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					Animal Farm

 George Orwell
                 Chapter 1
1. What substance abuse problem does Farmer
   Jones have?
2. Where are the animals gathering, and why?
3. Name two other animals at the meeting?
4. What does Old Major call the other animals?
5. According the speaker, “Man is the only beast
   who consumes without _____?
6. What is the Old Major encouraging the animals
   to do?
7. Old Major’s rules to the animals:
            Chapter 1 cont.
8. Point of View:
9. Setting:
10. (pg. 4-5) Direct/Indirect characterization
    of Boxer:
11. Symbols:
12. Example of a simile:
13. Example of alliteration:
14. What is it called when animals are given
    human characteristics?
                     Chapter 2
1. What happens to Old Major?
2. How does the narrator describe Squealer?
3. What name do the pigs give to Old Major’s
   system of thought?
4. How do the animals feel about Moses? Why
   do they feel this way?
5. What finally causes the rebellion?
     •   What part of Russian history does this resemble?
6. What do the animals do after they chase the
   humans from the farm?
7. What do the animals do about the farmhouse?
8. What disappears at the end of the chapter?
9. List the Seven Commandments of Animalism.
                        Chapter 3
1.  How do the pigs “help” the harvest?
2.  What animal is admired the most?
3.  What it his slogan?
4.  Which two animals are not good workers?
5.  Which animal doesn’t seem to change at all after the
6. List the three things that happen during a Sunday
7. Draw the Animal Farm flag and the Communist Flag
8. Who never agree on anything?
9. Who forms animal committees?
10. How well could the following animals read and write?
      1.   Pigs:
      2.   Dogs:
      3.   Benjamin &Muriel:
      4.   Boxer and Clover:
      5.   Sheep, Hens, & Ducks:
             Chapter 3 cont.
11. Who condenses the Seven Commandments
    into one? What is the maxim? Which animals
    repeat it for hours?
12. Who took the puppies to “educate” them?
    Why are they isolated?
13. What actually happened to the milk and
    apples? How does Squealer explain it?
14. What does Squealer say will happen if the pigs
    fail in their duties?
15. How does the disappearance of the milk and
    apples foreshadow certain events?
16. List how the animals are better off and worse
    off since the rebellion.
                    Chapter 4
1.  How was word sent to animals on neighboring farms?
2.  Name and describe the neighbors on either side of the
3. How did rebelliousness show itself on other farms?
4. Early in October, Jones and men from Foxwood and
    Pinchfield attempt to take over Animal Farm. Who
    warns the animals?
5. Who has been studying Julius Caesar’s campaign
    strategies? What was he in charge of?
6. Describe the Battle of the Cowshed.
7. Who said, “the only good human is a dead one”?
8. Who is discovered missing? Where was she found?
9. What military decorations were created? Who
    received them?
10. What are the anniversary dates of the rebellion and the
    Battle of the Cowshed?
                  Chapter 8
Commandments      five-pound notes    whiskey

    timber         Mr. Frederick     paintbrush

faulty memories       windmill        Leader
                               Chapter 8
    Commandments               five-pound notes              Whiskey
•   Altered: “no killing   •   What Frederick paid   •   Pigs get drunk
    without cause”             for timber            •   Napoleon thinks he’s
•   Altered: “will not     •   Forged;                   dying (hungover)
    drink to excess”           foreshadowed
                               Frederick’s attack
         Timber                 Mr. Frederick               Paintbrush
•   Napoleon went back     •   Decided to scam       •    Squealer found
    and forth between          Napoleon; bought           lying in front of the
    Frederick and              timber with forged         commandments with
    Pilkington; decided        notes                      a toppled ladder, a
    Frederick              •   Attacked AF ; Boxer        pot of paint, and a
                               injured                    paintbrush
    faulty memories                Windmill                   Leader
•   The animals blame      •   Destroyed by          •   Napoleon officially
    both of the altered        Frederick and his         going by “Leader,” as
    commandments on            men                       well as other
    their memories         •   Napoleon says they        ridiculous titles
                               will rebuild
                     Chapter 9
1.  Which animal is greatly weakened at this point in the
    novel? How far away is his retirement?
2. What word does Squealer use to describe the reduced
3. How many children does Napoleon have? What does he
    demand for them?
4. What is ironic about the pigs gaining weight?
5. What is a Spontaneous demonstration? What is its
6. Why is Napoleon elected President?
7. What other lie is spread about Snowball in this chapter?
8. What happens to Boxer while pulling stone?
9. What do the pigs say they will do for Boxer? How is this
    discovered to be a lie?
10. How does Squealer ease the animals’ minds about
    Boxer’s fate?
11. What shipment do the pigs receive at the end of this
                  Chapter 10
1. How much time has passed since the last
2. How do the pigs and the dogs live compared to
   the rest of the animals? Are the animals happy?
3. How did Squealer change the sheep’s chant?
   Why did he do this?
4. What is the only Commandment that is still written
   on the wall? What does it say?
5. Name 5 things the pigs now do that humans do.
6. What is the irony of the book’s ending? What
   message is Orwell trying to get across?

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