The Divorce (DOC) by hedongchenchen


									                                           The Divorce

        “Divorce is canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage between two people”

(Wikipedia).   Nowadays, the percentages of people who are getting divorce are increasing. There are

several factors that lead to divorce such as poor communication, financial problems and infidelity.

        Poor communication is one of the most important factors that create problems in any

relationship most importantly between partners. There are several reasons that could cause lack in

communication between spouses. One of these reasons is that couples have busy life so they don’t

see each more than couple of hours a day. Moreover, respect can lead also to poor communication

when spouses don’t respect each other when they talk. Furthermore, when couples have different

mentality they have different opinions about life.

        One of the common causes of problems between couples is money. Money is one of the

factors that spouses should talk about to avoid any conflict. Sometimes one of the spouses work

and the other doesn’t. Moreover, one of them might be spender while the other is saver.

Furthermore, couples might have different financial priorities.

        Based on the reasons listed before, in addition to some other reasons Spouses start cheating.

Some of the reasons are coming from out of reach expectations about marriage, sexual interest and

marriage life become in routine.

        In conclusion, if couples want to find a middle ground and solve their marriage they have to

understand the causes of their problems. Studying the reasons of their problems will help them in

evaluate their relationship and hopefully avoid situations that can create divorce. Finally, in my

opinion a successful marriage requires effort from both husband and wife and with trust and

respect they should be able to work through their problems.

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