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					January 2005                                                                     doc.: IEEE 802.18-yy/xxxxr0

                                                    IEEE P802.18
                                                Radio Regulatory - TAG

                       [Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group Minutes]
                                                     Date: 2005-01-30

    Name                    Company                        Address              Phone                   Email
     Denis Kuwahara          The Boeing Company             Seattle, WA           360-649-4069            denis.kuwahara@boeing.com

These are the minutes of the Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group (RR-TAG) that met at the
IEEE Wireless WG session in Monterey, CA 17-21 January 2005.

Agenda items included:
    Joint discussion with 802.22 on the need/advisability for reply comments on the Comments
       filed by IEEE 802 on ET 04-186 the TV band NPRM.
    Review Consultations from OfCOM -- Revision of Spectrum Management, & Ultra Wideband

Joint discussion agreed there were no comments that disputed the IEEE 802 filing on ET 04-186

Andy Gowens of OFCOM presented an overview of the Consultations, three Rapporteurs volunteered
to head up comment groups. Discussions will be held on the RR-TAG reflector and by telecons in
February. Final draft editing is planned for the March plenary meeting and presentation to the other
Wireless WGs for their concurrence of the comments to be presented as IEEE 802 data.

Notice: This document has been prepared to assist IEEE 802.18. It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the
contributing individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and content after
further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein.

Release: The contributor grants a free, irrevocable license to the IEEE to incorporate material contained in this contribution,
and any modifications thereof, in the creation of an IEEE Standards publication; to copyright in the IEEE‟s name any IEEE
Standards publication even though it may include portions of this contribution; and at the IEEE‟s sole discretion to permit
others to reproduce in whole or in part the resulting IEEE Standards publication. The contributor also acknowledges and
accepts that this contribution may be made public by IEEE 802.22.

Patent Policy and Procedures: The contributor is familiar with the IEEE 802 Patent Policy and Procedures
<http://standards.ieee.org/guides/bylaws/sb-bylaws.pdf>, including the statement "IEEE standards may include the known
use of patent(s), including patent applications, provided the IEEE receives assurance from the patent holder or applicant with
respect to patents essential for compliance with both mandatory and optional portions of the standard." Early disclosure to the
Working Group of patent information that might be relevant to the standard is essential to reduce the possibility for delays in
the development process and increase the likelihood that the draft publication will be approved for publication. Please notify
the Chair <Carl R. Stevenson> as early as possible, in written or electronic form, if patented technology (or technology under
patent application) might be incorporated into a draft standard being developed within the IEEE 802.182 Working Group. If
you have questions, contact the IEEE Patent Committee Administrator at <patcom@ieee.org>.

Submission                                                 page 1                              Denis Kuwahara, Boeing
January 2005                                                       doc.: IEEE 802.18-yy/xxxxr0

These are the minutes from IEEE 808.18 Technical Advisory Group (Radio Regulatory TAG), meeting in
Monterey, CA 17-21 January 2005. Chairman – Mike Lynch, Secretary – Denis Kuwahara

Monday 17 Jan05
802.18 Meeting gets underway at 10:30am following the Joint Wireless Working Group plenary session.

Chair comments that CITEL has expressed interest in 700MHz (TV Band) as unlicensed spectrum. The French
are considering 500MHz spectrum (TV Band??) in their (Digital Dividend). OFCOM is considering changing
their spectrum management processes and are considering that Broadcast services might have to compete at
auction with other potential users of that spectrum.

WiMAX is under consideration, GSM in lower 700MHz (Channels 52-59)

OFCOM (UK Regulator) has two Considerations out, one on UWB, the other on capping unlicensed spectrum at
7% (of practical spectrum, currently ~6% is allocated)..

Letters of Assurance and the patent policy were presented at the joint plenary and would not be repeated in the
RR-TAG meeting.

The agenda for this week‟s sessions are:
There are no FCC releases that require RR-TAG‟s action
Tuesday the 18th at 8:00am will be a joint meeting with 802.22 to decide if Reply Comments are required to
defend or explain the Comments that IEEE 802 filed on ET 04-186 the TV Band NPRM1
OFCOM has offered to review the two Consultations they have out and are requesting input

Chair indicates that EC2 feels compelled to edit documents submitted for their approval, and he plans on
discussing with them the delicate word balance required to achieve consensus on some of the outgoing

Chair comments that the OFCOM offerings are too voluminous to be meaningfully reviewed within this meeting
and recommends setting up Rapporteurs to manage parts of the responses. He recommends telecom sessions be
held to discuss the Consultations between the meetings and to develop a draft for final editing during the March

He recommends the group consider wrapping up after the Thursday AM2 session, which the group agrees to
during the discussion.

Accept agenda changes to move closing plenary to Thursday AM2 session

To approve agenda as modified in document 18-05-0002-01-0000-802.18-Tentative_Agenda_Jan05.xls.
Motion: Peter Murray
Second John Notor
Any objections: – motion passes by unanimous consent –approved 11:23am

File server access is available at the session and reportedly after the meeting at
ftp://ieee.wireless@ftp.802wirelessworld.com This is a server on the main support system and more reliable than
the snap server that RR-TAG documents have been stored on at the meetings.

Recess meeting until Tuesday 8:00am joint meeting with WG 802.22 at 11:34am

    Notice of Proposed Rule Making
    IEEE 802 Executive Committee
Submission                                       page 2                        Denis Kuwahara, Boeing
January 2005                                                       doc.: IEEE 802.18-yy/xxxxr0

Tuesday 18 Jan 05 8:01am
802.22 Chariman, Carl Stevenson, calls the joint .18/.22 meeting to order

Chair reports that a document management firm has been contacted by IEEE 802 to present their product to the
WGs as a potential replacement to the current system that supports 802.11 and .15.

Bob Henley of Accent Technology, www.accent-technologies.com, made the presentation/demonstration of their
system. System searches documents for keywords in the title or in the text, using .jpg images of the documents.

Joint session of .18 and .22
Mike Lynch asks for a discussion on the need for reply comment. Consensus is that there is no comments that
dispute those filed by IEEE 802.
Gerald Chouinard offers that, based on filed comments, he has a contribution on desensitization levels and out of
band emissions. His contribution is 18-05-0003-00-0000_Emission_Template for WRAN.doc

Straw poll of the group; do we need to reply to the comments filed – no

Motion: RRTAG not file reply comment to the TV Band NPRM ET 04-186 at this time
Moved: John Notor
Second: Victor Tawil
10Yes. 0No, 1Abstain

802.18 Chair adjourns the joint session at 9:41 am, 802.18 to resume their meeting on Wednesday at 8:00am

Wednesday 19 Jan 05 8:03am
Chair calls meeting into session
Andy Gowens to present Consultations that OFCOM is soliciting comments on:
“The Spectrum Framework Review” 24Nov04 presentation.ppt Identifies the alternative spectrum management
“Spectrum Framework Review” sfr.pdf Implementation plan details
“Ultra Wideband” uwb.pdf Consultation
“Value of UWB Personal Networking Services to the United Kingdom” uwmpans.pdf A commissioned study to
analyze UWB technology.
“Final Report on Value of UWB Personal Area Networking Applications to the UK” uwbcom.pdf Industry
comments to a commissioned study
These documents are available on both the ftp and the snap servers that are available to the membership at the
session. And, the consultations are available from www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs

Andy states that:
UWB mask is similar to FCC but with sharp cutoff at 3GHz
Spectrum Framework currently lists that 6% of usable spectrum is authorized as license exempt currently and is
proposing a limit of 7%
Spectrum Framework Review has a comment period deadline of 15 April 05, he plans on citing our need to
discuss and present this at IEEE 802‟s plenary meeting in March and to request submission of delayed comment
for us to gain approval at the March 2005 session.

Some elements being considered include:
Spectrum trading and Liberalization
To enable people to change use (Fixed could be changed to Fixed/Mobile)

Submission                                       page 3                       Denis Kuwahara, Boeing
January 2005                                                           doc.: IEEE 802.18-yy/xxxxr0

Command and control – Regulator manages it -- 94% currently under this form of management, heading to 21%
by 2010.
Market Force – Companies manages it and allows spectrum trading 0% currently anticipate 72% by 2010
License Exempt – Unmanaged 6% currently anticipate 7% cap Attempt to remove restrictions

Slide error in Spectrum Awards should show 12 bands not 15, will be available over next few years

Action Item: Andy to provide updates as they occur on a License Exempt consultation that is expected shortly.

Regulators are driven to support innovative approaches to technology such as UWP
This document is for PAN implementations of UWB, not for „through the wall radar‟ systems
While this is a consultation it is anticipated that additional consultations will be forthcoming Expect six months
for rulings after additional consultations.
OfCom has contracted for studies and some are available on the server, the Mason study is available but is
considered incomplete and additional studies are in work.
Annex 3 has the questions and asks the question of what else should be considered

Meeting called into recess at 10:10am until Wednesday afternoon meeting time.

Wednesday 19Jan05 RR-TAG
Chair calls meeting to order at 1:30

Chair states that we need three rapporteur / editors to work the three Consultations and gather comments for
discussion on the reflector:
Spectrum Framework – Jim Raab
UWB – Winston Caldwell
Spectrum Implementation – John Notor

Edgar Reihl offers to translate the pdf files to word files for the editors.

Given the breadth of the consultation, the group agrees that telecons will be required for the Rapporteurs to
discuss with their groups on their subject matters. As an starting point, the first telecon is scheduled for 1 Feb 05
at Noon Eastern time. Subsequent telecons will be scheduled approximately every two weeks until the March
plenary session.
Date: 1 Feb 05
Time: Noon Eastern
Phone Number: 972-684-5253 4447518#
Agenda – each Rapporteur allotted 30 minutes for group discussion, and 30 minutes for administration and
Action Item: Week of 24th Chair to send out reminder to review documents
Plan on telecom
(Consultation from 802.15 SG3 regarding WP3C measurements of nearfield antennas WCA)

Motion: To adjourn RR-TAG until plenary meeting 14-18Mar05 in Atlanta, GA
Peter Murray
Victor Tawil
Affirmed by Unanimous Consent

Submission                                          page 4                       Denis Kuwahara, Boeing
January 2005                                                 doc.: IEEE 802.18-yy/xxxxr0


http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/sfr/ “Spectrum Framework Review” Consultation published:
23Nov, 2004, Consultation closes: 15 February, 2005

http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/sfrip/ “Spectrum Framework Review: Implementation plan”
Consultation published: 13 Jan 05, Consultation closes: 24 Mar, 2005

http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/uwb/ “ Ultra Wideband” Consultation published: 13Jan,
2005, Consultation closes: 24 Mar, 2005

Scott           Blue                Peter            Murray           Victor        Tawil
Winston         Caldwell            Max              Muterspaugh      Chih          Tsien
Carlos          Cordeiro            John             Notor            Jim           Ragsdale
Jerome          Kalke               Barry            O'Mahony         Doug          Smith
Steve           Kuffner             Jim              Raab             Paul          Nikolich
Denis           Kuwahara            Ivan             Reede            Klaus         Meyer
Michael         Lynch               Edgar            Reihl
Brian           Markwalter          Eli              Sofer

Respectfully submitted, Denis Kuwahara

Submission                                  page 5                  Denis Kuwahara, Boeing

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