struggle to find a home for
As of July 1, the federally-administered Pre-Existing

                                                          some of the items you don’t use anymore,
Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) makes health

                                                         but are still in good condition? The Newark
insurance coverage easier and more affordable,

                                                            Senior Center Fall Sale is the perfect
lowering premiums by 40% in some states. Eligible

                                                           solution to your dilemmas. Donations are
enrollees receive primary and specialty care, hospital

                                                            sold during a 3 day flea market – your
care, prescription drugs, home health and hospice

                                                            items will find a new, loving home, the
care, skilled nursing care, preventive health and
maternity care. Visit for information
on services and enrollment or call 1-866-717-5826         Center will benefit financially, and you will
(TTY 1-866-561-1604.                                          be free of the clutter in your home
                                                                     – EVERYBODY WINS!

                                              RAFFLE - 50/50
  Tickets are available at the Reception Desk for both the 50/50 and raffle. They are $1 each, or, 6 for $5.
   The raffle has three winners. 1st place is 2 tickets to the EAGLES vs. ARIZONA game on the 45 yard
   line, row 8, in the upper deck, or $125 cash. 2nd and 3rd place prizes are a $50 gift certificate to the
           "OUTBACK", or an EAGLES or NFL blanket. You could win up to $200 in the 50/50.
   The drawing is October 29th. You need not be present to win, or a member of the NSC to enter.

              Kara Lieberman
                                                         bers of the Center and staff.

By Christine Yacyshyn                                    Outside of the Center, Kara loves to read and also
                                                         enjoys music and sports. She has a wide variety of
Kara is originally from
                                                         interests in regards to different literary genres, and
Louisville, Kentucky, and has
                                                         some of her favorite authors include John Grisham,
lived in Michigan, prior to
                                                         Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and Danielle Steele.
moving to Delaware. She
                                                         Kara is a huge baseball fan, rooting for the New
remembers coming to the
                                                         York Mets (she followed the 1969 World Series
Newark Senior Center for the
                                                         team), the Orioles, and the Phillies. She is also
first day on August 25, 2008,
                                                         interested in golf, tennis, and horse racing,
and her first day of playing
                                                         following the Triple Crown. On her iPod, Kara
Bingo at the Center was August 27 of that same
                                                         enjoys a wide variety of artists, including such
year. Kara enjoys coming to the Newark Senior
                                                         artists as the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, James Taylor,
Center to meet new people and says that she has
                                                         and Barry Manilow.
made a lot of new friends here. When at the Center,
Kara enjoys the arm chair exercises, Brain Boosters
                                                         If you would like to be highlighted in an upcoming
and Bingo, as well as the Friday Shopping Trips. She
                                                         newsletter or you know another member with an
really enjoys the Brain Boosters program, and is
                                                         interesting story please contact Jessica Feinberg at
very good at the trivia. Additionally, Kara helps out
                                                         737-2336 ext. 13 or
at Bingo, selling the cards and wishing everyone
‘good luck’. Kara enjoys interacting with the mem-

                                                                                         Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
                                          C ha ng es t o M ed icare
October 2011                                                                                          Page 11

 If you feel that you are not updated on the latest changes in healthcare, you are not alone. It can be hard at
 times to follow the constantly revised system in the United States, so this article focuses on the most recent
 revisions in Medicare that can help you decide what kind of healthcare best fits your needs. Last year, the
 Affordable Care Act was passed that created new benefits for Medicare recipients, and they are available
 now! Most of these benefits provide free or low-cost preventative care and help to cover your monthly
 prescription drug costs. If you are currently enrolled in the original Medicare health plan, you are eligible
 for many free services, including:
         - A “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam (figure out a health plan with your doctor!)
         - An annual wellness exam
         - Flu and pneumococcal vaccines (recommended annually)
         - Bone-mass measurements
         - Smoking cessation counseling (it’s never too late to quit!)
         - Screenings for cancer (colorectal, prostate, breast)
         - HIV screening
         - Hepatitis B vaccine
         - Blood tests for heart disease
         - Diabetes screening

 Please take advantage of these services! These services are all covered at 100% of the Medicare-approved
 amount. If your doctor or clinic participates in Medicare (most do) all you have to do is make an
 appointment. You won’t have to pay up front or get reimbursed later.

 Medicare Advantage health plans do not have to provide these services until 2012 (although most do) so
 double check your Medicare Advantage plans before making an appointment.

 If you don’t know what Medicare plan you have, call (800) MEDICARE (800-633-4227) and a
 representative will be able to answer any questions you may have. You will need your Medicare number
 located on your red, white, and blue Medicare card. Once you call, an automatic system will ask you to say
 your Medicare number and then it will direct you to a live representative.
 Ask: Could you tell me whether I have original Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

 Once you figure out what plan you have and realize that another plan better suits your individual needs,
 you have the control to change it! The open enrollment dates to JOIN/SWITCH/DROP your plan is set
 for this year starting October 15th - December 7th. Coverage will begin January 1, 2012. Changes after
 January 1st are possible, but will be less flexible than if you changed your plan during the first dates, and
 are available only until February 14th.

 It will be of value to look at your options during every fall enrollment period. Some important questions
 to ask are:
          - Has my current plan changed?
          - Are my doctors and drugs still listed for coverage?
          - How do the premiums (if any) and projected out-of-pocket health expense, compare with the
            original Medicare?

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 12                  October 2011

          Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                           Page 13

                                      NSC FALL SALE
                                                        to benefit the Newark Senior Center
                                          October 27th – 29th
                   THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27TH                         5:00PM - 7:30PM
                                                5:00pm: Subs by Angie
                                          Cost: $6 (includes Chips and Drink)
                   Friday, October 28th                           9:00am - 7:30pm
                                              Lunch: 11:45am-12:45pm
                                 Cost: $5 (Free fruit punch or Sugar Free Ice Tea)
                    ~ 7 inch Three Cheese Pizza with Side Salad, Olives, Whole Pepperoncini,
                                              and Homemade Croutons
                    ~ Italian Sausage Sandwich, Onions, Peppers and Homemade Potato Salad
                                              ~ Root Beer Float $1.50
                                            ~ Warm Cookie Sundae $1.50
                                All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
                                    Cost: $7 Sponsored by the Newark Lions Club
                   Saturday, October 29th                          9:00am - Noon
                     All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast to benefit
                     Meals on Wheels at NSC: 8:00am - 11:00am                     HELP US!
                              Cost: Adults $5, Children $3             GET THE WORD OUT!
                                                                  Do you or a family member live in a
                         BAKED GOODS NEEDED                        high traffic area? Please consider
             Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, Bread, Candy, Fudge, Cookies    putting a lawn sign in your front
               Please help the Bakery Booth by contributing a     yard (private property only!) for the
            homemade item. If you have never donated or been       week of the sale so we can let the
              called to bake, please leave your name and phone     entire community know about this
            number at the Reception Desk. Others will be called. valuable fundraiser. Lawn signs will
              Please bring all contributions to the NSC cafeteria    be available after October 1st,
           anytime after 10am on Thursday, October 27th or after please seen a staff member to get
            9am on Friday, October 28th. Thank you for donating                   yours!
             your time and talents. We appreciate your support.        ~Thank you for your help!

                                          DONATED ITEMS NEEDED
                                       Starting, Monday, October 3rd
                         Last day to drop off donations: Monday, October 24th
               We are looking for antiques, collectibles, art, small furniture, accessories, electronics,
            sporting goods, toys, household goods, books, linens, craft materials, and clothing for men,
                         women and children. Please bring your donations to the lounge.
                   Jewelry will be accepted at any time, please bring it to Katie Rivera’s office.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 14                                                                                            October 2011

                                                        POKER NIGHT
      Volunteer News                                    Friday, October 21st                  6:30pm
                                                        Join us for Poker night on the 3rd Friday of each

 Please contact Jessica Feinberg, 737-2336 ext
                                                        month. Players and Volunteer dealers wanted! This

 13, to
                                                        is a great opportunity to brush up on your poker

 discuss volunteer opportunities.
                                                        game before you head out to the casinos!

                                                        VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR PROJECTS TO ASSIST
                                                        Do you have expertise to share? Then Project

Gardeners- A very special thank you to our long
                                                        Consultants for Nonprofits (PCN) needs you! PCN

time volunteer gardener Jim and his new helper
                                                        is a group of volunteers 50+ with varying skills and

Lou for the beautiful gardens that look better than
                                                        experience who assist local nonprofits with

                                                        short-term projects. PCN meets at NSC every other
                                                        Wednesday morning. Time commitment is flexible.
Facility Maintenance Assistance Needed -                Projects have included: writing a training manual,
Volunteer help is needed to help with various           helping to set up an on-line lending library, market
projects around the Center including painting,          research, focus groups, and writing a
minor repair projects and more.                         communications plan. If you are interested please
If you are interested any of these volunteer
                                                        contact Jessica Feinberg at 302-737-2336 ext. 13 or
opportunities please contact Jessica Feinberg at
737-2336 ext. 13 or

RSVP is a volunteer program sponsored by the
Corporation for National and Community Service.
The program places adults 55-years and older into
service opportunities with non-profit organizations
throughout New Castle County. Their staff can
match you with volunteer opportunities that best fit
your skills and interests.
The benefits to being an RSVP member include:
• Meeting new people
• Free, supplemental accident, liability and
 automobile insurance during the time you are
• Tracking of your volunteer hours
• Recognition for number of hours served at annual
 recognition event
The Newark Senior Center is a RSVP station. If you
are interested in becoming a member of RSVP or
other volunteer opportunities, please contact Jessica
Feinberg at 737-2336 ext. 13 or stop by her office to
pick up an application.

                                                                                    Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                                 Page 15

                                                                village of Bethlehem as camels, horses, donkeys and
              Jitney Jaunts                                     villagers surround you. Witness the beauty and
                                                                majesty of angels worshipping in heaven, and
    The bus is limited to sixteen members and there is no       proclaiming to shepherds, "The Savior is born!"
   restroom on the bus. There will be no tour guide on the      Miracle of Christmas has become a family tradition, so
   trips. Pick-up will be at the East Entrance of the Center.   this holiday, follow the star and arrive early to enjoy
    Minimum: 12 people, Maximum: 16 people. *When               an interactive experience! Cost:$90
       dining as a group, please keep in mind that some

                                                                  The Gift Shoppe
       establishments will include gratuity of up to 18%.        Newark’s best kept secret...
  No wait-lists unless otherwise noted. Jitney Jaunts are
                  for NSC members only.
            Payment Due Upon Registration.

                                                                        at the Newark Senior Center
        No refunds for cancellations. No phone
               reservations will be accepted.
DELAWARE ART MUSEUM, WILMINGTON                                                REGULAR HOURS:
Thursday, October 13th           10:15am-2:30pm                       Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 3:30pm
Join us for a colorful journey through 100 years of art,
                                                                  The Gift Shoppe is stocking up for the Fall Season
pop culture and history on a guided tour led by one of
                                                                              and upcoming Holidays.
the museum’s expert docents. After the tour, enjoy
lunch on your own at the museum’s café. Hurry!                     Creative Halloween items including cards. New
Seating is limited to 16. Cost: $17 - Bus and Tour                   fall wreaths and other floral arrangements.
                                                                     Christmas items will be arriving now thru
                                                                     December—sure you will be able to find a
Thursday, October 20th           9:00 am- 5:00 pm
                                                                       wonderful gift for that special someone.
You will receive a bonus of $10 free slot play and $5
                                                                   Ornaments and many other small items sure to
food credit. Cost: $16 - bus only.
Please Note: A waitlist is available if the first bus sells
out. If we get a minimum of 12 additional people we               Beautiful handcrafted baskets and totes of all sizes
will run a second bus.                                            and colors. Placemats, decorative hanging towels,
                                                                     beautiful artfully crafted selection of jewelry.
                                                                   Corian boards, wood crafts of exceptional value
Thursday, November17th          11:00am-2:00pm
                                                                   along with our great selection of afghans, infant
This popular Monchanin Village restaurant comes
                                                                    sweater sets,embroidered pillowcases, picture
highly recommended by several of our members.
                                                                      frames, greeting cards and so much more.
Zagats Survey calls it a “whimsical” yet “classy”
country inn. It received 26 out of 30 points as “Best               Stop by the Gift Shoppe to peruse all items on
Rated Top Food in Delaware”. Cost: $7.50-bus only.                                     display.
MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS, SIGHT AND SOUND THEATRE                    New crafters are welcomed to present their unique
Thursday, December 15th 9:45am – 4:30pm                                     items on Consignment Day.
Come join your NSC friends as we celebrate the                    Consignment Days: 1st Tuesday of each month -
season at our 3rd Annual Holiday Jitney. Enjoy a                    unless otherwise noted from 9:30am - Noon.
wonderful lunch smorgasbord at the Hershey Farm                      Tuesday, October 4th, November 1st and
Restaurant before making your way to the Sight and                                 December 6th
Sound Theatre for a one o’clock show. As the Wise
                                                                   Thank you for your continuing support of the
Men and shepherds did so long ago, follow the star to
                                                                                NSC Gift Shoppe
witness the miraculous truth of the Savior's birth!
Journey back in time and experience the bustling                      30% of all sales are donated to the NSC.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 16                                                                                                     October 2011

             Day Trips
                                                              Please sign up for trips as soon as possible and at least
                                                              40 days prior to trip. Payments to the bus and
                                                              destinations are due 1 -2 months before a trip. Late
                                                              registrations can lead to the cancellation of many trips.
                                                              If you have questions please contact Heather ext. 27.

                                                              FELL’S POINT FUN FESTIVAL, BALTIMORE, MD
MONDAY – FRIDAY, 9:00am - 4:00pm
• The times listed in the Newsletter for each specific trip
are the scheduled departure and the return time to NSC.       Saturday, October 1st            9:45am – 7:00pm
Arrive at least 15 minutes before the designated time for     Member Cost: $57 Non-Member Cost: $67
                                                              Something for every member of the family at this
• Park in the back of the building in the last rows of the
                                                              45th Annual Event. Five stages featuring gospel,
parking lot.
• Payment in full is due at registration for DAY trips.       barbershop, rock and roll, jazz, blues, folk, Cajun,
Phone reservation is available; however, a credit card        bluegrass, country, dancing and much more!! Family
payment is required. If sending in a payment by check,        and Children’s areas spotlight a variety of
please note that you will be added to the trip once your      entertainment and creative activities to delight
payment is received at NSC. Include the name of the trip      children of all ages. Food: 40+ food vendors in 4
and the trip date on your check as well as the names of       food courts with epicurean delights from around the
each member/participant and their address/phone               world... definitely not “festival food”. Members may
number and the emergency contact person/phone                 also choose to take the water taxi over to the inner
number for each person in your party. We ask that you         harbor (not included). CREATIVE TRAVEL
sign up no more than four people at one time.
                                                              REMBRANDT AND THE FACE OF JESUS,
• Some trips may be scheduled for more than one time
                                                              PHILADELPHIA ART MUSEUM
throughout the calendar year. If you are currently on the

                                                              *SOLD OUT, WAIT LIST AVAILABLE*
waiting list for a specific trip and the same trip is
scheduled again for another date, you are not
automatically put on the list for that trip. You must call    Thursday, October 6th     9:00am – 4:30pm
and register for each date.                                   Member Cost: $75 Non-Member Cost: $85
• Extended Trips: Deposit is due at registration and date     Lunch on your own.
for final payment is listed on flyer and in the Newsletter.
Arrive at least 30 minutes before the designated time for

                                                                 THE BENEFITS OF TRAVELING
• REFUNDS – will not be given for cancellations unless
seat/tickets can be resold. Refund in the form of credits       • Gives us the opportunity to disconnect from
will be given for cancelled trips costing $15 or less.            our regular life.
• INDIVIDUALS REQUIRING ASSISTANCE – The                        • Provides much needed relaxation.
Newark Senior Center will make every effort to secure           • Increases our knowledge and widens our per
wheel-chair lift charter buses to accommodate                     spective.
individuals with disabilities. Please notify Receptionist       • New experiences increase our resourcefulness.
when you make your reservation. Due to the limited              • Creates memories that will last a life time,
availability of these buses in Delaware, NSC members
                                                                  especially if you travel with family or friends.
must reserve seating 48 hours prior to trip. Individuals
                                                                • Provides tremendous opportunities for fun,
requiring assistance to meet their basic needs must travel
with a companion. A paid reservation must also be                 adventure and discovery.
placed for this companion to ensure seating.                    • Gets your blood flowing because it requires
                                                                  you to be active and alert.
                                                                        Take a trip now, don’t wait!

                                                                                             Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                    Page 17

Thursday, November 3rd        8:00am – 6:00pm        ORCHESTRA (LECTURE LUNCHEON)
Member Cost: $35 Non-Member Cost: $45                Friday, April 13th             9:45am – 5:30pm
Bonus: $20 Slot Play. Please bring driver’s          Member Cost:$120 Non-Member Cost: $130
license/State ID to redeem coupon voucher. Enjoy     BRONFMAN AND PETRUCHKA, Gilbert Varga
the Casino, boardwalk or a day on the beach! Over    conductor; Yefim Bronfman piano.
200 new slots!                                       MENDOLSSOHN Herbrides Overture; BARTOK

                                                     Piano Concerto No. 1; STRAVINSKY Petrushka.
                                                     Prior to the performance, a lecture/luncheon is held
Saturday, November 12th 7:30am – 7:30pm              at the Double Tree Hotel, which is included.
Member Cost: $240 Non-Member Cost: $250              Lecturer: Tim Ribchester, Conductor, Pianist,
A Beautiful musical, with songs by Stephen           Writer/Broadcaster, AVA, Philadelphia Orchestra
Sondheim, starring Bernadette Peters and Jan         Company, University of Pennsylvania. Celebrity
Maxwell in this limited engagement production.       Guest: Julianne Baird, Singer and Educator of
Follies concerns a group of former “Follies” stars   Baroque Music. Central Orchestra Seating. Don’t
who return to the site of their former glory, in a   miss out on this wonderful day with a lower rate
theater about to be demolished. Old wounds           than last year!
resurface as two Follies stars and their husbands    SOME WALKING INVOLVED.
reassess their lives and what could have been. We
have orchestra seats and a buffet lunch before the
show at Oscar’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel!

Tuesday, November 29th         8:15am – 6:30pm
Member Cost: $153 Non-Member Cost: $163
Enjoy lunch at L’Allegria Restaurant, choice of
entrée. Enjoy a 2pm performance of the Radio City
Spectacular. Orchestra seats and many new acts in
the show. 4 SEASONS TOURS

Wednesday, December 7th 7:00am – 8:30pm
Member Cost: $60 Non-Member Cost: $70
Drop-off and pick-up at two locations: 46th and
Broadway for Theatre District – ½ price matinee
tickets or 82nd and 5th for Metropolitan Museum of

     Please check out the menu on

               page 43
       new selections this month!
     The NSC is the best deal in town with
       freshly prepared items every day!
Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 18                                                                                              October 2011

                                                         See the 'Boys of Summer' getting ready for the
       Extended Trips                                    season in the excitement of SPRING TRAINING.
                                                         Cheering for the Phillies is a MUST; also enjoy the
     ~ DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL                       O's, Yankees and more at three different stadiums.
  EXTENDED TRIPS UPON REGISTRATION                       Four days of baseball at the parks with independent
      ~ FLYERS IN LOBBY WITH FULL                        lunch and time. A deluxe dinner cruise in Tampa.
    INFORMATION ON ALL THE TRIPS.                        Heading home an unforgettable overnight at the
                                                         Jekyll Island Club plus a guided tram tour of the
BEST OF BOSTON                                           island. Many highlights on this spring adventure!!!
                                                         SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN CRUISE
CHRISTMAS AT THE OGLEBAY RESORT, WV AND                  March 19th – 31st
HOLIDAY MAGIC IN PITTSBURGH                              After October 1st, 2011 rooms are subject to
*SOLD OUT WAIT LIST AVAILABLE*                           availability
December 7th – 10th                                      Outside stateroom: $1,572pp
Double: $791pp       Single: $1,028pp                    Balcony stateroom: $2261pp
Deposit: $100 pp due upon registration                   *Single Supplement please call Heather or Barbara
Final Payment is due October 28th                        at (800)458-1030.
4 SEASONS TOURS                                          Deposit: $450pp due upon registration
                                                         Roundtrip transportation to Baltimore, MD where
ROSE BOWL PARADE, CALIFORNIA                             you will board and enjoy a 13 day cruise on the
December 29th - January 3rd                              Enchantress of the Seas. This Royal Caribbean ship
Double: $2,050 pp             Single: $2,300 pp          has many amenities; such as Broadway style theatre,
Deposit: $150 pp due upon registration                   casino, pools, restaurants, indoor/outdoor pool, etc.
Final payment is due by October 7th                      The many stops include Tortola, B.V.I.; St. John,
Many things to do: choose between the Getty              Antigua; Phillipsburg, St. Maarten; St. Thomas; San
Museum or Ronald Reagan Presidential Library             Juan, Puerto Rico; and Labadee (a private island).
before being whisked away to a New Year’s Eve            4 SEASONS TOURS

                                                         SAN ANTONIO GETAWAY, TEXAS
dinner and Dance Gala. The next day get up close
with the floats and smell the roses. This is the 123rd
Anniversary of the parade that will be enjoyed from      November 2nd – 6th, 2012
grandstand seating. Enjoy a farewell dinner on the       Double: $1,609pp Single:$1,909pp
Historic RMS Queen Mary. With plenty of time in          After 5/4/12 - Double: $1,709pp Single: $2,009pp
between to enjoy California on your own. Tips not        Deposit: $310 pp due upon registration
included. CREATIVE TRAVEL                                Registration Cut Off: July 4th, 2012
                                                         Final Payment is due by September 9th, 2012
NEW! SPRING TRAINING-PLAY BALL! FLORIDA                  Visit the Alamo, an authentic dude ranch, a guided
March 11th - 20th                                        cruise along the Paseo del Rio, see the birth place of
Double: $1,763pp Single: $2,305pp                        Lyndon B. Johnson, visit the “Cowboy Capital of the
Deposits: $100 pp due upon registration.                 World”, and much more!!! Plus experience one of a
*Must be received no later than December 31st.           kind goods at El Mercado, the Mexican Marketplace.
10 days/9 nights - A fun getaway to warm sunshine        5 meals included: 4 Breakfasts & 3 Dinners
and America's favorite pastime! Enroute to               COLLETTE VACATIONS
Clearwater, FL, enjoy a lovely evening in historic
Savannah, GA with a memorable morning guided
tour of the city; independent time in St. Augustine.

                                                                                      Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                        Page 19

                                                        OOMPAH MUSICAL ENSEMBLE *CANCELLED 10/28
   Clubs and Groups                                     Fridays, 2:00pm
                                                        Leader: Jim Byrne
CHINESE LANGUAGE AND CULTURAL CLUB                      For more information, please contact Jim Byrne at
Tuesdays, 1:30pm - 2:30pm - Beginners          or Katie Rivera at the Center.

                                                        RED HAT SOCIETY OF NEWARK SENIOR CENTER
Tuesdays, 2:30pm - 4:00pm - Advanced
Beginners are welcome to stay for the entire session.
Practice speaking, writing Chinese Mandarin and         Marie Fleming, Queen Mother
cultural aspects of the language. The club is open to   Monday, October 3rd - 11:00am
anyone interested in the language. Experienced and       Meeting to discuss our Red Hat participation in the
non experienced are welcome. Learn from each             NSC Fall Sale from October 27th - 29th,
other and on occasion be assisted by native speakers.    Reduation plans and lunch in the NSC cafeteria
If you have any questions, please contact Charles       Wednesday, October 12th - 12:30pm
Strickler at 302-690-1841 or by e-mail at                Delcap Restaurant - Delaware Park Club House, No Cost.                                  third floor - lake view (no entrance from Kirkwood

                                                        Friday, October 21st - 12:30pm
Thursdays, 9:30am - 11:00am
                                                         Timothy’s of Newark – 100 Creek View Road,
We are preparing for the upcoming Holidays.
                                                         Newark, DE – 738-9910
Month of October and 1st two weeks of November
will be practice sessions at the NSC. New members       Monday, November 7th -11:00am
encouraged to join this great group of dedicated         Meeting and lunch at NSC cafeteria
singers. Further questions?? Call Judy--838-6755        The annual $4 dues to join our Chapter were
All members pay a $4 fee per month at the               due April 1st , 2011 and payable to NSC.
Reception Desk.                                         Contact Marie Fleming at 302-668-1688 or


Mondays, 1:00pm                                         “SCRIBBLERS” CLUB *CANCELLED 10/26

                                                        Wednesdays, 10:00am
                                                        “Scribblers” Club invites anyone who enjoys writing
Thursdays, 4:00pm - 6:00pm                              to join them. We share ideas and read our articles.
Autumn is Dance Season! Welcome to our party            No previous experience needed. No Cost.
each week at the beautiful Evergreen Ballroom every
Thursday 4 to 6 p.m. Come to socialize, listen to       ROMEO (RETIRED OLD MEN EATING OUT)
some great music, maybe even dance a little! Waltz,     1st and 3rd Thursdays, 11:30am - Evergreen B
Polka, Rumba, Swing., Fox Trot, etc... we have Big      Group Organizer: John Royle
Band, Latin and other dance music for your enjoy-       The group will meet to socialize and plan activities.
ment. We also feature various simple line dances 9
(no partner needed). Admission is FREE, even for        STAMP GROUP
our popular special events each year. Just sign in as   Tuesdays, October 4th and 18th        1:00pm
you enter. Remember: "The man of a woman's
dreams dances." "Let's Dance!" No Cost.          "WOWS" GROUP WIDOWS/WIDOWERS/
                                                        Fridays at noon in the lunch room
                                                        Join us for activities and make some new friends.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 20                                                                                                  October 2011

                                                           ELAINE DRAIN’S SKILL’S CLASSES- Classes this month
  Computer Courses                                         will concentrate on productivity skills basics through a
                                                           series of sessions intended for those who are just getting
                                                           started with basic office programs or those who want a
• Payment due at Registration.                             refresher. All classes are taught by Elaine Drain

                                                           WORD PROCESSING BASICS
      Computer Center Open Sessions:
            Mondays, 11:30am - 1:00pm
                                                           Wednesday, October 5th            10:00am - Noon
           Wednesdays, 12:30pm - 2:00pm                    Learn how to create, edit, format and save basic word
                                                           processing documents using Microsoft Office 10. You’ll

                                                           also find out about alternate office suites that you can
                                                           download to your computer and which works similar to,
Tuesdays, October 4th - 18th 2:30pm - 4:30pm               and is compatible with, Microsoft Word. Tips on
Deadline: 10/3                                             naming your documents for easy retrieval along with
Instructor: Gene Schuler                                   other helpful formatting tips will have you creating
This course will cover what you need to know before you    documents you can be proud of. You don’t have to be an
get started, as well as how to transfer, find, organize,   expert, but basic keyboard and mouse skills are helpful.
print and email your photos. Cost: $39 (3 sessions) 5      Cost: $15. Bring a flash drive with you if you want to
person minimum                                             take the class and additional information home with
WINDOWS 7                        NOON - 2:00PM             you.

                                                           SPREADSHEET BASICS
Fridays, October 7th – 21st      Deadline : 10/5
Instructor: Gene Schuler
                                                           Wednesday, October 11th           10:00am - Noon
Find out what makes this newest version of Windows
                                                           Want to keep your expenses under control with a
easy to use. Learn how to personalize Windows 7 and
                                                           spreadsheet, or maintain your checking account register,
generate a “System Health Report.” Discover how easy it
                                                           or compile a mailing list for holiday cards, or keep a club
is to find anything with the new system search.
                                                           or organization membership list, or… there is a
Cost: $39(3 sessions) 5 person minimum
                                                           multitude of uses for a spreadsheet program. This class
HOW TO SAVE MONEY WHEN USING A COMPUTER                    will get you started with the basics using Microsoft
9:00AM – 11:00AM                                           Excel. You’ll also learn about templates which are
Friday, October 21st            Deadline: 10/19            already designed and set up to calculate – such as a
Instructor: Gene Schuler                                   checkbook register, a mortgage amortization schedule,
Learn how to save money on appliances and accessories,     and learn how to find others suited for your use. Cost:
new and used books, hotels, repairs, travel, and much      $15. Bring a flash drive with you if you want to take
more! Cost: $15 (1 session) 5 person minimum.              the class and additional information home with you.

                                                           PRESENTATION BASICS
                                                           Wednesday, October 19th            2:30am - 4:30pm
                                                           A presentation program displays information on a series
                                                           of slides and is usually the tool of many speakers,
     IS YOUR MEMBERSHIP                                    teachers or others in front of an audience. But you can
                                                           also create “shows” that automatically (and dramatically)
          CURRENT?                                         transition to the next slide with music playing in the
                                                           background. You’ve probably viewed slideshows through
  All program and class participants need to               links sent to you by friends through email. Learn how to
  have an up to date membership at the Newark              create a basic presentation and perhaps amaze your
  Senior Center. Membership is currently $30               friends with your own slideshow. We’ll be using
  per year. Please check your membership status            Microsoft PowerPoint, but you will learn about
  at the Reception Desk and verify your                    alternatives that are free. Cost: $15. Bring a flash drive
  emergency contact information.                           with you if you want to take the class and additional
                                                           information home with you.

                                                                                          Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                      Page 21

                                                       EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 30TH- anyone who has not
         Computer Club                                 paid renewal dues will be deleted from the Senior
                                                       Surfers mailing list and not be eligible for Senior
                     Surfer benefits. If you have not paid your 2011-2012
    Email us at with a        dues, please fill in a membership application along
   question you would like addressed at one of our     with $5 dues.
 meetings or with suggestions for guest speakers and   SENIOR SURFERS NEED YOU: Volunteers are
                   meeting topics.                     needed to serve as greeters for Thursday afternoon
Thursday, October 6th - 10:15am – Board Meeting        meetings, helpers for Senior Surfer trainings,
Thursday, October 6th - 1:00pm – Questions and         monitors for the computer lab. We also welcome
Simple Answers, The Tech Team                          those people with expertise in technology for
Thursday, October 13th – 1:00pm – ITunes, Doug         Thursday afternoon presentations, to teach classes,
Irish                                                  and assist in the technology lab on Monday
Thursday, October 20th – 1:00pm – Bob's Bytes          afternoons. Assistance is needed on the many
Thursday, October 27th – Fall Sale, no meeting         subcommittees that keep the Senior Surfers active.
OPEN SESSIONS FOR ALL SENIOR CENTER MEMBERS            If you are interested, please email us at
*Cancelled 10/26                              or talk to any board
Mondays, 11:30am - 1:00pm and                          member.
Wednesdays, 12:30pm - 2:00pm                           DICK SCOTT MEMORIAL-
The Computer Lab is monitored by club members          September 1st the Senior Surfers
who may be helpful but with limited expertise.         officially dedicated the tree at
OPEN SESSIONS FOR COMPUTER CLUB MEMBERS                the entrance way. Present for
Mondays, 1:00pm - 4:00pm                               the dedication were Mrs. Joanne
Bring in your computing problems and/or problem        Scott and her daughter Sue. More than $3,600 was
computers for help by experienced members on           collected in Dick’s memory. He was a dedicated and
Microsoft PCs and Apple Macs.                          active volunteer for many years in the Senior Surfers
                                                       organization. The money collected was used to
                                                       purchase a projection system for Thursday
Adobe Photoshop Elements Lab- October 12th,
                                                       afternoon presentations, the tree, bench and stone in
                                                       Dick’s memory, and a donation to the Newark
eBay Lab- Monday, October 10th, 9:30am
                                                       Senior Center.
                                                       ONLINE COMPUTER HELP- For the benefit of
Apple Users Classroom- October 31st, 9:30am
                                                       newcomers, our NSC Computer Club does make
Computer Club is contributing our monthly
                                                       computing help available for you on the Internet.
donation of $25, plus $102.86 from copy donations
                                                       Just go to our web site (address at the top of this
and training classes.
                                                       page), and look for the yellow button labeled
                                                       “Links”. Left click on it, then on Club members'
email us (address at the top of page). You are         personal Link lists, and finally click on Jim
especially invited to attend one of our Thursday       Kniskern’s name to bring up links to many helpful
afternoon sessions to check us out. Our mission is     online tutorials. The first item on the list is our
to aid, train and educate any member of the Newark     handout for NSC Beginners Classes that links to five
Senior Center who is ready to join the Information     pages of instruction and many active links to
Age. Annual dues are $5. Please register (forms        informative and fun web sites.
available at the Lab door) and include your email                 Don’t forget to visit our blog at
address to receive notices of meetings.                

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 22                                                                                              October 2011

                                                        FREE ART STUDIO *CANCELLED 10/26 & 28
             The Arts                                   Mondays, 8:30am - 11:30am
                                                        Wednesdays, 8:30am - 11:30am
KNITTING GROUP *CANCELLED 10/26                         Fridays, 1:00pm - 4:00pm
2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 10:00am                         No instructor for this class. Members are welcome
The emphasis is on charity knitting for the Linus       to come in and enjoy the art room and camaraderie
Project, and on helping each other with our own         as they work on their own projects. No Cost.
knitting projects and questions. Questions, call        ART WORKSHOPS
Delia Schwartz or Alberta Beattie 239-5491.             Registration is mandatory (no walk-ins) and
No Cost.                                                required 48 hours in advance. Fees are due at the
                                                        time of registration. There is an 8-person
                                                        minimum. In the event that the class is cancelled
Mondays, October 10th and 24th,                         due to insufficient registration, registrants will be
November 7th and 21st                                   notified, their fees will be refunded. Workshops are
10:00am - Noon                                          open to all painters and mediums. Bring your own
Come and enjoy doing Chinese knotting together.         supplies. Any questions about supplies will be
This ancient Chinese folk handcraft has evolved into    discussed at the first class or call Cynthia at
an art form known as “decorative knotting”. We          (610)268-0181.
provide knotting nylon yarn and stepwise
procedural description with diagram. You bring          FALL THEME
your favorite scissors and supplementary materials if   Fridays, October 7th – 21st            9:30am – Noon
needed. We have scheduled to do small sized (2”x        (No class October 28th due to the Fall Sale)
2”) Christmas tree decorative articles such as          Instructor: Cynthia Swanson
sunflower, heart shape, sporty kid, sausage dog etc.    Open to all mediums and all levels of students. The
We also welcome suggestions to create new items as      fall color palette will be discussed and a
we have participants with imagination and design        demonstration of the splattering technique for
talent. No Cost, please register at the Reception       foliage will be presented in class. All objects that are
Desk                                                    related to fall (pumpkins, gourds) will be available
                                                                       for the class to paint.
                                                                       Cost: $33 (3 sessions)

                                                                     FABRICS AND FOLDS
                                                                     Fridays, November 4th – 18th
                                                                     9:30am – Noon
                                                                     Instructor: Cynthia Swanson
                                                                     Learn how to draw and paint folds and
                                                                     draped fabric. If time allows, the class
                                                                     will learn how to paint cut lace fabric.
                                                                     Cost: $33 (3 sessions)

                                                                                      Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                            Page 23

                                                          NSC Crab Cake Sale

      Crab Cake Sale
                                                             Order Form
                                                      You are welcome to mail in your order
                                                         form to: Newark Senior Center
                                                             200 White Chapel Drive
                                                               Newark, DE 19713
                                                         Drop off at the Reception Desk.
         NSC’s best kept secret!
                                                       Payment must be received at time of
      Chef Raymond’s Award Winning
                Crab Cakes                           Two Entrée Size Crab Cakes: $10 per order
                                                           Number of orders: _____
                    and                                    Amount: _____
            Rhonda’s Excellent                       Cole Slaw: $ 3 per pint
           Homemade Cole Slaw                              Number of pints: ______
                                                           Amount: _____
         available for the holidays.
                                                     Total Amount of Order: _____________
      Chef Raymond won the 2009 crab
            cake competition at                      Name ____________________________
         Coast Days in Lewes, DE.                    Phone ____________________
                                                     Method of Payment :
     (2) Entrée Size Crab Cakes: $10
          Cole Slaw: $3 per pint                     ______ Cash       ______ Check #

Crab cakes will come with cooking instructions and   Credit Card #
     should be eaten or frozen within 2 days.        __________________________________
            Refrigerate immediately.
                                                     Exp. Date ____________
  Order Deadline: December 14th
 Order Pick up: December 23rd from
                                                            Thank you for your support
          1:00pm - 5:30pm
                                                           of the Newark Senior Center!
         Order forms available at the
      Reception Desk or in the newsletter.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 24                  October 2011

          Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                         Page 25

                                             “H AP PE NINGS”

                                            N SC E – NE W SLE T T ER !

                                           If you would like to receive a
                                                copy of our quarterly
                                            e – newsletter please email
                                             with “e-newsletter” in the
                                           subject line. The e-newsletter
                                           will include information that is
                                            not generally included in our
                                                  monthly newsletter.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 26                                                                                               October 2011

                       New Horizons
             Enrichment and Learning Program
          A Program to keep your mind active and on the road to new adventures
  NSC invites speakers on a variety of topics to        TUESDAYS DISCUSSION GROUP
share their views and expertise with our members.       10:30am
   The NSC does not endorse these views and             After three vocabulary words and a bit of “This Day in
    encourages participants to draw their own           History,” Jon Barber presides over discussions on local
                   conclusions.                         concerns, world news, or whatever else comes up -

                                                        including jokes and travel notes. If anyone is interested

2nd and 4th Mondays, 1:30pm
                                                        in an afternoon discussion group, please see Heather in
                                                        the Administrative Offices. No Registration, No Cost.

                                                        THURSDAYS DISCUSSION GROUP
If you enjoy reading or writing poetry, join this
small group of poetry enthusiasts.
No Cost, No Registration.                               10:30am         *Cancelled 10/27

                                                        Led by Bill Wimmer

                                                        The topics range from the news, science, history,
                                                        childhood memories, and there are always some jokes.
Tuesdays, 1:00pm                                        In other words, the Discussion Group gets together for
Facilitators: Betty Stahl and Teddy Dewalt              an enjoyable hour. If anyone is interested in an
On Tuesday, October 4th, classes will be resumed        afternoon discussion group, please see Heather in the
featuring Prof Fears of the University of Oklahoma      Administrative Offices. No Registration, No Cost.

                                                        INVESTMENT GROUPS (LIMITED MEMBERSHIPS)
lecturing on books that have made and changed

                                                        B&B INVESTMENT GROUP
history. His two taped 30 minute lectures will be
followed by brief class discussions. The works

                                                        HI FLYERS INVESTMENT CLUB
under consideration have shaped the minds of great      Wednesday, October 19th      10:30am
individuals and offer an extraordinary gift of
wisdom to those willing to receive it.                  Monday, October 3rd          1:00pm
No Registration. No Cost.                               Please contact Ann Zwilgmeyer 737-9855 if you have

EDUCATION COUNCIL                                       HI LOW INVESTORS
                                                        any questions.

If you have ideas or concerns about educational         Tuesday, October 11th        1:00pm

                                                        BOOK GROUP
programming, please see Katie Rivera.

BIBLE STUDY                                             Monday, October 3rd           10:30am
Tuesdays, 10:00 am                                      Do you enjoy reading? Do you sometimes think it
Studying the book of Daniel.                            would be fun to compare your feelings about a book

                                                        you read with someone else? If the answer is “yes”,
                                                        to any of these questions, we welcome you. It’s fun
Tuesdays, 1:00pm                                        and we hope you’ll join us. Guests and new
Enjoy a variety of trivia designed to help boost your   members are always welcome. No Cost.
brain power. Other games and activities are             October 3rd - The Immortal Life of Henrietta
available for small groups. Heather will be on hand                     Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
to serve as your guide. No Cost. No Registration.       November 7th - On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
                                                                           by Jamie Ford

                                                                                       Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                          Page 27

                                                         as a Student if not already one, then go to Class
                                                         Schedule, Date, and find our course), or 2) calling
Tuesday, October 4th            6:30pm - 8:30pm          Diana at the office 302-737-4546 and she can
Instructor: Paul Baumbach, CFA, CFP®, ChFC               register you!

                                                         WIDOWED SENIORS ALONE
This class will help individuals who are not familiar
with investing better understand how to construct a
financial portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual         Thursdays, October 6th and 20th,
funds. They will learn the fundamentals of how to        November 3rd and 17th and December 1st
manage their investments, select a target level of       11:00am - 12:15pm
stocks, manage their stocks, manage their bonds,         Facilitator: Kit Angell, Family Aftercare
and understand allocation and target date funds.         Coordinator at Spicer-Mullikin Funeral Homes
Topics that will also be discussed include risk, stock   A discussion group for men and women over the
fund diversification, and bond fund diversification.     age of 50 who have experienced the death of a
Register now by: 1) going to                             spouse or life partner. Senior citizens face unique (Register as a               issues in bereavement. The loss may be
Student if not already one, then go to Class             compounded by retirement from work, physical
Schedule, Date, and find our course), or 2) calling      difficulties and feelings about the unfairness of it
Diana at the office 302-737-4546 and she can             all. We are worried about being a burden to our
register you! Walk-ins are also welcome.                 adult children, or being ignored by them. This

                                                         group will help us cope with the practical realities of
                                                         life as a single person and to create a future that can
Wednesdays, October 5th and 19th,                        include purpose and even joy again.
November 2nd, 16th and 30th and December 14th
11:00am - 12:15pm
Facilitator: Kit Angell, Family Aftercare
Coordinator at Spicer-Mullikin Funeral Homes
A discussion group for women to share the
possibilities and problems of life beyond age 50. We
talk about changes we have chosen such as retire-
ment, new interests and friendships. Some changes
have happened to us such as a less cooperative and
trustworthy body, new relationships with our adult
children, widowhood and divorce. We are
sometimes serious and sometimes laughing.

Thursday, October 6th          6:30pm - 8:30pm
Instructor: Paul Baumbach, CFA, CFP®, ChFC
Paul will provide an overview of inflation - past,
present, and future - and techniques that investors
can use to help protect their investments from
inflation. This course will be most beneficial to
participants who are concerned with how to protect
their portfolios from inflation. Register now by: 1)
going to (Register

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 28                                                                                            October 2011

     New Horizons                     con’t
                                                      How to hedge against changing interest rates. How
                                                      to choose municipal bonds during budget woes.
                                                      Where to look for stock market opportunities, both
A TREASURY OF THE FAMILIAR                            here and abroad.

                                                      GENEALOGY DISCUSSION GROUP
Monday, October 17th                  10:00am
Presenter: Richard Davison
Don’t miss it when Richard Davison returns to read    No meeting in October due to the Fall Sale.
and comment on selections from A Treasury of the      Next meeting: Wednesday, November 23rd

                                                      PURE WELLNESS CHIROPRACTIC:
Familiar (Edited by Ralph W. Woods), including

                                                      HEALTH AND WELLNESS FOR AGING ADULTS
works by “Anonymous” (perhaps the most prolific of
all writers!), Shakespeare, Poe, Thoreau, Lewis
Carroll, and Robert Frost. This program will          Wednesday, November 9th                 1:00pm
include a mixture of old favorites and some new       Presenter: Dr. Joelle Renaud
surprises! No Cost, please register at the            A presentation discussing how to stay healthy and
Reception Desk.                                       well as we age. The importance of maintaining an
                                                      active lifestyle and how to stay active as we get older.
SHARING FAMILY HEIRLOOMS                              Common conditions that an older individual may be
Tuesday, October 18th         10:00am                 living with and ways to improve quality of life and
Instructor: Ralph Cavanaugh                           how chiropractic can be a part of your health and
Bring in your antiques or family treasure – Ralph     wellness regimen. No Cost. Please Register at the
and the group will help you to identify and discuss   Reception Desk.
the various items. No Cost, please register at the
Reception Desk.
NEW – do you have an antique at home that you
would like to have appraised? Ralph is available to
come to your house (transportation required), you
only need to make a donation to the Center. Please
contact Ralph at 737-0180 to arrange for a visit.

Wednesday, October 19th 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Instructor: Mike Laur, AAMS, Financial Advisor
We’ll discuss: Why high deficits and debt shouldn’t
prevent you from making investment decisions.

                                                                                    Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                         Page 29

                                                         FAMILY CAREGIVER INFORMATION AND
          Support Groups                                 SUPPORT GROUP
                                                         Tuesdays, October 18th         7:00pm - 8:45pm
                                                         Facilitators: Alexis Morris, Social Services
Every Tuesday, 7:00pm
                                                         Funded through the Division of Services for
The Delaware Council on Gambling would like to
                                                         Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities
invite women who have a problem with gambling.
                                                         We may help with bills and business matters,
No Cost.
                                                         transportation, meals, household chores or even
                                                         provide full-time daily care. Group discussions focus
                                                         on sharing information, sympathy, laughter and
Facilitator: Pat Brill
                                                         coping skills. Those we are caring for have a variety
Co-Facilitator: Alexis Morris, Social Services Dir.
                                                         of physical and mental handicaps. We invite guest
Thursday, October 6th         9:00am - 10:00am
                                                         speakers on topics such as how to deal with a person
Are you a family member , friend or caregiver ?
                                                         with dementia and when to begin hospice care.
Group discussion focusing on sharing information,
                                                         Monthly newsletters are sent. No Cost.
coping skills, and leading supports.
                                                         ADVANCED FUNERAL PLANNING
                                                         Wednesday, October 19th                2:00pm
1st Thursday of every month
                                                         Presenter: Bob Foard of R. T. Foard and Jones
Thursday, October 6th          10:15am - 11:45am
                                                         Funeral Home
A group discussion focusing on sharing
                                                         Creating a meaningful tribute for a life well lived,
information, coping skills, and leading support.
                                                         Burial and cremation options, benefits and packages
                                                         available to honor and recognize our Veterans who
                                                         served. Traditional and life celebration services and
Thursday, October 13th          7:00pm - 8:45pm
                                                         final expense funding options.
Diana Gutierrez, Director of Inpatient Rehab at
St. Francis Hospital.
Family caregivers and friends play a critical role in

                                                         PARKINSON’S DISEASE BALANCE STUDY
the recovery from stroke, particularly as lengths of
stay in hospitals and rehabilitation settings continue
to decrease. Stroke recovery continues for at least      The purpose of this study is to compare a portable
two years after stroke onset, so most of the support     balance plate (similar to a bathroom scale) with
during this period comes from informal sources           other measures of balance currently used with
including friends and family members. Group              people who have Parkinson’s disease (PD). This
discussion focus on Education, Compassion,               study will help researchers and clinicians decide
Sympathy as well as laughter the group will also         which tests are best to assess balance in people with
focus on coping skills. No cost.                         PD. You are eligible if you have PD and are able to

                                                         stand without use of a cane or walker, do not have
                                                         an inner ear problem, are not blind or partially
Have you or someone you know had a Stroke?               blind, or experience numbness in your feet. This
Physical Therapy researchers at the University of        study will be conducted at your convenience in your
Delawareare conducting several studies investigating     home or at the NSC. If you wish, we will send you
new techniques to improve walking and reaching           a copy of your balance results for your records. If
after stroke. To learn more about participating          you are interested or have questions please call
please contact Ruby at (302) 831-0150 or                 Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff PhD, RN at 234-0874,                                    University of Delaware School of Nursing.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 30                                                                                             October 2011

                                                         FREE WILL SERVICES AVAILABLE AT NSC
    Resource Center                                      By appointment only.
                                                         Joyce Hayes, Esq., DE Volunteer Legal Services
                                                         Individuals must meet income limit of
                                                         approximately $1,700 per month or less and have no
may help seniors use growing list of food assistance
                                                         other significant assets beyond their home and car.
                                                         Call Jacki Chacona at 478-8680, extension 212 to
                                                         open the file and tell them you want to request an
NCC REGISTER OF WILLS                   (302)395-7800    appointment at NSC. You will then be contacted by
SOCIAL SECURITY SURVIVOR’S BENEFITS                      Mrs. Hayes to set up your appointment.
(302)323-0304 OR (800)772-1213
SENIOR ROLL CALL LIFELINE               (302)395-8159    A handbook for Elder Delawareans has recently
The New Castle County Police Senior Roll Call            been finalized by the Committee on the Law and the
Lifeline is a telephone reassurance program that         Elderly of the Delaware State Bar Association. It is
offers daily contact to senior citizens residing in      available on the following websites:
New Castle County. Residents interested in               •
enrollment need to meet one of the following             •
requirements:                                            Please feel free to copy and reproduce to give to
• Over age 55, single and/or married couples who         your family members, constituents or clients and
  live alone and have no daily contact with friends      feel free to give out the website URLs.
  or relatives.
• Have a disability that inhibits mobility and have no   HOME REPAIR PROGRAM FOR CITY OF NEWARK
  daily contact with friends or family.                  RESIDENTS: The over-sixty minor home repair
• Are without a person to conduct daily check on         program provides service to those eligible senior
  their well being.                                      citizens who are residents of the City of Newark and
                                                         who are financially or physically unable to make the
                                                         needed repairs on their homes. The program is
                                                         funded by a Community Development Block Grant
                                                         from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
 Veterans Day:                                           Development. Applicants must be at least 60 years

 Member Profiles
                                                         old, a resident of the City of Newark, live in an
                                                         owner-occupied home and meet income eligibility.
 In honor of Veterans Day 2011, the Newark               For more information, contact the Social Services
 Senior Center would like to thank all US military       Director at 737-2336, ext. 12.
 veterans. The Center will be compiling member
                                                         Please note: Applications being accepted for this
 profiles of any serviceman or woman who served
                                                         Program include City of Newark Residents only. If,
 in any of the US military forces, during peacetime
                                                         however, you pay your electric utilities to Delmarva
 or in a time of conflict. If you would be
                                                         Power, you would apply to the County Home Repair
 interested in sharing your story, or if you have any
                                                         Program at (302)395-5698.
 photographs you would like to share (all photos
 will be copied and originals returned to owner)
 please contact our Social Services Director, Alexis
 Morris-Lemar at 302-737-2336, ext. 12 or at
 Thank you for your service to our county!

                                                                                     Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                         Page 31

DID YOU KNOW??                                          COMMUNITY LEGAL AID SOCIETY, INC.
available to eligible residents of New Castle County    Thursday, October 13th        9:30am - 4:00pm
outside the city limits of Wilmington and Newark.       Please make appointments by contacting Alexis
The program is limited to the installation of an        Morris, Social Services Director and Caregiver
American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant access        Resource Center. The Elder Law Program (ELP) of
ramp. The funding availability per home is from         Community Legal Aid Society, Inc., provides free
$500 to $5,000. The Architectural Accessibility         legal assistance to Delawareans aged 60 and over.
                                                        EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: PART TIME AND FULL
Program is a grant program designed to enhance the
                                                        TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
ability of a qualified household member to safely
enter and exit their home. For more information,
please contact New Castle County Department of          Wednesday, October 19th 10:00am - Noon
Community Services at (302) 395-5648.                   If you’re an over-50 resident of New Castle County,

                                                        the Wilmington Senior Center Employment Services
                                                        can work with you to find exactly what you’re
Tuesday, October 4th and 18th 9:00am - Noon             looking for, whether that’s a new challenge, a
Thursday, October 6th and 20th Noon-3:00pm              fulfilling opportunity, a more productive lifestyle, or
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware (BCBSD) has a        a supplementary income.
                                                        SOCIAL SECURITY CHOICES
roaming Customer Service program in New Castle
County. A BCBSD Customer Service representative
is on hand during the listed times at the Newark        Tuesday, October 11th                    7:00pm
Senior Center to answer BCBSD members’                  Have you thought about when you might claim your
questions on a routine basis. Updated schedules can     Social Security retirement or spousal benefits? Many
be found at or by calling BCBSD’s            people do not realize how important this decision
Customer Service at (302)429-0260. Additionally,        might be to their future retirement. For longer-lived
BCBSD has set up a secure drop box at its new 800       married couples, poor choices about which benefits
Delaware Avenue location for claims and payment         to claim and when to start collecting them can cost
drop-off.                                               them as much as $200,000 over the course of their

AARP’S SAFE DRIVING- The AARP’s Safe Driving is
                                                        retirement years. Widows and divorced persons
                                                        make similar mistakes. The team at
designed to keep you updated on new or current has developed a free
rules of the road to prevent accidents. When you        Social Security benefit calculator. Jeff Miller and
participate in the Safe Driving Course, you are         Russ Settle, two partners from the firm, will discuss
eligible for a 10% reduction on the liability portion   how their new calculator can make it easy to choose
of your automobile insurance. The cost to attend        the best time to claim your Social Security
class is $14. The check is made payable to “AARP”       retirement and spousal benefits.
and presented to the Instructor at the time of          FREE - Please register at the Reception Desk
attending the class. Individuals with AARP
membership will receive a reduction of $2. Please
bring your AARP membership card with you when            APPLYING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY
attending the Defensive Driving Class.                   Visit our website at
Please register at the Reception Desk.                   applyonline. It can take as little as 15 minutes. If
AARP’s Beginner Course                                   you are not quite ready to retire but are thinking
Monday, October 10th     1:00pm - 7:00pm                 about doing so in the near future, you may want to
AARP’s Refreshers Course                                 visit Social Security’s website to use our convenient
Tuesday, October 11th    12:30pm - 4:30pm                and informative retirement planner at
                      and 6:00pm - 10:00pm     

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 32                                                                                                October 2011

                                                           ELDERINFO - A program that helps guide seniors
   Lifestyle Connections                                   and the disabled through the complexities of
                                                           Medicare, long-term-care insurance and
MAXIM HEALTH SERVICES: FLU SHOTS                           prescription assistance program. It is a free service
Fridays, October 7th and 14th                              of the Delaware Insurance Commissioner’s Office
10:00am - Noon                                             and is funded in part by a grant from the Federal
(first come first serve basis)                             Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS).

                                                           IT’S TIME FOR YOUR MEDICARE DRUG COVERAGE
The flu is a common illness. Every year in the

United States, on average
•       5%-20% of the population gets the flu,
• more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu       Tuesday, October 18th          9:00am - 4:00pm
  complications,                                           Tuesday, October 25th          9:00am - 4:00pm
• about 36,000 people die from the flu or its              Tuesday, November 1st          9:00am - 4:00pm
  complications                                            Let ELDERinfo, Delaware State Health Insurance
                                                           Assistance Program (SHIP) help you do a Medicare
BALANCE ASSESSMENTS                                        Part D plan comparison! ELDERinfo will provide
Wednesday, October 12th 10:30am - 11:30am                  accurate, unbiased information about Medicare and
Falls are a major health concern for older adults.         Medicare Part D prescription drug benefits. Please
Annually, about one-third of community-dwellers            contact ELDERinfo at 1-800-336-9500 or 302-674-
over age 65 falls, and half of those will have a repeat    7364 to schedule an appointment to review your
fall. Fox rehab will be providing Newark Senior            drug information for 2012.
Center Member with a Balance Assessment to help            Please bring the following information:
identify if individuals who are at risk. Please call the   1. Medicare card
Reception Desk to reserve you spot. Space is               2. List of Prescription Drugs (name, dosage,
limited.                                                      quantity)
                                                           3. Income and Resource Information

                                                           COMPUTER CLUB:
                                                           PART D PRESCRIPTION DRUG COMPARISON
                                                           Wednesdays, October 19th through December 7th

                                                           9:00am - Noon

 Are you feeling crowded by “things” you’ve
                                                           Medicare Parts D helps available (comparison only)
                                                           Senior surfer’s volunteers will provide assistance in
collected over the years? Do some of your                  the computer plans. Please make appointment at
    “treasures” pose a risk to tripping or
                                                           Reception Desk.
falling? Do you struggle to find a home for
 some of the items you don’t use anymore,
but are still in good condition? The Newark
   Senior Center Fall Sale is the perfect
  solution to your dilemmas. Donations are
                                                               WORKOUT TICKETS AND
   sold during a 3 day flea market – your
   items will find a new, loving home, the                       FITNESS CLASS PASS
 Center will benefit financially, and you will                 CAN NOW BE USED FOR
     be free of the clutter in your home
            – EVERYBODY WINS!
                                                            INSTRUCTED AQUATIC CLASSES!
                                                                                        Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
                                   SOCIAL SERVICES
October 2011                                                                               Page 33

                                 AVAILABLE AT THE NSC
  Social Services Director                               Caregiver Resource Center
  • Serves individuals and families faced with life transitions: residence, employment, loss,
    Medicare, housing, legal, referrals, home visits.
  • Connects individuals and family members to community resources.
  • Facilitator of dementia support group for spouses.
  • Schedules flu shots, health screenings, Blood Bank Delaware enrollment and tax preparation
  • Coordinates Annual Wellness Month.
  • Coordinates presentations on overall wellness.
  • Office Hours:
          Mondays - Thursdays: 7:00am - 3:00pm and Fridays: 7:00am - Noon

  • Provides services, support and resources for family caregivers, free and open to the public.
  • Individual or group consultation via phone calls, emails or by appointment.
  • Facilitator of Family Caregiver Information and Support Group the 3rd Tuesday of the month
    at 7:00pm.
  • Case Management.
      Contact: Alexis Morris-Lemar, Social Services Director at (302)737-2336 x12

  The Delaware Aging Network (DAN)
  •   Medicare Counseling
  •   Billing Problems
  •   Choosing a Prescription D plan or a MediGap plan
  •   Understanding the Medicare alphabet soup A,B,C,D
                     Available every Wednesday at the NSC from 9:00am - Noon.
        To schedule an appointment please call Alexis Morris-Lemar, Social Services Director at
            (302)737-2336 ext. 12. For additional information contact (302)478-9411 or go to

  Delaware Partners of Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)
  Empowering Seniors to Prevent Healthcare Fraud
  • Medicare consultation
  • Health Care Fraud Education and Training
  • May request a speaker
         Available by appointment. To schedule an appt please call Alexis Morris-Lemar, Social
                              Service Director at (302)737-2336 ext. 12.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 34                                                                                           October 2011

KITCHEN NEWS                                                    $4 LUNCH PROGRAM
                                                         Would you like to receive a FREE lunch and
Did you know that, unlike other senior center meal

                                                         1. How? Stop by the cafeteria lunch line and
programs, the meals prepared at the Newark Senior

                                                            ask a food service worker for your $4
Center are not funded by the Federal government?

                                                            Lunch Program Card.
Food costs during this past year have risen

                                                         2. Simply buy $4 worth of lunch items, for
dramatically. I am sure you have noticed it at the

                                                            example, a platter, small soup, and a drink.
grocery store as well. Any donations that members

                                                         3. Present your card to the cashier to have it
could provide toward the cost of their meal would

be appreciated and allow us to continue providing

                                                         4. Once you have your lunch card filled (10
you with great tasting, quality meals. Please

                                                            signatures) present your card to the cashier
consider a donation each day by simply saying,

                                                            and receive your FREE platter and soup.
“keep the change”.

                                                             Make sure you sign the bottom of your
                                                                $4 card, so that if it gets lost,
   MEMBERS - PICK UP YOUR                                          we can return it to you.

     NEWSLETTER EARLY!                                   We hope you enjoy your lunch as much as we
                                                                     enjoy serving you!
   in the Lobby on October 21st and 24th
           from 9:00am - 1:00pm
   If you do not pick up your Newsletter on the listed
   day, your Newsletter will be mailed October 25th.

         Time to start
      simplifying for the
      October Flea Market
                                                                                   Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                              Page 35

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 36                                                                                               October 2011

                                                                        NSC FITNESS CENTER
 Healthy Active Living                                                FITNESS CENTER HOURS

 You MUST be a CURRENT member of the
                                                                    Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

  Newark Senior Center to join the Pool
                                                                          7:00am – 6:30pm

        and/or Fitness Center.
                                                                      Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                                                         8:00am – 12:30pm
                                                          FITNESS CENTER MEMBERSHIP FEES
                                                          Monthly: $27

                                                          Quarterly: $75
                                                          Annual: $275
8:00am     *Aquacise
9:00am     *Aquacise                                      YOUR MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES:
9:45am     Water Volleyball                               • Orientation for first-time users
10:30am    *Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program          • On-site exercise physiologist who monitors your
                                                            program, blood pressure and heart rate
11:15am    Open Time/Lap Swim
                                                          • Use of treadmills, recumbent bikes, nautilus
1:30pm     *Aquacise (No class on Friday)                   equipment, stretch trainer and more.
2:30pm     Pool Closed
4:30pm     Open Time/Lap Swim                             The initial fee is $95, this includes an exercise
5:00pm     *Aquacise                                      assessment ($20) at Cardio Kinetics and a quarterly
6:00pm     Volleyball                                     membership ($75) to the NSC Fitness Center. Your
6:30pm     Lap Swim                                       3 month quarterly membership will begin on the
7:00pm     Pool Closed                                    day you start at the fitness center. Please bring your
                                                          completed Fitness Center application, a note from
*These classes are eligible for the Workout Ticket and
Fitness Class Pass.                                       your physician, and the fees to the Reception Desk

                                                          to get started. You will then receive a certificate and
                                                          will need to schedule your assessment at Cardio
Monthly: $44          Evening Monthly: $25                Kinetics. When that is completed, stop by the
Quarterly: $120       Evening Quarterly: $66              Fitness Center to schedule your orientation, and
Annual: $440          Evening Annual: $250                begin your fitness program.
*Those with a daytime membership are free to use
the evening hours at no additional cost.
POOL DAY-PASS: NSC members and guests over the             MEMBERS REQUIRING ASSISTANCE IN THE POOL
age of 50, are invited to use the pool on a day to day     OR FITNESS CENTER AREA
basis for $5/day. This fee entitles swimmers to the        Members requiring assistance in the pool or
same classes and open swim times as pool members.          fitness center need to provide their own
The daily fee must be paid at the Reception Desk           aid/caregiver. The aid/caregiver must take full
prior to using the pool. Please be sure to sign in at      responsibility for the member throughout the

the pool as well.                                          activity. There is no fee for this individual if they
                                                           are serving as an aid/caregiver. If an individual is
Monthly: $60       Quarterly: $165       Annual: $600      able to utilize the pool or fitness center area
New Fitness Center members that wish to also               independently, no aid/caregiver is required.
participate in the pool, the first quarter fee is $185,    Please know that we are concerned about the
which includes a CardioKinetics assessment.                safety of all of our members and instructors.

                                                                                       Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                         Page 37

                                          EXERCISE CLASSES
           NSC is proud to offer a variety of classes to suit the varying abilities of our members.
 - You do not need to sign up for a specific class, you attend the classes that are most convenient for you
 - Exercises classes are only available to members of the Newark Senior Center
 - If you are unsure of which class is best-suited for you, you are welcome to try a class for free (ONE time
 - Instructors are professionally trained and paid to teach
 - Workout Tickets and Fitness Class Pass can now be used for INSTRUCTOR-LED Aquatics classes.
   These classes include Aquacise and Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Classes. Members who are interested
   in Water Volleyball and or Open Time/Lap Swim who do not have an active pool membership MUST
   purchase a Day Pool Pass. Workout Tickets, Fitness Passes, and Day Pass receipts must be given to the
   lifeguard for validation.
 Workout Tickets - a package of classes. There is no expiration date on Workout Tickets
        • $20 Blue Ticket = 4 Exercise Classes       • $50 Yellow Ticket = 12 Exercise Classes
 Fitness Class Pass
        • $45 Unlimited Exercise Classes for the 30 days before your pass expires.
 You can now redeem your completed workout tickets for free food in the kitchen!
 Your completed $20 Workout Ticket can be redeemed for a free cup of soup
 Your completed $50 Workout Ticket or expired $40 Fitness Class Pass can be redeemed for a free cup of
 soup OR small tossed salad. Available during the Lunch Hour
BALANCE CLASS *CANCELLED 10/26                          LINE DANCE - BEGINNERS
Wednesdays, 1:00pm                                      Mondays, 1:30pm - 2:00pm
Instructor: Linda Adams, Gentle Wellness 4 Life         Instructor: Rick Wilson
Linda Adams of Gentle Wellness 4 Life will teach        This class is for the very beginner.
exercises to promote balance. With aging balance        Work-Out Ticket or Fitness Class Pass

                                                        LINE DANCE CLASSES *CANCELLED 10/27
ability usually diminishes which can cause deadly
falls. With simple and effective exercises our sense
of balance can be improved. Let Linda Adams teach       Mondays, 12:45pm - 1:30pm
you how it can be done. This class should help you      Thursdays, 6:00pm - 6:45pm
incorporate the balance theory you learned in the       Instructor: Rick Wilson
sense of balance that was previously conducted. But     Vine Steps, Shuffle Steps, Turns, the Calls and more.
you do not have to take the theory class to benefit     Work-Out Ticket or Fitness Class Pass
from the exercise. Work-Out Ticket, Fitness Class
Pass                                                     PAMPER YOURSELF
JAZZERCISE LITE *CANCELLED 10/26 - 28                    2nd Tuesday of each month
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,                         October 11th, November 8th, and December 13th
8:45am - 9:45am                                          Pamper yourself with a relaxing facial by Kimberly
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:40pm - 6:40pm                  Kisner, a DE/MD Licensed Esthetician. Express
Instructor: Natalie H. Smith                             Facials include deep cleansing, massage, and
This low impact, modified version of the jazzercise      customized mask to hydrate, sooth and rejuvenate.
Dance fitness program provides 60 minutes of warm        Benefits include smoother, softer and younger
up, cardio, strength and stretch.                        looking skin. Please register at the Reception
Work-Out Ticket or Fitness Class Pass                    Desk. Cost: $20 (30 minute session)

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 38                                                                                              October 2011

                                                         ZUMBA GOLD
 Healthy Active Living                        con’t      Mondays, 5:30pm
                                                         Wednesday class to resume on Wednesday,
PARKINSON’S STRENGTH TRAINING                            November 2nd
*CANCELLED 10/27                                         Instructor: Mary Ellen Luise
Every Tuesday at 10:30am                                 Zumba Gold is a series of fitness programs
Every Thursday at 9:00am                                 specifically designed to take the exciting Latin and
A limited number of scholarships are available for the   International dance rhythms in the original Zumba
Parkinson Strength Training Class due to the generous    and bring them to the active older adult. Created to
donation by Christine and Jack Hastings made in          emphasize the basics, this explosive program is so
memory of Steve Packard. Please see Katie Rivera for     easy to follow that everyone can do it! This fun
more information.                                        Latin inspired dance program includes Merengue,
Work-Out Ticket or Fitness Class Pass                    Salsa, Cha Cha, Flamenco, Tango, Rock and Roll
                                                         and much more! Zumba Gold creates a party like
PILATES *CANCELLED 10/27 & 28                            atmosphere. It is fun, different, easy, AND effective
Mondays, 11:30am - 12:30pm                               – Great for the mind, body and soul!
Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:00am - 10:00am                   Workout Ticket, Fitness Class Pass
Thursdays, 10:15am - 11:15am

                                                         ARMCHAIR EXERCISE *CANCELLED 10/26 &27
Training by Liz
Pilates is a system of exercises that emphasizes the
strengthening of the abs, lower back, hips, thighs,      Mondays and Thursdays, 10:00am - 11:00am
and an overall toning. Results can include improved      Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10:15am - 11:15am
posture, increased flexibility, energy, balance, and     Exercise is one of our defenses against many
coordination. Exercise mat is required.                  problems that are associated with aging. It improves
Work-Out Ticket or Fitness Class Pass                    flexibility and range of motion, improves muscle

                                                         strength and helps protect joints. No Cost.

                                                         CHAIR MASSAGE WITH LLOYD ADAMS
                                                         *CANCELLED 10/26
Training by Liz
Mondays and Wednesdays,
9:00am - 10:00am and 10:15am -11:15am                    Wednesdays, 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Fridays, 10:15am - 11:15am                               By Appointment Only - 15 minute appts.
Strong muscles help support and protect joints           Cost: $15

                                                         GOLF CLUB MEETING
affected by arthritis, it increases bone density and
burns calories for hours after you are finished.
Work-Out Ticket or Fitness Class Pass                    First Tuesday of each month, 12:45pm

YOGA *CANCELLED 10/26 & 27
                                                         New members are always welcome. Questions,
                                                         please call Charles Strickler (410)398-3481 or email
Mondays, 2:15pm – 3:45pm                       

                                                         HORSESHOES *CANCELLED 10/28
Wednesdays, 3:15pm – 4:45pm
Thursdays, 9:00am - 10:00am
Instructor: Bill Shaerer                                 Fridays, 10:00am (Weather Permitting)
Exercise mat is required. The Monday and                 Anyone interested please come and play. There are
Wednesday 1 1/2 hour classes will allow more time        extra horseshoes available for use. Meet on the
for stretching and time in your poses. Work-Out          North side of the building at the horseshoe court. If
Ticket or Fitness Class Pass                             you have your own horseshoes, the pits are
                                                         available any time. No Cost.

                                                                                      Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                      Page 39

Tues and Thurs, Intermediate          12:30pm          Tuesdays, 9:00am
Tues and Thurs, Advanced              2:30pm           Bring water and wear comfy shoes. For more
Fridays, Practice                     2:30pm           information call Cathy Mitchell 894-9080 or Joann
The Advanced League Play begins at 1:30pm.             Benscoter 368-0977.
Have you wondered about those sounds of                October 4th - James Hall Trail (meet at end of
ker/plunk, shouting, laughter, and just plain fun      Apple Rd.)
coming from the exercise room on Tuesday,              October 11th - Delcastle Rec Center (meet in 1st
Thursday and Friday afternoons when you pass by        parking lot)
that door? It is that fun loving group of people       October 18th - Glasgow Community Park (meet in
playing table tennis (ping pong) and enjoying it       parking lot near tennis court)
immensely. Come in and join us in play or just         October 25th - Newark Reservoir (meet in parking
watch and smile and laugh. If your skills are rusty,   lot)
some of the old timers will help you catch up. They    November 1st - Levels Road Park, Middletown
will even help you learn the game. For more            (meet in parking lot)
information contact Bob Porter at (443)309-4998.       November 8th - Bellvue State Park (meet in parking
Cost: $1                                               lot near main path)
                                                       November 15th - Newark Reservoir (meet in park-
                                                       ing lot)
                                                       November 22nd - Wilmington Riverfront (meet at
Fridays, 11:30am – 1:30pm                              crane)
The exercise room will be available at this time for   November 29th - Chesapeake City (meet in parking
self-directed tai chi practice.                        lot near canal museum)
No Cost, No Registration.                              December 6th - Xmas Party (location to be decided)
TOPS DE 46 (TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY)                  December 13th - James Hall Trail (meet at the end
*CANCELLED 10/27                                       of Apple Road)
Thursdays, 5:30pm - 6:00pm Weigh In                    December 20th - Glasgow (meet in parking lot
           6:00pm - 7:00pm Meeting                     beside tennis courts)
Leader: Kari Lockwood                                  UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE BACK PAIN STUDY
Co-Leader: Peggy Shanahan                              There is a common misconception that low back
We welcome visitors FREE of charge! Stop by some       pain is a normal part of aging. There is some
Thursday evening to see what we are all about!!        evidence to support that low back pain is not
TOPS #50 (TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY)                    inevitable. Physical therapists from the University
*CANCELLED 10/28                                       of Delaware are currently recruiting individuals
Fridays 10:00am - 11:25am: Weigh in                    (ages 60-85 years) with low back pain of at least 3
         10:30am - 11:00am: Meeting                    months duration for a research study investigating
Leader: Bob McAlpine                                   the effects of two treatments for low back pain.
Co-Leader: Eileen Burbidge                             Participants in the study will receive 12 weeks of
Every week we share information on nutrition and       physical therapy with no out-of-pocket costs and
activities to help us meet our goals. TOPS is a        compensation of up to $150. These researchers are
non-profit weight loss motivational group that         also recruiting healthy individuals for comparison.
provides support, encouragement and educational        These healthy individuals (ages 65-85 years) will be
opportunities to make healthy, permanent lifestyle     requested to attend 3 sessions for evaluation
choices. Won Tops state wide award for losing the      purposes and be compensated up to $100. If you
most weight for Tops organization in DE.               are interested please contact Ruby Carey, research
                                                       coordinator, at (302) 831-0150.

Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
Page 40                                                                                                  October 2011

                                                           FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS DROWN IN DEBT - Bills
   Community News                                          getting you down? Don’t know who to ask? Call tool
                                                           free 1-877-246-2026 to speak to a credit counselor,
                                                           schedule an appointment, and ask credit questions.
                                                           Sponsored by the Delaware Financial Literacy Institute.
NSC members who have kindly donated “Go Bag”
items that are given to people needing help. NEC is in     PENCADER HERITAGE MUSEUM
need of Food “Go Bags” only. The following items are       1st and 3rd Saturdays of Month
needed. Lunch Bag Contents: protein source                 10:00am - 4:00pm
(microwavable pasta meal, single serving soup/stew,        2029 Sunset Lake Rd., Newark, (302)737-5792
tuna), granola bars, beverages, crackers with cheese or
peanut butter, applesauce or individual fruit cup,         Dedicated to history and heritage of historic Pencader
spoons, napkins, gallon size ziploc bags. All expiration   Hundred and Cooch’s Bridge battlefield. Special events
dates should be at least 3 months from date of purchase.   and rotating exhibits. FREE
volunteer tutors to work with students on their reading    First Friday of each month throughout the year.
comprehension, writing, and math. The student that         Friday, October 7th 9:00am - 10:00am
the volunteer tutor will be helping is in the process of   Please join Councilwoman Lisa Diller at the Newark
obtaining their GED. The time commitment would be          Senior Center for an open discussion of issues in New
a minimum of one hour a week, Monday-Thursday              Castle County that concern you! This is open to all
between the hours of 9:00am -12:00pm. If interested,       residents of the 5th district. If you have any questions or
please contact Desiree Norwood at (302)658-4171 or         would like additional information, please contact Renee                                     Bensley at 395-8365 or
Program as it kicks off its third year! Docents will       Friday, October 14th              10:00am - 2:00pm
participate in a training course with a focus on art       Location: Newark Senior Center . The bean soup mix
history, contemporary art interpretation and touring       sells for $4 and all proceeds go to support the work of
techniques. Prior teaching, touring, studio art or art     the Newark Area Welfare Committee.
history background is an asset but not a requirement.      Other locations from 9:00am - 5:00pm are: Acme at
Docents must have daytime availability, a willingness to   Suburban Plaza; Pathmark at College Square; Super
learn and an enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge        Fresh at Fairfield Shopping Center; Acme at University
with others. For more information or to apply, contact     Plaza; [October 7th at Acme at Lantana Square]. For
Jane Chesson, Curator of Education at (302)656-6466        more information, or to make a tax-deductible
ext. 7101 or                         contribution, please go to:
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY - The Elizabeth House                NCSC FALL AUCTION
Family Life Center invites you to share your time and      Monday, October 24th           7:00pm
talent with those served by our programs for high          Preview: 6:30pm
school youth, ex-offenders returning to the community,     There will be many hand crafted items, services offered,
and those seeking job search assistance. Visit us at       baked goods, and a chinese auction. All monies For more information            received go to the Newark Area Welfare. Come for a
contact Cheryl Christiansen at 384-8884.                   fun time of friendly bidding wars, fellowship, door
                                                           prizes and refreshments. For more information call
                                                           Shirley Shaw (892-3311) or Annabelle Carlisle (996-

                                                                                          Newsletter • Newark Senior Center, Inc.
October 2011                                                                                      Page 41

                                                       CANASTA ANYONE        *CANCELLED 10/28
                           Games                       Fridays, 12:30pm
                                                       CHESS        *CANCELLED 10/26
         If you are interested in joining any of our   Wednesdays, 9:00am
           card groups, call one of the following:     CRIBBAGE      *CANCELLED 10/27
              Bridge: Ruth Kinney @ 234-1756           Tuesdays, 10:00am and Thursdays, 1:00pm
                                                       DUPLICATE BRIDGE *CANCELLED 10/27 & 28
          Canasta: Carol Pobedinsky @ 737-5888
              Cribbage: Bill Dierks @ 738-3357
                                                       Thursdays, 12:15pm and Fridays, 9:30am
                                                       MAH JONGG *CANCELLED 10/28
         Duplicate Bridge: Jan Holton @ 368-0776
            Pinochle: Mary Breswick @ 737-0576
                                                       Mondays and Fridays, 9:30am
                                                       Afternoon sessions begin after lunch.
                                                       PINOCHLE *CANCELLED 10/26 & 28
Mondays, 12:30pm
                                                       Wednesdays and Fridays, 12:30pm
Will not meet in October. Games will resume on
                                                       New Players welcome. Come in a little early and
November 8th on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
                                                       sign up on the clipboard for a table spot.
from 1:00 - 3:00pm.

CARDS ANYONE?                                          1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 1:00pm
                                                       Wii PLAYTIME
Tuesdays, 12:30pm
We are looking for more “500” players!
                                                       Mondays, 10:00am - 11:30pm
Efficient Instruction Available. Please Join Us!
                                                       All are invited to join in on some friendly
                                                       competition. You can play bowling, golf, tennis, and
                                                       more! No Cost.
             Daily Activities

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          October Special Activities

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                                          Newark Senior Center
                                          October Lunch Menu

   This facility is operated in accordance with U.S. Department of Agriculture policy which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, sex,
                                             handicap, religion, sexual orientation or national origin.

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                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                            Newark, DE 19711
                                                                             Permit No. 167

                         or Current Resident

          Dated Material, Please Deliver by October 5, 2011

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