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					Dear friends

Here is a free download song THE BOSS that I want to share with you and all your friends and all their friends.
Why Do I call this track the boss? A lot of men in the world are currently going through difficult times facing
matters such as earth quakes, financial crisis, Loss of a job, foreclosure, illness, divorce and many other difficult
circumstances. Most often all these things make a man feel less than a real man. I myself have gone through this
and know how you feel like a looser when you lose friends and a position that you once had. The problem is when
men are down a lot of things and people suffer because men are mainly the leaders of this society.

That’s why I wrote this song one to encourage the men all over the world to rise up again and go out there and
battle to stand because we are champions. Secondly this chorus should be a chant of men saying that they are
the bosses of the circumstances they face and not the other way around. Thirdly I want to give a tool that brings
hope to the real woman who got a vision of lifting up their fallen warriors. This men or boys may be a father a
brother a cousin an uncle, a son a boy friend or even a husband who needs to hear it said to them you’re the boss
that means you’re responsible to make a change. Fourthly the sad thing is that most men do not talk about their
feeling and problems like the women do, we normally swallow this staff inside us and do not admit we need help. I
hope this song will Give light to the world around you as you play it to let people know where you are let the song
speak for its self to show what we men are going through. Last but not least I hope this song encourages the
men to a point that they arise by them singing the chorus and saying I am the boss baby my life is so amazing
that they can believe in themselves once again even if the world around them screams that they are losers. I also
honestly hope that the women as men will echo the same message back to us yes you’re The Boss and you will
make it. This word he is THE BOSS mean a lot especial when it comes from a woman you love or respect. In
other words she is saying get back up and handles your business be the man you’re meant to be.


Let this song be the chant of MEN, BOYS, WOMAN and GIRLS all around the world that are feeling like they are
nothing and are losers, no you’re a winner THE BOSS. Please help me spread the word of this free song and the
soon coming music video. Please also send it to all your friends in face book and ask them to share it with all their
friends. With your help we can make a difference and help spread positive Message and lift men from the place
they currently are. Join the boss street team and help spread the word around get flyers, posters and order T-
shirts and help promote this song this message. You can also support the movement by spreading this song with
the idea behind it through email and face book and ask all your friends to send people to download this song for
free. PS SEND THEM TO THE LINK. You can also donate to support Still Standing The Movement.


God bless you




Chorus : I am the boss baby X 3

My life is so amazing

Verse 1: All my life have been looking for the better days¨

On my knees praying to God please show me the way¨

You can see it in my eyes am a hustler

Story telly man not your customer

You try to put me in a box it don’t feet me

A lot of struggles in my life so realise me
I have been through drama i have been hell

And that’s the reason why I got to live my life well

Verse 2:

You came from the bottom so baby don’t stop

The way to the top is not down slop

You see its way hard to sky fly high

Where the eagles glide it’s not an easy ride

Unless you pay the price you never get to rise

You want to win the prize you want to live your life

So let’s ride baby until the sky baby.

Verse 3

One life you got make it really hot

Let them haters talk and you just do the walk

They be down hating and you be down dating

Destiny related dreams motivated you can reach the sky

Flap your wings and fly from the devils lies you don’t have to die

This is your time let your light shine

Make it your rhyme I am pretty fine

This is what you say in these difficult times

I am a soldier am survivor

Like I told you am a driver

Through the difficult time stormy weather

I keep my head up forever and ever

Through the help of God am Still Standing

am Still Standing

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