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									                       The Lions’

St. John’s International School   Alumni Magazine         Issue 43, May 2007

                                                    St. John’s students from
                                                     Poland celebrate their
                                                    national heritage at the
                                                     International Festival.

        FROM            THE        DIRECTOR

                                                                                                                     Dreve Richelle 146
                                                                                                                   1410 Waterloo, Belgium
                                                                                                                     Tel. (02) 352-0610
                                                                                                                     Fax (02) 352-0620

                                                    Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends,
                                                    Thriving institutions involve constant change. St. John’s is no exception. For the
             Dr. Joseph H. Doenges                  past twelve years, offices for the director, admissions, and business department have
                     Director                       been located in the administrative villa across the street from the main building. No
                                                    more. That property has been sold and is expected to become a doctor’s office in the
                                                    near future. The St. John’s Admissions and Community Relations Office is now in
                                                    the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on the upper level near the connecting bridge.
                                                    The director’s office is also in the PAC, while the Business Office is now at # 57
2006-2007                                           Champ du Roussart, close to Timbertops, and next to the baseball and softball
Dr. Joseph DOENGES, Managing Director
Mr. Alain FASTRE                                    Meanwhile, staffing changes involve the addition of Marcia De Wolf, who has
Sr. Mary FITZPATRICK, FCJ                           assumed responsibility for all community relations and marketing activities. Learn
Sr. Barbara HUGHES, FCJ, Vice President             more about Marcia’s background and role in this issue of The Lions’ Pride.
                                                    This issue is also full of information that demonstrates the internationality of our
Sr. Margaret QUIRKE, FCJ                            school: visitors from Mongolia and the United States; music trips to Beijing and
Mr. Rizwan RAWJI, Secretary                         Luxembourg; and the International Festival itself, which brings out the
Sr. Marie-Geneviève RENAUD, FCJ                     costumes, foods, and traditions of our families from throughout the world.
Mr. Thomas SNYDER, President
Mr. Marian WALECKI, Treasurer                       One feature article focuses on a female graduate of St. John’s who has become an
                                                    outstanding architect. Often the best man for a job may be a woman! In addition
                                                    there are updates on class reunions, winter sports, and the Tom O’Donnell Cup to
                                                    raise funds for cancer research.
Advisory Board to the ASBL
2006-2007                                           There is only one retirement this year. Eric Johnson departs for North Carolina after
Dr. Joseph DOENGES, Director                        serving as athletic director and American History teacher for the past 15 years. Eric’s
Sr. Mary FITZPATRICK, FCJ                           tenure has seen the Lions’ sports teams rise from the bottom to the top among
Sr. Carmel HANLEY, FCJ                              international schools.
Sr. Barbara HUGHES, FCJ
                                                    As this issue of The Lions’ Pride goes to press, the grip of the Belgian winter is
Mr. Craig OWENS
                                                    finally loosening. The nights are getting shorter and the days longer. The flowers are
Mr. Neil RAFFERTY                                   blooming, the trees are budding, and the temperatures are rising. We’ve all heard the
Mr. Rizwan RAWJI                                    comment, “I love Paris in the springtime.” The same can be said about Waterloo
Mrs. Pam SHOWALTER, Ex-Officio PTA Representative   and the St. John’s campus!
Mr. Thomas SNYDER, Chairman
Mr. Christian VARIN                                 Sincerely,
Mr. Marian WALECKI, Treasurer

                                                    Joseph H. Doenges
(President, St. John’s College, Washington, DC,
Representative of the Christian Brothers)

                                                                          ASBL St. John’s International School F.C.J.

  T      SCHOOL WHERE EDUCATION COMES FIRST                                                                   explore, excel, enjoy
                                                                                                   TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S

COVER                                               DEPARTMENTS
                                                    Class News                                                                2 - 13

                                                    Former Families                                                        14 - 15

                                                    Former Staff                                                           16 - 17

                                                    Around the Campus                                      21 - Back Cover


                                                                       Designing Woman
                                                             A SJ alumni has established an
                                                            outstanding architectural career.
                                                     This high-rise building in San Francisco
                                                        was created by her, Jen Devlin ‘82.
                                                                  Learn more... pages 18–19

The annual International Festival
reflected the varied backgrounds of
hundreds of St. John’s families.
See page 22.                                                                                    Reunion News
                                                                                                The Class of ‘93 & friends
                                                                                                gather in NYC at Christmas
                                                                                                time to reminisce.
                                                                                                page 21
St. John’s International School
Office of Development & Alumni Affairs
PO Box 219, Intervale, NH 03845-0219 USA
For St. John’s International School
Drève Richelle 146                                                    Sports Highlights
1410 Waterloo, Belgium                                     The mighty Sea Lions prepare to
(322) 352-0610 Ph
                                                               churn up the pool and leave
(322) 352-0620 Fax                                       the opponents in their wake as they
Editor: Jack Lyons                                            earn top honors once again.
Graphic Design: Teresa Troy,                                                   pages 24-25
Printed every four months in New Hampshire
by Squamscott Press, Inc. Deadlines for news are
April 10, Aug 1, and Nov 10. Send class notes or
any other alumni news to your class rep or to the
email/fax/regular mail addresses above.

                                                                                                MISSION STATEMENT: St. John’s
                                                                                                exists to provide an international
                                                                                                education in English that is based on
                                                                                                Christian values, encourages academic
                St. John’s was established
                                                                                                excellence, and stimulates social
                by the Faithful Companions                                                      development within a culturally diverse
                of Jesus in 1964.                                                               environment.

                                                                                                              The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 1
CLASS NEWS                                                                                               Editor’s note: First, let me thank
                                                                                                         everyone who responded to my
                                                                                                         requests for more news back in Feb.

           lass                                                ews
                                                                                                         and Mar. Second, as you read this
                                                                                                         Class News section, if it appears that
                                                                                                         there are more birth announcements
                                                                                                         than normal, you are right. By my
                                                                                                         count, there are 25 babies who
                                                                                                         have joined us, or are about to.
                                                                                                         Congratulations to everyone and
                    Ms. Cynthia Makush Becket
                                                                                                         keep the news coming.
                                 8828 Blue Ball
                        Stewartstown, PA 17363
                                (717) 993-5432
                                                                                                      freedom that comes along with it. Nearby,
                 Associate Joe Fraser, who
                                                                                                      for the most part, is the rest of the Guiliano
                 lives in Pittsboro, NC, has
                                                                                                      family clan—mom and dad, Anthony and
enjoyed reuniting, or planning to, with
                                                                                                      Barbara; and her sisters Carolyn ’78 and
alumni occasionally this past school year.
                                                                                                      Rita ’80A. Alma ’84A is in NJ. Barbara and
Last fall, he spent some time in Miami with
                                                                                                      her family enjoy hearing about the achieve-
Erik and Kirsten Jensen ’76. In the spring,
                                                                                                      ments of the SJ students and would welcome
Emmie Stenstedt visited North Carolina
                                                                                                      more news from classmates.
with her daughter, who was being recruited
by Duke for volleyball; it was a chance to
enjoy a meal together and reflect on their
days in Waterloo. He is planning on seeing             Ms. Brooke Marie Holmer.
Mike Devlin as well, and was happy to hear                                                                               Ms. Margaret Echols-Jones
from Coach Dave Schaefer from Myanmar.                                                                                                5 Angela Dr
                                                                                                                              Foxboro, MA 02035
Joe is Director of Emergency Medicine at
                                                                                                                                   (508) 698-0578
the Univ. of NC.                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                       Captain     Joe     Krebes
                                                                                                      continues flying for American Airlines out of
                      Ms. Kirsten Jensen Robinett                                                     Chicago.
                                114 Mazza St NE
                        Orting, WA 98360-7421
                                 (253) 227-7635
                                                    David and Barnee Simpson enjoy time with London                  Ms. Cynthia Howson Weinmann
                                              or    Samantha, who turns one this July.                      
                       Mr. Xavier Varela Rosales
                             15718 Echo Hill Dr     husband Brian. Associate David Simpson,
                             Houston, TX 77059      in Belgium on business with his advertising
                                 (281) 326-2635     firm, stopped by the school to offer some
                 marketing ideas this spring. But he also
                                                    wanted to get back to NY to enjoy his new
Chris McKinney continues his rise on the
                                                    family. Congratulations to all.                                     Mr. & Mrs. J. David Vance
Kimberly Clark corporate ladder, with the
impressive title of Chief of Feminine Care                                                   2610 Harrison St
Market Research, world-wide. Who would                                         Evanston, IL 60201-1326
have thought that was in his future when he                                                                                       (847) 976-1980
                                                                                   Mr. Scott Peck                 
was playing basketball as a SJ lion in the old
gym. Ed Smith writes from Alabama that he                                   41040 N Wild West Trl                         Associate     Jonathan
has been working with Jamestown Metal                                      Anthem AZ 85086-4919
                                                                                                      McKinney continues to improve the
Marine for the last 18 years, where he is an                                                          environment in the great northwestern part
on-site superintendent, a position he has                          Barbara Guiliano-Harbin            of the US as Executive Director of the
held for 10 years. Presently he is working out                     has been Director of               Montana Conservation Corps. In
of Mobile on a two-year project. He and his         Admissions for Pope John Paul II High             Wisconsin, his brother Rick has a thriving
wife Rhonda are pleased to announce that            School in Boca Raton, FL for the past six         pottery business, including tool design,
they are grandparents for the first time, with      years. She and her husband George have two        patenting, and sourcing in China. Vela
the arrival of Brooke Marie Holmer,                 grown children, and while they miss them,         Palim sends greetings for the new year from
daughter to their daughter Jarvin and               they are enjoying the ‘empty nest’ and the        her home in Braine L’Alleud. Associate

 2   The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
                                                                                                                                    CLASS NEWS

                                                                                    Ms. Jocelyne Koepke      Dec. 06. Rick Drogosz and Frances also saw
                                                                                   101 Riverstone Drive      each other in Chicago in Jan. and in April in
                                                                               K2J 5E3 Ottawa, Ontario       the city by the bay. She is also in touch with
                                                                                                  Canada     Barbara Ruhlin Verrett; she hopes to see her
                                                                                          (613) 692-6979
                                                                                                             and Joe Campbell this year. Despite living
                                                                                                       or    only 30 minutes apart, she and Jennie
                                                                              Ms. Jenny Howson Willem        Devlin do not see each other as often as they
                                                                                      35 Forest Oaks Dr      would like. Tomi Griffin is currently finish-
                                                                            New Orleans, LA 70131-3369       ing her Master’s degree in Theatrical
    Vela Palim, center, celebrating New Year's with her
                                                                                          (504) 397-5195     Production and Education at Central
   family & friends. L to R: Her son Patrick; her friend                            Washington Univ., while simultaneously
      Christopher; Vela; her son Francois; her daughter
                                                                                                             directing Macbeth, Comedy of Errors, and
        Claire; Isaline, the girlfriend of Francois; & her   Class Rep Jocelyne Koepke and her husband
                                                                                                             Annie. Before completing all her classes,
                                        daughter Myriam.     Robert welcomed their new son into the
                                                             world recently. Details in the next issue.      though, she plans a ‘study-abroad’ trip, and
                                                                                                             where else but London, to check out the
Eberhard Grimm, who attended ’73–’75,                                                                        theater scene in the West End and the
                                                                                    Ms. Maria (Høst) Steen
recalls fondly those early days, with Ms. Peg                                                                Shakespeare productions. She’ll also be
                                                                                         Bleikerhaugen 6E
Hickey, Coach Wouters and the Gymnastics                                                       1387 Asker    visiting her son’s grandparents and may stop
Club, Sr. Maeve (Mary John) Shannon fcj,                                                          Norway     by St. John’s.
Mrs. Debetencourt (now Ms. Judith                                                           47-95-884555
Hoskins), Ms. Bonnie Carter, Mr. Murphy,                                    
Mr. Moran, Mrs. Greene, Br. Dominic, and
Coach Schaefer. In Massachusetts, Ann                          Class Rep Maria Høst Steen wants
Lessard notes that she is proud to be work-                    everyone to be aware that the next                              Ms. Marsha McMahon-Jones
ing as Director, Customer Care, for                            reunion date is April 2008, with                                          6603 Ripley Ln N
Wellpoint, which recently was recognized by                    details following in the winter of 2007.                                 Renton, WA 98056
Forbes Magazine as the #1 health insurer on                    There are also rumblings of a get-                                          (425) 226-7109
its annual list of Most Admired Companies.                     together in Chicago this year (check                                 marsha_mcmahonjones
Congratulations. She is also hosting a                         with Dr. Frances Yankie at                                            
student from Belgium as part of the World                                    Sara (Quinn) Gant expressed her profound
Education Program student exchange. The                                                                      appreciation last Dec. to her former art
student, Sophie Marquet, is the daughter of                                                                  teacher, Mrs. Rita Greene, for inspiring her
a friend whom Ann met while a student at                                                                     to study Art History and for serving as an
SJ. She will be hosting Sophie’s brother next                                                                exemplary role model for her in the class-
school year. So her Belgian updates are first-                                                               room that led to Sara becoming a dedicated
hand, but she would also welcome news                                                                        and successful AP Art History teacher as
from alumni. George Moore, writing from                                                                      well. Sara was selected as Teacher of the Year
Carol Stream, IL, has opted to receive an                                                                    in her high school and #3 in the county in
e-alert in lieu of the printed copy. Many                                                                    North Carolina. Her students have done
thanks.                                                                                                      well on exams; she is involved with various                                                                                        art advocacy efforts and has taught at the
E.Grimm:                                                                              college level. She has taken her students to                                                                                        various European capitals, and looks forward
                                                                      Maria Høst Steen with her son Oscar.
Let us know what’s happening in your life!
                                                             Jon Erik Hogberg’s education and expertise
                                                             has propelled him to the position of Sales                                             Director Enterprise at ErgoGroup AS, an IT
                                                             company, in Snaroya, Norway. Frances
    Don’t have access to a computer?                         Yankie shared the exciting news that as a

        snail mail it                                        result of the Oct ’05 (“I-left-my-heart-in-
                                                             San-Francisco”) reunion, Marianne Ludka
                                                                                                             Henry Onians & Michelle, with their daughter Hannah,
                 see back cover                              and Jeff Cowl were married in Hawaii in
                                                                                                                    and youngest member of the family–Hudson.

                                                                                                                                 The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 3

to visiting Belgium with her family                          Ambrose, the noted historian and author;                                             Mrs. Amy Lyons Driscoll
next year. Check out her website at                          worked for Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg                                                   6 Gailey Farm Ln Henry                        on “Band of Brothers”; got involved in the                                           Kittery Point, ME 03905
Onians and family are pleased to announce                    music business on the west coast and New                                                      (207) 439-2114
the arrival of Hudson into their family, as of               Orleans, and is presently employed in the oil
3 Jan. Congratulations.                                      and gas industry in Louisiana. JanMari                                             Hallahan continues working for the US                                      State Dept. and lives in nearby Arlington.
                                                             She enjoys dance classes and athletic
                                                             competitions, especially track meets,
                                                              involving others with special needs. She has
                                                              earned several medals for her running;
                                                              she would also enjoy hearing from her

                                                                                              Mr. Paul Lawyer
                                                                                         14252 214th Way NE
                                                                                        Woodinville, WA 98072
 Ian & Kristi Greene relaxing in the Ardennes last summer.                                    (425) 558-9030
                                  LTC Ian Greene                                                                        Christmas in Maine with Amy Driscoll & her family.
                              47-657 Nukupuu St                                Adriano Prenna and his                   Clockwise from her, Henry, Jackie '06A, Charlie, Frank,
                               Kaneohe HI 96744              wife Caoilfhionn welcomed their third                      Ted, her husband John, & Cecelia.
                                  (808) 239-7772             child, Lea, to the family in Feb. Her brother
                             and sister, Matteo and Liliana, are delighted.             Tom Snyder is the Chief Commercial
                                                             The month before, Kirsten (Lauer) Karahan                  Officer of a firm called Swets in the
                  Associate         Matthew                  and her husband Bura welcomed their first                  Netherlands. Associate Niamh (Finucane)
Maddock, writing from Milford, Michigan,                     child, their son Teoman, into the world in                 McGuinness and her family continue to
is the proud father of three children; he and                Ankara, Turkey. Congratulations to everyone.               enjoy      Malaga.      In    a     different
his wife Meshawn celebrated their 12th                                                                                  climate, Class Rep Amy Driscoll and her
wedding anniversary last fall. He also                                                                                  family has experienced another coastal
operates a bail bonding and electronic                                                                                  Maine winter, complete with blizzards, ice,
monitoring business (should any alumni                                                                                  rain, and hail, not to mention the occasional
require those services). He was contemplat-                                                                             coyote who starts nosing around their
ing a visit to Belgium in the months ahead                                                                              chicken coop.
and welcomes contact with classmates on                                                                       
the continent. From Canada, Rob Brown                                                                         
wished everyone well at the start of the new
year.                                                                                                                         Ms. Claudia (Falzone)
R.Brown:                                                                                                                                     Robinson
                                                                                                                                                        15 Horsepond Rd
                               Ms. Barbara Davis             Adriano Prenna & his family just a few hours after Lea's                             W. Yarmouth MA 02673
                            11567 Tawny Ash Ct               arrival.                                                                                     (508) 778-2723
                            St. Louis, MO 63146                                                                                           
                                  (314) 997-2076
                                                                                               Reunion planning: The class is begin-
                                                                                                                           ning to plan a 20th anniversary
                 Associate David Campbell
                                                                                                                           reunion for the weekend of 13–15
(he of the Louisiana Campbell’s) let us know
                                                                                                                           June 2008 in Brussels. Please contact
he is preparing to launch himself into the
                                                                                                                           Claudia and/or Gil Lyons and
world of international teaching following
                                                                                                                           check the website (http://groups.
several other exciting careers. He served in
the US Marine Corps; worked as the last
                                                                                                                           details and to make suggestions and
teaching assistant to the late Dr. Stephen E.                Kirsten Karahan '86 and Teo last Jan. in Ankara.

 4   The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
                                                                                                                                  CLASS NEWS

   offer ideas. David Alminana, who lives               Chicago, Associate Koert Takkunen and his         some day. Associate Gail (Jelley) Field sends
   in Brussels, is helping with the social              wife Renee Tapia are also thrilled to             greetings from Brisbane, Australia. In San
   plans and accommodations. Other                      announce the imminent arrival of their first      Diego, Jessica (Blevins) Mellor and her
   classes are welcome to join the fun.                 child in September. After marrying in
                                                        Hawaii almost three years ago, they quickly
Associate James Chopey and his wife Lisa                had to move from San Diego to Chicago,
found time to stop by the campus a week                 owing to Koert’s promotion to Regional
before Christmas on their way back to the               Sales Mgr. by his company, Nobel Biocare.
USA after a week of skiing in Bavaria. They             Although there has been the weather adjust-
enjoyed seeing the latest campus improve-               ment, he can walk to Wrigley Field to watch
ments and meeting a few of his former                   the Cubs play, as they live in the city. He
teachers. When not on holiday, they work                welcomes news from classmates, especially
for the US Secret Service. Anina Mbilinyi is            those in the Midwest, and appreciates SJ          Jessica Mellor & Chris welcome Mike and Sadie Decock
devoting her time in Madison, WI to her                 more with each passing year.                                                              to San Diego.
family, but also working for an architectural
firm. Claudia offered to be the class rep to
help with the reunion planning and to
be the class photographer. Check out
her gallery at                                                         Ms. Natacha
                                                                              (Debetencourt) Pauwels
photogallery/gallery/. Type in yogadragon
at the bottom of the page.                                                                                                     “Loulou” Perez Borja, a                                                 voice not heard from in a                                    while, updated us, from Kenya. Before that,
                                                        she and her family moved about—Chile,
                                 Mr. Louis Toth         Venezuela, South Carolina, and her home
                          1100 Remington Rd.            country of Ecuador. She says she loves it. She      The Mellor ladies–Jessica's stepdaughter Christina &
                         Wynnewood, PA 19096            is happily married with three adorable             her little daughter Ivy–enjoying a quiet moment with
                                (610) 896-5890
                                                        children and wishes all her classmates and                                                   baby Rose.
                                                        friends the happiness she has experienced.
                                                                                                          husband Chris welcomed their second
                Associate Chris Chiwenda                Associate Jason Stanard is in London work-
                                                                                                          daughter, Rose, to their family. Her older
is now Retail and Customer Interface Mgr.               ing in corporate strategy for SABMiller; he
                                                                                                          sister Ivy was also happy to have someone to
with DHL in Lusaka, Zambia. In Antigua,                 and his wife Ellen will have had their first
                                                                                                          play with now. Last August, Mike DeCock
Louisa Prenna and Oliver expanded their                 baby by this reading. We hope all are well.
                                                                                                          and his wife Sadie visited the area, so they
family with impeccable timing on January                Heather Jenkins is now a Senior Consultant
                                                                                                          were able to enjoy a mini-reunion. Mike is
                                                        with Booz Allen Hamilton in Vienna, VA,
                                                                                                          in Scottsdale, AZ. Lost lion Xavier Perez is
                                                        still working in the intelligence community,
                                                                                                          reportedly somewhere in FL, married, with
                                                        but no longer directly for the US govern-
                                                                                                          two children. Associate Carlos Menendez is
                                                        ment. She is willing to put her networking
                                                                                                          also there, in a town called Sunrise (Ft.
                                                        skills at the service of the class in planning,
                                                                                                          Lauderdale area), where he is an 8th grade
                                                        with some help, a class reunion. If you are
                                                                                                          English teacher. Last August he and his wife
                                                        interested and have some ideas regarding
                                                                                                          Jenny became parents for the first time
                                                        location and details, please contact her.
                                                                                                          when Joaquin came into the world.
                                                                             Congratulations. Carlos has particularly
                                                            fond memories of his three years in
                                                                         Waterloo—the friendships and experiences
                                                                                                          were special. He looks forward to hearing
                                                                                  Mr. Richard Jensrud     from classmates. Associate ‘Liu’ Mbilinyi
    Louisa Prenna, Oliver, & Sophia welcome James &                                  Dallas, TX 75204     continues to work in the field of domestic
                                Emma to their family.                   
                                                                                                          abuse in Seattle. Associate Matt Stanard is a
1st with the arrival of a brother and sister set                                                          History professor at Berry College north of
                                                                        In Port Lucie, FL, Wendy
of twins, to Sophia’s delight, their almost-                                                              Atlanta.
                                                                        Moons is single once again
two-year-old. James and Emma have now
                                                                        and working as a mortgage         W.Moons:
taken over the Woollard household, to the
                                                        broker, with plans to visit Belgium again
extent she will let them. Congratulations. In

                                                                                                                              The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 5
CLASS NEWS                                                           Ms. Samantha Dennis                                                     Euchan Bridge Cottage
                                                                              DG4 6LA Sanquhar,                                                                       Dumfries                                                                 United Kingdom                                           

                                                     See the Reunion News section for
                      Ms. Judy (Schmitt) Adams       photos from the NYC get-together in
                            4792 Yorktown Blvd       Dec. There is talk of a 15th anniver-
                           Honolulu, HI 96818        sary reunion in 2008, so share your
                                (808) 456-0609
                                                                                                         Morgan Hendrik Mitchell arrived on
                                                     ideas with the class rep or with                    27 Nov, weighing in at 6 lbs. 8 oz.
                                                     Katariina Jalas.
                                                                                                    Hedge Fund Manager for Concordia
                                                                                                    Advisors in Singapore. Also adding to the
                                                                                                    ranks, in Surrey, UK, was the first child of
                                                                                                    Sascha (Touw) Mitchell and Robert—
                                                                                                    Morgan. Congratulations to everyone. Emre
                                                                                                    Gebizli is working in London in Client
                                                                                                    Services for Morgan Stanley. Katariina Jalas
                                                                                                    and Adrian have announced their engage-
                                                                                                    ment—as of Christmas Eve in Finland.
Judy Adams & Henry look after Cate & Sarah soon                                           
after their arrival last Jan. in Hawaii.                                                  
In January, Class Rep Judy Adams and her
                                                  Davis Stanard & Cindy, with Ava & their latest
husband Henry welcomed twins Cate and                                                                  Castaway
                                                  addition, Frank.
Sarah into their family. Congratulations;
everyone is doing fine. With the family                                                                Class Rep Samantha Dennis kindly
doubling in size, they are moving to a bigger     Associate Davis Stanard and his wife Cindy           updated us on her latest adventure as
house, but still in Hawaii, where they will be    had their 2nd child, Frank Patten Stanard on         an archaeologist. The last time we
for two more years. Then Henry, who is an         Feb. 15 in Cincinnati. He will now keep              heard from her, she was in the Middle
officer in the US Navy, will most likely take     Ava, their three-year-old, amused. When not          East. Her environment has changed
command of a ship, and they will move to          keeping track of the little ones, they are           considerably. Do check out the web-
Japan. Associate Jennifer (Regruth) Crites        doing big things with their graphic design           site she mentions.
and her husband Ken also expanded their           business, which also recently involved
                                                  the creation of a website promoting                  I would like to thank everyone (especially
family in November with the arrival of
                                                  their home town. Check them out at                   Dr. Marjan Blok) who wrote to me
Tanner Holden Crites, their ‘Belgian baby,’
                                         and www.space513.              recently with so many words of encour-
as he was born in Brussels. Jen is a systems
                                                  com/intro.                                           agement after my brief moment of fame.
manager with P&G; they moved here almost
                                                                                                       I appeared on a BBC documentary
two years ago. Best wishes. In Connecticut,       Adrien Gheur Adrien Gheur & Olivia watch over        program talking about my job as the
Laura (Manfre) Priebe is working on an            and his wife Arabella in Singapore.                  archaeologist on the little secluded island
MBA, doing some marketing consulting,             Vicki      were                                      of St Kilda way out in the Outer
teaching pilates, and taking care of their two    also excited to                                      Hebrides (Scotland). It’s a fascinating
children, Dante (6) and Sofia (4).                welcome                                              and stunning island steeped with history                             Arabella Mary                                        (there’s an occasional glimpse of my day                              Micheline                                            in the Ranger’s Diary on the website:
                                                  Gheur      into                             I thoroughly enjoy
                                                  their family as                                      my work and I believe this came across
                                                  of 9 March;                                          loud and clear on camera!
                                                  she joins older
                                                  sister Olivia.                                       Many thanks again for all the kind
                                                  Adrien is a                                          words.

 6   The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
                                                                                                                    and management challenges. Thanks and
                                                                                                                    best of luck in all regards.

                                                                                                                                            Ms. Francesca Catarinella
                                                                                                                                                    Via S. Ruffino 23
             'Sam' Dennis exploring St. Kilda.                                                                                                           10090 Trana
                                                                                                                                                  (39) 011 935-5038
                                                                          Amy (Greene) Toohey & Chris at
                                                                                          their wedding.
                                                                                                                    Craig Gaulzetti and Mary Meiklejohn were
                                                                                                                    married 20 May 2006 at the Laredo Chapel
                                                                                                                    in Santa Fe, NM. They now reside in the
                                                                                                                    Boston area. Associate Patrick Rudomino is
                                                                                                                    a Brand Director with Richemont Group in
                                                                                                                    London. Also in London is Ellen De
  If she is not crawling through old ruins on the island,                                                           Wachter. Associate Jeni Lyons-Pye and her
                       Sam likes to be out on the water.                                                            husband Mike are counting the days before
                                                                                                                    their first baby—a boy—is due (19 June). As
                                                                                                                    the excitement builds, Jeni is also trying to
                                 Mr. Kent Ferguson                                                                  concentrate on her course work as she
                                                                                         completes her classes that will certify her as a
                                                             Katrien De Bauw & Laura Wood celebrating with Amy
               Alex Bergman and his wife                                       at her wedding last Jan. in Perth.   chef. He will be a well fed baby, no doubt.
               Michelle were planning                                                                               Congratulations and best wishes.
               some travel in Europe this                   maid, while Laura Wood came over from         
               summer; if you’re on the                     Sydney. Amy is now working as a Solicitor in  
continent and want to get together, let him                 Wembley Downs, Australia, having studied      
know. From NJ, Associate Erin (O’Brien)                     law and commerce at the Univ. of Western      
Meade announces that she was married in                     Australia. Congratulations. Anne Sjobeck is
June to Ed, and as of this publication they                 in London. Gonzalo Rueda, who left in ’92,
should be parents (baby due in April). Best                 updated us after a long gap. He returned to
of luck. She was teaching Grade 8 English                   Madrid, did the IB, and started studying
and Journalism at Edison Intermediate                       math at university. Along the way, he
School. Also walking down the aisle New                     became more interested in programming
Year’s Eve in Perth was Amy (Greene)                        and computer graphics, and gradually
Toohey and her husband Chris. Katrien De                    sacrificed academic credentials for a full-
Bauw traveled from London to be a brides-                   time job in the work he enjoyed. Five years
                                                            ago he started a small development company
     Alex Bergman with his wife Michelle at left; Gwen      called Animated Pixel, where he is the CEO.
 Bergman, back from Singapore for a reunion with her        He is also Chief Technical Officer of Ilion
  sons in Calif.; and Eric '98 with his girlfriend Huong.   Animation Studios, which has gone from
                                                            five people four years ago to 150, a surge                   Craig Gaulzetti & Mary Meiklejohn at
                                                            that has generated management issues that                                               the altar.
                                                            often transcend the technical ones he
                                                            prefers. Their goal is to create animated fea-
                                                            ture films that can compete in the world
                                                            market. On the home front, he and his wife
                                                            Elena had a son, Eduardo, in Dec. 2004,
                                                            who presents a different set of animation

                                                                                                                                        The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 7

                                                                                                                company that produced that movie, as well
                             Ms. Sarah G. Harding                                                               as the award-winning The Departed. Giulia
                                10284 Latney Road                                                               (and her mother) attended the premiere of
                                  Fairfax VA 22032                                                              300, and Giulia will also be dropping in on
                                   (703) 543-8696
                                                                                                                the Cannes Film Festival when she is in
                                                                                                                Europe for the reunion. Congratulations.
Associate Cristina Manfre has been doing                                                                        Natalie (Krvaric) Pauls and Vaughn Pauls
consulting work for the US Agency for                                                                           were married 21 Oct 06 in Orlando, FL.
International Development, which involved
travel to Kenya. She also visited the
                                                     Harriet Burgess & Samien.
Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Peru
for personal and professional reasons. June is       2006, Harriet Burgess gave birth to
an important month for Christina Geiger;             Samien Edward Yvan De Neef-Burgess.
                                                     Congratulations to all. Associate Sharon
                                                     (Bakley) Stephens is married to Michael; has
                                                     two wonderful children—Abby 2 and
                                                     Mikey 9 months—and works as an HR
                                                     Administrator with the CIA in VA. Maki
                                                     Kataoka is working in Tokyo for Italian
                                                     brand Brioni in public relations, which she
                                                     earned her BA in from Univ. of Reading,
                                                     along with Italian.                                            Natalie (Krvaric) Pauls & Vaughn at their wedding
                                                                                    last fall.
                                                                                                                They have settled in Charlotte, NC, where
                                                     S.Stephens :
                                                                                                                he is a police officer and she is a lab techni-
     Christina Geiger & Gregg Hecimovich on their    M.Kataoka :                   cian at Northeast Medical Center. Megan
     June wedding day two years ago.                                                                            McIntyre was her Maid of Honor, and Ms.
                                                                                                                Lidija Krvaric, her mother, walked her down
                                                                                   Ms. Guilia Prenna            the aisle. Meg seems to get around; she was
                                                                                    7745 Romaine St             in Hollywood attending a conference—she
                                                                                               Apt 2            and her dog Hugobert—and looked up
                                                                           West Hollywood CA 90046              Giulia. Also walking down the aisle, with
                                                                                     (323) 822-9812             alumni in attendance, was Joanna Travers.
                                                                                    Last July in Belgium, she wed Nicholas
                                                                                                                Tondat; her bridesmaid was Heather White.
                                                        Last minute reminder: The class is                      The girls managed a weekend in London,
                                                        celebrating the 10th anniversary                        meeting Phil Sors ’98, who lives there.
                                                        reunion 26–28 May in Brussels. A                        Speaking of weddings, Dimitris Vartis plans
                                                        campus tour and lunch is planned for                    on getting married the weekend of the
                                                        Saturday, the 26th; dinner will be in                   reunion, so he had to regret. Associate
                                                        Brussels later that evening. Please                     Kristin (Oakerson) Dearman reconnected
        Christy, about to become a mom next             contact the class rep for details.                      with us, from Edmonds (Seattle), WA,
        month.                                       Class updates and exciting news arrived                    where she is a ‘stay-at-home mom’ with
                                                     from Class Rep Giulia Prenna, out in                       husband Tom and four beautiful children.
two years ago that month she married Gregg           Hollywood. Based on her work on the script                 She has managed to visit Brussels twice since
Hecimovich; this June she is expecting their         for the hit movie 300, she has accepted an                 leaving in ’91 and misses it. She is looking
first baby. Jamie Glidewell ’98 was a brides-        offer to be Vice President Creative Affairs at             forward to hearing from former classmates.
maid; Todd Glidewell ’96 and his wife                Hollywood Gang Productions. This is the                    Rob Laing may not make the reunion, as he
Sarah Shilling ’97A were also on hand.
Christy and Gregg live in eastern North
Carolina, where she is teaching 9–12 year            Natalie (Krvaric) Pauls & Vaughn at their wedding last fall, with Megan McIntyre next to her.
olds in a Montessori charter school, while
Gregg is a professor of English Lit. at East
Carolina Univ. Some in the class seem to
be following the same calendar. In June

 8                       MAY 2007
      The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2003
                                                                                                                                        CLASS NEWS

                                                                                  Mr. Jonathan Saylors         just a month before he himself was to under-
                                                                                4606 Cedar Springs Rd          go a kidney transplant operation, courtesy of
                                                                                              Apt 1412         lots of fund-raising support, and a kidney,
                                                                                     Dallas, TX 75219          from Lisa ’95, his sister. Keep them in your
                                                                                       (214) 599-0099
                                                                                                               thoughts and prayers. Isabelle (Ulfsdotter)
                                                                                Mr. David De Visscher          Netus was delighted to be reunited with Yeo
                                                                          Ryung Michelle Park this year at Café

                                                        Associate Jenny O’Brien would like to have
                                                        contact with former friends and classmates
         The bride, Joanna Travers, with classmate      who are living in the San Mateo, Los Gatos,
          Heather White, on her wedding day last        San Jose area and the outskirts of San
                              summer in Belgium.        Francisco. Jerome Kim is a senior account
                                                        executive at a technology public relations
                                                        firm in Seoul, working long hours, but
                                                        occasionally getting together with Julie Kim
                                                        ’99 and Michael Young-Temple ’99; the                    Isabelle (Ulfsdotter) Netus & Yeo Ryung Michelle Park
                                                        latter is now an English teacher in Korea.                enjoyed lunch and reminiscing in DC, after not seeing
                                                        Also teaching English, but in Chicago, is                                             one another for 15 years.
                                                        Elise Matson. She and her fiancé Brendan
                                                        are planning a wedding for next month—                 Saint-Ex in Washington, DC recently. They
                                                        best of luck. They can consult with Class              had last seen each other in middle school 15
                                                        Rep David De Visscher, who married                     years ago and had fun catching up and look
                                                        Corrinne last Aug. in Arlon, Belgium. In               forward to more time together. Michelle is
         Joanna & Nicholas at their wedding ceremony.   attendance were Kate Mahaffy, Andrew                   working on an MA in Communications at
                                                        Thiermann, Therese Sandmark, and Rob                   Georgetown Univ. Isabelle is a Senior
is reportedly moving to Japan with Ayami,               Laing ’97 and his wife Ayami. In Nov. there            Developer at Illumen. Associate Alexis
his wife. Associate Sarah Ellis is also on the          was another mini-reunion in Brussels, with             Arroyo recently moved from NYC to
move, from Washington, DC, to California                Kate, Therese, David, and Nicky Stapells,              Chicago and would like to meet any alumni
to start her acting career. Aimee                       Dominic Lang, Michele O’Brien, and                     in the area.
Beauchemin is also likely to miss the                   Chris de la Vallée ’97. Many thanks to       
reunion, as she expects to become a mother              Therese for the info. Jenny Williamson,      
around that time. Rebekah Rossi-Townsend                who left in ’89 at the end of 3rd grade,
and her husband Ryan can give them some                                                              
                                                        dropped us a line. Associate Neal Eyres has
tips, as they recently welcomed Amelia Jane                                                          
                                                        settled into Vancouver, BC, Canada.
into their family. Sarah (Koeshall) Jump                Associate Tim Simmons aspired to come        
and her husband Daryl are busy in                       over from London to play, along with Phil    
Anchorage, Alaska; he is a church pastor, she           Sors and Dave Boylan ’99, in the annual      
is an ER nurse, and they just bought a                  Tom O’Donnell Tournament at the school       
house.                                                  in March, a fund-raiser for cancer research,           I.Netus:                                                                                                 David De Visscher & his bride Corrinne, surrounded by SJ supporters–                Kate Mahaffy, Therese Sandmark, Andrew Thiermann, & Robert Laing.                                         Mr. Zafiris Vartis                                                                                                                                      Varnali 14                                                                                                                                59200 Naoussa                                                                                                                                 Greece                                                                                                                          (30) 233 205-2501
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Kimberley Cunningham is a Clinical                                                                                            Administrative Asst. at the Royal Children’s
                                                                                                               Hospital (Genetic Health Services) in
                                                                                                               Parkville, Victoria, Australia. Associate Jorge
                                                                                                               Piedade is Operations Manager for
                                                                                                               Qimonda in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal.
                                                                                                               Elizabeth Skinner shared the exciting news
                                                                                                               that she married Matthew Meyer last Sept.
                                                                                                                                    The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 9
                                                                           Canada, having earned High                                       Ms. Sian Leech
                                                                           Honors at Carleton Univ. in                                     9 Chandler Way
                                                                           criminology. So far, she has not                                    Warrington
                                                                           encountered any SJ alumni in                                      WA3 2LR UK
                                                                           her work, but would love to
                                                                           hear from classmates and                                  Ms. Courtney Dwyer
                                                                           friends. She finds her line of                       734 W Oakdale Ave Apt 3
                                                                            work interesting and challeng-                              Chicago IL 60657
 Elizabeth Skinner and Matthew at their fall wedding, with Laura Taylor & ing. She is in Maple Ridge,                                      (734) 646-1976
 Marian Halstead in attendance.                                             British Columbia, a lovely part          
in Huntingdon, PA, at Juniata College                                       of the world. Thanks for the
                                                                                                              Jemima Hall has relocated from Reading to
where they met. Laura Taylor and Mariam                       update. Associate Alessandra Manfre is in
                                                                                                              Brighton in the UK. A year ago Carolina
Halstead were in attendance as bridesmaids. Baltimore working for Citifinancial and also                      Mansson completed a Master’s of Science in
Liz and Matt have set up home in Pittsburgh traveling—Ottawa, Toronto, and Tempe.                             business and economics from Lund Unv. in
where she is finishing her Master’s thesis in Michael Blattner wrote from the                                 Sweden. She is now working as a strategic
environmental biology from Clarion Univ. Democratic Republic of the Congo, where                              purchaser in an oil-related company in
while working for a non-profit Western PA he is working in the family business with his                       Norway and enjoying it. Thanks for the
Conservancy. Matt is finishing medical father. They employ around 11,500 people                               update. Aaron Lasher is using his sailing
school and applying for residency in internal full time in 21 companies that focus on                         skills while part of a five-person crew on a
medicine. Congratulations and best wishes agriculture (palm oil and latex plantations)                        sailboat, the Aldebaran,
for the future. Anouk Vandeneijnde has and services (logistics and banking). He is                            sponsored in part by
relocated to London where she now works grateful for St. John’s teaching him about                            National Geographic.
for an international research and trends teamwork and social interaction, as he                               The mission is to
company called Henley Centre Headlight manages people and a business. On a trip                               travel to various ports
Vision. She is involved in a global back to Brussels, he had a chance to see the                              between New York City
‘streetscaping’ project to discover trends in campus additions since graduation, and he                       and Southeast Asia, do
different cities all over the world. Of course, was impressed. Associate Marie Sandmark,                      some visiting with the
it was inevitable that she would end up find- after studying tourism and working in                           locals and the schools, Intrepid sailor
ing on line a SJ alumni in this endeavor; in different regions of France, has settled in the                  and post their visits on a Aaron Lasher.
this case, it’s Jerome Kim ’98 in Seoul, who south of that country, in Montpellier, where                     website, so children in
is now in virtual collaboration with her (see she works in the Tourism office at a sea-side                   other classrooms around the world can learn
more on Jerome in the ’98 section). In resort, Le Grau Du Roi. She is responsible for                         from the experience. Check it out at:
reality in London, Anouk also enjoys seeing promoting the resort in many countries                  
Lynn Svensson ’00, Oscar Sundholm ’00, around the world, particularly those where                             JourneyOfAldebaran.htm. You can also
Magali Jaumol, and Nicole ’95, her sister.                    English, German, or the Scandinavian
                                                                                                              email him aboard the boat. In a similar vein,
                                                              languages are spoken. She would love to                                                                                Marcus Westberg prefers to stay on dry
                                                              hear from classmates (to help plan holidays,                                                                                     land, as he explores Morocco for six or seven
                                                              or just to chat). Alejandra Straud has moved
E.Skinner:                                                                             months, composing the first travel guide for
                                                              from Ohio to Boulder to pursue a career in                                                                                     the 4africa foundation. In the future, he
                                                              Speech Therapy at the Univ. of Colorado.
                                                                                                              hopes to do the same in Egypt. All profits
                                                              Besides the sun and snow, there are studies,
                                                                                                              will be donated to local projects (humanitar-
                                Mr. Andrew Bouda but she loves it all, and would like to hear
                                             Jankova 4 from classmates, alumni, or anyone passing
                                                                                                              ian, conservation, eg.). You can follow his
                                      160 00 Prague through. Class Rep Ryan Sigouin has settled               journey at, user
                                     Czech Republic in Ottawa, where he is holding down                       “bethedifference.” Congratulations to both
                                  (420) 732-633657                                                            of you for working for good causes. Elif
                                                              several jobs. For Health Canada, he is a data
                                                      or                                                      Kocas will complete four years of medical
                                   Mr. Ryan Sigouin
                                                              analyst; for The Stradia Group, he is
                                                                                                              school (Hacettepe Univ.) in Ankara, Turkey,
                                303-261 Cooper St Director of Project Development. He is                      this July, so you best address her as ‘Doctor’
                        KZP 0G3 Ottawa Ontario enjoying life there and reconnecting with                      thereafter. In the fall, she will take exams to
                                                Canada alumni.
                                                                                                              determine which branch of medicine will be
                                     (613) 695-5595
                                                                                                              her specialty. She plans on staying in Turkey.
                                                                                                              Well done. Jenny Lindstrom, writing from
Associate Monica Studnar, who left in ’95, M.Blattner:                                    Denver, has volunteered to be an alumni
is a Parole Officer in a medium security                                            regional rep for the area—many thanks. She
institution with the Correctional Services of A.Straud:                              is also busy preparing for her July wedding,

10 The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
                                                                                                                                 CLASS NEWS

buying a home, working for an accounting                 Engineer. He oversees a product through its
firm, and preparing to be an aunt. Suzanne               various phases of analysis, development,
(Lindstrom) Khairallah ’94 is expecting a                marketing, sales, production, and service, a
baby this month. Best wishes to all.                     lot of freedom and responsibility that he has
Shannon Bentz graduated Stanford Univ.                   enjoyed. Along the way, he began studying
two years ago with a degree in international             Mandarin, and now has reduced his
relations and a minor in French. She then                working hours in order to focus on a
moved to Sacramento, where she has been                  Chinese course. He has also seen Cristiana
working for a civil litigation law firm.                 Costa ’02 in Beijing, Erik Lönnroth ’04 in
Inspired by this experience, she is planning             Shanghai, and Jimmy Karl ’02 in Thailand.
on taking the LSAT next month, applying                  He welcomes other alumni who might be
to law schools in the fall, and perhaps                  visiting Shanghai.
starting her studies in a year. Good luck!               J.Hall:
When not learning all about suits and what-    
ever, she manages to travel around CA. She     
noted that Jack Kim ’00 was last seen                                      Amanda Cushman & Mike Jackson are to be married
working on a doctorate at Stanford in                                   in June.
management science and engineering. Tina
Folkebo is in Stockholm completing some                                                                  Chicago area. Many thanks to Class Rep
‘in-training’ at the Grand Hotel there, in the                                                           Bianca Hutton for additional news: Also in
marketing department. This follows her                   m.solheim:                           Chicago is Hollis Rabin, who is working for
graduation from Hotel Management School                                   an improvisation theatre company and
“Les Roches Marbella” in Dec, to which she                                                               enjoying it. Associate Amanda Cushman is
will return this summer to earn a bachelor’s                                         Mr. Jason Touw      engaged to one Mike Jackson, as of Dec,
degree. Congratulations. From Strasbourg,                                            (561) 302-4599      with a 16 June wedding in the plans, in
France, Marie Solheim notes that she                                       Mason, OH. She currently lives and works
recently completed an exchange semester to                                                               in Cincinnati. They have a ‘wedding web-
                                                                                  Ms. Antonia Strom
the Univ. of Strasbourg, Robert Schuman,                                  5 New Bridge Street - Flat 1   site:’
and is currently working for the Norwegian                                        EC4V 6AB London        /view/co_main.aspx?coupleid=329620
Delegation to the Council of Europe as a                                                          UK     2458110757. Caroline Eide graduated the
trainee. In August, she returns to Norway to                                                        or   London School of Economics and now
complete her Master’s in Law. While the                                           Ms. Bianca Hutton      works for Booz Allen Hamilton in London
work is challenging, it has its lighter                                              10 Campbell Dr      and Paris. Also in London is Benjamin
moments. She saw Owen Lambert in Jan. in                                            Norse Hall 1304      Morgan, working for Deloitte. He recently
Paris and is looking forward to a visit                                  Highland Heights KY 41076       visited Sara Sundholm ’03 in Hong Kong
from Marie-Louise Lovgren and Tennille                                                                   where she is studying abroad for a year from
Cunningham this summer. Martin                           Oytun Basaran and Fred Lilliehook gradu-        the Univ. of Manchester. Ryan Aylward
Hindemark writes from Shanghai where,                    ated the Univ. of Warwick last July with BSc    graduated Indiana Univ. and is working on
following his education in Sweden and Paris,             degrees in International Business. Associate    a Master’s at Mississippi State in
he has parlayed an internship with Cavotec               Lindsay Botticello has settled in Alexandria,   Operational Meteorology, while also doing
into a job as Market Developer/Sales                     VA where she is a junior IT consultant with     some research and teaching there. He and
                                                         Kearney & Co. She earned a BS in Business       Shaina Niehans recently announced their
                                                         Administration from American Univ.              engagement. Congratulations. After getting
                                                         Jannah (Van Gorp) Swink is completing in
                                                         May a Master’s degree in Communications
                                                         from Missouri State Univ. and will be
                                                         joining her company, PaperWise, full time
                                                         in the marketing department. Christina
                                                         Halatsis, who left in ’94, is working on a
                                                         Master’s degree in Architecture (and
                                                         Activism) at the Univ. of IL at Chicago, a
                                                         program that will take her to Barcelona for
                                                         the fall term and enable her to finish next
                                                         spring. In her studies, she is focusing on
    LtoR: Jimmy Karl, a friend, & Martin Hindemark in    public and low-income housing in the              Ryan Aylward & Shaina Niehans have announced their
                                             Thailand.                                                                                          engagement.

                                                                                                                             The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 11

her degree in Environmental Science, Sita                                                                 
McInally has relocated to Jackson Hole,                                                                   
Wyoming. Bianca herself is graduating                                                                      Boissezon:
from Northern Kentucky Univ. this                                                                         
month; best of luck. Associate Meghan                                                                     
Newlund writes from Tucson, AZ, where
she has settled into a position as a Personal                                                                                                Ms. Stephanie
Banker at JP Morgan Chase, having earned                                                                                                          Crombie
a BA in Public Relations from Ball State                                                                                                 stephaniecrombie
L.Botticello:                                                                                                                         or                              L to R: Oytun Basaran '02, Fred Lilliehook '02, Chris Warner &                            Laura Warner                                Alex Day, all graduating from the Univ. of Warwick last July.                                                                                                  Nora Gietz is completing her undergrad                                                                                    studies in history at Oxford Univ. and may                                                                                         continue on for a Master’s degree in Art                                                                                          History. She served as Pres. of the European
                                                                                                             Affairs Society on campus and in that role
                          Ms. Claire Anderson-                                                               hosted some VIPs, like the Pres. of the
                                       Wheeler                                                               Czech Republic and a Hollywood actress.
                  34 College Gate Townsend St                                                                Galeela Ali Yousif Ahmed is completing the
                              Dublin 2 Ireland                                                               3rd year of five in psychology studies at
                                                                                    Ahfad Univ. in Sudan. She is also working as
                                              or                                                             a counseling assistant with the UN Mission,
                           Ms. Gretchen Kissel                                                               which recalled her days in Waterloo with the
                                                                                                             international community. She plans on
                                                                                                             studying for a Master’s degree in Austria or
                      Mr. Christopher Warner                                                                 wherever a UN position might take her. She
                                                                           also is pleased to announce her imminent
                                                       Ovi Olea & Yuki Morita are looking forward            engagement. Congratulations. Katherine
                             Ms. Claire Watson         to London.                                            McFadden, who left in 2000, has been busy
                     2450 Stewart Ave Apt 5C                                                                 ever since, traveling to Australia and then
                     St. Paul MN 55116-3051        Management Sciences. After an internship                  the UK, where she completed high school
                   in Singapore, Alex intended to return to                  and took courses at the London College of
Ovi Olea is about to start work for                London, while Chris took a job with a PR                  Fashion. This led to an internship in China
Citigroup in London, having completed an           and media company there. Best of luck and                 that eventually landed her a position in
MA in Economics and Int’l Relations at St.         thanks for the update. Nadia de Boissezon is              marketing and advertising for a large casino
Andrew’s. He won’t be alone though; he and         in Sydney, Australia, studying childhood                  firm there. Congratulations and thanks for
Yuki Morita have sustained their personal          education. Hakan Erol has transferred from                re-establishing contact. Alex Bustin took a
relationship, begun on C-level, despite being      Kean Univ. in NJ to UMass (Boston) to                     spring break from mixing chemicals at
a continent apart since leaving Waterloo.          study finance in the Dept. of Management.                 Princeton to mixing it up in San Diego with
She is graduating with a BA in Linguistics         Associate Sonal Bajaj is in her final year of             his baseball buddy, Steve Katherman.
from the International Christian Univ. in          studies at Grant Medical College in                       Before that, Alex hosted Tommy Dunn and
Tokyo and has accepted an offer from               Mumbai, India. Michael Bustin has thank-                  his guitar collection in NJ. Mahfuza
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance also in London.          fully returned safely from his tour of duty of            Mohiuddin also has taken some time off
Associate Sanna Ahmad completed her                one year in Iraq with the US 1st Armored                  from her studies in Brussels for a BA in
studies at McGill Univ. almost a year ago,         Division. He earned the Army’s Campaign                   business administration in order to have
with an undergrad degree in economics and          Medal for his services in Baghdad, where he               more time with her husband and daughter
management. She is working as a financial          drove an armored HMV and sometimes was                    Joya. She has also relocated to Den Haag.
consultant in Montreal. Congratulations.           also the gunner. By now, he will have           
She would welcome contact with any                 completed his R & R and is stationed at Fort    
alumni in the area. Alex Day and Class Rep         Riley, Kansas.                                  
Chris Warner graduated last July from the                           
Univ. of Warwick with BSc degrees in                                            m.mohiuddin:

12 The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
                                                                                                                       CLASS NEWS

                           Ms. Samira Rawji                        Business and a Master’s in Music Industry.
                           Luvalways_sami@                   Along the way he met associate Mike
                                                                            DePrima six years after Mr. Hick’s 5th grade
                                                K.Camarillo:   class. Mike is also enrolled in the same
                               Katya Chilian
                   262 Vauxhall Bridge Road
                                      Flat 10                                                    M.Haufiku:
                         SW1V 1BP London                                               
                                          UK                               Stephanie Dubois
                                           or                              C.Hanai:
                                Phillip Slann                                             or
                        Lindsay Hall Crt 222                                           
                                                                             Kelsi Ludvigsen
                              ST5 5DX Keele                                            
                   Monica Haufiku started Nelson Mandela            C.VanSyckel:
Bogdan Olea completed another year at
Bogdan Olea completed another year of           Univ. in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, as        M.DePrima:
studies at Dundee Univ., while finding time
The Univ. of St. Andrews, while finding time    of January; she is studying architectural
to play volleyball and basketball there. Also   technology.       Congratulations.       Mike
getting lots of court time is Lindsay           Demyttenaere has made the nationally
Augustine, who sounds quite busy at Aurora      ranked varsity men’s volleyball team at the
Univ. Her program includes athletic             Mass. Institute of Technology as a middle
                                                hitter. His size, 6'7" and varsity experience
training, with minors in biology and
                                                (and ISST championship) at St. John’s, were       Of the 7000 names on the alumni
physiology; as well, she is involved with                                                         database, 1820 have provided email
athletic training rotations at a local high     expected to help him contribute in a big way
                                                to the Engineers’ success this year. Jonghoon     addresses. Are you among them?
school and general medical visits with the
team physicians. Despite the hectic             Kim has returned to his home country to           If you are not receiving the monthly
schedule, she made the High Dean’s List         attend KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute            enews—From the Lion—chances are your
with a 4.0 GPA and is thinking about            of Science and Technology) to major in            address is missing, inaccurate, your inbox
medical school in the future. This month        electrical engineering. He is also willing to     is full, or your spam filter is blocking it.
she intends to participate in a travel study    receive an e-alert for the magazine. Many
                                                                                                  Please visit our website –
course in Colorado and Texas, focusing on       thanks for the update. Associate Dylan
                                                                                                  – and update your info. It is only used to
Applied Exercise Science. She looks forward     Radford distinguished himself as an athlete       help alumni stay in touch, to provide
to hearing from classmates and friends.         and student at his high school in Alpharetta,     news for the magazine, and for reunion
Associate Atsuko Okubo is also ‘running’ a      GA, earning a significant scholarship to the      planning. Let us know what is happening
lot these days—she is on the track team as a    Univ. of GA. Chiaki Hanai returned to             in your life and stay connected with
sprinter at Tokyo Univ.—where she studies       Japan to take up studies at a prep school; the    classmates, friends, and family.
humanities when she is not working out or       effort has paid off. She was accepted at both
competing. She also returns to Brussels         Tokyo Univ. and Osaka Univ., the latter
annually to see her family; if any of her       being her first choice. She intends to study      For your info… The Lions’
                                                biology there. Well done. Merve Anil is           Pride is available on line at the school
former classmates are in the area, she’d love
                                                studying graphic design at the Univ. of the       website, usually within a few weeks of
to be reunited with them. Katie Camarillo is
                                                Arts, London. Philippe Fabri persists in his      publication of the printed version. You can
enjoying the warm climes at the Univ. of                                                          opt to give up receiving a printed copy—
Miami. At Ohio State Univ. Alicia Baker         acquiring knowledge of all things related to
                                                international management and economics at         in the interests of cost savings and
was recently inducted into the National                                                           environmental considerations. To do so,
Society of Collegiate Scholars—well done.       Boston Univ. He misses the ambience of St.
                                                John’s. It can’t be all that lonely; associate    just let me know, and be certain to include
She is studying Animal Science and French,                                                        your email address. You will then receive
and the job she has taken compliments           Gian Marco Fanelli, who is not far away at
                                                                                                  an e-alert once it’s ready for viewing,
that—she works for the university               the Berklee College of Music, gets together
                                                                                                  downloading, and printing in pdf.
Laboratory Animal Resources, caring for the     with Philippe from time to time. Gian is
                                                                                                  Also if your name appears in the
animals used for research. Class Rep Katya      studying music business management and            magazine, a Google search will, in all
Chilian is studying marketing and               music synthesis. Maybe he should get with         likelihood, find it in whatever issues it has
advertising at the London College of            associate Chris Van Syckel in Orlando, FL         appeared (Some of the past issues are also
Communications. She also finds the time to      who is on a fast-paced track, with his own        available in pdf online.)
work as a manager in an event-organization      recording studio, studying multimedia arts
                                                at the Full Sail Real World Education. He         Jack Lyons, Editor
company. She’s enjoying London but misses
her SJ friends and classmates.                  has plans to earn a BA in Entertainment

                                                                                                                   The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 13

             amilies   former

Africa                                         UK                                                  The de Boissezon family celebrating New Year's Eve
                                                                                                   in Sydney, Australia: Richard, Nadia '03, Mariana,
The Puche family (Rene, Juliana, Paola, &      The Williams family (Richard, Melanie, &            & Alex '02.
Catalina) is relocating to Ghana.              Noah) returned to Brighton.              
The Malambugi family (Francis, Diana,          The Betsill family (Wesley, Helen, Cecilia,
Pauline, & Martha) is returning to Dar es      & Andrea) has returned to Windsor.
Salaam, Tanzania.                     USA
Belgium                                        Arizona
The Gibb family (Stuart, Lara, Caitlin, &      In Tucson recently, John Chuchman
Abigail) is returning to the USA.              presented a conference that ended up with a
                                               mini-reunion among his wife Marilyn
                                               (parents of Mark ’77, RIP; Jacqueline ’79,          Quentin X. Schaefer, 3rd grade, enjoys his new school,
                                               Matthew ’82A, and Jerome); Marilyn Cowl
Canada                                         (mother of Jeff ’81A and Donna ’82A); and
                                                                                                   and taking care of his younger brother Austin.
                                               Sister Sheila Mortonson OSF, a former SJ
Claude Bergeron is retired in Quebec.
                                               librarian.                    Elly, Sheldon, and Hollis ’02 Rabin hosted
                                                                                                   Stuart and Micheline Thorpe for a weekend
                                                                                                   last winter. They played Chicago tourist and
China                                                                                              were able to see Sumner Rabin ’06A who
The Gustafson family (Gary, Angie, Grant,                                                          was back from university, noting that he is
& Heath) is now in Shanghai.                                                                       well on his way to becoming a pilot. Hollis,
                                                                                                   meanwhile, enjoys her teaching and drama

Hungary                                                                                            From Chicago, Frank Oelerich ’78A scans
                                                                                                   the family horizon for us: He and his wife
Edina Csongor ’08A has returned to her         Marilyn Cowl, Sr. Sheila Mortonson OSF, & Marilyn   Mary have been there since ’88; Molly, their
home country.                                  Chuchman reminisce in Tucson.                       oldest daughter (of five) is off to Notre
                                                                                                   Dame this fall. They recently discovered the
Singapore                                      The Von Rosenstiel family (Philipp, Anja,
                                                                                                   parents of one of her classmates attended
                                                                                                   ISB. Sally, his youngest sister, lives in
The Muralidharan family (Murali,               Elisabeth, Friedrich, & Anna) is transferring       Sydney, Australia with her family. Susan
Sharmila, & Sukeekshna) has relocated to       in May to Atlanta, with a likely return to          ’79A and her family are in Boston; his
Singapore.                                     Belgium thereafter.
                                                                                                   LtoR: Hollis Rabin '02, Stuart Thorpe, Elly Rabin,
Spain                                          Quentin and Austin Schaefer are doing well
                                                                                                   Micheline Thorpe, & Sheldon Rabin enjoying some
                                                                                                   Chicago cuisine last Jan.
The de Boissezon family celebrated the start   in Dunlap, where the former has earned a
of the New Year in Sydney, Australia.          gold belt in karate.
Richard and Marianne now live in

14 The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
                                                                                                                   FORMER FAMILIES

                                                            Dick McKinney has relocated within
                                                            Cincinnati, with a new email.
                                                                                                          In               emoriam
                                                                                 Malcolm Bowrey, husband of Vivienne
                                                            South Carolina                                Bowrey, passed away 7 March 2007 in a
                                                                                                          hospice in Wales. He was a colleague at
                                                            The Harrell family (James, Renee, Tyler, &    Dow Corning of the late Stan
                                                            Cole) is now in Hartsville.                   Dickinson (Pat) and of the late Enzo
                                                                         Prenna (Sandra). Vivienne taught
                                                                                                          English in the high school from
The Oelerich family gathers to plan their golfing trip to                                                 1977–1985. May he rest in peace.
                                                Ireland.    The Walsh family (Tim, Donna, Cecile, &
                                                            Jolie) has relocated to Brentwood.
brother Kurt ’82A and his family are in                                                                   Jason Owen, former student, who
Winnetka, IL; his brother Greg ’83A and                                                                   attended St. John’s (Elementary School)
family are in Madison, WI. The siblings and                                                               from 1979–1983, passed away from a
spouses went to Ireland in Sept., courtesy of                                                             diabetic seizure in April 2001, when he
the parents, Frank and Anita Oelerich, to                    MOVING?                                      was 28 years old. He had graduated
play a little golf and to see the Ryder Cup.                               – If you have graduated
                                                                                                          from Cortez High School, Phoenix, AZ                                         university or will be moving for any
                                                                                                          in 1991 and attended Glendale Com-
                                                                                                          munity College. At age 13, he was
Indiana                                                        , so the magazine is sent to the proper
                                                                                                          diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This
The Clarke family (Trafford, Deborah,                        place, saving money in the process.
                                                                                                          prevented him from his dream of
Bethany, Henry, & Frederick) is moving to                                                                 serving in the military. For many years
Carmel.                                                      ALUMNI SURVEY                                he was a Walmart manager, eventually                                       If you have not done it, please take 10      getting a job with Cardinal Health
                                                             minutes to complete our alumni survey        Services. While living in Europe, he
As the Bontrager family (David, Pamela,
                                                             to help us decide what more you want         visited many countries and had fond
Alex, Olivia, & Anna) was leaving Waterloo
                                                             from your alumni program. Go to              memories of Waterloo, especially
for McCordsville in December, they kindly
                                                                                                          playing soccer and swimming.
donated several electrical appliances (TV,
DVD, Air conditioner, & fans) to the                                            and respond.
                                                                                                          Sarah Owen, former parent, passed
school. The staff is very grateful for their                 Thanks.
                                                                                                          away in June, 2005, in Roswell, NM of
thoughtfulness.                                                                                           cancer. She had been born in Belfast, N.                                                 IMPORTANT NOTE                    Ireland.
Maryland                                                                 DIGITAL PHOTOS:                  The ashes of Jason and Sarah were
The Ardillo family (Tom, Michelle,                           In creating digital photos, please take      spread over a lake near Phoenix.
Margaret ’08A, & Madeline ’10A) is in                        them at a high resolution by reducing the
                                                                                                          They are survived by Megan, a
Rockville. Both girls attend the Academy of                  number of photos per disk to a minimum.
                                                                                                          sister/daughter, born in Nivelles, and by
                                                             The resultant large photo – don’t reduce
the Holy Cross in Kensington and are doing                                                                the father/husband, Dan Owen.
                                                             its size to email it -- will then be
well, especially in French and all things
                                                             compressed by us to produce a clear
musical (theatre, performing arts, choir, and                image at 300 dpi. Monitors need only 72
tech crew). They would love to hear from                     dpi, and what looks good on your screen
former Waterloo friends.                                     will not appear sharp in print. Thanks.      George Walker, husband of Nancy and                                                                                           father of Mike ’76, Pat ’77, Mary ’81A,
                                                             SURFING THE WEB?                             and Judy ’82A, passed away 21
Michigan                                                                                                  February 2007. The Walker family was
                                                             Use the on-line update form to let us know
In Grand Rapids, the Martin family (Peter,                                                                part of the St. John’s–Waterloo commu-
                                                             what’s happening in your life.
Nancy, Ashley, Jordan, & Tanner) has a new                                                                nity from 1975–1978. May he rest in

                                                                                                                         The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 15

                                                                       Dean Jacoby, with his wife
             taff                                                      Karla, daughter Ainara, a
                                                                       year old, and Zia the cat.

  Belgium                                          USA
  After nearly 25 years in Belgium, Halina         California
  and George Bustin are retiring, wistfully        Chris Mahoney continues as Middle
  pulling up their family roots this spring        School Director at the Charles Armstrong         superintendent notes that Christine created
  and moving to New Jersey. Halina, who            School in Belmont.                               a climate of high expectations for the
  taught and volunteered at SJ for many                      South Charlotte students, staff and
  years—has often reminded George of the                                                            community. The monthly “Conversations
  rewards of teaching, so he has followed her      Connecticut                                      with Christine” gatherings help to build
  example and advice and accepted an offer         Steve and Kathy Parks almost have an             and strengthen relationships with the
  to join the Princeton Univ. faculty this fall    ‘empty nest.’ Kate ’05A is enjoying the          families at South Charlotte Middle School.
  in its Woodrow Wilson School of Inter-           South and Clemson Univ., where she is            Congratulations.
  national Affairs. Congratulations and            president of her sorority and majoring in
  good luck.                                       conservation biology. Andrew ’07A will be                                                                          Washington
                                                   leaving next fall for Colorado College,
                                                   where he will be playing football, while         Steve Bartlett has a new email.
  Italy                                            Clare ’08A will be starting her high school
                                                   senior year.

  Vicci Recckio, who taught in the elemen-                                                          Washington, DC
  tary school until 2005, has been teaching                                                         Susan Adland enjoyed seeing Amy
  and writing in Florence. She had an article                                                       Colquhoun in Dec. when the latter was in
  published on the Audrey Hepburn                                                                   the states for a conference. Susan works at
  Children’s Fund in the 25 January issue of                                                        the Bullis School and appreciates the
  The Florentine.                                                                                   computer lab in the library, the research
                                                                                                    opportunities, and the chance to teach
  Myanmar                                                                                           throughout the curriculum. Amy is at ACS
                                                                                                    Cobham. Susan also had a chance to meet
  Dave Schaefer’s enterprising educational                                                          with one of her former students, Sallem
  efforts continue to help the children in and                                                      Berhane ’06. Thanks for the update.
  around Yangon. He launched a second                                                     
  school that now has 150 students, and they      Kathy, Steve & Kate Parks               
  are adding a program for children with
  special needs, the first in the country. Dave    North Carolina
  also had his 2nd knee replacement surgery,       Christine Waggoner was honored last
  so he refers to himself as the ‘bionic man.’     Nov. by the National Middle School
  His step daughter May is doing well in           Association with ‘The Distinguished
  10th grade and could end up at a US              Educator Award’. Christine serves as
  university some day. His son Dave recently       principal of South Charlotte Middle
  married; he and his wife Karla live in           School in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North
  Minneapolis. He is an active sportsman,          Carolina. She brought healing and leader-
  having taken up weight-lifting.                  ship to the staff of a school that some                            thought had been “left behind” in the
                                                   aftermath of a district reorganization, and      Dinner in Dubai. Former guidance counselor Gwen
                                                   led it to become a 2004 School to Watch,         Bergman, right, enjoys the hospitality of Sonya Kundi '84
                                                   and a North Carolina School of Excellence        last Nov. during Thanksgiving weekend. Gwen flew in from
                                                   with Exemplary Growth since 2003. Her            Singapore; Sonya is an architect involved with some of the
                                                                                                    major construction projects taking place in Dubai.

16 The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
                                                                                                                           F O R M E R S TA F F

                                                                                   ongolian Visit  [with thanks to Dr. Marjan Blok]

                                                                    On November 20, 2006, the Religious Studies
 Waterloo reunion last Sept., with, LtoR: Tessa Humphreys,
 Sandra Prenna, & Ann Taylor. Tessa & Ann live near each
                                                                    and Philosophy department had the privilege
 other in the UK. Ann is a former PTA Pres., while Tessa            of welcoming a Mongolian delegation to the High School. On the
 helped as a Chairperson of the Family Support Team.                occasion of the 800th anniversary of the Mongol Empire, the Mongol
 Sandra wore many hats at SJ–PTA Pres., Art Support                 Ambassador in Belgium invited Dr. Fanny Hoeffelman of DEVETSE, a
 Chairperson, Advisory Board member, & Receptionist.                small Belgian non profit organization, to arrange the visit of Prof. Jigjid
 All 3 have children who graduated from SJ.                         Boldbaatar, director of the Institute of History of the National University                                                of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar and Prof. D. Munkh-Ochir. Both scholars                                            addressed combined classes on C-level concerning the topic of teaching
                                                                    History in Mongolian schools and universities. Students enjoyed the cross
                                                                    cultural exposure and explored the paradigm changes in the historical
                                                                    understanding and the writing of history in the post Communist era in
                                                                    Professor Boldbaatar was accompanied by his wife and a member of the
                                                                    Mongolian embassy. The picture below depicts the delegation with Nadine
                                                                    Tyteca who arranged the visit, and members of the Religious Studies and
                                                                    Philosophy department Marjan Blok and Jesus Castillo-Coronado. ✤

 Limerick Ireland reunion for staff–past & present. L to R: Joy
 Gillman, Monica O'Brien, Mary McGowan, Sue Powderly, &
 Sr. Beatrice Molyneux fcj.


The Norwich University Regimental Men's Chorus from Vermont
visited Brussels in March and presented three concerts in the         Foundation News: The St. John’s International Foundation, a
Cotsakos Family Theater to the respective sections of the school.     nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, recently awarded St. John’s Inter-
Its medley of military, patriotic, barbershop quartet, and pop        national School $59,000 (€45,000) for technology improvements and a
tunes were exceptionally well received by the students and staff.     small capital project.
The visit was coordinated by LTC & Mrs. John Greene, with support
                                                                      The Foundation was formed 20 years ago “to promote and foster exclu-
from several SJ parents, staff, & the Administration, and from
                                                                      sively the following activities: religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and
Brussels American School. Ian Greene, Class of 1984, SJ,
                                                                      educational.” The corporation has operated exclusively in the realm of
graduated from Norwich Univ, as did one of the SJ parents,
                                                                      raising money for educational grants to St. John’s for approved projects
Mr. Jim Noyes, who supported the visit. Mrs. Rita Greene taught
                                                                      (capital improvements, technology, and equipment, eg.).
Art and AP Art History at SJ for almost two decades. The chorus
also performed at other venues in Brussels while here. They were      It is entirely dependent on support from companies, foundations,
directed by LTC James Bennett, VSM.                                   parents, and alumni; it receives no subsidies from any government or
                                                                      church group. Donations by US citizens and corporations may enjoy a
                                                                      tax deduction as a result of their gift. ✤

            esigning Woman
  Jennifer Devlin ’82, a                          City College San Francisco, Chinatown
                                                  North Beach Campus, San Francisco, CA.
  successful architect, kindly                    This new campus combines 6 now
                                                  disparate locations into one, unified
  and modestly shared some                        campus. The site is on a corner opposite the
  of her professional accom-                      famous San Francisco landmark, the
                                                  TransAmerica Tower pyramid building.
  plishments, her thinking                        The new campus, a 17 story high-rise
  behind these achievements,                      includes 50 classrooms, a library, admis-
                                                  sions, enrollment and counseling offices in
  who inspired her, and how                       addition to multi purpose rooms for
                                                  various community uses including Tai Chi
  her St. John’s experience                       classes, visiting lectures and conferences.
  resonates with her today.                       The building is designed to incorporate                 Award-winning architect Ms. Jennifer Devlin, class
                                                  Feng Shui principals.                                   of 1982.
  We’re grateful for her
                                                                                                           Seeking the wisdom of people 20 years
  response and wish her all                                                                           •
                                                                                                           older and embracing the talent and
  the best in this exciting and                                                                            energy of those 20 years younger than
  demanding field.
                                                                                                      •    That rare occasion when I put my head-
  Some of Jen’s current projects include:                                                                  phones on and lose myself with my
                                                                                                           pencil and paper.
  Rowland Hall-St Mark’s School, Salt Lake
  City, Utah. New Upper/Middle School:                                                                Projects I’ve Been Involved in:
  Master plan and concept design for a new                                                            I have worked for the last 15 years on
  Middle and Upper School for a K-12                                                                  institutional projects:
  Independent School. The School has a
  vision for a fully sustainable school and                                                           Schools: I enjoy working on school projects
  curriculum: teaching minimizing our                                                                 – they are generally very special schools,
  impacts on the environment and maximiz-                                                             one that I’m working on now reminds me
  ing our collective social impact.                                                                   so much of St John’s: it’s an independent
                                                                                                      School with Episcopalian roots, K-12
  International Center to End Violence,                                                               1,000 students. The values of the
  Presidio, San Francisco, CA: A renovation                                                           education are almost identical to St John’s:
  of a historic barracks building in the                                                              inclusiveness, community, excellence in
  Presidio in San Francisco, to house the                                                             education.
  office and training center for the Family       The Mississippi River Discovery Center – a museum
  Violence Prevention Fund.                       about the Miss. River in Dubuque, Iowa (2000).      Public Libraries
  “56 Acre Project”, South Lake Tahoe, CA,                                                            University Buildings
  Master Plan: A new Civic Center master          Biggest Thrill:
  plan to re-vitalize this town in the southern                                                       I am a partner in a firm of 65 people, I was
  edge of Lake Tahoe, planned are a library,      •   Walking into a building, seeing it full of      the first and still remain the only woman
  senior and art center and History Museum            people, and watching their eyes wander          partner, alas… I’m working on that.
                                                      in delight at what they never imagined a
  Nojima House, Shimabara, Japan,                     building could be.                              Biggest Challenge:
  Hagasaki Prefecture – 2 houses: for an artist                                                       As a designer of public buildings in a
                                                  •   The opportunity to work in a profession
  and a sculptor and their parents – on the                                                           democratic country and a particularly
                                                      that truly affects how people live and see
  same site, at the base of a Volcano.                                                                democratic city, San Francisco – listening
                                                      the world; and that it will last.

18 The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
to the public’s input and finding an appro-               I was recently reading over some
priate solution that does not compromise                  of my early report cards from St
function, experience or aesthetics. These                 John’s – my mom had kept them
days, everyone’s an architect – embracing                 all – this particular batch was
that attitude is a challenge but ultimately,              from 4th grade then 9th grade;
in listening to many opinions and trying to               there were numerous comments
incorporate them into a design means                      from my teachers, including Mr
we’ve touched on the true values of a client              Bartlett and Br. Branon remind-
or a community and hopefully showed                       ing me that talking in class was
them the value of an architect – to create                disrupting others and was a bit of
delight.                                                  a problem – I guess I can look
                                                          back to those years as fore-
As an architect we are trained to be                      showing to my current life! Lots
designers, not business people – “running                 of talking and a little creativity!
the business” part of my job is challenging
– it’s like making profit being an artist: an             Role Models:
oxymoron. The greatest challenge is                       My dad, Jack Devlin: for his
finding the most inspired design solution                 patience and un-judgmental and
within all the constraints, including                     understated nature; my mom,
making a little money.                                    Kathy Devlin, for her energy and
Favorite Moment at St John’s                              encouragement to always do my
                                                          best.                                           The San Mateo Public Library in San Mateo, Calif. This design
That’s a tough one – there are so many; I                                                             earned Jen several awards and reflects one of her abidiing ideas:
repeatedly think of the times I would lose                Mrs. Rita Greene: I probably                  Her interests in what creates a vibrant, engaging, and inspiring
myself in a canvas, or a silkscreen or                    wouldn’t have been an architect          space come from her keen interest in the sociology of a place – how
plaster in Mrs. Greene’s art studio – I                   had Mrs. Greene not encouraged               people engage with a building, neighborhood street, or city, and
remember her sitting at her desk in the                   my creativity.                                      how they understand and embrace or draw back from it.
corner and allowing us to come and go –
explore as we wanted. She and that                        The founding partner of my firm,
experience certainly gave me an insight                   the late Joe Esherick: he gave me
into where my passion was and how I liked                 an opportunity far before
to spend my time – sadly, as my career                    I was qualified. ✤
progresses, I spend more time with people
than alone at a desk exploring the creative
aspects of design – but I appreciate the full

  City College San Francisco, CA (in design, 2006). A new campus that
combines 7 different locations in one high rise building on the edge of
 SF Central Business District in and serving the Chinatown Community.

                                                                               Another of Jen's stunning designs–The Turk Rooftop at theTenderloin Elementary School,
                                                                                     San Francisco, CA (1997). This is a school serving an immigrant community in San
                                                                                   Francisco on less than one acre. In addition to classrooms and other school uses, the
                                                                                   building includes community uses such as a community kitchen, roof top community
                                                                                    garden, adult education classrooms and a medical and dental clinic for the children.

                                                                                                                                      The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 19
  this just in…
1976 Kirsten Robinett is now in Tacoma,          where David Boylan ’99 and Ben Morgan
WA, where she is the Manager, Onboard            ’02 are also his colleagues. This group also
Food and Beverage, for Alaska Airlines           supported the Tom O’Donnell indoor
(‘How do you like your salmon?’) However,        soccer tournament at the school in
she did enjoy getting away from the cold at      March–many thanks. Associate Michael
the class’s 30th reunion on the Enchantment      Lindh, who left in ’96, is in Minnesota. In
of the Sea last year–no one has changed, she     Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tania Sharmin’s career
                                                                                                        LtoR: Oscar & Sara Sundholm, Matt & Michelle
assures us. She plans on a holiday in Kauai      has taken her from microcredit (Grameen)
                                                                                                                                  Czirjak, in Hawaii.
this month as well, despite all the university   to Siemens, where she is Deputy Manager
tuition bills. Her four oldest are either        for special projects, working directly for the
graduating or attending various schools,         Executive Management team there. To
while the youngest, Adam, is winning all         prepare for this, she enjoyed the opportunity
sorts of awards in sports and anticipating       for six months of training in Indonesia,
college. Thanks for a great update.              Vietnam, and Thailand. While she was                           back home, Louise Cobb and her mother
                                                 visited Tania from Australia on the first leg
1979 Laura Golasz is in Anniston,
                                                 of their world tour. She wishes her class-
                                                 mates well and misses Belgium and her
1982 Associates Marianne & Jeff Cowl             teachers. Tania’s sisters are also doing                                       Bogdan Olea & Laura
have a new email.       well–Mahya Karim, associate of ’04, is           preparation, he had a part-time job,
1987 Associate Rose Marie (Guzman)               majoring in English at Brac Univ., inspired      captained the volleyball team, played on the
Clark is in Santiago, Chile and regrets not      by Mr. Tobin. She is also a part-time            basketball team, enjoyed Sunday league
being able to make the 20th reunion in           English teacher in Dhaka. The youngest of        soccer, interned with Careers Service at the
Waterloo in June. Stefan Prohaska in             the family, Umme Aiman Tasnim ’08A, is           university, and served on a committee
Montego Bay, Jamaica, has a new email            preparing for A-levels, did well in her          representing other students. He barely has                        O-levels, is a School Prefect, and also reads    time to study, as he was off to London after                           the children’s news on Bangladesh televi-        Easter to intern with several investment
                                                 sion. Well done. Alejandro Gutierrez has         banks in London. There he was hoping to
1989 Monika Timar is in La Hulpe.                relocated from Maryland to Chicago to            see some old SJ friends. Congratulations.                               pursue his acting career in a new city. He       akhairal@email.unc.ed
1996 Associate Clara Mathieu was last            has bumped into Courtney Dwyer ’01,    
spotted working for the World Bank in            Kate Mettam ’01A, Andrew Thiermann
                                                                                                  2006 From Sofia, Bulgaria, comes word
Washington, DC.    ’98, and briefly Aaron Lasher ’01. He is
                                                                                                  from Metodi Lazarov that, although he
                                                 looking for Mark Gardiner ’01.
1998 Derek Inaba completed his MS in                                                              misses SJ and his friends and teachers, he
Aerospace Engineering at the Univ. of So.                                                         has stayed in touch, and has been busy
Calif. and continues to work for Lockheed                                                         studying economics at the Univ. of Sofia
Martin on the Phoenix Lander program,                            and playing the violin. Half of his classes are
which involves payload integrations and                        in French, so he is staying sharp in the
thermal subsystem testing. The launch is         A. Gutierrez:            language department. He also managed to
expected for Aug. 2007 with a landing on                                                          work five months for a software company,
Mars in March 2008. The mission is to find       2001 Associate Jenny Boylan graduated            while also ‘interning’ with an influential
water and organics, which includes digging       Sept. 2006 from the London School of             think tank, requiring weekly articles, some
up the Martian soil for analysis.                Economics with an MSc in Human                   of which have been published in national                               Resource Management and is now working           newspapers. He also won a contest spon-
                                                 as an Associate HR Manager for Procter &         sored by the Bulgarian Macroeconomic
2000      Oscar Sundholm, peripatetic,           Gamble in Weybridge, Surrey, UK.                 Association for his essay on the EU. These
managed, along with Sara ’03, his sister, to     Congratulations.          fine accomplishments contributed, no
drop in on the Czirjak’s in Hawaii when it                                                        doubt, to his recent acceptance at
was cold in Europe. Matt C. has already          2005 In North Carolina, Alex Khairallah
                                                 achieved the Dean’s List in his first semester   Cambridge Univ. next fall, where he will
sold a successful landscaping business in                                                         take up economics studies. Congratu-
Iowa (“Field of Dreams”), acquired a van,        at UNC Chapel Hill, and has been accepted
                                                 in the business school there. He’ll intern       lations. Deniz Kocas is not far away at the
and ended up in Wakiki. Michelle C. ’97A                                                          Univ. of East Anglia (Norwich), studying
continues to do consulting work in               this summer in Atlanta for McKesson
                                                 Corp., a Fortune 16 Healthcare Corp. and         pharmacy. She was considering a move to
Washington, DC. By the time you read                                                              Turkey but has decided to study in the UK
this, Sara may have returned to the UK           is looking forward to attending his sister’s
                                                 graduation from SJ this June. Bogdan Olea        for another year, hanging out with Julie
from Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Oscar is                                                               Marchal, who is also at UEA.
with Owen Farrington in London doing             also updated us with a new email and a
                                                 synopsis of life at St. Andrews. Besides exam
consulting work with Deloitte & Touche,                                                 
                                                                                                                           AROUND THE CAMPUS

A '93 Dec. gathering in NYC. L side–Kristiina Jalas, Fungai Mtetwa, Paul Mellet, Daisy Mellet '95,
         & Nathan Sequeira; R side–Kiersten Smith, Karen Ferries, Katariina Jalas, & Mary Jane                       Karen Ferries & Kiersten Smith, who were especially
                                                                                   (Treitz) Mellet.               happy to see some of their former classmates, after 18-
                                                                                                                  19 years apart. Kiersten is studying at Rutgers Univ. for
                                                                                                                        a Master's. Karen recently earned hers in Clinical
                                                                                                                                                          Nutrition at NYU.

   Sunday lunch in NYC in Dec. with LtoR: Nathan Sequeira, Kristiina
       Jalas, Laura Panaccione, her husband Eric, & Fungai Mtetwa.
                                                                                      LtoR: Mary Jane (Treitz) Mellet, Katariina & Kristiina Jalas
                                                                                              feeling the holiday spirit 16 Dec in the Big Apple.

               A mini reunion last Nov in Brussels included Chris de la Vallee '97,
             Therese Sandmark, & David De Visscher (front row) & Kate Mahaffy,
                     Nicky Stapells, Dominic Lang, & Michele O'Brien (back row).                      An Ivy League basketball game, with Yale visiting Harvard, was the
                                                                                                     occasion for a mini-reunion. L to R: Bob Owens '05 attends Harvard;
The Class of 1987 is planning a 20th reunion for 1–3 June                                         Andrew Youssef '05 came up from Elon Univ. in North Carolina; Serkan
2007 in Waterloo and Brussels. A campus tour is being coordi-                                      Erol '05 is at West Chester Univ.; Josh Davis '05 plays for Yale; Janine
nated for Friday, 1 June. On Saturday 2 June at 4 pm, the class of                               Mears '05 is at the Univ. of Miami; Hakan Erol '03 is at UMass (Boston);
2007 graduates in the traditional commencement ceremony in the                                  & Richard Barghash '06 attends Tufts Unv. Andrew, Serkan, Josh, Hakan,
new sports arena, followed by a reception in the sports hall. A                                   & Richard played on the SJ varsity basketball team together for several
dinner for that evening for ’87 is also being considered. If you are                                                                 years, winning 87 consecutive games.
a graduate or associate of 1987 and think you would like to attend
the reunion, and/or the ceremony and reception, or have ideas
about the weekend, please contact Tom Snyder asap.
                                ’87 Reunion                                                                                                 The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 21

    nternational Festival
    [with thanks to Ms. Marcia De Wolf, Marketing Director, for these comments]



  The 14th annual Inter-
  national Festival took
  place on 9 February. The
  occasion celebrated the diversity of the 60   The entertainment included folkloric songs
  nations represented in the school, with       and instrumental music from Russia,
  informative country booths, entertain-        Greece and Iraq, traditional dances from
  ment and tasty bites from around the          Spain, Brazil, Ireland, Greece, and the
  world. This year’s theme was folklore,                                                                    The Danish booth
                                                Oriental world, and a fusion
  which gave the country representatives        dance of east and west to
  the opportunity to show off their national    represent the diversity of
  costumes, folk music, dances and art, as      America. The sports arena was
  well as national cuisine.                     packed and the atmosphere was
  The afternoon and evening program             wonderful. St John’s is already
  featured a parade of 40 countries, the        looking forward to next year’s
  highlights of which included Italy accom-     festivities! ✤
  panied by a gondola, the United States
  with a bull and wagons, and The
  Netherlands’ contingent making their
  entrance on a bicycle.
                                                                                                      The South Korean booth
  The colorful event was followed by
  performances by professional artists and
  members of the school community.

                                                          The Netherlands



22 The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007
                                                                                                                        AROUND THE CAMPUS

                                                     Meet the new Director of Community Relations…
                                                        then engaged for one year in Lyon, France                   While in Atlanta, in 1994 she met Jamie,
                                                        in an exchange program.                                     her husband. They now have two
                                                                                                                    children–Matthieu, born in 2000, and
                                                        Fluent in Dutch and English, she moved to
                                                                                                                    daughter Emilie, born in 2004. The
                                                        the USA to intern and was eventually hired
                                                                                                                    children will be starting at St. John’s next
                                                        by CNN, after writing her graduation
                                                                                                                    school year. Born in Chicago, Jamie was the
                                                        thesis about the network. She spent five
                                                                                                                    son of a Canadian Foreign Service Officer
                                                        years at CNN HQ in Atlanta, with a range
                                                                                                                    who transferred to Belgium in the 1970’s
                                                        of responsibilities—VIP visits (heads of
                                                                                                                    and needed a school for his young son. Of
                                                        state and other dignitaries); major events
       Marcia De Wolf, Emilie, Matthieu, & Jamie.                                                                   course, he chose St. John’s–Jamie is an
                                                        (annual conference for 400 international
                                                        journalists, with keynote speeches by heads                 official SJ alumni of grades KG, 1, & 2,
Marcia De Wolf arrived at                               of state from many countries, including                     1974–77. Later he returned to the states,
                                                                                                                    and eventually Ottawa and Atlanta, and the
                                                        Nobel Prize winners and others); and the
St. John’s in February fol-                             hospitality program surrounding the 1996                    rest, as they say, is history.
lowing a succession of demanding                        Olympic Games in Atlanta.                                   The St. John’s community welcomes Marcia
positions that she held in Europe and the                                                                           and her family and is delighted to have her
USA that prepared her well to take up the               She subsequently spent six years at Public
                                                        Relations firms in Atlanta and Brussels,                    expertise and experience at the service of
exciting opportunity of promoting St.                                                                               the school. ✤
John’s and all that it offers, to the interna-          responsible for technology clients such as
tional community of Brussels.                           Nokia, Dell, Sony Ericsson, and IBM. She
                                                        moved to Brussels in 2001, where she most
Born and raised in The Netherlands, she                 recently served as Global Communications                        Small World Story
studied International Business Communi-                 Director for a trade association in health-
                                                                                                                        When Jamie De Wolf left SJ in 1977
cations at the University of Nijmegen and               care.
                                                                                                                        as a 2nd grader after three years at the
                                                                                                                        school, he moved to Boston, then
                                                                                                                        Ottawa in ’82, and Atlanta in ’86. He
                                                                                                                        attended his senior year at Dunwoody
The Belgian government offers employers a way to                                                                        High School in a suburb of that name
                                                                                                                        near Atlanta. In his Computer Science
request formal recognition for employees who have                                                                       class of about 20 students, three had
                                                                                                                        attended St. John’s. One of them,
developed careers and should be honored for their years                                                                 Dave Codelli, had not only been there
of service.                                                                                                             in ’77 at the same time as Jamie, but
                                                                                                                        they had been in the same class–2nd
Last summer, in response to a request by                                                                                grade, taught by the late Ms. Carol
the school, the government provided                                                                                     Staudt. They found one another
awards for the following staff members:                                                                                 in the class photo in the ’76-’77
Medaille d’or de l’ordre de la couronne
(35 years)
Nadine Tyteca
Décoration 1‘ère Classe (30 years)
Micheline Berger
Therese Diegenant
Karen Roche
Patrick Tobin
Décoration 2me Classe (25 years)
François Peres                                              Nadine Tyteca (in brown suit) receiving her award &
Pauline Dicken                                      congratulations at a ceremony at the Parc des Expositions in
Paula Heinen                                         Brussels from Princess Astrid of Belgium last October. Photo
                                                                                       courtesy of Yves Dejardin.

                                                                                                                                       The Lions’ Pride • MAY 2007 23

         ports ighlights
    [with thanks to Coach Eric Johnson, Athletic Director]

Middle School Basketball                              High School Basketball—JV boys
                                                      win 6th consecutive championship.                        Girls' middle school basketball team at its
                                                      The High School boys’ & girls’ basketball                                      end-of-season party.
                                                      teams recently completed their seasons
                                                      with participation in season-ending
                                                      tournaments. The junior varsity teams
                                                      traveled to Frankfurt IS for a Tournament
                                                      held on March 2-3, and with impressive
                                                      wins in the round-robin play, both teams
                                                      advanced to the Championship game with
                                                      the boys’ team capturing the Champion-
Boys' middle school basketball team celebrating its
                                                      ship trophy and the girls’ team coming
2nd place finish after returning to SJ.
                                                      home with the second place trophy. The
                                                      boys’ win marked the 6th consecutive year
The Middle School boys’ & girls’ basketball           the boys’ team has captured a season-
teams recently celebrated the conclusion of                                                                                    Girls' JV basketball team.
                                                      ending JV Championship. Coaches
a successful season with the annual MS                Laurent Devignon and Ron Fillmore
Basketball Awards Night. Coaches Bobby                expressed their pride in the manner in
Jackson for the boys’ team and Meghan                 which the JV teams improved during the
Reeves for the girls’ team expressed their            year and the way in which they performed
appreciation for the effort put forth by the          during the tournament.
team members and for the dedication and
determination exhibited by all.
The boys’ team completed their season
with participation in a U-14 Tournament
hosted by AFNORTH in The Netherlands
and the boys came home with a second
place finish. The girls’ team participated in
                                                                                                                           Girls' varsity basketball team.
their tournament, also hosted by
AFNORTH, at the end of January where
the team finished the tournament in fifth
place from the ten schools participating.             Boys' JV basketball team.
                                                                                                     The scores of the ISST games were:
I would like to congratulate the coaches                                                                  Boys:
                                                      The varsity teams concluded their seasons
and all team members for their enthusiasm                                                                 STJ 44        TAS 38
                                                      in the highly successful ISST Champion-
and commitment to the MS basketball                                                                       STJ 44        VIS 64
                                                      ships co-hosted by STJ and held in the STJ
program and for the terrific manner in                                                                    STJ 44         ISG 48
                                                      Arena & Hall. Both teams found them-
which they all represented St. John’s in their                                                            STJ 64        FIS 26
                                                      selves in very challenging preliminary
games.                                                                                                    STJ 71        MIS 58
                                                      groups and displayed terrific efforts on the
                                                      opening day of the ISST and handled                 Girls:
                                                      themselves in those games with great pride          STJ 37        ATH 46
                                                      and effort. In the end both the boys’ and           STJ 20        ASL 67
                                                      girls’ finished in ninth place with Nathan          STJ 50        HIL 41
                                                      Czarnecki ’07 and Grace Baldridge ’09               STJ 38        FIS 35
                                                      being named as Honorable Mention ISST               STJ 49        BSN 34
                                                      All-Tournament team members.

Boys' varsity basketball team.
                                                                                                      AROUND             THE      CAMPUS

                                                  Sea Lions captured their seventh Junior
                                                  Championship and brought the “traveling
                                                                                                       The annual Tom O’Donnell
                                                  trophy” back to STJ!! Coaches Jean                   five-a-side Football Tourna-
                                                  Vanhoutte and Cate Silcock were                      ment on St. Patrick’s Day was the
                                                  “gob-smacked”, to quote them, and                    10th anniversary celebration of the life
                                                  extremely proud of the efforts the swim-             of young Tom, an associate of the class
                                                  mers made in securing yet another
                                                                                                       of ’98 who passed away 25 Sept. 1997 at
              The Sea Lions are number 1 again!   Championship for the Sea Lions. The
                                                                                                       age 17 following a valiant battle against
                                                  teams celebrated their victory with an
Both Coaches Dennis Davis and Eric                                                                     cancer.
                                                  afternoon of fun at Aquawalibi and a pizza
Johnson expressed pride in the efforts of
                                                  party sponsored in part by the Booster               Two teams from 5th grade, 15 teams
the teams and congratulate the teams in
                                                  Club. Congratulations to all swimmers for            from middle school, 13 from high
their success in the Friday & Saturday
                                                  another great junior swim season.                    school, and 12 teams from outside the
                                                                                                       school, mostly having at least one or two
                                                  On March 7-9, 2007 the Senior (U-19 &                alumni on them, all competed with
ISST hosting                                      U-15) Swim teams traveled to ACS-                    determination and skill. It was worth
                                                  Cobham IS to compete in the 2007                     noting that more than 30 alumni came
The STJ community should be very proud
                                                  Swimming ISST Championships held at                  from around Europe for the games.
of the role it played in the overwhelming
                                                  the ACS-Cobham Pool. These Sea Lions
success of the 2007 Division l Boys’ &
                                                  teams also swam very well and brought                The Junior Championship was awarded
Girls’ Basketball ISST. I have received
                                                  home many individual medals and                      to a talented group of 8th graders—
many messages from parents, coaches, and
                                                  “personal best” times as well as a sixth place       “Martine’s Team,” in a very close final
participants expressing their pleasure in
                                                  overall finish in the team category.                 match, while the Senior trophy went to
being part of this ISST and congratulating
                                                  Individual ISST achievements were:                   “My Mum Thinks I’m Cool”, captained
the entire STJ community for the effort
                                                                                                       by Edward Walecki ’01.
made to provide what was a first-class            Gold Medal/Nick Overlack 50m
tournament experience. To quote just one            Freestyle                                          Over $7300 (€5500) was raised for the
of the messages I received:                       Silver Medal/Rachel Waguespack 100m                  Teenage Cancer Trust and Jour après Jour.
                                                    Breast Stroke
Your school’s support, your cooperation with                                                           The coordinator of the effort is Ms.
                                                  2 Bronze Medals/JV Boys Relay Teams
ISB, and the hospitality that your students                                                            Angela Slann, high school Information
                                                  16 places in the Finals
and host families showered our way sets a                                                              Technology teacher, who deserves a lot of
                                                  4 STJ school records being broken
standard we should all strive to achieve. The                                                          credit for the time and effort she, her
STJ families went out of their way to help us,    Coaches Sam Deraedt and Jacques Leloup               family, and so many others devote to
with some even taking the time from their         were very proud of not just the achieve-             creating this event. It is heartening to see
busy days to show players parts of your           ments of the STJ swimmers but also of                the O’Donnell family and friends there,
historic city.                                    their team spirit and individual efforts             as well, as they all appreciate the way
                                                  made at this ISST. ✤                                 everyone comes together to honor their
Many other tournament helpers lent help-
                                                                                                       son and to generate funds for a worth-
ing hands… and created an atmosphere of           [Correction from the January 2007
                                                                                                       while end.
sportsmanship to build on.                        issue: The boys’ varsity volleyball
                                                  team finished the fall season just out               For additional information, check
Thank you to all who helped to make the           of the medals, ranking 4th in              
2007 BB ISST a great success and a testi-         Division I. A belated congratulations
mony to St. John’s.                               to the team and Coach Van
                                                  Steenbeeck and sorry for the
Sea Lions win 7th Junior                          omission. Jack Lyons, Editor]
On March 4, 2007 the Junior (U-12 &
U-10) Swim teams traveled to Rixensart                                                              PRINCIPAL FOR THE DAY!
for the 2007 Brussels Swim Champion-                   Brendan Boyle, Grade 3, in the 'driver's
ships, a meet STJ has won for the last six                   seat' on Groundhog Day, 2 Feb, as
years. This year, however, there was an air         Principal for the Day in Elementary School.
of uncertainty about the way the Sea Lions           Here he has to approve the distribution of
would perform; but in the end, led by a                a flyer announcing a bake sale. He also
tremendous effort from all swimmers, the               made other decisions and an announce-
                                                     ment over the PA system that affected the
                                                                 students' schedule for that day.
            onor rchestra     [With thanks to Ms. Aino Kivinen]

  This year’s International                                    Honor Band & Choir Festival
  Honor Orchestra Festival                                        in Luxembourg in March.
  was held in Beijing, China. It was a great                     St. John's sent 7 students.
  experience. We stayed in China for four
  days. Having orchestra practices all day               from our orchestra as well as
  every day didn’t give us much time to see              traditional Chinese instruments,
  Beijing, but we did manage to visit the                like Ruan, Pipa, Dizi and Tanggu.
  Great Wall of China and shop for                       The conductors were Matthew
  souvenirs. Also the food was delicious.                Spieker for the junior orchestra,
                                                         and Stefan Hasler for the senior
  The music for the festival was challenging,            orchestra.
  but we managed to sound very good once
  we performed it. We were given the notes               We all enjoyed the festival very
  a few months in advance, but we only had               much, and made many friends
  the time in Beijing to rehearse it as a full           from Europe as well as from Asia
  orchestra. There was also a composition                and America. We are also very                       LtoR (front): Hannah Fillmore, Jee Hyeon Kim, Ruth Innes;
  made specifically for the Honor Orchestra              excited to attend the festival next                        (back): Debbie Taylor, Parker Deal, & Jane Fillmore.
  by a Chinese composer, Shu Wang. It                    year, for it will be held here in                                                   Not pictured: Brittany Deal.
  included the normal string instruments                 St. John’s! ✤

                                                                         The Great Wall–while in China for Honor Orchestra, the students
  The SJ delegates to Honor Orchestra in Beijing in March                had a chance to visit it.
  were, (front), LtoR: Krishnan & Shankar Ravindran, & Linda
  Meiser of middle school; (back), Jane Fillmore & Aino
  Kivenen of high school.

St. John’s International School                                                                                                               NON-PROFIT ORG.
Office of Development & Alumni Affairs                                                                                                          US POSTAGE
P.O. Box 219                                                                                                                                        PAID
Intervale, NH 03845-0219                                                                                                                       INTERVALE, NH
USA                                                                                                                                            PERMIT NO. 14

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