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					                Core Tour Skateboard Athlete Bios
Name: Brian Patch
Age: 30
Height: 5'11" Weight - 175
Home: Bloomington, IN
Occupation: Pro rider
Experience: competing since 1994, 5 year X Games veteran, ran his own company, Clockwork

Name: Andy MacDonald
Nickname: Mac
Age: 28
Height: 5'8" Weight - 165
Home: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Pro
Experience: Competing since 1995, 8-time X Games medalist, 1999 overall World Cup
             Skateboarding Champion

Name: Omar Hassan
DOB: 9/27/7
Home: Newport Beach, CA
Height: 5'9" Weight: 160 lbs
Occupation: Pro
Experience: Competing since 1992, 1st Place in 2000 "Concrete Challenge," 3rd place 2001 Soul Bowl

Name: Ruben Garcia (Spanish speaking)
Hometown: Madrid Spain
Sponsors: Illenium, Nixon, Etnies, Volcom, and Utility
Skateboarding for 11 years
Favorite Skatespot: Barcelona Spain

Name: Carabeth "CB" Burnside
Age: 31
Home: Orange, California
Experience: Overall top-rated woman vert skateboarder in the sport, with first place finishes
            In 1997 All Girl Skate Jam, and a tandem successful snowboarding career with
            a 4th place finish in the 1998 Winter Olympic Games.

Name: Vanessa Torres
Age: 15
Home: Riverside, California
Sponsors: Hurley International Clothing, Gallaz Footwear, Element Skateboards, Grind King
          Trucks, Jays Board Shop, and Coca-Cola.
Experience: started skateboarding three years ago, and her skills helped to turn pro in 2001.
Vanessa won the first pro contest she entered, the Etnies All Girl Skate Jam in Clearwater, Florida
Today, she holds three first-place contest titles in the span of only five months as a professional
skateboarder, taking the first place title at the All Girl Skate Jam at the 2001 Core Tour at South
Street Seaport, and tops ar the prestigious Slam City Jam contest and the Triple Crown of
Skateboarding event. Vanessa definitely sees herself pursuing skateboarding as a career. When
she‟s not traveling and skating, she prefers hanging out with her friends and listening to country

Name: Jen O‟Brien
Home: Vista, California
Sponsors: Volcom Clothing, Velvet Eyewear, Nixon Watches, AGSJ Skateboards, Harbinger Pads.
Experience: ,Jen began skating back in 1989 when she got a job at the local skatepark where she
traded hours at the park for skating time. She turned pro at the first All Girl Skate Jam in 1997 and
since then has claimed first-place titles at events such as the 1999 and 2001 Slam City Jam
contest. Jen lists her biggest accomplishment as her daughter Lotus and also likes snowboarding.

Name: Luciana Ellington
Age: 24
Home: Los Angeles
Sponsors: Roxy and AGSJ Skateboards.
Experience: For Brazilian native Luciana it all started back in 1996 while reading through a
skateboarding magazine, she came across a picture of a girl skating. “I want to try that,” Luciana
said, and she did. Luciana bought a board and began learning how to ride and execute tricks.
Only a year later, Luciana met the girl in that picture, Jiuliana Ricomini, and stayed at her house
during a skateboarding trip. In 1999, Luciana traveled to the U.S. with friends to compete in the All
Girl Skate Jam for the first time. This became the first of several trips to the U.S. when she later
met and married fellow pro skateboarder Erik Ellington. Luciana enjoys fashion, photography, and
modeling and would love to give surfing a try.

Name: Lindsi Thompson
Age: 23
Home: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sponsors: Gallaz Footwear, Velvet Eyewear, and Arcade Skateboards.
Experience: Lindsi began skateboarding at the age of fifteen when she first joined friends skating a
mini-ramp,and she's never looked back. Lindsi went on to take 3rd place in vert and 12th place in
street at the 2000 Slam City Jam event and since then, has continued to enter numerous contests
where she has consistently finished 5th or better. When she‟s not skating, Lindsi also competes in
equestrian show jumping and likes to snowboard too. She also runs her own skate shop and hair
salon called the „Ghetto Skateshop‟ in her current hometown of Oceanside, California where she
has started her own clothing line „Gender‟.
Name: Lyn-z Adams
Age: 11
Home: Cardiff by the Sea, California
Sponsors: Gallaz Footwear and With It Girl.
Experience: Lyn-z began skateboarding at the age of six when she received a YMCA membership
and gained access to their skatepark facility. But Lyn-z didn‟t get serious about skating until
September 2000, when she competed at her first All Girl Skate Jam. Lyn-z competes in the vert,
street, and mini-ramp disciplines and placed 3rd at the All Girl Skate Jam in Clearwater, Florida in
2001. Now, she's the top-rated amateur. She is also an accomplished surfer and spends part of
the year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She also participates in soccer, basketball, baseball,
gymnastics, riding horses, and art. Look for her this summer as Lyn-z‟s participating in the Tony
Hawk Summer Skatepark Tour.

Name: Amy Caron
Age: 16
Home: Half Moon Bay, California
Sponsors: Gallaz Footwear, Velvet Eyewear, and the Ghetto Skateshop.
Experience: Amy began skating at the age of nine, and went on to win the Vans Triple Crown of
Skateboarding in October 2000,as well as the first professional contest she ever entered, the All
Girl Skate Jam event in Hawaii in November 1999. Amy says she likes the fact that skateboarding
is an individual sport and that you don‟t have to depend on others in order to excel in this sport.
When she‟s not skating, Amy also occasionally jumps on her surfboard or plays a little basketball.
Amy likes listening to hip-hop, hanging out with her friends, and watching movies.

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