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					                             East Grand Forks Blue Line Club
                            General Meeting February 21, 2007

Meeting called to order by Mark Cowger @ 8:00 pm

Members Present: Troy Pecka, Mike Lukasz, Mark Cowger, Brenda Konze, Linda Peterson,
Nick Bowen, Randy Galstad, John Egeland, Janna Swanson, Loren Abel, Brian Aubol, Lori
Wolff, Mark Dragich, Bruce Nelson, Chad Grassel, Matt Fore, Jason Hearn, Brent
Lindstrom, Tim Phillips, Steve Olson, Troy Norman, Roberta Stengl, Rhonda Olson, Jay
Hodny, Buzz Olson, Rick Galstad, Drew Mortenson, Dave Peterson, Jim Enright, Dave Aker,
Tom Piche’, Jim Stengl, Rod Hajicek and Peggy Hajicek.

Prior Minutes-motion to approve by Loren Abel, 2nd by Lori Wolff, motion Carried.

Treasurers Report-Linda Peterson gave report. Motion to approve by Lori Wolff, 2 nd by Jim
Enright, motion carried.

Gaming Report-Roberta gave report and discussed the gaming operations sweep. The items
that BLC was cited for were: invoices not on site, defacing pull tabs, checks in money bag
and the football pool. This is a long process and all items were out of our control. Roberta
also reported that from the Cash Give Away the boys had $3270 available and have $2271
left to spend and the girls had $1270 available and have $75 left to spend.

Concessions Report-Brenda reported that things have been going great and we need
everyone to pitch in for Sections.

Old Business:

Raffle Update-Loren reported that all books are out and approximately 60 tickets have
been sold.

Membership-a list of all players who are not BLC Members will be receiving a newsletter and
a membership form in the mail.

BLC Arena: 1st scheduled practice this year was on January 17 th, we need to explore the
option of artificial ice. Mark discussed the preliminary proposal figures. (see attached)
Motion was made to explore options and proceed to the city council. Also agreed that in the
event that the Moorhead equipment becomes available that the board can act on that
Motion 1st by Jim Enright, 2nd by Rick Galstad. Motion carried.

Fundraising: We are committing $100,000 from BLC funds to start the fundraising process.
Motion made by Loren Abel, 2nd by Brian Aubol. Motion carried.

Fundraising Committee will consist of: Chad Grassel, Jim Scanlan, Tony Palmiscno, Rick
Galstad, Loren Abel, Randy Galstad, Buzz Olson, Jeff Bowen, Bruce Nelson & Mark Cowger.
New Business:

Board-there are positions open on the board. Nominations will be made at the March 21 st
meeting and elections will be at the April Meeting.

Ultimate Fighting-we now have 3 dates scheduled-April 21st, September 22nd & a possible
date in August.

CALP-Community Advantage Leadership Program. Rick Galstad came to let everyone know
that the next meeting will be March 13th. Community meeting to come to give ideas to
improve the EGF Community.

Peanuts-Lori Wolff requested 2 free hockey clinics instead of 1 as they have 26 teams
coming. Motion made by Loren Abel, 2nd by Scott Selk, motion carried.

PeeWee B’s-Steve Olson requested funds for the PeeWee B team to attend the Supra’s
Classic Tournament March 16-18. Motion made by Steve Olson, 2 nd by Mark Dragich, motion

Hockey School-Jim Enright reported that the hockey school flyers have been printed and

Parks & Rec-Dave requested a pizza party for Mites & Peanuts on March 6th, 10U on March
8th and Squirts on March 20th. He also requested plaques for PeeWee, Bantams, 12U & 14U.
He also requested $200 for year end party for the coaches.
Motion made by Mark Cowger, 2nd by Troy Pecka, motion carried.

Section 8 Tournament-Jim reported that due to a misprint on the hats, we were able to get
them for a significantly reduced price.

Request to approve $1500 for Wolfridge. Motion made by Brian Aubol, 2 nd by Bruce Nelson.
Motion Carried.

Next meeting-March 21st 8:00 at the American Legion Club

Submitted 2/22/07
By Brenda Konze, Secretary
EGF Blue Line Club

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