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Tom Hamilton Message List


									           Teachings By Tom Hamilton
            P.O. Box 204, Southfleet, Gravesend, Kent DA13 9LQ England
                                              01474 833107 (National)
              November 11                      + 44 1474 833107 (International)
All The Following Messages Are Available On Audio CD, MP3 CD
DVD Video messages start on page 5.

There are three ways of obtaining these messages:
1. Audio CD: Playable in any audio CD player and computers with a CD or DVD drive and sound card. Audio CDs
   only hold one message per disc. Packaged in a clam shell case, CD face label only.
2. Audio MP3 CD: Playable in any CD player that can read MP3 format. A MP3 CD typically holds a maximum of
   around 20 messages (depending on the length of message). Packaged in a clam shell case, CD face label only.
   Larger orders packaged in a Slim Jewel case, CD face and case insert.
3. Audio MP3 DVD: As above. An MP3 DVD can hold over 20 audio MP3 messages. This is ideal where a series is
   too large to fit on a single CD.
4. DVD Video: Most messages since 2007 are also available as DVD Video. These messages are multi-region and
   will play in any DVD player. Packaged in a clam shell case, CD face label only.

Faith Series 10F-14F (5 Message Series)
10F What Faith Is
11F The Source of Faith
12F Faith Talks
13F Faith and Works
14F Endurance - The Key To Faith
Family Relations Series 110FR – 117FR (8 Messages)
110FR Introduction
111FR The Role of The Woman No.1
112FR The Role of The Woman No.2
113FR The Role of The Man No.1
114FR The Role of The Man No.2
115FR Raising Christian Children
116FR Concerning Divorce and Remarriage
117FR A Message For The Youth
Spiritual Vision Series 134SV – 137SV (4 Messages)
134SV Spiritual Vision No.1
135SV Spiritual Vision No.2
136SV Developing A Perfect Heart
137SV Success
Indianapolis Faith Seminar
IFS     The Price of Oil Is Going Up
1987-1 It’s Still Faith
1987-2 God’s Plumb Line No.1
1987-3 God’s Plumb Line No.2
1988-1   The Subversion of Faith No.1
1988-2   The Subversion of Faith No.2
1988-3   Building the Walls
1989-1   The Believer and Confidence
1989-2   The Need for The Faith Message
1989-3   Who Will Be Worthy?
1989-4   Serving God In Spite of
Faith Robbers Series 25F – 26F (2 Messages)
25F    Faith Robbers No.1 Keep Your Faith
26F    Faith Robbers No.2 Faith Or Presumption
36F      Faith's Chequebook:
         Is There A Balance In Your Account?
37F      Faith Diet Weight Loss Plan
39F      Three Enemies of Faith
300M     Personal Testimony
350M     Delight In the Lord / Instructions In Studying
363      Preparing For the End: Faith, Hope, Love
376      Little Foxes Spoil The Vine: Anger and Slothfulness
379      Taking Hold of God (2 Message Series)
525      Deliverance: Identifying Demonic Activity
GERMAN SEMINAR (10 Message Series)
(These Messages Are In English With German Translation)
386.1 Increase Our Faith Part 1
386-2   Increase Our Faith Part 2
386-3   Repentance Part 1
386-4   Repentance Part 2
386-5   If My People Humble Themselves Part 1
386-6   If My People Humble Themselves Part 2
386-7   If My People Humble Themselves Part 3
386-8   If My People Humble Themselves Part 4
386-10 Effective Prayer
386.11 The Power of The Word
416-426   Man's Greatest Problem – Sin (11 Messages)
88-113    Famine In The Land (3 Message Series)
88-145    Hast Thou Faith? (2 Message Series)
88-156    The Anatomy of Strong Faith (6 Messages)
89-111    Is The Devil Stealing From You? (4 Messages)
89-115    Dwelling With God (3 Message Series)
89-118    The 'D' Mark of Christianity (2 Message Series)
89-122    Do You Now Believe? (7 Message Series)
89-123    Healing and Faith
89-124    Thirsting For God
89-125    Joyful In God
89-126    Why The Sunday Silence?
89-127    Essential Withouts
89-128    Deceitful Hearts In Our Time (2 Messages)
89-132    Examining The Heart (2 Message Series)
89-134    Traits of The Faithful
89-135    Why We Preach Faith
89-136    The Zeal of God (3 Message Series)
89-137    Edifying Facts About Faith
89-138    Are You Blessed?
89-139    Lackest Thou One Thing
89-140    Paul's Thorn
89.141    God's Two-Fold Deeper Work In You
                                  (3 Message Series)
89-144    The Stormy Seas Ahead
89-145    Commitment In Spite of......
89-146    The Waiting Problem
89-147    The Snare of The End (3 Message Series)
89-150    The Backslider (3 Message Series)
89-153    The Spirit of Caleb
89-154    The Futility of Dead Religion
89-155    Where Is The Lord? (2 Message Series)
89-157    Dealing With Falsehood
89-159    Admonitions To Remembrance
89-160    Symptoms of Defection
90-101    The Dominion of True Believers (2 Messages)
90-103   The Overcomer and His Faith
90-108   The Sons of Issachar Part 4
90-110   God's Provision For Stability
90-111   The Tragedy of Unbelief
90-116   God's Divine Requirement
90-117   The End Time Delusion
90-118   A Sure House (2 Message Series)
90-121   A Lesson From The Wheat and Tares
90-122   The Compassion of Jesus
90.126   Pondering The Path of Our Feet
90.127   They That Were Ready Went In
90-129   The Need and Effect of Relationship
                                (2 Message Series)
90-131   Taking Inventory of Your Life
90-134   The Stamp of Eternity (2 Message Series)
90-136   Beware of Faith Robbers (3 Message Series)
90-139   Two Evils of God's People
90-140   God's Great Challenge To His People
90-143   What About The Greater Works? (3 Messages)
False Religions and Cults Series
                91-107a – 91-107o (15 Message Series)
91-107a Introduction
91-107b Pre-existence of Christ
91-107c Incarnation and Virgin Birth
91-107d Trinity
91-107e Resurrection
91-107f    The Nature of Man No.1
91-107g The Nature of Man No.2
91-107h The Nature of Man No.3
91-107I    Inspiration of Scripture No.1
91-107j    Inspiration of Scripture No.2
91-107k Approaching the Cults
91-107l    Jehovah's Witnesses
91-107m Seventh Day Adventists
91-107n Mormons
91-107o Christian Science
91-116   The Endurance of The Faithful
91-117   The Spirit of The Faithless (2 Message Series)
91-119   The Effects of A Bad Report (2 Messages)
91-121   The Virtue of Diligence
91-122   The Fixed Heart (4 Message Series)
91-124   The Concern of Jude
91-125   The Evidence of Fixed Faith
91-128   Revive Us Again
91-129   The Unfailing Truths of God's Word
91-130   The Surviving Saint
91-131   If You Are Willing
91-132   When God Does Not Hear You
91-133   The Assembling of Ourselves Together
91-134   The Covenant of Josiah (3 Message Series)
91-135   Testing the Soil
91-136   The Steps To Commitment (2 Message Series)
91-137   A Review of Our Trials
91-140   Coping With Difficulties
91-141   Help My Unbelief
91-143   Ichabod
91-144   The Features of The Wholehearted
91-145   Stain-Resistant
91-146   Will You Be Ready?
God's Divine Order 91-147a – l (12 Message Series)
91-147a Introduction
91-147b   The Man In The Home
91-147c   The Man and His Wife No.1
91-147d   The Man and His Wife No.2
91-147e   Women and Their Role No.1
91-147f   Women and Their Role No.2
91-147g   Women and Their Role No.3
91-147h   Women and Their Role No.4
91-147I   Children
91-147j   Concerning Our Youth
91-147k   A Message To Teens
91-147l   Conclusions
The Sermon On The Mount
         91-142a – 142ze (32 Message Series)
91-142a Introduction
91-142b Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
91-142c Blessed Are They That Mourn
91-142d Blessed Are The Meek
91-142e Blessed Are They That Hunger and Thirst
91-142f  Blessed Are The Merciful
91-142g Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
91-142h Blessed Are The Peacemakers
91-142i  Persecuted For Righteousness Sake
91-142j  Persecuted For Jesus' Sake
91-142k Influence - Salt of The Earth
91-142l  Influence - Light of The World
91-142m The Relationship of The Law To Jesus
91-142n Unless Your Righteousness Exceed...
91-142o The Principle of Murder
91-142p The Principle Concerning Lust
91-142q The Principle of The Permanency
91-142r  The Principle of The Permanency
91-142s The Principle of The Permanency
91-142t  The Principle of The Permanency
91-142u The Oath and Swearing
91-142v Non-Resistance No.1
91-142w Non-Resistance No.2
91-142x Non-Resistance No.3
91-142y Love Your Enemies No.1
91-142z Love Your Enemies No.2
91-142za Alms
91-142zb Hypocritical and Meaningless Prayer
91-142zc The Prayer of Faith
91-142zd The Model Prayer
91-142ze The Importance of Forgiveness
91-142zf Fasting
91-1503   Why Do We Preach On Faith?
91-1603   Overcoming the Enemy's Snares
91-1703   A Lesson From Judas
92-103    The Anointing
92-106    Building Up Your Faith
92-1201   The January 12th 1992 Message
92-1301   Make Ready A People Prepared For The Lord
97-121    Defying Halloween
98-112    The Problem With Easter
98-113    Contending For the Faith (5 Message Series)
98-121    Discerning The Good Life
Stepping Stones In The Christian Life Series
                      98-125a–s (19 Message Series)
98-125a The New Birth
98-125b Water Baptism
98-125c Receiving The Holy Spirit No.1
98-125d    Receiving The Holy Spirit No.2
98-125e    Receiving The Holy Spirit No.3
98-125f    The Faith Walk No.1
98-125g    The Faith Walk No.2
98-125h    Deliverance No.1
98-125I    Deliverance No.2
98-125j    Deliverance No.3
98-125k    Deliverance No.4
98-125l    Deliverance No.5
98-125m    Church Life No.1
98-125n    Church Life No.2
98-125o    Church Life No.3
98-125p    Family Life No.1
98-125q    Family Life No.2
98-125r    Evangelism No.1
98-125s    Evangelism No.2
98-127    Yielding To God's Right of Way
98-129    Confidence In God
98-131    Are You Blessed?
98-132    Membership In The Kingdom
98-133    Peaking Out
98-134    God's Remedy For Peaking Out
98-135    Why Christians Trust God
98-137    Defining A Personal Relationship With God
                                  (2 Message Series)
98-139    Why Declining Relationship?
99-102    Living To Overcome (3 Message Series)
99-104    The Overcomer’s Joy
99-107    Feeding Your Faith
99-108    Being Responsible (2 Message Series)
99-110    When You Lose Your Way
99-111    The Way It Ought To Be
99-116    Post-Trial Audit
99-117    The Presence of God In You
99-118    The Spirit of Sacrifice (2 Message Series)
99.120 Compassion and The Communion Table
99.121 The Witness of The Rock
99.122 God’s Vineyard
99.123 The Disquieted Soul (2 Message Series)
99.124 Glorious Identity (3 Message Series)
99.125 A Reason To Bless The Lord
99.128 Potter’s Wheel Or Potter’s Field
99.130Our Need For Vision
99.131The Question God Asks
99.132Things Worth Remembering
99.133The Way of A Fool
99.134Signs Should Follow (6 Message Series)
99-136    Three Needs of Man
99.137 Go Forward
99.138 They Could Not Believe
99.139 Get A Grip On Life (2 Message Series)
99.144 For His Glory
99.145 God’s Secret Place (4 Message Series)
00-100    The Joy of God’s Salvation (3 Messages)
00-103    God Made Us Farmers
00-105    Farming For the Harvest
End-time Admonitions Series 00-107a-i (9 Messages)
00-107a   Assembling Together & Preaching The Word
00-107b   A Steadfast Heart of Love
00-107c   Judging
00-107d   Hope and Purity – Separation
00-107e   Live A New Life No.1
00-107f   Live A New Life No.2
00-107g   Comfort One Another
00-107h   Patience No.1
00-107i   Patience No.2
0.109     Two Stages of Christians
00-111    Have You Been Transformed?
00-112    Life At Sea Level
0.113     What’s Your Excuse?
The Witness In Us 00-114a-g (7 Message Series)
00-114a Fellowship With God
00-114b Hate Sin and Love Righteousness
00-114c Purity of Life
00-114d Love The Brethren No.1
00-114e Love The Brethren No.2
00-114f Love The Brethren No.3
00-114g Are You A Believer?
00-115   The Anointing
0.116    Honest Evaluation
00-118   Faith: Soul or Spirit? (3 Message Series)
0.119    The Diversity of God’s Word
00-121   When Nothing Happens
0.122    Iron Chariots
00-124   Why Are We Called Christians?
Avoiding Snares 00-125a-f (6 Message Series)
00-125a The Words of Your Mouth
00-125b Ignorance and Negative Thinking
00-125c Ignorance and Worldly Pleasures
00-125d Earthly Treasures
00-125e Lust and Apathy
00-125f Sin
00-126 Seeking God’s Dominion (2 Message Series)
00-128 Unity (4 Message Series)
0.130 Praying For Those In Authority
0.131 Praying For All Saints
1.101 The Redemption of The Believer
1.102 The Devil’s Care Package
1.106 When God Turns His Back
1.110 Undeniable Facts of Life
1.111 Four Keys That Christians Need
01-115 Fate or Faith?
1.118 Responsibility (3 Message Series)
1.122 Strength Out of Weakness
01-124 Dealing With The Devil (5 Message Series)
1.125 Enduring or Overcoming
1.126 Christian Contentment
1.127 Vain Believing (2 Message Series)
1.128 How Are You Running?
1.129 Successful Christian Living
1.130 A Lesson From Jehu
1.131 A Father and His Son (3 Message Series)
1.132 Cruise Control Christians
1.133 Is Anything Too Hard To God?
1.135 A King To Be Remembered
1.136 God’s Question For The End Times
1.137 Remedy For Pests and Rodents
1.138 End Time Advice
1.139 Divine Favour For A Different Spirit
1.140 The Prayer We All Should Pray
1.141 Where Is God? (2 Message Series)
1.142 Hold On To Your Crown
1.143 A Reminder From God (4 Message Series)
1.144 Gleanings From Haggai: Consider Your Ways – Your Heart (3 Message Series)
1.145 Mountain Top Experience
01-147 Revelations That Establish Faith
2.100 Characteristics of The Heart
2.101 Peaking Out
2.102 The Worship of Jesus
2.103 Praise Is Waiting
2.104 Hindrances To Praise
2.105 Faith’s Maintenance
2.106 Leanness of Soul
2.107 Opposition To Faith
2.108 The Prospering Soul
2.109 The Overcomer’s Diet
2.110 A Faithful Man
02-112 God’s Gifts
2.113 How Strong Am I
2.114 A Man’s Integrity
2.115 The Day of Accounting
2.116 Crossroads
2.117 David Recovered All
2.118 Bible Faiths
2.119 Symptoms of Falling Away
2.120 I Quit
2.121 Breaking The Monopoly
2.122 Spiritual Revolution (6 Message Series)
2.127 Learning – Victory Or Vanity
2.128 Holiness – Separation From The Ungodly
2.129 Why Are You Fearful?
2.130 Lukewarmness – Danger and Remedy
02-133 Casualties Among Us (7 Message Series)
2.137 Weary In Well Doing
2.139 Pleading Another’s Cause (2 Messages)
02-144 Who Are His People? (4 Message Series)
02-146 Requirements To Be In God’s
       Presence (2 Message Series)
2.148 Fishers of Men (2 Message Series)
03-100 Is Your House In Order? (2 Message Series)
03-101 The Heart That God Wants
03-102 Why Christians Believe
03-103 Why Blame God?
3.104 The Standard For Excellence
3.106 Commitment To The Body
03-107 The Acceptable Life
03-108 Authority of the Believer (9 Message Series)
3.109 WWW.Faith
3.110 A Word To Overcomers
3.111 Overcomers Are Circumspect
3.112 Who Will Be Worthy?
03-114 Two Ways of Man
3.115 Having Ears To Hear
Great Words of The Christian Faith
                     03-117a-g (7 Message Series)
03-117a Depravity
03-117b Grace
03-117c Regeneration
03-117d Imputation
03-117e Substitution
03-117f Propitiation
03-117g Security
3.119   Don’t Grow Weary
3.120   Heart Examination (3 Message Series)
3.126 The Great Challenge (6 Message Series)
3.127 Confident Approach To God (7 Messages)
03-132 Guidelines For Seeking God (3 Messages)
03-133 The War We Must Win (2 Message Series)
4.100 Walking In The Fear of God (6 Messages)
4.103 Evidence of A Spiritual Man (8 Messages)
4.108 Quench Not The Spirit (2 Message Series)
4.112 God’s Desired Effect (2 Message Series)
4.113 Life Abundant
4.114 A Solemn Warning
4.116 Spiritual Fatigue
4.117 Ask For The Old Paths
4.118 Our Need To Escape
4.120 WWW.COM
04-122 God’s Warning About Leaven (3 Messages)
04-123 Our Union With Christ
04-124 Evidence of the Spirit of God In You
                                  (2 Message Series)
04-125 Faith Is the Target
04-126 The Good Fight
04-127 Confidence Is A Know Know (2 Messages)
04-128 Will You Qualify
04-132 Perfect In Christ (4 Message Series)
04-134 Jesus – Our Pattern For Ministry
05-100 He Has Made Me Glad
05-101 Victory at Sea
05-102 Earnestly Contend (4 Message Series)
05-103 Why We Believe
05-104 Two Conditions For Favour
05-106 Psalm 23 (2 Message Series)
05-108 Wickedness In The Holy Place
05-109 The Vain Life
05-110 When the Word Is Vain
05-111 Do-Gooders
05-112 The Word of His Grace
05-113 Times of Trouble
05-114 The Excellent Spirit
05-115 I Need Counselling!
05-116 Journey To Zion
Are You Receiving The Promises of God?
                      05-117a-i (9 Message Series)
05-117a Find the Promise
05-117b Claiming the Promises
05-117c Must Expect An Answer
05-117d Sin No.1
05-117e Sin No.2
05-117f Hindrances
05-117g Failure to Expect Results
05-117h Believe, Speak, Act
05-117g Failure to Expect Results
05-117h Believe, Speak, Act
05-117i Lack of Patience
05-123 The Fruit of Your Life
05-125 Unity (2 Message Series)
05-127 For This Cause (2 Message Series)
05-129 Call To Heed (2 Message Series)
05-131 Walking In Agreement With God
05-133 The Walk
05-134 Daily Benefits of Salvation
05-135 Nothing Hidden From God
05-136 Hypocrisy
05-137 The Need For Purity
05-140 A Probing Question From God (2 Messages)
05-142 The Joy of God’s Salvation (2 Messages)
05-144 The Need I Need
05-145 The Freedom That Is Ours
05-146 The Spirit Lived Life
Life With Abundance 06-100a-c (3 Message Series)
06-100a What Is Life?
06-100b What Is Abundance?
06-100c Appropriating It
06-102 The Power of Christian Living (2 Messages)
06-103 The Principle Every Man Lives By (2 Messages)
06-104 God's Provision for Thorny Issues
                                 (3 Message Series)
06-105 Bye Bye
06-109 It is Well
06-110 Beware the Tares (3 Message Series)
06-115 Spiritual Pest Control (3 Message Series)
06-116 A Clean Vessel (3 Message Series)
06-117 Three Vital Decisions
06-118 Beware of Being Spoiled
06-119 A Believer’s Blessing
06-120 When There Is No Word (2 Message Series)
06-122 Our Potential In Christ
06-123 Commit Thy Way
06-124 Psalm 32
06-126 God’s Provision For Our Escape (2 Messages)
06-128 Life On God’s Terms (2 Message Series)
06-129 The Deep Wells of God
06-130 Thirsting For Water From God’s Well
06-131 Your Father’s Good Pleasure (2 Messages)
06-132 Abiding In Fellowship
06-133 The Magnitude of Believing (12 Messages)
06-134 Our Calling (2 Message Series)
06-135 Holiness Unto The Lord (8 Message Series)

From this point onwards, all messages are available as either Audio CD, Audio Mp3 or DVD (Those marked as
(Audio Only) are NOT available on DVD)

DVD MESSAGES ARE VIDEO RECORDINGS OF THE TEACHINGS. They are multi-region DVDs and should play in
any DVD player or computer with a DVD drive

If you buy a DVD along with the identical message on Audio CD there is a price reduction.

07-100 Spiritual Burden Bearers
07-101 Jesus Our Good Shepherd
07-102 Suffering and the Glory of God
07-103 End Time Exodus (3 Message Series)
07-104 A Word To The Sleepy
07-105 Taking Hold of God (3 Message Series)
07-106 God Has A New Way
07-107 Will You Have The Mark?
07-108 Who Among You Desires Life (2 Messages)
07-109 The Power of An Endless Life
07-110 The Atonement
07-111 Jesus – Both Saviour and Lord Audio Only
07-112 When The Heart Burns
07-113 The Lord’s Controversy         Audio Only
07-114 The Tragedy of Unbelief
07-115 The Covenant of Salt           Audio Only
07-116 Why God Wants You To Believe Audio Only
07-117 When Sheep Go Astray

Principles of The Sermon on The Mount Series
                                                                             07-118a-l (12 Message Series)
The 07-118 series is available as Audio Only
07-118a Introduction
07-118b Absolute Loyalty and Spiritual Worship
07-118c Reverence and Respect For God, Lord’s Day
07-118d Respect For Authority
07-118e Respect For, and Value of, Human Life No.1
07-118f Respect For, and Value of, Human Life No.2
07-118g Respect For Sexual Purity
07-118h Respect For The Sanctity of Marriage
07-118i Honesty
07-118j Attitude Toward Other Peoples’ Goods
07-118k Truthfulness No.1
07-118l Truthfulness No.2
07-119 Prepare To Meet Thy God
07-120 The Overcomer’s Courage
07-121 How To Have Your Faith Increased
Three Ingredients For Christian Victory
                                                                             07-122a-b (2 Message Series)
07-122a Introduction
07-122b Flee-Fo-Fi
Journeying Through Jonah 07-123a-e (5 Messages)
07-123a The Call of God
07-123b Refusing the Call
07-123c Divine Adjustment: Plan A or Plan B
07-123d Amazing Grace
07-123e Tale of Two Hearts
Sign of Jonah 07-124a (2 Message Series)
07-124a Resurrection
07-124b Effect of the Resurrection
07-125 The Choice Is Yours
07-126 Certitude
07-127 The Church – God’s Refinery (4 Messages)
07-129 Valiant For The Truth (5 Message Series)
07-130 God’s Estimation of Your Life
07-131 Be Ye Ready                      Audio Only
07-132 The Treasure of Your Heart
07-134 The Source of Healing            Audio Only
07-135 Are You Blessed?                 Audio Only
07-136 Consider Your Path               Audio Only
07-137 The Son of Simon-Judas
07-138 What God Gives and Expects (2 Messages)
07-139 The Importance of Thankfulness Audio Only
07-140 The Believer’s Confidence

08-100 Godly Guidelines in 2008
08-101 The Communion at Corinth
08-102 Choose What Pleases God (7 Message Series)
08-103 What Will You Do?            Audio Only

The Inheritance of The Overcomer
                                                         (Book of Revelation 08-104a-o (15 Message Series)
The 08-104 series is available as Audio Only
08-104a The Inheritance of The Overcomer No.1
08-104b The Inheritance of The Overcomer No.2
08-104c The Inheritance of The Overcomer No.3
08-104d The Inheritance of The Overcomer No.4
08-104e Ephesus
08-104f Smyrna and Pergamos

08-104g Thyatira No.1
08-104h Thyatira No.2
08-104i Sardis No.1
08-104j Sardis No.2
08-104k Philadelphia
08-104l Laodicea No.1
08-104m Laodicea No.2
08-104n Laodicea No.3
08-104o Laodicea No.4
Four Deadly Snares 08-105a-b (2 Message Series)
08-105a Four Deadly Snares
08-105b Fear, Doubt, Forgetfulness
08-106 Seven Reminders                Audio Only
08-107 Whose Words Are You Following? Audio Only
Symptoms of Apostasy 08-108a-d (4 Message Series)
08-108a Compromise, Complacency, Criticism
08-108b Dull of Hearing
08-108c Not Rooted
08-108d Judgment
08-109 Avoiding Apostasy               Audio Only
08-110 Holy Fire                       Audio Only
08-111 Solemn Words                    Audio Only
08-112 Weakness and Deliverance        Audio Only

The Power of A Godly Life 08-113a-d (4 Messages)
08-113a What Is Godliness and How To Get It
08-113b What Will True Godliness Do In My Life
08-113c Fruit Bearing
08-113d Proven Character
Make A Wish Foundation 08-114a-b (2 Messages)
08-114a Prosper                    Audio Only
08-114b Health                     Audio Only

08-115 Christian Essentials            Audio Only
08-116 How Willing Are You?            Audio Only
08-117 What Has Changed?               Audio Only
08-118 Your Sin Will Find You Out (4 Messages)
08-119 Deliver Us From Evil            Audio Only
08-120 Wake Up and Smell The Roses Audio Only

Probing Proverbs 08-122a-u (21 Message Series)
08-122a Introduction – Wisdom
08-122b Avoid Evil Men and Strange Women
08-122c Trust No.1
08-122d Trust No.2, Conceit, Giving No.1
08-122e Giving No.2, Chastening
08-122f Relating To Others, Husbands & Wives
08-122g Find The Lord, Avoiding Immorality, Surety
08-122h What God Hates
08-122i Fornication / Church Discipline
08-122j The Words of Our Mouths
08-122k Advantage of Righteousness
08-122l Wickedness
08-122m Fools
08-122n Various Subjects No.1
08-122o Various Subjects No.2
08-122p Giftings From the Lord
08-122q Stop Struttin’
08-122r Diligence
08-122s There is a Generation
08-122t Things To Consider
08-122u Virtuous Woman
The Three Stages of Life 08-123a-d (4 Messages)
08-123a Introduction
08-123b The Three Stages of Life
08-123c Entering the Promised Land
08-123d Living In the Promised Land
Do You Really Believe God?
                     08-124a-l (12 Message Series)
08-124a The Importance of Believing
08-124b Believing Is Obeying
08-124c Examine Yourself
08-124d Intellect and Sensibility
08-124e The Power of Choice
08-124f His Will Has To Be Clear To You
08-124g The Heart
08-124h Advantage of a Right Heart No.1
08-124i Advantage of a Right Heart No.2
08-124j Foundation / Cornerstone
08-124k Walking With God
08-124l Christian Example

Knoxville Living Word Seminar 2008 (4 Messages)
08-201 Are You Bearing or Breaking the Yoke No.1
       (By Mike Guthrie)
08-202 The Trumpet of God No.1 (By Tom Hamilton)
08-203 Are You Bearing or Breaking the Yoke No.2      (By Mike Guthrie)
08-204 The Trumpet of God No.2 (By Tom Hamilton)

Jesus Will Return 09-102a-l (12 Messages)
09-102a Preparation
09-102b Why Persecution No.1
09-102c Why Persecution No.2
09-102d Deception No.1
09-102e Deception No.2
09-102f Deception No.3
09-102g Love of Many Will Grow Cold
09-102h Endure To The End No.1
09-102i Endure To The End No.2
09-102j The Fig Tree – Israel No.1
09-102k The Fig Tree No.2 /
        The Gospel Preached To The World
09-102l Carelessness
09-103 The Knowledge Mystery (2 Messages)
09-104 Old School Faith
09-105 The Reward of the Inheritance
09-106 Old School Fightin’
09-107 Old School Testimony
09-108 I Can Do All Things
The Foundation of the Overcomer
                             09-109a-e (5 Messages)
09-109a Discerning No.1
09-109b Discerning No.2 / Faith No.1
09-109c Faith No.2 / Witnessing
09-109d Worship No.1
09-109e Worship No.2
09-110 Seeing Past Your Weaknesses
                             and Flaws (2 Messages)
09-111 Living Water
09-112 Our Thirst For Living Water
09-113 The Boasting God Approves of
09-114 God’s Response to Our Love (3 Messages)
09-115 A Fatal Departure
09-116 Fatal Attitudes
09-117 How God Loves Us
09-118 Fatal Words (3 Messages)
The Enemies of Christian Love 09-119a-e
                                       (5 Messages)
09-119a The World and Self
09-119b Covetousness
09-119c Defining The World No.1
09-119d Defining The World No.2
09-119e Taking Up The Cross Audio Only
09-120 Fatal Accusation
09-121 Fatal Neglect
09-122 Fatal Religion
09-123 Clues For The Clueless
09-124 Heaven’s Health Plan
09-125 The Faith Formula
The Joy That Was Set Before Him Series 09-126a-g
                                     (6 messages)
09-126a The Joy That Was Set Before Him
09-126b The Joy Set Before Us No.1
09-126c The Joy Set Before Us No.2
09-126d The Joy Set Before Us No.3
09-126e The Joy Set Before Us No.4
09-126f The Joy Set Before Us No.5
09-127 Is Your Faith Dead or Alive? (3 Messages)
09-128 When Are We Free?
09-129 Why? (3 Messages)
09-130 Tomorrow’s Years
09-131 The Unique Work of God
09-132 Blessing For Those Who Trust the Lord
09-133 The Unique Ability of God
09-134 Prayer and Faith (2 Messages)
09-135 Unique in Knowing All and Always Present
09-136 The Unique Names of God
09-137 The Unique Sovereignty of God (2 Messages)
09-138 Why Prayer is Not Answered (4 Messages)
09-139 God’s Unique Agenda For The Last Days
09-140 Living A Stable Life
09-141 Admonitions For The Days Ahead Audio Only

Knoxville Living Word Seminar 2009 (4 Messages)
09-201 Will You Be Ready No.1 (By Tom Hamilton)
09-202 The Crisis of Examination No.1
                                (By Mike Guthrie)
09-203 Will You Be Ready No.2 (By Tom Hamilton)
09-204 The Crisis of Examination No.2
                               (By Mike Guthrie)
10-101 Warning The Wary
10-102 Why The Word Has No Effect
Deliverance Series 10-103a-k (11 Messages)
10-103a Introduction
10-103b Categories of Demons
10-103c The Source of Our Authority
10-103d How We Exercise Our Authority No.1
10-103e How We Exercise Our Authority No.2
10-103f The Dark World of the Occult No.1
10-103g The Dark World of the Occult No.2

10-103h Religious Spirits
10-103i Infirm Spirits
10-103j Unclean Spirits
10-103k Our Authority, Our Limits, Humility
Vanity Series 10-104a-c (3 Messages)
10-104a Defining Vanity
10-104b The Church - Spiritual or Carnal
10-104c Rejecting The Bread of Sorrows
10-105 Are You Making Good Choices? (2 Messages)
10-106 The Few That Are Saved
10-107 Conversion and the Times of Refreshing
10-108 The Converted Life
Union With Christ Series 10-109a-g (7 Messages)
10-109a Union With Christ Introduction
10-109b Necessity of Ministry
10-109c Unity of the Faith and Knowledge
10-109d Unto A Perfect Man
10-109e The Glory No.1
10-109f The Glory No.2 and Suffering
10-109g Maintaining Fellowship With God
10-110 The Glory of Our Future
10-111 Mountain Moving Faith
10-112 The Goodness and Severity of God
10-113 Are You Cheerful or Tearful?
10-114 Purpose of Heart Audio Only
10-115 God Wants To Bless You
10-116 Trip To Israel
10-117 God’s Controversy With His People
10-118 The Christian’s Mandate
10-119 The Abiding Word
10-120 Victorious Faith (3 Messages)

                                  Latest Teaching Messages By Tom Hamilton
The Christian Home Series
                        10-121a-m (13 Messages)
10-121a The Christian Home No.1
10-121b The Christian Home No.2
10-121c The Christian Home No.3
10-121d Man’s Role No.1
10-121e Man’s Role No.2
10-121f Woman’s Role No.1
10-121g Woman’s Role No.2
10-121h Woman’s Role No.3
10-121i Raising Children No.1
10-121j Raising Children No.2
10-121k Responsibility to Parents
10-121l Teens
10-121m Dating, Courtship, Engagement
10-122 Moping, Hoping or Coping?
The Steps of a Good Man Series 10-123a-b
                                    (2 Messages)
10-123a What He Expects From Us
10-123b What We Can Expect From Him
10-124 The Poison of Self (3 Messages)
10-125 Mission Fields of the World
10-126 Has the “Faith Movement” Passed?
                                      (2 Messages)
10-127 The Faith Message - Absolute or Obsolete?
10-128 Why Is There Power In The Blood?
10-129 Like A Rock
Lamenting with Jeremiah Series 10-130a-c
                                     (3 Messages)
10-130a Lamenting with Jeremiah No.1
10-130b Lamenting with Jeremiah No.2 Audio Only
10-130c Lamenting with Jeremiah No.3

10-131 God and Love
10-132 Hate – Right or Wrong?
10-133 Consider Your Ways
10-134 Lord, I Want To Believe
10-135 The Challenge of Separation (4 Messages)
10-136 Lord, I Want To Keep My Faith (2 Messages)
10-137 Help Lord, I Need To Know Your Will

Knoxville Living Word Seminar 2010 (4 Messages)
10-201 Absolutes of Survival No.1 (By Mike Guthrie)
10-202 The Plowing Life (By Tom Hamilton)
10-203 Absolutes of Survival No.2 (By Mike Guthrie)
10-204 The Fight For Glory (By Tom Hamilton)

11-101 The Coming War
11-102 Our Five Testimonies
11-103 The Foundation of the Believer (4 Messages)
11-104 The Enemy is Robbing the Saints
11-105 Growing Unto Full Stature (2 Messages)

TOM HAMILTON is a former high school basketball coach from Charlestown, Indiana. He attended Morehead State
University on a basketball scholarship. After graduation in 1962 he taught and coached in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.
On June 30th 1968 at 11:55 a.m., Tom received Jesus into his life as Lord. In October of 1968 he was filled with the
Holy Ghost. Thereafter God began to open doors, which eventually led him out of school teaching into the ministry.
Tom's present function is that of a pastor and teacher as set forth in Ephesians 4:11, 12. Currently his ministry
includes pastoring Shelbyville Christian Assembly in Shelbyville, Kentucky and teaching seminars throughout the
country as the Lord directs.

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