The Garden Door by wuxiangyu


									                                   A Volunteer Organization of the UW-Cooperative Extension Service

                              Volume 10, No. 2                                  March / April 2004

The Garden Door
     You guessed it right: the garden at the Peninsula Research
Station now has a name. Of the 52 members who submitted                 The Plant Sale needs all of our
votes, “The Garden Door” was selected by 27 members; 16 of           members cooperation in order to be
these listed it as their first choice. Other close name contenders
                                                                     successful. The snow is still on the
were “Door County Educational Garden” which received 24
votes (10 of these as first choice); 24 votes for The Learning       ground but it is not too early to start
Garden (7 of these as first choice); and 14 votes for “The Secret    planning what you can divide and contribute to the sale.
Garden” (7 of these are first choice).                               Please dig and pot plants as early as possible so they have
     Thanks to everyone who submitted names and to everyone          time to settle in before the sale. Remember the time you
who voted!                                                           spent digging and potting plants for the sale counts as
     On Monday, March 8, the Garden Committee met to review          volunteer hours.
their projects and to prepare an overall budget for the garden,
which was approved unanimously by the Board of Directors on             While you're waiting for the snow to melt and things
the 10th. Additionally, Dick Weidman has generously offered the      to warm up, here is a message from the greenhouse
help of the Research Station in the form of digging trenches,        group. Another opportunity to get some hours
moving trees, rocks and shrubs, building a large compost area        completed.
for us, and providing regular maintenance of the gardens.
     The following ten separate projects are being developed            To all interested in working in the green house. We
this year:                                                           will be planting annuals for the Plant Sale.
   • Larry Maas will be focusing on the Butterfly Garden             WHERE: Peninsular Research Station (4312 HWY 42 just
   • Dale Jeanquart has designed a pond garden                       north of the Mill Restaurant) at the first green house
   • Kaylynn Peterson and Barb Wagner are installing a rock
   • Sandra Ott is gathering ideas for educational signs and the        Agenda: Review procedures
     entry signs for the garden                                         Plant 20 seed packets
   • Karin Overbeck has designed a tunnel and circular arbor         WHEN:
   • Virge Temme is coordinating the move of the shade                  March 27 - 9:00 am - noon
     structure to the front entry, & upgrading the rose garden               (a daily watering schedule will be determined by
The 2004 MG Class has taken on two projects:                                 germination)
   • JR Jarosh will be coordinating the vegetable garden                April 3 - 9:00 am - noon
   • DeeDee Knudson and Ed Felhofer are developing                      April 10 - 9:00 am - noon
     ornamental grasses.                                                April 17 - 9:00 am - noon
     Projects planned for 2005 include a knot garden, topiary,
and the possibility of a labyrinth.                                     Thursday - April 22 - 4:00 pm - 6:00 or 7:00
     Please contact the above people if you are interested in           (due to the State Conference)
helping with any of these areas. Additionally, we are looking for       We will be working probably the rest of the Saturdays
people who are interested in planning the perennial and annual       in April and May transplanting and labeling.
gardens, & need of graphic ideas for the garden logo.                   We realize gardeners cannot come every Saturday but
     There is a lot of work to be done this year to make the         come when you can. The plants become like pets - lots of
garden ready for its public opening next summer, and future          fun and always a surprise. Remember the green house is
issues of the newsletter will describe in detail the projects that
are being undertaken. Each of these projects will need the           warm and the work is dirty so dress accordingly.
support of Master Gardener members: your time, your extra               S ee you then,
plants (a “wish list” will be forthcoming), and your strong backs            Marilyn Cunningham 743-9530
will all be greatly appreciated!                                                          Dan Lindner 743-440 kallie@doorpi .net
                                                     ™ Virge Temme

                                                                         GOAL SETTING,
                                                                      Sat., April 3, see pg. 2
                   2                    Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter

                                                                                              GOAL SETTING
    There is a lot going on in your MG organization at                                      SESSION SCHEDULED
this time. The training class is continuing to meet and
is involved in the plans for The Garden Door. They                                              Mark Saturday, April 3, 9:30AM on
are a varied and talented group and a great addition to                                       your calendar for our annual goal
our organization. The plans for The Garden Door are                                           setting session. We will meet at the
really taking shape and there will be many                                                    Sturgeon Bay Branch Library.
opportunities for volunteering, so join in the work and
fun and get some of those hours completed. The                                                  Please review our mission statement
board has committed just over $13,000 for completing                                          and our current programming and arrive
the garden. This means the plant sale is more                                                 at the meeting with your ideas for
important because we now can really use the money                                             setting and accomplishing goals for
generated by the sale. So it will be important that                                           2004!
everyone who can, will contribute plants for the sale                                              See you there!
this year. Start thinking about what you can divide
from your garden and donate to the sale. The
greenhouse group is planning for growing the annuals                                       preference. Also there will be a question on who gets
for the plant sale. The education committee has a                                          to vote at the business meetings.
great list of programming starting March 16                                           th
                                                                                               Renee Cison is getting together the information
(attendance was fantastic) with the first of four Kathi                                    needed to order MG shirts and will be getting it to me
Kufahl presentations. Lots of opportunities to get your                                    so members will be able to order shirts at the training
education hours in.                                                                        class meetings or Kathi Kufahl program. More on this
    Watch for a coming e-mail (or snail mail for some)                                     when I get the info.
on a poll being conducted to determine how the                                                 We have a great group of people putting in a lot of
membership wants to handle the annual meeting and                                          time and effort for the MG’s. Please join them in some
banquet. For the last two years the annual meeting                                         way and be an active member of your organization.
was held before an education program and the                                               There is room and activities for everyone. More details
banquet was held on a separate evening. Before that                                        on these activities and others are found in this
the annual meeting and the banquet were held                                               newsletter. Mark your calendars! I look forward to
together on the same night. Which would you prefer?                                        seeing you at future meetings and events.
Be sure to answer the e-mail and register your                                                                                          ™ Chriss

  Your Door County Master Gardener Association Board of                                    Volunteer Coordinator ............................Barbara Henderson
  Directors and Officers:                                                                  Volunteer Hour Coordinator ..............................Brian Holtz
     President ..................................................Chriss Daubner            Historian ......................................................... Karin Overbeck
     Vice President ............................................... Lyle Berndt            State MG Website Address:
     Treasurer ................................................... Jennifer Dahl     
     Secretary..................................................Marian Schlise
                                                                                           The Door County Master Gardeners Newsletter is
     Board Members: ........................ Larry Maas, Rod Bohn,
                                                                                           published six times per year.
         Doug Henderson, Virge Temme, and Kathy White.
                                                                                           Editor: Jan Ziemann, 746-9931; Typist/Layout: Lori Holtz
  Past President .........................................................Mary Horn
  State Board Representative................................... Rod Bohn                   Produced in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin
     State Board alternate.................................... Lori Holtz                                                 Extension Office.
  Public Relations Coordinator ................................. Mary Hall                 Advisor ........................................................... Mark Feuerstein

                                                 MISSION STATEMENT:
The Door County Master Gardeners Association, Inc., in partnership with UW-Extension, shall strive to make a positive impact
        on horticulture in our community through education, community outreach, and stewardship of our environment.
              Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter                                            3

                                                                                  After the first year, UW-Extension
                                                                                    Master Gardeners need to volunteer
                                                                                      24 hours toward Extension
                                                                                        approved projects & complete 10
                                                                                        hours of approved continuing
                                                                                        education each year. Following
Saturday, March 27, “Native Plants & Natural                                            are some continuing education
Landscaping for Ponds” David Leienau, 10:00 a.m.                                        and other opportunities in the
Bertschinger Center, Egg Harbor, no charge, see pg. 5.                             near future:
Tuesday, March 30, Kathi Kufahl, “Flowers & Wings”,                                 The Wisconsin Gardener
7pm, Crossroads @ Big Creek, no charge, see pg. 7.                                  (please confirm times in your local listings)
                                                                                    April 4, 2:00 p.m., "On The Rocks" MG
Tuesday, April 13, Kathi Kufahl, “Perennials for                                    Shelley Ryan takes on the challenges and
Cutting”, 7pm, Crossroads @ Big Creek, no charge.               rewards of rock gardening. Topics include basic rules for rock
                                                                gardening and selecting hardy rock garden plants.
April 23-24, 2004 - Annual WI MGA Conference,
                                                                April 11, 2:00 p.m., "Back to Basics". Look again at
Kenosha, WI. Registration info in Jan State Newsletter or
                                                                gardening basics from amending soil to insect p roblems in
MG website @           new flowerbeds. Also included are tips for planting tender
Tuesday, April 27, Kathi Kufahl, “Old-Fashioned                 vegetables and renovating a perennial bed.
Flowers”, 7pm, Crossroads @ Big Creek, no charge.               April 18, 2:00 p.m., "Landscaping for Birds" . Landscape
                                                                designs that are as pleasing to gardeners as they are to birds
Friday, April 30, author Joan Severa, Perennial                 and butterflies. Lean how to supply the basic needs of birds
Gardening, 7pm, Miller Art Museum, see page 8.                  and which plantings are attractive to birds and butterflies.
                                                                April 25, 2:00 p.m., "Organic Gardening". Explore organic
Saturday, May 1, author Joan Severa, Perennial
                                                                gardening methods for controlling pests. Then, take a look at
Gardening, 10am, Sister Bay Village Hall, see page 8.           safe gardening methods and experim ent
Friday, May 7 – Newsletter Deadline!                            April 25, 5:30 p.m., "The Goodness of Gardening" NEW! Visit
                                                                a healing garden in Baraboo, learn about a noxious but edible
Wednesday, May 12, 2004, view Karin Overbeck's                  weed called garlic mustard, and discover the history of garden
garden 4-6 PM, then attend the business meeting at the          pots. Also - Mark Dwyer at Rotary Gardens gives a tour of great
Peninsular Research Station, 6:30 PM.                           spring bloomers including some underused bulbs & shrubs. A
                                                                special segment highlights the gardening accomplishments of
Wednesday, May 12, Master Gardener Business                     Charlie Anderson, who is almost completely blind & still
Meeting, 6:30 p.m., Peninsula Research Station. All             gardens independently in his large yard.
members welcome to attend!                                      May 2, 2:00 p.m., "Personal Spaces, Public Places". Visit
                                                                some of Wisconsin's public g ardens and discover some
Tuesday, June 8, Water Gardening – Glenn Spevacek,              unique, private gardens in this edition of the Wisconsin
7:00 p.m., Crossroads @ Big Creek, no charge.                   Gardener. See a stained glass garden in Sturgeon Bay, a rocky
                                                                dwarf conifer garden in Bailey's Harbor, and a backyard
June 23 - 26, 2004, MG Tri-State Conference, St. Cloud,
MN. The conference will be held at St. John's University.       Brown Bag Programs                         (12:00 noon)
The theme is being finalized and will likely be The Spirit of   (contact UW -Extension Office for access)
Gardening, with a focus on renewal, restoration and health.     March 26, Purple Loosestrife: What You Should Know and
It will begin Wednesday with a kick-off barbeque at 6:00 p.     What You Can Do. Purple loosestrife is a very hardy perennial
m. Tours will held from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday,     which can rapidly degrade wetlands, diminishing their value for
                                                                wildlife habitat. Join us as we discuss the opportunities to
with a dinner event at Riverside Park that evening. Classes,
                                                                create awareness
keynote, and breakout sessions begin at 8:00 a.m. on
                                                                April 30, Organic Vegetable Growing. Organic gardening
Saturday. The banquet and dinner program that evening will
                                                                revolves around preventative pest management, rotations, soil
be followed by a dessert buffet. Saturday morning there will    fertility & nurturing natural enemies of the pests in your garden.
be the final sessions before a noon departure. For more         Join us to review an approach to growing vegetables
information see the MN MG website.                              organically.
July 24-27, 2005 2005 International Master Gardener             May 21, 2004, Growing Blueberries in a Harsh Wisconsin
                                                                Climate. The harsh climate of the northern Great Lakes has
Conference      and  Trade     Show     Saskatoon,
                                                                made successful b lueberry production difficult. But to meet this
Saskatchewan, Canada                                            challenge, new cultivars with better hardiness have been
                                                                developed. This, with proper site selection and cultural
                                                                management opens the potential for fruit production. Join us to
                                                                review the issues which can lead to the successful growing
                                                                blueberry plants.
                 4              Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter

Special Events at the Green Bay Botanical Garden, For            a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Crivitz High School. Three concurrent
more info on costs or to register, contact The GBBG, 2600        sessions with 5 speakers in each session, plus keynote
Larsen Rd., P.O. Box 12644, Green Bay, 54307-2644;               speaker Lee C. Hanson on What Plant Can Do For You. $25,
phone (920) 490-9457.                                            includes lunch but not extra for some workshops. Registration
                                                                 deadline March 22. For more information contact Linda
Ø    April 3- Spring Pruning for Gardeners                       Warren, UWEX Marinette Co. at (715) 732-7510 or visit the
Ø    April 6 - Flowers and Wings                                 NLMGA website conference page with a downloadable
Ø    April 7 - Stretching the Envelope: Designing and Growing    brochure.
     in Micro-climates                                           April 24, Ken Druse, Boerner Botanical Gardens, Hales
Ø    April 13 - Wake Up Your Garden                              Corners, WI. Ken Druse, nationally known garden expert and
Ø    April 17 - Practical Composting for Gardens                 author, will be at Boerner for a talk and book signing. His latest
Ø    April 20 - Old-Fashioned Flowers                            book, A Passion for Gardening, was released in fall 2 003. His
Ø    April 23 – A Planter’s Palette                              previous book, Making More Plants: The Science, Art and Joy
Ø    April 24 - Cocoa Bean Mulch & Compost Sale                  of Propagation, received the Best Book of the Year award from
Ø    May 4-18, (Tuesdays) - Knowing & Growing Herbs              the American Horticultural Society. His other titles include The
Ø    May 20 - TasteBud: Outdoor Culinary Experience & Rare       Natural Garden, The Natural Shade Garden, The Natural
     and Unusual Plant Auction                                   Habitat Garden and The Collector’s Garden. For more
Ø    June 1 - 22, (Tuesdays) - Botanical Terminology             information contact Boerner Botanical Gardens, 9400 Boerner
Ø    June 4-6, 20th Annual Garden Fair                           Drive, Hales Corners, WI 53130 at (414) 525-5650.
                                                                 Sat., May 1, Melinda Meyers at The Gardening Angel, 10881
Upcoming Classes at The Clearing:                                Hwy ZZ, Sister Bay, 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., . Book signing of her
The Clearing, PO Box 65, Ellison Bay WI, 920-854-4088, www.      latest, Birds and Blooms Ultimate Gardening Guide.                                                  May 15, Festival of Spring, The Paine Art Center and
                                                                 Gardens, Oshkosh, WI. The festivities include a plant sale,
w May 9-15 – Discovering a Sense of Wonder in Nature &
                                                                 garden and landscape vendors, tasty food, entertainment and
    Human Nature, Instructor: Cliff Knapp
                                                                 the change to find the perfect inspirational item for your garden.
w May 16-22 – Spring Birds of Northern Wood & Waters ,           From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more info contact The Paine,
    Instructors: Nancy Stevenson & Vince Heig                    1410 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, 54901at (920) 235-6903 Ext 30.
w May 30-June 5 – Spring Rambles, Instructor: Nancy
                                                                 May 15-16, Splendor of Wildflowers, Horicon, WI. Horicon
                                                                 Marsh’s woodlands and nearby parks create a natural
w May 30-June 5 – Making Hand-Tied Brooms Using Natural          woodland display. Visitors will be able to hike the woods with
    Materials, Instructor: David Nevalainen                      experts to see and identify our native wildflowers, learn about
w June 20-26 – A Geologic Adventure Through Door County,         Wisconsin’s natural communities and find out how to
    Instructor: Roger Kuhns                                      landscape with native plants. For more information, or a
w July 25-31 – Rustic Furniture, Instructor: Erik Rinkleff       complete schedule of events, call (920) 485-4663.
Seminars 9:00-4:00 (catered lunch included):
                                                                 Other area Plant Sales:
w June 26 – A Passion for Perennials - Instructor: Nina Koziol
w August 19 – Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars: Masters of    May 8, Northeastern Wisconsin Extension Open House &
  Display, Description & Intrigue- Instructor: Janice Stiefel    Plant Sale, Green Bay, at the Brown County UWEX office, 1150
                                                                 Bellevue Ave., from 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. Tours of the grounds, a
                                                                 plant clinic (bring a sample along if possible), and sales of
Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison, WI
                                                                 plants and other garden related-items.
For more information contact Olbrich Botanical Gardens, 3330
Atwood Ave., Madison, WI 53704; phone (608) 246-4550 or          May 15, Native Plants Sale, Horicon, WI. 8:00 am– 1:00 pm,
                                                                 Located at the DNR Service Center on Hwy 28 in Horicon.
print a registration form from their website.
Ø April 3 - Garden Design Plant Seminar                          May 15, Calumet Co. MGA Annual Plant Sale, Chilton, 9:00 a.
Ø April 7 - Garden Gleanings                                     m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Calumet County Fairgrounds – Exhibition
Ø April 10 - Pruning Pointers                                    Building on the north end of the fairgrounds.
Ø April 16 - Effortless Gardening                                May 18, Plant Sale, Fond du Lac, WI. Fond du Lac MGA from
Ø April 17 - Pruning Pointers                                    10:00 am – 6:00 pm at the UW-FDL campus, 400 University Dr.
Ø April 24 - Tree Buying and Planting Workshop                   May 22, Southeast Wisconsin MG Plant Sale, Milwaukee,
Ø April 27 - Plant a Trough                                      8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the DNR area at State Fair Park, 84th
Ø April 29 - Spring Bulb Garden Walk                             St. & Greenfield in West Allis.
Ø May 13 - Shade Containers                                      May 22, Portage Co. MG Plant Sale, Stevens Point, WI. At the
Ø May 19 - Sun Containers                                        Rettler Corp. For more information contact Cindy Bredow at
                                                                 (715) 345-9776 or Shirley Weir, Portage Co. UW-Extension
OTHER SELECTED AREA EVENTS...For more listings,                  Office at (715) 346-1316.
check out the MG website at            June 5, Outagamie Co. MG's Annual Plant Sale, Appleton,
mastergardener/                                                  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. At the Outagamie Dept. of Agriculture
March 27, Spring Garden Conference, Crivitz, WI. The             Building, 3369 West Brewster St.
Northern Lights MGA -9th annual educational conference, 8:15     June 6, Waupaca Co. MGA Annual Plant Sale, Weyauwega,
                                                                 8:00 a.m. to noon at 112 Ann St.
        Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter                                5

                 Education Committee:
                             PROGRAM PREVIEWS

Public Programs:
• March 27, 2004 - 10:00 a.m. Native Plants & Natural
  Landscaping for Ponds - David Leienau, Bertschinger                Association Activities:
  Center, Egg Harbor - This is a program being
  presented by the Door County Wild Ones. No             • Spring 2004 - Tree & Shrub Identification - Carl
  charge.                                                  Scholz and John Kierstyn (additional information will
                                                           be available via e-mail and the telephone tree).
• Flower Gardening for Special Purposes, series by
  Kathi Kufahl                                           • May 12, 2004 - Tip Toe through Karin’s Tulips - An
                                                           open garden at Karin Overbeck’s (5338 Cnty. TT,
  Ø March 30, 2004 - Flowers and Wings - Kathi
                                                           Sturgeon Bay.) 4:00 - 6:00. Just drop in at any time
    Kufahl. 7:00 Cross Roads at Big Creek, Sturgeon
                                                           between four & six to tour the gardens. The
    Bay. No charge.
                                                           monthly 6:30 Board meeting will follow this Open
  Ø April 13, 2004 - Perennials for Cutting - Kathi        Garden at the Experiment Station.
    Kufahl. 7:00 Cross Roads at Big Creek, Sturgeon
    Bay. No charge.                                      • Spring - From Vine to Wine – and possibly jelly -
  Ø April 27, 2004 - Old-Fashioned Flowers - Kathi         Grape program and wine tasting at Simon Creek
    Kufahl. 7:00 Cross Roads at Big Creek, Sturgeon        Winery.
    Bay. No charge.                                      • Spring - Pruning Workshop - More information will
• April 30 & May 1, 2004 - Author Joan Severa - in         be sent via e -mail & telephone tree or the next
  conjunction with the Friends of the Door County          newsletter.
  Library. Sturgeon Bay - Miller Art Museum, Friday @
  7:00 (6:30 refreshments) & Sister Bay Town Hall on     • June - Hypertufa workshop for The Garden Door -
  Saturday @ 10:00 (9:30 refreshments). No charge.         Peninsular Experiment Station - Doug Henderson
                                                           will lead members through the hypertufa process.
• CANCELLED - Lawn and Turf Program - Tom Schwab           The finished products will be left in The Garden Door
• June 8, 2004 - Water Gardening - Glenn Spevacek          for use in the rock garden. (Date to be determined.)
  7:00 Cross Roads at Big Creek, Sturgeon Bay. No        • July 17 - South Garden Walk and Pot Luck - more
  charge.                                                  information in the next newsletter.
• August 18 & 19 - Wild Flower Planting Seminar - A
                                                         • January 16, 2005 - Bring and Brag 4 - See picture
  representative from Oak Prairie Farm will lead the
                                                           details elsewhere in this newsletter.
  seminar that is being hosted in cooperation with the
  Green Fund. The Aug. 18 program will be in             Additional Association activities being planned:
  Sturgeon Bay and the August 19 program will be in
  Baileys Harbor. More information will be available       \   Seed Propagation
  in the next newsletter.                                  \   Brick Making
• September 14, 2004 - Autumn Gardens - Glenn              \   North Garden Pot Luck
  Spevacek 7:00 Cross Roads at Big Creek, Sturgeon         \   Broom Making
  Bay. No charge.                                          \   Open Gardens
Additional public programs being planned:
  \   Natural Landscaping
                     6                 Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter

Business Meeting: Wed., March 10, 2004                                            availability of the display window at the library and Jan will
Peninsular Research Station, Sturgeon Bay WI                                      do an article in our newsletter. It will be discussed further at the May
The meeting was called to order by President Chriss Daubner at 6:30               meeting.
PM. Board members present: Chriss Daubner, Mary Horn, Jennifer                    4. Appoint Finance Committee: Lyle Berndt will chair with Virge, Jennifer
Dahl, Marian Schlise, Lyle Berndt, Rod Bohn, Doug Henderson and                   and Marian
Virge Temme.                                                                      5. Appoint Historian: Karin Overbeck will be the new historian
Other members present: Jan Ziemann, Kaylynn Peterson, Diane                       6. Donation for prizes for State MG Conference: Motion and second by
Knutson, Dale Jeanquart, Cheri Stephan, J.R. Jarosh and Sandi Ott                 Marian/Rod to allocate $50-$75 for purchase of a garden related item to
Excused: Larry Maas and Kathy White                                               donate to the silent auction at the state conference passed. Virge and
Additions to Agenda – All added to New Business                                   Karin will take care of it.
1. Appointment of a Finance committee                                             STATE ASSOCIATION REPORT: Rod reported that the WIMGA news
2. Appointment of a Historian                                                     letter will be emailed to new members. He and Brian and Lori Holtz met
3. Request for donation for raffle item for State Conference.                     with Ron Richter, one of two representatives from the NE Wisconsin
SECRETARY’S REPORT__________________                                              Master Gardeners region who said that we now have 38 chapters of
Minutes of the January 14th meeting were approved as written, motion              Master Gardeners.
and second by Lyle and Rod.                                                       Insurance similar to that covering the 4-H organization may be available
A letter from the Southern Door school thanking us for grant money was            to us. Jennifer will inquire.
read.                                                                             Marilyn Cunningham reminds us that our third Thursday radio programs
Doug noted that changes to membership of the Grants committee need to             will begin in April and we should make plans to participate.
have Board approval. It will be discussed at the May meeting.                     COMMITTEE REPORTS_____________
TREASURER'S REPORT__________________                                              Garden Committee: A "Facilities Use Agreement" will be emailed to Board
Jennifer reported our total gross assets at approximately $16,000. A              members for review and discussed at the next meeting.
$5100 CD matures in March and a $5400 CD matures in August, we                    Virge commended all who have worked on planning the garden so far
have $3014 in money market and $2350 in checking. Imminent expenses               and announced that "The Garden Door" won the naming survey.
will include a check to the Audubon Society for half the Weather Friend           Handouts were distributed with sketches of various garden features and
calendar receipts for $416.50 and any expenses incurred by the plant              hardscape, lists of plant material to be used and estimated costs with a
sale.                                                                             grand total of $13,330. Motion and second by Doug/Virge to approve the
All except 4 members have paid their current dues                                 committees request for this amount to complete the proposed garden plan,
Motion and second to accept the treasurer's report by Rod/Doug passed.            (with this amount to be reduced by any monies that the Peninsular
The annual audit has been completed successfully. Motion and second to            Research Station might contribute) passed.
accept the report of the audit committee by Rod/Doug passed.                      Virge noted that Dick Weidman approved the garden plan and was very
PRESIDENTS REPORT__________________                                               enthusiastic about it and promised help in moving ground, supplying
Chriss thanked all present for all the hard work they are doing on behalf         power and water and building a composting structure.
of the organization. She announced the Renee Cison will again be in               It was decided to increase the limit on our credit card to $2000 to
charge of ordering the denim shirts with the DCMG logo for anyone that            accommodate expenditures necessary for completion of The Garden
wants one. We need to let Renee know sizes and numbers.                           Door.
OLD BUSINESS________________________                                              Plant Sale: Chriss reported that the seeds are all in. The first greenhouse
Liability insurance: No new information at this time. Tabled until our next       meeting will be March 20th. If you ordered perennials you should pay for
meeting.                                                                          them with a check when picking them up at Dale Jeanquart's.
Calendar sales: Mary reported that 119 Weather Friend calendars were              Education: A printed report of the education committee's schedule of
sold for a profit to us of $416.50. The Audubon Society will receive the          events was distributed.
same amount. This total is down somewhat from last year and this is the           ANNOUNCEMENTS:
final issue of the calendar.                                                      Raffle tickets are available from Jan Ziemann or Lori Holtz with many
NEW BUSINESS_______________________                                               great prizes to be had.
1. Credit card limit: The limit is at $500 now. An increase to $1000 was          Old newsletters are available from Jan.
suggested. The decision was deferred until after the Show Garden report.          NEXT BUSINESS MEETING will be Wednesday, May 12, 2004, view
2. Goal setting meeting: The date will be Saturday, April 3rd at 9:30 AM at       Karin Overbeck's garden 4-6 PM, meeting at the Peninsular Research
the Sturgeon Bay Library. All interested members are encouraged to                Station, 6:30 PM. (All members welcome to attend). Motion to adjourn at
come to this meeting.                                                             8:40 PM Doug/Rod. Recorded by Marian Schlise, Secretary.
3. Ten year anniversary celebration: Jan Ziemann said she and Lori
Holtz discussed the possibility of celebrating our 10th year in existence
this year and highlighting our many accomplishments such as the show
garden and our excellent training and mentoring program. It was
suggested that we incorporate the festivities in our annual banquet and
invite members of the first class (Jan. '95) to it. Sandi Ott will check on the
        Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter                                   7

    Kathi Kufahl is back with                               flowers that we remember from grandma’s garden:
                                                            “Old-Fashioned Flowers.” On April 27 Kathi will

     another great Four-Part                                discuss the vintage flowers that are enjoying renewed
             Series!                                        popularity, especially for cottage-style gardens and
    As the snow begins to melt, it’s time to start          period plantings. Colorful slides of these old-fashioned
thinking again about gardening! If you’re having a          favorites will be a highlight.
hard time visualizing flowers as you look out at the            This four-part series will present information that
mud puddles and brown snow, try sparking your               works easily for beginning gardeners, for those re-
imagination by attending one session or all of a free       developing a garden, as well as more experienced
four-part series on Flower Gardening that will be           gardeners who are ready to explore beyond the basics.
accompanied by beautiful slides!                            Any gardener interested in considering flowers that are
    Beginning March 16 and continuing every other
                        th                                  attractive for specific purposes will most enjoy this
Tuesday night in March and April, Kathi Kufahl, a           series.
NorthEast Wisconsin Master Gardener, will present a             Always interesting, Kathi keeps a quick pace and
four-part series on “Flower Gardening for Special           gives sound, practical advice.
Purposes.” The 7:00 PM programs will take place at              The programs will be open to the public, and
Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay.                    gardeners and potential gardeners are welcome to
    Beyond the simple beauty and color flowers bring        attend any or all of the March and April programs; each
to the landscape, the series will focus on the specific     session adds to the whole topic, but will be very
roles that flowers can fulfill in the garden, and the       interesting by itself. Crossroads at Big Creek is
ways they can be used as important components of            located just east of Highway 57, at the Michigan Street
special garden areas. Kathi will show gardeners how         stoplight.
they can tackle the challenge of choosing flowers to fill                                                ™ Mary Hall
several different purposes in the garden.
    The first program on March 16 will focus on

“Flowers for Container Gardens.” Kathi will cover
basic design elements and soil preparation,
concentrating on maintenance techniques for container           DCMGA to celebrate a
plantings. She will discuss the ways container
gardening can present new possibilities for the                  decade of success!
gardener where traditional gardening is not feasible.       Just how can we do this? We need your ideas.
Many colorful annuals suitable for containers will be       DCMG is in its 10th year of service to the Door
featured.                                                   community. We have six original members still
    The second program, “Flowers and Wings” on              enthusiastic and working hard to achieve personal
March 30 will focus on both annual and perennial
                                                            and group goals. They are Lyle Berndt, Carol
flower choices that will lure butterflies and               Berglund, Brian Holtz, Dan and Mary Ann Lindner
hummingbirds to the garden, creating a “wing                and Mike Van Ess. We wish to have your ideas as to
friendly” environment for these sought-after visitors.      how best to celebrate forwarded to Chriss Daubner,
Vivid slides will illustrate the possibilities.             President, or Marian Schlise, Secretary. We'd like to
    On April 13 , Kathi will show and discuss
                                                            recognize this accomplishment at our Annual Banquet
“Perennials for Cutting.” She’ll explain how gardeners      in Fall. Therefore, we'd like to establish a committee
can enjoy cut flowers without creating a segregated         to specifically plan some "fun stuff". This celebrating
“cutting garden,” by featuring many perennials that         can expand through to next Spring when our garden
make excellent subjects for cutting as well as lovely       will publicly open! We want the community to be
combinations in the vase. Specific techniques of            aware of our successes, too! To summarize, we need:
pinching and deadheading to maximize bloom will be          1) ideas, and 2) committee members. Volunteer now!
included.                                                   Let's Party!!!
    The fourth session will focus on the heirloom                                                   ™ Jan Ziemann
               8      Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter

DC Master Gardeners & Friends                                   FROM THE GREEN HOUSE. . .
   of DC Libraries teaming up
                                                                 With the help of Dan Lindner, Cheri Stephan, Jean
to present Master Gardener and                               Ehmke , Marilyn Cunningham and the rest of the Green
       Author Joan Severa                                    House Gurus the first of 53 seed packets were planted
                                                             Saturday morning, March 20 at the research station
   Joan Severa will speak about “Creating a Perennial
Garden in the Midwest” at two public sessions co-            green house. These will be the annuals for our MAY 29
sponsored by the Door County Master Gardeners                PLANT SALE, our major fund raiser. We have a few old
Association and the Friends of Door County Libraries.        favorites like perilla and mortgage lifter tomatoes and
   Severa grew up in Spring Green, Wisconsin, making         many new and unusual plants like anagalis and
flower beds at an early age for her grandmother, which       dimorphotheca. We will be planting every Saturday
instilled in her a dream to create her own beautiful         through April 17. A daily watering schedule will be set
garden. As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin         up as soon as the seeds germinate. On the remaining
Master Gardener series extension program, Joan has been
                                                             Saturdays before the sale, transplanting will take place
working for many years, both hands-on and in lectures, to
help spread basic good gardening techniques. Since           as needed and every cell will be labeled. Sounds like
becoming a Master Gardener, she has helped others create     fun? It really is. Watching the plants grow becomes
and manage their own garden sanctuaries. Joan is a self-     exciting especially when you see them growing out the
taught back yard gardener — not a horticulturist, plant      green house roof! No we are going to try to prevent
propagator or ecologist; and is intensely interested in      that from happening.
keeping the labor to a minimum and within the capacities
of a single person—she does all her gardening alone,             Dan Lindner is taking inventory of our supplies –
without the backup of gardening staff or a nursery.          we are pretty well equipped. Marilyn is rounding up
   Severa’s program will describe ways to create beautiful   the rest of the necessities. We’ve determined our
gardens and grow healthy perennials ideally suited for       planting dates from last years records, Jean’s
zones 3, 4, and 5. Emphasizing basic good gardening          experience at Jerry’s Flowers and Ann Hodges’ books so
techniques, she will answer such questions as ‘How do I      with a little luck and loving care from all of you we
start a garden?’ ‘Where do I plant?’ ‘What is a good
                                                             hope to have beautiful plants again this year.
fertilizer?’ and ‘When should I mulch?’ Sharing her
personal experiences, Joan demystifies and simplifies            See you any Saturday before May 29 . Remember

gardening with a common-sense approach that makes            this is hot dirty work so please dress accordingly.
growing perennials accessible to most everyone.
   A Dessert Buffet at 6:30 PM followed by the program at            Questions: Call or e-mail - Marilyn Cunningham
7:00 will take place on Friday evening, April 30th at the                      743-9530 – or
Miller Art Museum, located inside the Door County Library              Dan Lindner 743-4402 –
in Sturgeon Bay. The following morning, Severa will
repeat her program at 10:00 AM following Coffee and
Refreshments at 9:30. This event on Saturday, May 1st will
take place at the Sister Bay Library.
   Door Prizes from area nurseries will be awarded, and
Severa’s book by the same title, Creating a Perennial
Garden in the Midwest, will be available for purchase.
Proceeds from the book sales will benefit both the Door
County Master Gardeners Association and the Friends of
Door County Libraries.
                                               ™ Mary Hall   Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to
                                                             make sure you are removing a weed and not a
     Bio courtesy of the author via,              valuable plant is to pull on it., and Wisconsin Trails
                                                             If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a
                                                             valuable plant.
                                                                                  ~ Contributed by Kathy White
            Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter                                  9

             Too much of one thing …                       It's the Radio Show
               too little of another??                     Did you know that on the third Thursday of
                                                           every month during the growing season, the
  Want to trade some of your “excess” plants?              Master Gardeners go on the air at 10:20 am
Looking for an “exotic”? Conduct your own personal         with Eddie Allen?
plant swap via this newsletter. Submit your                That's WDOR, 93.9 FM. Our main purpose is to
“exchange” proposal to Lori Holtz or Jan Ziemann and       talk about current garden concerns and answer lis-
we will include it in our newsletters. Members will        tener's questions on gardening; but with Eddie's chat-
then contact each other directly to execute the swap.      ter, we can run off in different directions of horticul-
                                                           ture. A newsletter is always handy so Master Gar-
                                                           dener's events of public interest can be promoted.
                                                           This is our fifth year, having started in the year 2000
          BRING & BRAG (4)                                 when Ann Hodges was in the club. She was one of
                                                           Eddie's favorites with lively discussions and many
A FEW OF YOUR FAVORITE GARDEN THINGS                       questions and answers.
We are asking all association members to take slides of    Besides our members, Mark Feuerstein and others from
'A FEW OF YOUR FAVORITE GARDEN THINGS', during             the extension service and garden clubs have been on.
the upcoming growing season. These could include           Those of us who have been on the radio include Lyle
your favorite plants, flowers, vegetables, structures,     Berndt, Carol Berglund, Mary Horn, Kathy White, John
containers, etc. If you don't have a camera, contact       Ingrisano, Dave Nevalainen, Rod Bohn, Chriss Daubner,
Doug and he will find a photographer to take your          Mark Larsen, Larry Maas, Karin Overbeck, Ted and
slides. Photos of your 'favorite things' are always        Ginni Ripple, Bonnie Hensel, Rod Schlise, Frank Weber,
welcome at the Bring & Brag...we enjoy passing             Ruth and Mark Ott, John Kierstyn, Marian Schultz, Lisa
around pictures you have taken of your garden              Jeansonne and Marilyn Cunningham. Many have been
creations.                                                 on more than once; SOOOO you could become a radio
Please note, members who donate their slides to the        personality, too, or just help us out by sharing your
slide library can receive reimbursement if receipts are    knowledge. A possible subject for April could be soil
submitted to Doug.                                         preparation for planting - getting your garden ready to
Bring & Brag (4) will take place January 16th, 2005.       grow. We usually promote the plant sale in May. Call
                                  Thanks, Joan Jeanquart   me at 743-9530 if you could be on the radio.
                                                                                 Submitted by Marilyn Cunningham

Magazine “Personalities” ~ ~ ~
Another Door County Master Gardeners’ garden
hits the news stands this summer. Barbara and
Doug Henderson’s garden will be featured in the
summer issue of Country Living – Gardener. In
addition to the plantings, the editor and
photographers chose to feature the structures                  T-SHIRTS - DCMGA LOGO - LAST
and “found” items that help give the garden its                             CHANCE
“backbone“. In an up-coming issue, look forward                  Only three left, all extra -large.
to seeing Dale & Joan Jeanquart’s garden. In                    Make a fashion statement in your
2003, Karin Overbeck’s garden was featured.                              neighborhood!
                                                                  Fabulous bu y at $7.00 each.
                                                            Contact Lori Holtz, keeper of the T-shirts!
                10           Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter

          Aunt Masterwort                                                 DEMONSTRATION
Dear Auntie M.,                                                On January 24th, several DCMG members attended a
                                                               demonstration presented by Master Gardeners Dave
I’ve noticed in past DCMGA newsletters, that                   Nevalainen and Jean Barrett at their home, The Forge
someone who must really be on the ball writes a                at Cedar Ponds in Baileys Harbor.
column called “Volunteer Opportunities.” I’m                   Members enjoyed looking at metal garden features
pretty shy and am concerned that if I respond to               Dave has created and some of his works in progress.
the “ads” on that page, I’ll be listed as someone              Dave showed us how his smithy operated, stoking up
not able to find appropriate activities on my own.             the coals, heating the iron, and forming the metal into
                                                               hooks, leaves, and branches...working the hot metal by
Are the jobs listed really important or are they               pounding, chiseling and twisting it. It was amazing to
just listed for people like me who are unable to               see how fast the coal burning forge heated the metal
find jobs on our own?                                          to a working temperature and how pliable the metal
                                                               became when it reached the right temperature. He also
Languishing at home and waiting for your                       showed how he made beautiful roses out of metal and
response,                                                      how to coat the finished wrought iron pieces for
Not Involved,                                                  indoor or outdoor use by coating the item with hot
                                                               beeswax, blacking, and the best type of paint to use on
Dear Soon to be Involved:                                      a metal outdoor project.
Your implication that the opportunities listed in that         After the demonstration, we were invited into Dave &
smart Barbara Henderson’s column are possibly not              Jean's home for some of their delicious chili and
important is far from the truth! In fact, each of the “jobs”   desserts. While in their home, we enjoyed seeing the
that is listed is very important to the Association’s
success and is in need of people like you jumping off your     many beautiful, unique objects they have designed and
sofa to become involved.                                       made (through his blacksmithing talents) such as a pot
                                                               rack, leafed and vined floor lamps, and an ornate
My advice to you is to put that couch potato attitude into
                                                               occasional table (everyone wanted one).
a box and make a call to one or more of the leaders of the
activities that are listed elsewhere in this newsletter!       Our special thanks to Dave and Jean for sharing their
As Always, keep your thumbs green,                             many talents with us.
Auntie M.                                                                                               Dale Jeanquart

   VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES                                     CALENDAR SALES FINAL TALLY:
Karin Overbeck is our new historian; continuing the            WeatherFriend calendar sales this year totaled
fine efforts of Ginni Ripple when she relieved Mary Ann        $833.00, bringing a profit to DCMGA of $416.50 (we
Lindner, our association's first historian. Please assist      split profits 50/50 with the Audubon Society). This was
Karin by forwarding to her photos, news clippings, etc.        the last year the Audubon Society produced the
that you can contribute to our "memory/history" books.         WeatherFriend calendar. There has been no
                                                               announcement of any other entity producing a 2005
Lyle Berndt has volunteered to chair the Finance
Committee. Volunteering as members of this
committee to work along with Lyle are Marian Schlise,          A big thank you goes out to our members and
Virge Temme and Jennifer Dahl.                                 Extension Office staff who sold a total of 119 calendars
Thank you, all, for filling these very important               this year...and also to Dan Lindner for coordinating the
volunteer op. slots mentioned in our previous                  sales efforts all these years!
             Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter                                       11

     Create Seed Starting Pots                             HOT SPICED FRUIT
        From Newspapers                                    2 cups (large can) peach halves/slices
                                                           2 cups (large can) pear halves/slices
1. Open one full sheet of newspaper so that it lies        2 cups (large can) pineapple chunks
     flat.                                                 ½ cup orange marmalade
2. Fold in half lengthwise.                                2 Tbsp margarine
3. Fold in half lengthwise again….you will have a          1 stick cinnamon
     long, narrow strip of newspaper.                      1/8 tsp nutmeg
                                                           1/8 tsp cloves
4. Start at one end & roll the newspaper around an
     empty soup can, leaving about 1 ½ inches of the       Drain fruit, reserve 1 ½ cups of (combined) syrup.
     bottom of the can uncovered. Part of the news-        Combine marmalade, margarine, spices and reserved syrup.
     paper should overlap the open top of the can. (at     Bring to a boil. Cook 2-3 minutes. Reduce heat and gently stir in
     this point I use a small piece of masking tape to     fruit. Heat 20 minutes. Serve.
     secure the newspaper so it doesn’t unroll)            Makes 8 servings.
5.   Push the ends of the paper over the open end of       Notes: I usually cut the peach slices in half or maybe thirds, and
     the can making sure the paper overlaps a bit.         the pears into corresponding sizes. This can be done completely
6.   Pull the can out of the newspaper “pocket” so         in the microwave, then kept warm in a slow cooker. The spices
     that you have the newspaper pot in your hand.         are wonderfully fragrant in this winter treat.
7.   Push the bottom of the can into the pot, squash-      Several people asked for this recipe which I made for the Mentor
     ing the folded bottom to flatten. This step will      Mixer 1/20/04.
     seal the bottom of your pot. Once the pot is filled                                                       ™ Kathy White
     with soil the bottom will be secure.
8.   Pull the jar out & you have a finished pot.
w Place the pots side by side in a nursery flat so
   they’ll support each other to prevent the sides
   from collapsing. Fill with soil & plant.
w The pots can be planted directly into the ground
   when the plants are ready & they will break down
   quickly once in the soil.
(Most newspapers today use soy ink for color print-
ing, which is not harmful to plants. Still, some pa-
pers use petroleum-based ink, which is toxic, so you
may want to avoid newspaper with colored ink.)
                         Contributed by Cheri Stephan
                                                           Deer Repellent
                                                           1 cup (8 oz.) Murphy's Oil Soap
                                                           1 cup (8 oz.) baby shampoo
                                                           1 cup (8 oz.) lemon dishwashing liquid
Method or Madness?                                         4 ounces castor oil
Jimmy likes potatoes but not spinach. He likes peanuts     5 ounces Hot Sauce with pepper base - OR -5 drops
but not walnuts. He likes radishes but not raspberries.    chili extract (I use 1 tablespoon ground red cayenne
Following the same rule, will he like beets or cabbage?    pepper) Mix thoroughly and put one cup of this mix-
                               Submitted by Kathy White    ture in a hose end sprayer and fill to the top with
(answer on March 31)                                       warm water and spray everything that deer eat.
                                                                                         Contributed by Cheri Stephan
               12            Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter

  A Brief History of the Garden                              garden with a stone path using chosen rocks (donated
                                                             by Blaine Dreutzer), a rose garden (90 plants donated
In response to members' requests for a brief garden          by Ron Amos, Evergreen Nursery) and a base structure
history, Lori Holtz and I have put the following             for an alpine garden.
together for your enlightenment. Please do not
hesitate to ask for details or further information, if you   2000 found us maintaining (Weeding Wednesdays).
feel the need!                                               Dave Nevalainen prepared a scale mock-up of the
                                                             pergola. In August Dave directed his crew (Pete S.,
During the winter of 1995-96 UW-Extension Peninsular         Dale J. and Brian H.) through completion of the
Research Station (PRS) Dick Weidman proposed to our          pergola. Summer of 2000 also found the fence post
newly organized DCMGA the idea of developing a               holes dug and put up. Dave generously donated
demonstration garden. After further discussions, it          materials for these projects. The gazebo was built by
was determined that this garden be located at the PRS        Greg Urban under the direction of Dick Weidman and
with master gardeners assisting Dick Weidman and his         his PRS crew. DCMGA helped with the cost. Karin
staff in the planning (Fall of '96) and planting (Spring     Overbeck crafted and donated a stained glass inlaid
of '97) of a garden. Richard Briggs would create a draft     bench.
design with input from Dick Weidman and DCMG
members Mick Van Ess, Brian Holtz, Ann Hodges and            2001-02: Continued work on rustic fencing lining
Bill Fenwick. At the March 12, 1997, DCMGA business          paths after cutting/stripping/peeling at Nevalainens.
meeting, Richard Briggs and Dick Weidman presented           Continued maintenance!
the design, along with a commitment of PRS financing         In 2003 Virge Temme revised the original garden
of approximately $2,000-3,000 in 1997 to get started.        design. The potting shed foundation was poured and
Bill Fenwick is the DCMG liaison with PRS on this            the framing put up. Virge and Carl Scholz are now our
project. Work on the garden area began in May of             DCMG liaisons working with Dick Weidman, PRS.
1997 and continued throughout the summer. Walking
                                                             Here we are in March of 2004 with a garden name
paths were measured and marked and four inches of
                                                             chosen by our membership. The Garden Update (with
soil was removed and replaced with crushed stone.
                                                             photos) included with our Jan./Feb. 2004 Newsletter
Dick Weidman ordered 50 potted evergreens to outline
                                                             briefed our membership on the status. Regular
the area. Weeds were replaced with grassy areas.
                                                             meeting dates are being established with Dick
Brian Holtz replaced Bill Fenwick as liaison.
                                                             Weidman. A timeline for completion of goals has been
 In 1998 border plants and trees were ordered and            set. From this point on we are, as they say, "history in
planted with plans being made for beds and a butterfly       the making"! What we accomplish this year will
garden.                                                      determine the next paragraph! Let's make it a big one!
1999 brought annual beds, the reality of a butterfly                          Compiled by Jan Ziemann & Lori Holtz

When to Plant?
      Soil temperature is the real spark behind seed germination and early root growth. The warmer the soil, the
faster water absorption into seeds takes place and, hence, the amount of water and nutrients are absorbed
through root hairs.
      For more information on soil temperatures in Northeast Wisconsin, log onto Green Bay Botanical Garden’s
website, beginning Friday, April 16. Soil temperatures will be recorded and posted each Friday as
the spring planting season progresses.
            Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter                                    13

                                   Days of Vine and Roses
                                                   by Mike VanEss

     As I write this, I am in the middle of my so-called “winter vacation from gardening.” So-called because, as
those of you who read my last contribution to this newsletter probably realized, despite my noble intentions,
clearing my mind of anything to do with gardening just was not going to happen.
     It wasn’t for lack of trying. But, as I would sit relaxing, enjoying a Bewitched rerun, I’d find myself thinking,
“Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just twitch my nose and create a pond in my backyard?” Or, while watching an
episode of Cold Case Files, I’d struggle unsuccessfully to resist the temptation to switch over to Ground Force
America on BBC America. I’d then tell myself, “I’ll only watch for a few minutes.” But, after two-hours of
mesmerized viewing, I’d then proceed to channel-surf into the wee hours of the morning hoping to find some
other – any other - gardening show that might be on.
     I knew I had a problem however, when, while watching the Super Bowl, I found myself doodling out ideas on
a notepad for the shrub border I plan to renovate this summer. The game’s halftime show only served to inspire
an idea to expose a view in that border that had previously been restricted.
     It wasn’t long before I began smuggling gardening magazines into work and reading them while I pretended
to study client files. At night, I couldn’t fall asleep unless I first perused a gardening catalogue. When I had gone
through all of the catalogues I’d received, I began rummaging through other people’s recycling bins, hoping to
find a catalogue I hadn’t seen yet. I’d walk up to strangers in the store and ask, “Do you think I should use
Lobularia maritima or Ageratum houstonianum this summer?” When they’d walk away with a puzzled look on
their face, I’d yell things at them like, “What’s the matter? I suppose you got something against Gomphrena
globosa, too.”
     Well, the time has come for me to face up to the truth. I can no longer deny the obvious. Therefore, to all my
fellow Master Gardeners, I admit that I am addicted to gardening. I am a gardenoholic.
     Admitting my addiction is an important first step, but not the only step necessary to achieve ultimate control
of my hortimania. I know that I must embark on an ongoing treatment program if I am to achieve long-lasting
     But where does a gardenoholic find help? Alcoholics have Alcoholics Anonymous. Gamblers have Gamblers
Anonymous. There’s probably even an Internet Addicts Anonymous somewhere on-line. But, there appears to be
nothing for those who cannot refrain from correcting other people when they call a Pelargonium a geranium.
     Thus, I have no choice but to tackle this problem on my own. To accomplish this, I have developed a
treatment program - since I’m a social worker, I can do this - that will effectively control my addiction. In order
that I might regain control of my life, I henceforth pledge the following:
     Ø I pledge that from now on, I will drive by garden centers more often than I stop at them.
     Ø I pledge that I will not continue to buy plants when I have no room in the garden to plant them.
     Ø I pledge that I will not plant five times the number of tomato plants than I really need.
     Ø I pledge that I will stop picking through other people’s trash looking for new pieces of ‘garden art.’
     Ø I pledge to stop calling the large puddle that forms in my backyard every spring, my water feature.
     Ø I pledge that I will refrain from moving perennials around my garden just because I think they’ll “look
          better over there.”
     Ø I pledge that I will stop pulling weeds from other people’s gardens while I’m walking the dogs.
     I have no doubt that my path to full temperance will be difficult. But, I realize that if I can keep the above
pledges, I should be able to effectively control my addiction.
     If you spend all of your waking hours struggling with the urge to turn every square inch of your yard into a
garden, you too might be a gardenoholic. Admit that you suffer from this debilitating disease. We don’t have to
suffer in silence anymore. I’m here to say that it is okay to declare, “I have a problem. I am a gardenoholic.”
               14            Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter

         Taking the Mystery out                              thrown in. Cryptanthus bivitattus 'Pink Starlight' for
           of Scientific Names                               example, is an earth star with bright pink leaves. If a
Often the common name of a plant is not enough for           plant is a hybrid, either naturally occurring or man-
correct identification. A plant may have several             made, the plant genus and specific epithet will be
common names and, to confuse things further, one             connected by an "x" to indicate that the plant is the
common name can represent more than one plant.               result of cross pollination. For example, Abutilon x
This is why botanical names are so useful...they leave       hybridum stands for a hybrid flowering maple.
no doubt as to which plant is which! Every plant has         Christmas cactus, Schlumberga x buckleyi, is the result
only one botanical or scientific name (usually in Greek      of a number of crosses.
or Latin), recognized throughout the world by                A source for binomial nomenclature is The Royal
horticulturists, botanists, and others in the plant          Horticulture Society Index of Garden Plants.
industry.                                                    Taxonomists often change plant names to reflect recent
Plants are most often classified by their flowers and        research, so names do change.
fruits, although other characteristics may be used.          What do Latin words mean? Following is a list for your
Related plants are grouped into families and given a         reference:
family name recognized by the ending "aceae".
                                                               Alba .................. White
Individual plants are given a two-part name, consisting        Albiflora ............ White flowers
of a genus and specific epithet. A genus is a group of         Argentea ........... Silver, silvery
plants with similar broad charactertics and the genus          Aureum ............. Golden yellow
name is the noun that describes them. For example,             Bifurcatum ......... With two forks
weeping fig, Ficus benjamina, and fiddle-leaf fig, Ficus       Brevifolia ........... Short leaves
lyrata, are both in the Ficus genus. The second part of        Densiflorus ........ Densely spaced flowers
the name, the specific epithet, is an adjective that           Elastica ............. Elastic, returns to original when bent
                                                               Elegantissima .... Elegantly
distinguishes the members of a genus from each other
                                                               Fragrans ............ Fragrant
and often describes a physical characteristic of the           Fruticosa ........... Shrubby, bushy
plant. Together, the genus and specific epithet                Hybridus ........... Hybrid
comprise the species name. Fiddle-leaf fig has the             Japonica ............ Japanese
specific epitet lyrata, which refers to the plant's lyre-      Leuconeura ........ White nerved
shaped leaves. Combined with the genus name Ficus,             Lyrata ................ Lyre or fiddle shaped
the plant has a species name of Ficus lyrata. Species          Marginata .......... Edged
names are always written in italic or underlined. Some         Microphylla ........ Tiny leaves
                                                               Miniata ............. Flame scarlet
plants within a species may have a naturally occurring
                                                               Pendula ............. Pendulous
variation, indicated by the abbreviation "var." for            Phyllostachya ..... Spiky leaves
variety. An example is Codiaeum variegatum var.                Pictum .............. Painted
pictum. This is the brightly colored croton with which         Podophyllum ...... Footlike leaf
we are all familiar. The species Codiaeum variegatum           Pulcherrima ....... Beautiful
has leaves that are colored green and white. Its variety       Pumila................ Small, dwarf
pictum has naturally red and yellow variegation. It is         Purpuratus ......... Purple
equally correct to leave the word "var." out of names,         Recurvata .......... Curved backward
                                                               Reflexa .............. Bent abruptly backward
for example, writing them as Codiaeum variegatum
                                                               Rhombifolia ....... Rhomboid-shaped leaves
pictum.                                                        Scandens ........... Climbing, twining
A variation that is developed and cloned by humans is          Stolonifera ........ Having stolons or runners
called a cultivar (short for cultivated variety), and it's     Tomentosa ........ Covered with dense, short hairs
                                                               Trifasciata ......... Marked with broad stipes of color
name is enclosed by single quotes. The cultivar name
                                                               Variegatum ........ Variegated
may be descriptive of the characteristic or may identify
the person who created the cultivar. Sometimes it is a                                      Contributed by Jan Ziemann
combination of a descriptive name with some fun
               Door County Master Gardeners Association Newsletter                                               15

                                                                                             THANKS - THANKS - THANKS
                                                                                            to those who answered the call for
                                                                                            volunteers in the last newsletter!
                                                                                            Finance Committee - Lyle Berndt, Virge
                                                                                            Temme, Jen Dahl & Marian Schlise
                                                                                            Web page - Carrie Potier & Jane Benzow
                                                                                            Flyer Coordinator - Carol Berglund & Belle
                                                                                            Historian - Karin Overbeck
     Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator Barbara Henderson                                  “The Garden Door” Butterfly garden
         Phone: 743-9026 email:                                         coordinator - Larry Maas (the Baron of
                                                                                            Extraordinary Chart Maker - Char Rowe
 A Volunteer Opportunity List was sent to each member recently.
 The list was developed to help members find opportunities that might interest
 them. Changes will be made to the list as it “matures.” The changes will be
 listed on this page of the Newsletter. Please adjust your list to reflect the
                                                                                            Section Coordinators needed
 following:                                                                                    in “The Garden Door:”
     Historian: Karin Overbeck; Finance Committee: Lyle Berndt; Web Page:                   One or two people are needed to
     Jane Benzow and Carrie Potier                                                          coordinate the annual plant area
Members wishing a revised list should call Barbara Henderson (743-9026 or                   and one or two people are needed for the                                                                       perennial plant area. Call Virge
                                                                                            (746-8422 or

           Cana Island                             Flyer Distribution:
         Heritage Garden                    Carol has volunteered to coordinate the                  Writers Needed!
The Door County Maritime Museum has a       distribution of program advertising flyers      Members are needed to write articles for
committee working on the development of     in the southern part of the county and          the Newsletter. Options include writing
a heritage garden around the lighthouse.    Bell has volunteered to coordinate in the       articles about your trips to g ardens,
Members interested in working on this       Sturgeon Bay area.        A northern            autobiographies & biographies of
project can call Doug Henderson (743 -      area coordinator is still                       members, reviews of books - TV programs -
                                            needed (call B arbara 743 -                     web sites, “How To” articles about projects
9026) or days 743-5958).
                                            9026 or barbdoug@doorpi.                        you have done and more. Call Jan
                                            net)                                            Ziemann (746-9931)
New Volunteer Opportunity:                  If you are willing to help distribute flyers,
The Peninsula Art School is looking for     call one of the coordinators or Barbara.              Tenth Anniversary
volunteers to design, weed, plant, etc.     Carol - 824-5763 or                 Celebration Committee:
Interested in helping out, contact John     Bell - 743-2071.                                DCMGA is ten years old and we want to
Hennig (868-2768 or                                                       celebrate! All you party animals out there
                                                                                            now have a chance to get involved. Call
                                                                                            Chriss to join the committee. (856-6274 or
     Contact us with ANY                                                          
    questions or concerns!
   If you’re not sure what to do, call               A New Northern
Barbara Henderson, Volunteer                          Opportunity:                          Radio Personalities Needed:
Opportunities Coord inator, (743 -9026)     The Northern Door Child Care Center             It’s almost spring! And that means the
and she will help connect you with a job    (Sister Bay) is looking for a few good          DCMGA will once again join Eddie Allen
that fits your skills and interests.        people to help with garde n                     on his morning talk s how on the third
   If you have questions about whether or   maintenance - weeding, pruning,                 Thursday of each month between 10:15 -
not your volunteer hours are acceptable,    trimming, etc. The center is also looking       11:00. Have you ever wanted to be a DJ?
please contact Brian Holtz, Hour Record     for donations of full sun perennials that       Now’s your chance - call Marilyn (743-9530
Keeper ( He’ll be glad to   can survive dry conditions. Call Jen for        or
answer your questions.                      details (854-7979 or
maRCH 2004        Sun              Mon                  Tue                  Wed                   Thu                 Fri                   Sat
                                           1      Training Class   2     Education     3                    4                    5                      6
                                                                         Committee 5:30 PM                       Newsletter Deadline

                              7            8                       9    MG Business 10                     11                   12                   13
             Buy your WIMGA Raffle Tickets now!                         Mtg–6:30PM – Pen.
                                                                        Research Station
                             14           15      Training Class 5:30                17                    18                   19                   20
                                                  Container Gardens–                                                                   Spring Begins!
                                                  Kathi Kufahl 7PM
                             21           22                      23                 24                    25                   26     9:00-Noon Greenhouse
                                                                                                                                       at PRS/10:00 David
                                                                                                                                       Leienau at Bertschinger
                             28           29    Training Class 5:30                  31      Record your hours as you accumulate       Center
                                                Flowers & Wings–             Beets
                                                Kathi Kufahl 7PM

                  Sun              Mon                  Tue                  Wed                   Thu                  Fri                  Sat
                                                                                                            1                    2                      3
                                                                                                                                       9:00-Noon Greenhouse
apr. 2004

                                                                                             April Fools’s Day                         9:30 Goal Setting-

                              4             5     Spring Election 6                    7                    8                    9     9:00-Noon     10
                                                                                                                  Good Friday          Greenhouse
                             11           12      Training Class 5:50
                                                                 13                  14                    15                   16                   17
             Happy Easter                                                                    WDOR 93.9FM                               9:00-Noon
                                                  Perennials for Cutting–
                                                  Kathi Kufahl 7PM Crossroads                                                          Greenhouse
                             18           19                       20                21      Greenhouse    22                   23                   24
                                                                                                                   STATE CONFERENCE – KENOSHA
                             25           26                     5:30
                                                  Training Class 27                  28                    29                   30
                                                  Old-Fashioned Flowers–                                         Joan Severa 7 PM
                                                  Kathi Kufahl 7PM

                  Sun              Mon                  Tue                  Wed                   Thu                  Fri                  Sat

                 Are YOUR plants ready for the Plant                                                                                                   1
                                                                                                                                        9:00-Noon Greehouse
                                                                                                                                       Joan Severa 10AM
may 2004

                              2             3                       4                  5                    6     Newsletter     7      9:00-Noon       8

              Mother’s Day    9           10                       11   Karin’s Tulips 4-6 PM              13                   14      9:00-Noon    15
                                                                        MG Business Mtg 6:30PM –

                             16           17                       18                19      WDOR 93.9FM   20                   21      9:00-Noon    22

                             23           24                       25                26                    27                    28
                                                                                                                                May 29th             29
                                                                                                                                10th Annual
                             30           31                                                                                    MG PLANT

                  Sun              Mon                  Tue                  Wed                   Thu                  Fri                  Sat
                                                                    1                  2                    3                    4                      5
JUNE 2004

                              6             7     7:00 PM Glenn     8                  9                   10                   11                   12
                                                  Spevacek –

                             13           14                       15                16                    17                   18                   19
                                                                                             WDOR 93.9FM

                             20           21                       22                23                    24                   25                   26
              Father’s Day
                                                                             MG TRI-STATE, ST. CLOUD, MN – JUNE 23-26
                             27           28                       29                30
                                                                                                                   Photograph for Bring and Brag-4

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