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                         j   s5

                                   STARTING THIS YEAR

                              THE SOMERHILL SKI CAMP!

       From December, 1993 through April of 1994, David Littlejohn
and   Richard       Cowen,     two-year   veterans          of    Camp Somerhill,             will

be    holding   a    special winter ski camp program.                       Food,          lodging

and    nightly       entertainment        wil!        be     provided,          as     wel!     as

professional instruction in skiing and snowboarding.
       Transportation will be provided to Gore Mountain,                                a maj or
skiing attraction, thirty miles from Somerhill.
       Somerhil!      ski    camp wil! be available weekends                         and school

breaks, including Christmas.

       Group    sizes        are    limited,     so        sign    up     early       to     avoid

disappointment.          For       reservations,       call       David    or        Richard    at
(518) 623-3890.

                              SEE YOU ON THE SLOPES!!!
      Another great summer,             gone but not      forgotten.    How could

we ever      forget    the   new skills we       learned,      the new friends we

made, the new adventures we found?
      White water rafting, canoeing, sWimming, sailing, softball,

soccer,   tennis,       golf,     the   list goes on and on.        Special trips

to   Montreal,        Saratoga,     Great   Escape,. Sacandaga      Lake,   and    so
many other places.           Climbing mountains and hiking through woods.

Special overnights on Lake George.                    Creating new treasures       in

the shops,     sharpening our skills and learning to do new things

we   never    dreamed     of before.        Ski ts,   plays,    talent nights and
those special "Special Nights".

      Somerhill,       1993.      Two months     that went all too fast,          yet

crowded with      so many experiences,           and memories that will last
throughout our lives.

      What could be better?              Maybe just one thing.         See you all
in Somerhill, 1994!


                                         ~7 Larry
                       SOMERHILL, 1993
                       Editorial Staff
Marc Goldstein                Leonie v. Lindeiner
Jennifer Walsh                Angela Hewitt
Mike LaRiviere                Sean Loughlin
Heidi Dorffman                Shari Cohon

                       Photography Crew
Angela Hewitt                 Leonie v. Lindeiner
Heidi Dorffman                Ani ta Loughlin
Alejandra Tapia               Carlos Ugarte

Marc Goldstein                Justin Brill
Leonie v. Lindeiner           Jennifer Walsh

Justin Brill                  Jared Comis
Darren Green                  Mike LaRiviere
Elyse Loughlin                Sean Loughlin
Ray Perlner                   Chris Ragan
Wendy Scher                   Cheryl Sciacco

 Brian Bartling               Justin Brill
 Rachel Brill                 Shari Cohon
 Sarah Donnely                Heidi Dorffman
 Alexandra Enteen             Gabriel Felber-Glick
 Darren Green                 Sean Josephs
 Rachel King                  Joep Knol
 Jin-Ha Lee                   Peter Leontiev
 Christina LaRivlere          Mike LaRiviere
 Leonie v. Lindeiner          Kelsey Loughlin
 Sean Loughlin                Kenji Nagamatsu
 Chris Nussbaum               Danny Nutman
·Charlotte Plantin            Shanan Platt
Robin Postma                  tiEl" D. Pugh
Wendy Scher                   Michael Singer
Sam Tennenbaum                Jeffrey Todd
                                            By Marc Goldstein
      lt's   been     too   many    years     that    I 've been away.      I       first
saw   Somerhill      in   1972,    and   then    again in 1979     through          1982.
And then I left again.   And here it is, 1993, and l'm back.
lt's great to be home.
     Astrange place, a wonderful place, a place held together
by Larry Singer, by counselors from all over the world, by kids
who are learning to be free in a constructive way.                  Held together
by games of tether balI and hikes and arts and crafts and sports
and trips     all over the area - and people.                  The most wonderful
people l've ever met.
     I don't completely understand the magic myself, even af ter
all these years, and even though I know I' ve made some of that
magic myself.        But I know it's magic.
      Somerhill is a bearded man with a hu ge dog and a soft voice,
who somehow holds together what could easily be chaos. Somerhill
is a little kid crying for love, and finding it in many places.
Somerhill is two boys who are best friends at breakfast, enernies
at lunch, and best friends again before dinner.    Somerhill is
a campfire run by kids, who just decide to do something.
Somerhill is a water fight started by counselors, on a rainy
day   when   everyone       is    depressed     and   bored.    Somerhill       is    all
of us, and Somerhill is me.
     Eleven years!   How could I wai t 50 long? When everything
has go ne downhilI 50 far for me that I feIt I couldn' t see the
earth any more, I' ve always somehow come back here.      lt was
the only way.    Somehow, I can re charge my batteries here, and
everything is okay again.
      I   haven' t    spent the whole summer here this time.                    1    just
couldn 't. But when I first arrived, I got up at dawn, and
watched the sun rise over the mountains.  And as I listened
to the birds and the insects, and the first stirring of campers
eager to greet the new day, I 'm sure I heard the wind through
the trees whisper "Welcome home."
             -        -       -

                 11       d
             •                d
        .:                        e   II   I   y

                                                   I   a
                                                           S   t
                                                                   (.-, t"-I~
                                                                   ; ... ,
                                                                   ....      ~.

                                                   by Ariana Wohl

        The    element        of    Camp Somerhill that strikes a                  new camper

the     hardest       is     the     strong     cultural      diversity.      Campers       and

counselors alike come from all corners of the world, from Korea
to Canada,          from Australia to Holland,                from Russia to Colombia,
and everywhere in between.                    It is wonderful to witness the rich
mixture of languages, actions and ideas.
        It    is     common    on     an    average     day for     customs and stories
to be        told by natives from different lands.                        For example, one

afternoon an Israeli counselor and an American camper exchanged

and reviewed the requirements for each of their national armies.
At     another       time,     a    French     camper     demonstrated       the    greetings
used    in     her    country.            Constantly,    languages        are being taught

around       th~    camp.     It is not unusual to hear French words spoken
with an Australian accent,                    or an American attempting a Hebrew

phrase,       or a     Korean learning Spanish.                  It 's very amusing,        but
it's     very       important,        because      it   proves    communication         between
different          people     can    be     achieved    and   improved      with    a    little

        At Somerhill,          the differences do not matter,                  as    everyone     ..
blends        and    enjoys         the     same   activities       and    food     together.
International friendships develop quickly and are quite common.
The cultural diversity is a very positive part of life at Camp
Somerhill, and hopefully, it always will beo
                                        CAMP TRIPS

                                    A TRIP TC THE BEACH
                                                   by Mike LaRiviere

                  This summer of '93, we went to the beach.

            Everyone          had    fun.         We   built        sand    castles ,

            and    one    person        built a         giant        sand castIe.

            We caught          fish    and saw sea gulIs.                    We    saw

            boats       and    ducks        and    lots    of       sand.     We at

            peanut       but ter       sandwiches          and        drank       Kool

            Aid and water.

                                A TRIP TO GREAT ESCAPE
                                                   by Christina LaRiviere

      We   went    to    the        Great    Escape       on       July    3rd.     It was   fun.
I   got lost,     and then I was found.

                                                                ,                                   I
                                          MY FIRST DAY AT CAMP
                                                       by Rachel King

        I        liked the          first    day of camp.          It was lots of fun,     and

I   made some friends.                      The first camper I       met was Marteen.      She
is really nice.                 I    am in Fonda 2,          and there are a lot of nice
people in my bunk, although 1 don't like being in a bottom bunk.

        At        the       evening activities, we played gambling games.                  The

first        game       I    played was         poker,   and   I   had fun.   When we went

back        to    the       bunk,    I    got      to know all the campers.         Af ter that
we talked, and then went to sleep.                           1 had a really good night.

                                             ARTS AND CRAFTS
                                                       by Sara Donnelly

        I        like arts and crafts the best, because when I leave camp

I' 11 have memories to bring home wi th me.                             You can make a lot

of things in arts and crafts like a necklace, a bracelet, signs
for     the       camp,       or a        tissue     paper collage.       You can talk with

your        friends          while       you' re    making   something.     Arts and crafts
has    helped me              to be more           creative and artistic.       I    love arts

and crafts more than anything else in camp.


                                               ..... •...
                                                        ,     -   .~            .J

      C:::::''..--. _ _

          "'--c .'        J'                            ---- --
  (         , '.                                              1
, I

  \ ~'                     \
                               \                                       , I
                                                                       ~   ..

                   THE TRIP TO THE GREAT ESCAPE
                                by Gabriel F. Glick
             The Great EScape is a really neat place,
                     As I could see that day,
          We twirled and whirled and had a great time,
                   And went every possible way,
        On the rides, which went up, down, right and left,
                      And were a lot of fun,
                   My favorite was the Skylab,
                      But when we were done,
                   I was glad to get back here,
                   To the neat Camp Somerhill,
               I thank them for that awesome trip,
                 It's definitely worth the bill.


                               THE BIKE RIDE TO TUE WATERFALL
                                                      by Darren Green

       On August 6, Sometime af ter lunch, Joep and Peter organized
a    bike ride to the waterfall.                        It    was a    12 mile ride,              so as

you    can    see,        it    was        very     tiring.     But    all     in    all,        it   was
       I    loved to go speeding down the hills reaching speeds up

to about 30 mph. as you must no, in hills, for every downgrade

in slopes, there's an upgrade, and you know it is tough to bike
uphill.       So     I     think       I     speak     not    only    for    myself,         but      for
everybody, when, I say, I hated ri ding uphill.
       Ani ta came wi th us.                  Along wi th her, she brought her video
camera, but she couldn't tape anything because she had forgotten

to bring a blank video cassette.

       At     the        bottom       of      the     waterfall,      th ere        is   a       natural
waterslide,         where        you       slide     into     the    cold,     mountain           water.
In    the    center       of the waterfall ,             there       is an alcove            •    Inside
here       is a hole,          that' s      about     5 feet deep, and is filled wi th

water. Because it is part of a waterfall, it creates a natural
       Overall,          the bike          r i de   was totally cool!        I      hope I       can go
back sometime in the near future.
                                        TUE JAZZ TRIP

                                                   by Carlos Ugarte

        On    Sunday,    July        25th,    a    group of        11   people went to             the
New Orleans Jazz Festival at the Sara toga Performing Arts Center.
        At 11:15 we were on our way.                      At 12:48, we arrived.               Af ter
we listen to one group, we got the food from the ear and ate.

Af ter we watehed the                 festival      for   awhile,       we went for a walk

along     the   river.         Af ter that,        we went to get iee eream.                   Then

we left.
        This was as very exeiting trip.                       Af ter a while, I started

getting       tired,     but     I    think       everybody       had   fun    at     some point.

The   people      on    the     trip were Alfonso,                Laura,      Jill,    Charlotte,               ~

carlos, Peter, L.D., Shanan, Brad and Shari.                                                               d0-D
                                                                                              ,/' \ !-{ ,/
                                                                                               .         )1,
                                                                                                         dl i

                                     THE ADIRONDACK MUSEUM
                                                   by Mike LaRiviere

        On July    10,1993,             we went to          the Adirondaek Museum.                  We
saw   aetual      plaees       and     homes.        They    had a      real        private   train
and   a      cafeteria    with great          food and drinks.                 We    had a    grea t
Saturday, but the best of all was the gift shop.                                     I bought two

posters       that were one dollar each.                     We    loved the museum,               and
we all give thanks to Larry Singer.

                    I   '
           My namè is Sam Tenenbaum.                 This is my first year at Camp
      Somerhill.        I     like softball and soccer the best.                  I also like
      to practice soccer ·with Joep.                 I    am staying at camp for four
      weeks.   In glassblowing, Danny made me a dog.                     In the wood shop,
      I am making a Yankees book shelf.                   Outside of camp I like white
      water rafting.            I'm going to try out water skiing.                  On trips,
      I like Skateland the best.
..'    ,
                                                                                    ,.... ...
                                                                                                    -   ----
                                                                         .   ~.

                                      ,                  t·-

                                    THE~Y   WE WENT 'l'O THE BEACH

                                                  by Rachel Brill
           When we went to the beach, I had lots of fun.                             I          thought
      it was very funny when Sean Loughlin was singling love songs
      to Chris,     like        "I   will   always   love you".         Chris was yelling
      and saying "Get the &*$*11: off meI"                     I was laughing like crazy
      (obviously,           Chris    wasn't).   Sean       was   just   joking and               trying
      to be funny.           Z'll olwoys remember thot doy ot the beach.
                                                           by Jinha Lee
                                                                                      ~.        oe·)
     On July 4,       1993, we went to Skateland.                               First we rode the
water slides, and we had fun.                              There are two water slides there.
We went down head first.                When we went down, we got an exciting
     Af ter   that,    we   had              dinner.                The   dinner      was     very     nice.

We ate pizza and drank            soda.                      Then we went       to the go karts.
We had fun.     The go karts were very fast.                                We were bumping each

     Finally,    we    went    roller                       skating.       It   was        exciting,     and
the music and lights were fantastic!

                                    THE CAMPFIRE
                                                           by Michael Singer.
     On    Saturday,    July   3rd,                   we had our           first      campfire.         Here
is a very short version of one of the stories Larry told.
     It was the late 1800's or early 1900's, and this guy came
home from work to find his wife, his kid and his dog.                                         He slashed
the dog in the head with his ax.

     The man is dead, but his ghost is still haunting the area.
This man kills families,       a~                 seems to be very close to Somerh1ll.
                                                      ...      ~

                                          ;' c::.,. ..\
                                          .. ~_ ..
                                        ./ ~.. .\( \
                                             /             i'--~\
                               .'   -   -:            ('      --'

"   .~.~~   f'   ~
                              JERROLD SAFRAN

                                            by Sean Josephs, Sean Loughlin
                                              and Shari Cohon

        During the past three years at Somerhill, one man stands
out from the rest.       It is our very own Jerrold Safran.           Jerrold
was born on Jupiter, and was sent to Earth at the age of fi ve,
as punishment for an unknown crime.                He came wi th many others,

and was adopted by Earth parents.
        On Jupiter,   everyone is a gas screen.            They eat dust and
have two popular sports, boxing and racing.              Unlike Earth people,
the people of Jupiter don I t         talk.     They have hand gestures and
body movements instead.           To say Jerrold I s     name is stomp twice
wi th your foot,      slap your thighs, clap two times and fold your
arms.     His girlfriend I s name is two slow steps back and a fast
jump forward.
        Jerrold   certainly   likes     Earth
'~e   like Earth more wi th him on it.
                              "P' /~
                              ~     '"7'C   ~

      fK? ~~# "K~~
                                       'l'BE NBW P'OAL

                                               by Kelsey Loughlin

        My name is Kelsey Loughlin.                   I am going to tell the story
of the new baby horse, Ozzie.                   One day, Jeff Todd asked me if
I   wanted to ride the new baby horse,                           but I            said no,   because
I would break its back, and once the ..~ horse hi t me in the
                                                       \\.   '


                                              ,1-fJ    I

                                               by Rachel King, Rachel Brill
                                                      and Chris Nussbaum
        The    three       of   us   went    down     into        the      woods      this   summer.
That's       where    we    find newts.        We call it Newt City.                         Down at
Newt    City,    we     find     different     kinds         of newts.               Some are big,
some are smalle            Some have dots on their backs, and some don't.
        We     caught       a   lot of      newts,     but we           couldn't        find   food.
That meant we could not keep thern all.                               We kept some, but not
all of them.
        We name the newts different names:                           Dotty, Lucky end Climby.

We named Lucky Lucky because we thought he was going to die.
                                                         by Antonia Florence

               1 Uke glassblowing the best.                    There are many things that

        you can make,            like swans, elephants, cats, dogs and other nice
        stuff.        Glassblowing is very               interesting because you can make

        anything you want             t~.



               '7          7          7      7     QUESTIONS
                                                                    7• 7      ?     '(
    1                                                    by Wendy Scher

                I    think every question has a purpose, except for the ones                            ?
?       that        the    interrogator          already    knows   the   answer     t~.       Some
        questions are asked because of ignorance,                       but others are asked            •

        because       of       denial.       "RhetoricaI"     questions    are    not    actually           ?
?       questions at all,                 but rather statements.        We must decide which                7
        questions need answers, and which do not.                                                           '7.

                To ask a         question is the only way to get an answer.                        If   7
        you do not speak out, you will not be heard.
    "(                     (      (                                                        ?   ?        ?
               (,                                 7 7               ,     .                         I
                                                                                                                                     f.0                             J (' )J"~~
                                                                                                                                     è   !JO J Ju
                                                                                                                                !   '-.J)) i   ;--1
                                                                                                                                                    I       f\   J

                                                                        ,')                                                r/
                                      ,                                                                    /

                                                                       J                         /'

                           j""\       J,/         ,I""        ,""',    '.   "           /   ~!
               ......... \.....       I           t            -            ..,/. . . ~ _

        /---                                              ,
/          /                                  ,I ..
                                                                            (                                      /

                                              /                             "       /
                                          /                                     ~

            'file        first               àay          here              it   was    weirdo          -
                                                                                                 Everyone     was       staring

    at me,          but          as       the          time I.ent by,                    everyone   started   to        talk   to

    me.     I       now have                   friends,                     even in other age groups.               I    have a

    lot of              things           I     can do here,                        so    I' m not going to be able             to

    do everything.                        I    wish I could.

                                 (      ~~ ~   I. '-4..    :   -   , __ ,
                                     ---.":.~'I'I''-'               ,
                                                                                  -- by Kenji Nagamatsu

                i   Ir

~~ '-.'L~,;; I
r           '?\~
                                        ~      .....   -

     --:r                c\
                                     NOR EIN PAAR GEDANKEN
         Das    ist        jetzt     der     dritte     Sommer,       den    ich    hier    im    Camp

verbringe.           Warum komme ich immer wieder zurueck?                               Sommercamps
wie dieses existieren nicht in Deutschland.                                 Wenn ich also einen
Sommer lang als Counselor arbeiten will, muss ich in ein anderes
Land     wie        z.B.    Amerika          reisen.     Camp        an   sich     ist    schon    ein
Erlebnis.           Ausserdem macht es mir Spass zu reisen,                              eine fremde

Sprache        zu    sprechen        und      neue     Leute    kennenzulernen.            Das sind
doch eigentlich genug Gruende, urn naechstes Jahr                                  wiederzukommen,
oder? Wenn irgendjemand von Euch jemals nach Deutschland kommen
sollte, gebt mir Bescheid.

                                       JUST A FEW THOUGHTS
         This ·is now the third summer that I 've been at camp.                                    Why
do   I    always       come        back?      Summer    camps     don' t     exist       in Germany.

So, if I want to work as a counselor, I have to travel to another

country        like        America.          Camp    itself     is    already       an    experience

but I also like to travel ,                      to speak a foreign language and to
meet new people.                   That' s    enough reason in itself to come back
next year, isn't it?                  Whenever any of you should come to Germany,
give me a cal!.

                                                    Leonie von Lindeiner
                                           LA FRANCE

                                                 par Char10tte Plantin
             Les differences ent re La France et Les Etats Unis ne sont
       pas aussi inportantes que vous ne pensez.
             La plupart des hoeurs sont identiques.               En ce qui concerne
       l'a1imentation,       i1 est tres diffic1e,           si ce n' est impossib1e
       de trouver beouf corne et j e11y, mais vous pourrez apprecier
       d'autres mets.
             Vous     avez   probab1ement       d~jA     entendu par1er   de    la    Tour
       Eiffe1, des c(lèbres marques françaises (Chane1, Christian Dior,
       Yves st. Laurent), et des parums.
             Malgr~     tout     il   reste     en     France   une   grand    influence
~~~f,1urue~ricaine en mati~re de cinema, a1imentation vite (MacDona1d's,
       Roi du Bourger) et les sports.


                                                 by Char10tte Plantin
             The differences between France and America are not as big
       as you may think.         Most of the habits are simi1ar.
             Regarding the food, it's very difficu1t or a1most impossible
       in France to find corned beef or jelly, but you wil1 be ab1e
       to appreciate other de1icacies.
             You have probab1y already heard about the Eiffel Tower,
       the   famous     French    labels      (Chanel,    Christian Dior,      Yves    St.
       Laurent), and the perfumes.
             But in France, there is a big American influence in movies,
       fast food (MacDona1d's, Burger King), and in sports.
, .......           r··.~                ,.'
_ ~. ...... .,' J.' " . .' '-.. . ' . . : .      ~ 'R;c.,..,~~'..
".f~"l"'~'~          ......,......      ,"Iia:
                              by "EL" Douqlas Puqh
               Doing the lifeguard drown
                 In and around the town
               Keepin' the I self afloat
                  Is by no means remote
                    Control to Rand B
                          And soul
                     Rhythm and blues
                   If we choose to use
               Or not yous guys and gals
                       Foes or paIs
                     A little of this
               A little of that mo back
            Right back on the last track
                      Jazzy jan jack
                       Lyric 0' mack
                       Crack is wack
                       No slack Jack
                I remember Freddie Mack
                         Life buoy
                         Ring buoy
                         Here catch
                     Urban bay watch
                       Second batch
                    Re up? What a cup?
           Like you don in the locker room
                     Bride and groom
                    And then the tomb
              zoom, I'd 11Ke to !ly away
                        To freedom
                       Jah seed dem
                     Flow of the pen
                Then where you're going
                    Is where you been
     lsaac FeitIer: l think l have bronchitis.
     Jacob FeitIer: NO, you can't see my drums.
     Gabriel Felber-Glick: l'm not like other boys.
     Maya Felber-Glick: Hi, Damon; You go girl!
     Alejandro Forez: Shut up, man!
     Jill Frank: Dude!!
     Johan Galanek: Shut the damn up!
     Diane Gerena: Kelli!
     Darren Green: Can l get a day off? l always serve!
     Amanda Grossman: What is the matter?
     Daniel Guadagnoli: a-BalI; Q-Ball.
     Bradley Hartman: we're not ClT's, we're SlT's.
     Carlos Johnson: lt's too spooky.
     Sean Josephs: You schmo.
     Matthew King: Make me.
     Rachel King: l want to be a boy!
     Manuel Kovacevic: Don't touch me!
     Christine LaRiviere: Dave, will you dance with me?
     Mike LaRiviere: I didn't do it! Awesomest!
     Helen Larochelle: I like it when people wear their hats
     Jin-Ha Lee: Holy cow!!! lee cream.
     Marc-Andre Lefebure: So cool! So cool!
     Ben Lef tin: What the ?#$* I
     George Leontiev: You friggotl
     Elyse Loughlin: Let's play cards.
     Kelsey Loughlin: I need Nuny.
     Sean Loughlin: Shut up ass munch!
     Gill Malek: Cool beans.
     Daria Masullo: Do you know what Darren just said to me?!
     Chris Nussbaum: Everything's going to be okay.
     Erika Osbeck:You first.
     Arayel Osborne: Boo did I scare you.
     Ray perlner: My arm, you broke my arm!
     Charlotte Plantin: Really pretty.
     Shanan Platt: Hey babe.
                         FAMOUS QUOTES

      Emily Adams: That was so much fun!
      Paul Alvarez: This is music.
      Emily Aptekar: Get your hand out from in between my legs.
      Marteen Ayala: That's funky.
      Michael Baladjay: stop it, Johann.
      Brian Bartling: That which does not kill you only makes
you stronger.
      Mark Batelli: Anarchy.
      Rachel Bennett: I don't want to do that; it seems boring.
      Nicholas Benson: Why, I su ck at tetherball.
      Laura Berkowitz: Hiii! Alea, whenever you're around you
make me feel like &*(#.
      Martin Boutin: Where's Emily?
      Jason Brauer: WeIl, hello there, Ariana.
      Justin Brill: Shinobi!
      Michael Brown: Are you sure?
      Joey Cerra: Everything is going to be okay.
      Shari Cohon: Robin, Robin
      Adam Comis: You know who did it.
      Jarad Comis: I know who did it.
      Charles Cote: Qui?
      Joseph Crennan: Joe and Lauren forever, I hope.
      Kelli Crennan: That's so cool!
      Veronica Davis: That's not fresh.
      Justin Dobson: That's not how you play tetherball.
      Kirsten Dobson: Homosexuality.
      Louis Donelly: But we asked for the laser guns. We should
get to play the whole time.
      Sara Donnelly: Explain love to me, Chuck.
      Heidi Dorffman: Shut up!!!
      Matt Dorffman: Want to come out here and say that to rny
      Alexandra Enteen: Duuuuuude!
      Lauren Enteen: Peace people.

Joep:     Co me on, man!

Jill:     That's a piece of work.
Chip:     Damon, get off your lazy *&& and do some work!

Angela:     Don't squeeze the tubes!
El D:     Don't git it messed up.

Leonie:     Yo, guys •••

Bernie:     Hello, Somerhill!

Sandy C.:        You have a package in the main office.

Robin: I'm so glad Jory is not here.

Dave:     You're a wanker, I reekon.

Rich:     I reekon.

Chris:     Trails are for pussies.

Mike: Back to the boonks.
Ale:     Hi, I'm especial from Mexico.
Sharni:     No worries mate.        Everything will be alright.

Danny:     How's life?

Terrence:        You're coocoo!     Shroomed.

Franklin:        Wake up!I!!

Damon:     I'm off.

Larry:     Let me see your eyes.

Peer:     There are six horses •••
Marina:     Gohrah!     LEESONlil
Marc:     Get out, Oliver.

Kip:     Woof!
     Leo Pollok: Marteen, you bloody cow.
     Cesar Riquelme: Leave me alone.
     Francois .Rousseau: Let I s play the guitar.
     Marc-Antoine: It's not me.
     Wendy Scher: I dunno
     Oliver Schwartz: oon't call me O.J.!
     Cheryl Sciacca: There are seven words you can't say on
     Michael Singer: Food, food, food!
     Melinda Skiar: Are you okay?
     Sharon Skiar: I'm a teenage fart.
     Robert Smith: Silivren penna miriel, 0 mennar aglar
     Sam Tennenbaum: I don't have to clean up at home.
     Jeff Todd: I'm a pussy!!l
     HIllary Towbin: I worship Jenn!
     Richard Vallee: You no have the right!
     Alea Vorilla: No justice for pillow snatchers
     Patricia Wagner: Oh my God, get him away from me!
     Jennifer Walsh: Oh my God, that's 50 the motts!
     Ariana Wohl: All right.
     Cheryl Woo: Where's Oanny, I fee I the need the need to

                          Combination Quotes
     Alea/Emily: So do you end your days with me, or do you
send him to his grave?; Get out here, you skanky wench You have
ten seconds to make us laugh, entertain us!
     Ben/Marteen: "Oh weIl."
                  "Oon't you ever say anything but oh weIl?"
ON   'BoYS (..AH1'(;5
                        11\1~ ~1          51t«E 'bl'Ri.
                        G:l IN 1'1\.      ~ ~i.
                        CLUB lOG,         IT VDl\.O iE ~
                        UMtJa.'STtlIj) ~ SIl'lolt \(()i 'tb
                         IT I'I~~        \/SE 1\€$
                         ~Et> .....rot9~

                        DO YOU REMEMBER • • •

Hello, Somerhill!!!!!!I!?
Alea getting a brush stuck in her hair for six hours?
The murder mystery game?
Marc getting a shave and a haircut for the overnight?
Going to the baseball game in Glens Falls?
The overnight hike in Whitman 3?
The boat ride on the Minne Ha-Ha?
The CIT hunt and all the dances?
Toasting marshmallows at the campfire?
Watching the New York City Ballet and the jazz festival at SPAC?
Overnight canoe trips?
The Great Escape?
Country music at Skateland?
The CIT trip to Montreal?
The chipmunks living in the nature shack?
Jerrold from Jupiter?
Bike trips to the waterfall?
Baby snakes and the birth of the colt?
The Crane Mountain hike?
White water rafting?
Visiting musicians at the banquet as camp ended?
  wATER                                                      SPOR   I




         . / '-- A.... A-. A./'-....A-.--''   ''-. -'--./

                    '-.....-A- ---"- / ' - .-/'.-_-----:-~
         - - - - - - - - - ------------------.JI

        ---------   '.   ----- --   -   .~.   --

                                                   .. -- -; nf1tr!!/'-

I , ~
                                                                'i   I

Emily Adams: A boyfriend who deserves her.
Paul Alvarez: A silent alarm clock.
Emily Aptekar: A workless summer with CIT privileges.
Marteen Ayala: A day when she can sleep twenty-four hours.
Alex Babbitt: More hairspray.
Michael Baladjay: A place to keep his clothes.
Brian Bartling: A smoking lounge.
Mark Batelli: Real hair.
Rachel Bennett: A shower without a bathing suit on.
Nicholas Benson: A longer hug from Lauren.
Laura Berkowitz: A new pair of bell bottoms.
Martin Boutin: Emily Aptekar.
Jason Brauer: A girlfriend.
Justin Brill: A day without Johann.
Rachel Brill: Losing baby teeth.
Michael Brown: Potato salad.
Joey Cerra: A day without Ray.
Shari Cohon: Another wild night with Mo.
Adam Comis: A personality.
Jared Comis: A glass newt.
Charles Cote: Quelqu'un
Joseph Crennan: A brown wallet.
Kelli Crennan: More teeth.
Veronica Davis: A cute boy.
Justin Dobson: A black belt.
                    CAMP SOMERHILL
                  1993 SURVEY RESULTS


Most Liked:
        Camper:   Lauren Enteen         Marc-Antoine Rousseau
           CIT:   Emily Aptekar         Alfonso Johnson
                  Shanan Platt
     Counselor:   Sharni                Joep

Best Looking:
       Camper:    Sara Donnelly         Florent Moser
          CIT:    Shanan Platt          Alfonso Johnson
     Counselor:   Sharni                Mike
Most Athletic:
       Camper:    Lauren Enteen         Alejandro Florez
          CIT:    Shanan Platt          Alfonso Johnson
     Counselor:   Leonie                Joep
        Camper:   Lauren Enteen         Robert Smith
                  Ariana Wohl
          CIT:    Shanan Platt          Alfonso Johnson
     Counselor:   Leah                  Joep
Most Involved:
       Camper:    Heidi Dorffman        Marc-Andre Lefebure
          CIT:    Shari Cohon           Alfonso Johnson
     Counselor:   Angela                Dave
       Camper:    Mareen Ayala          Marc-Antoine Rousseau
          CIT:    Shari Cohon           Alfonso Johnson
     Counselor:   Sharni                Mike
Biggest Eater:
        Camper:   Alea Vorillas         Mlke slnger
                  Ariana Wohl
          CIT:    Shari Cohon           Jeff Todd
     Counselor:   Sharni                Joep
    Matt King: A straitjacket.
    Rachel King: A new brother.
    Manuel Kovacevic: Manners.
     Dayna Laney: A different bunk.
     Philip Laney: More candy.
    Christine LaRiviere: A tetherball lesson.
    Mike LaRiviere: An attention span.
     Helen Larochelle: A permanent bed.
     Jin-Ha Lee: Toe-shoes.
     Marc-Andre Lefebure: A marachino cherry.
     Ben Lef tin: A trip to Jupiter.
     George Leontiev: A muzzle.
     Elyse Loughlin: A pair of water shoes.
     Kelsy Loughlin: LOCKlin.
     Sean Loughlin: Terrence's firm buttocks.
     Tricia Magner: Nick and Sean's secrets.
     Gil Malek: A trip to Italy.
     Allison MantelI: A pencil.
     Daria Masullo: A rock of her very own.
     Holly McGraw: Fonda.
     Florent Moser-Verrey: A camp where he can smoke where and
when he wants.
     Chloe Myard: A nap.
     Kenji Nagamatsu: A sumo coach.
     Senichi Nagamatsu: A feather.
     Lauren Nopulos: A new tennis racket.
     Chris Nussbaum: Lopez' ashes.
Kirsten Dobson: Her own hotel.
Louis Donnelly: Another laser gun.
Sara Donnelly: Fish food.
Heidi Dorffman: A microphone of her very own.
Matt Dorffman: A brother.
Alex Enteen: A room of her own.
Lauren Enteen: One boyfriend at a t"ime.
Isaac Feitler: A good suggestion.
Jacob Feitler: A new set of drums.
Gabriel Felber-Glick: A room filled with Mad and Cracked.
Maya Felber-Glick: A new hairdo.
Antonia Florence: A puppy.
Alejandro Florez: An ant farm.
Jill Frank: A day without losing anything.
Johann Galanek: A schmekel.
Darren Green: A class a elocution.
Reggie Griffin: A new nickname.
Amanda Grossman: A horse.
Daniel Guadagnoli: A fake I.O.
Brad Hartman: Weight.
Ross Hersh: Acting lessons.
Nicholas Hindy: A shoelace.
Alfonso Johnson: A new drawing pad.
Sean Josephs: A $60.00 check.
Brian Kaufman: A new pair of Umbros.
Yoko Kawashima: Apple pie.
Georgia Kellogg: A giraffe.
Alea Vorillas: A new round hairbrush.
Jennifer Walsh: The rocking chair on the stage poreh.
Ariana Wohl: Paper clips.


Dave: A van that works.
Rich: A new white water raft.
Robin: A life-time supply of coffee.
Chris: A real beard.
Murat: A new weight beneh.
Angela: A new TV theme to listen to.
Ale: A new cake spatuIa.
Sharni: More horse trails.
Leonie: A talIer boyfriend.
Jill: A T-shirt.
Larry: Our attention.
Bernie: A new assistant.
Liz: A job.
Sandi: A spare set of phone wires.
Sandy: A new set of cloth paints.
Terrence: Boxing gloves.
Franklin: A bullhorn.
Chip: A new gas stove.
Jerrold: A ticket back to Jupiter.
Marc: An overnight on Crane Mountain.
DeWitt: A new pipe.
Erika Osbeck: Alex.
Arayel Osborne: A mermaid.
Ray Perlner: A life.
Charlotte Plantin: A husband.
Shanan Platt: A day off.
Leo pollock: D&D dice.
Cesar Riquelme: A sense of humor.
Sean Robie: Another ONYX C.D.
Francois Rousseau: A Christmas tree.
Marc-Antoine Rousseau: Diane.
Brian Ruzzier: A World Series pennant for the Yankees.
Wendy Scher: Self-esteem.
Oliver Schwartz: A hamburgIer.
Cheryl Sciacca: Comedy Central.
Daichi Senoo: A whoopi cushion.
Michael Singer: A friend.
Melinda SkIar: A silent sleep.
Sharon SkIar: A piece of wood.
Robert Smith: An Elvish dictionary.
Andrew Straub: Pharmaceuticals.
Matt Straub: A moosecock.
Sam Tenenbaum: A maid.
Jeff Todd: Kitty litter.
Laura Towbin: More books.
Julie Vallee: Canada.
Richard Vallee: Fried onions.
Felix Veins: A new cap.
Damon: Respect.
Mike: Campers that listen.
Joep: Elevator shoes.
L.O.: A clear swimming pool.

Laura: Self-cleaning laundry.
Jeff: Another chin.
Shanna: An older boyfriend.
Peter: A symphonic orchestra.
Marina: A chemistry set.
Anita: Her own pack of cigarettes.
Stan: A razor.
Ronni: A malI to herself.
Cindy: More tylinol.
Leah: A car.
Bruce: Salt and Pepper
Danny: A new set of jokes.
            ;    (
      IJ    Lf' ".
                 'I   t··I.(L

Ch\1~y'\t' I_I
       ...                    ....

       • f,
• 1.          ~

  .'   ',
                     ~    '


   ." ..,
   ..... .."
MitMtl   ~,er­
                 ~ttrl- Srni th

                                         ~ft1f\vti'ln /AruL ;_-~
                                             J              •         ~~


                \Oerj I &.i~                     AI\i50n ~k \\

       .•   ~m6)
   fit    G                        &.---..

~~-:~J<?w6@î(iJ                                                      Ar&fel   OS~rYle
 !licK."'" ~+

       . . .~           ;   ,'\or


~.                                  .-

~~;.       .lIl/nAl,.
                                    ,~         rft,
'1 ,Mr /(f1J~                       /0:. <:;/"'1> N ~ 1)fl'). ·d<. ~ H   11 \. V4r/r I"'(-\.t'\
} I-
                      The essentia! element
              ;\\1ER1C;\ /\:\D           i\BRO:~D

                            .. c..    • ..
                            ti: ....~:
                               ..  ~.
                                                                          .let it be ,mate
  Whatson                   ISN'T IT FUN


                           REVEALS HER
                                                                 I Remember: eosy does it
 .,        ~:.

JUS! !he beginning
         'V\( I

                                               -r       ... ,.       ,. .             .'
                                                    ~   I -\.    .... ,   v'... ../1.. ~,'~
                                               RUN                            \
                                               THE PACK
                                                                         II I                  1'"( ,. \ \ ,\ \ ti·',
                        '- (. \.A"-I...I'.

                                                                                         .[ (i .Á.''\ ".).ft "''1,,

     "vi;: ( .'\ L ( ... oI/J


 r                  '
rl 'iC    0");;'"   ~'c(\nJ'Î
                          . >,
                         '0: /   ,
                                                                                           ..           ?
 /:)                             ,
                                                                                           ,     /
                                                                                           I.-J k'
                                                                                                                            ...        ,,-"   . \   Ir,   4

\ti                                  '-   , '. ( \'   ...
                                                            •   \   I'   ' .... ',   I
                                                                                                                       ,   . .    I.   ·.JI

                                                                                                                                  1.>" "
         SAIJPY   c.

                                                                                                         d getaway

                                    ~.t   ft....   ·F-lh'"   ,.   "       .

                                    ~. --,,-!E.~~ui~1
                                    ~ };!!,!~~,!-l::~ON 1
                                             k. ( tIn -t" C:. '" r,1.. A,...
          comes from the                                                                                 look relaxed
          inside out
                                                                                                 - i         !   !r '.
                                                                                                                             I .

     1--'•. J   .      f. " ' l

                                                                                                   rising waYs .
                                                                                             . SUd~ith spontanett)'
                                                                                         ml xe

                                                                                                       HAVE A PROBLEM?

                                  You KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING

                                    .... \    ,                       I       .J •.   I '.
                                           . , ... :!I •
                           .   .:-:
                                                                         .               ",            .       :-t.;"'.-

!'i.:~:~<' .'. f...~:   ,,~,   '-,   ',~     ~~-~.,   ;,;:l';.,Q,{'::I. :..-....   4).. .F.!f' ,.   ',- ..,... ".,   w

         BIOS 'N
    DDRE SSES                                                                                          G:: OTwO
                                                                                                               G(è&'l ï

                                                                                                                   ,,21 (';
 \.VArt:iG ·",AlE.
                                                                                                               Gf-Mi êSCA(!;;
  GC i<,4RTS
  Re" il/I. Sf/tTitJ Îi:                                                                                       P.>4 ti €ï(5f>1 C,

                                        ,   I"J         1/
                                                                         ' ). .
                                                                        I1',4J.. G"N i
                                                                                             I   ~'-

                                                                                                 P.<.ep FO~

                                                                                                              -rR lP;
                                            C 1'1
lAl "tTETL SlICle,I                                                           ot                 FR.4cruRéD   SIICt9/VM6A
~o l(flaT~,                                 HUNT                            ~L. I QE             FAffZy          "A~G;
Row-R o),qqr,tV,                                  Jr.                       SHow         I   1"t9te-S         (I1&N Iï?IZ,4L
   II</P',                 /~x~'.;L-                    15                                                    ~I

W/lT€R !> .. h)E,           lil. V JA                   'fI1.ENT
     f1'/Q",- e;
                            NRS\.! rr                         5/10";'
<;'C' ;</lRT':>"
ROurP.     SfI.A1I1J~                                         ~-4
     Leah Nutman comes from Israel.      She has been one of our
general counselors, working with other staff members in the
activities where she is most needed.     She has also been trying
to teach us Hebrew.    Leah was a camper for many years wh en she
was younger, and also has one year's experience as a camp
counselor.   She j ust finished school this summer, and is now
joining the Israeli army.
                          Leah Nutman
                          32 Nordaw Street
                          Rehovot, 76242
     Marc Goldstein has rejoined our staff af ter a long absence.
He has been supervising the creative writing and hiking programs
this summer.  In five previous summers, Marc has run a variety
of activities, including leathercraft, guitar teaching, music
and nature studies.   Marc holds a B.A. in English and an M.A.
in Special Education, and has had post-graduate studies in speech
pathology and audiology. He has had experience teaching natural
studies and special education in North Carolina, New York, New
England and Alaska.
                         Marc Goldstein
                         2136 Fifth Avenue, Apt. 1
                         Troy, NY 12180
                         (518) 274-3419
     Marina Kreidina was born in Moscow, Russia.    She attended
the MoscOw Physical Training Institute from 1983 to 1989,
studying management and organization of physical recreation.
She came to the Uni ted States in 1992, together wi th her and
Peter's son George. At camp, she has taught canoeing, gymnastics
and macrame, and has also been a member of our waterfront staff.
                         Marina Kreidina
                         c/o Larry Singer
                         20 Huntley Road
                         Eastchester, NY 10709
     Shanna Stewart worked at various summer camps as a counselor
and theater instructor before she came to Somerhill.         This
summer, she has been supervising our dramatics program. Shanna
attended Florida State Universi ty, studying theater arts, from
1990 to 1992, and graduated this year from Georgia State
University with a degree in education.    She has also performed
on television and in the theater, and has done voice-overs.
                         Shanna Stewart
                         145 Peachtree Park Drive, #7
                         Atlanta, GA 30309
                         (404) 409-9236
     Larry Singer is founder and director of Camp Somerhill.
Larry holds a B.S. and an M.A. in Health and Physical Education,
and an M.A. in Counseling and Guidance.      Before retirement,
Larry was a high school physical education teacher, guidance
counselor and coach. He was also a coach and adjunct professor
in counseling at the college level.
     Lynn Teper Singer is co-director of Camp Somerhill.     She
holds a Ph.D. in Psychology as well as a B.S. and an M.A. in
health and physical education and an M.A. in counseling and
guidance. Currently, Lynn is in charge of the counseling service
at a special education school in the South Bronx.  In the past,
she has been an assistant professor on the undergraduate and
graduate levels in the psychology departments of Long Island
University and Mercy College, as well as a dance instructor
in the Playhouse, with Al Nicholi.
                        Larry and Lynn Singer
                        20 Huntley Road
                        Eastchester, NY 10709
                        (914) 793-1303
     Bruce Singer is the assistant director of Somerhill. Bruce
holds something of a record, having been at Camp Somerhill in
various capacities since the age of two.     Bruce holds a B.S.
in physical education, and teaches that subject in high school.
                        Bruce Singer
                        2220 Burnett Street
                        Brooklyn, NY 11212

     Peter Leontiev has been our music instructor, but you could
also see him on a bike quite of ten.       He was born in the
historical center of Moscow, Russia. He has played piano since
he was    eight and the bassoon since he was sixteen. while
studying at the Moscow Conservatory he started to teach music
on the elementary level.    He has also been playing in symphony
and opera orchestras.    He came to the U. S. to work and study
at Montclair state College in New Jersey.
                         Peter Leontiev
                         c/o Larry Singer
                         20 Huntley Road
                         Eastchester, NY 10709

     Alejandra Tapia is the short, energetic person from Mexico
who taught gymnastics this year.    She also helped wi th sailing
and windsurfing.   Back at home she I s been doing gymnastics for
fourteen years.   This was her first year as a counselor, but
she has been coming to Somerhill since she was eleven. Alejandra
finished school this summer, but is not quite sure what the
future will to bring.
                         Alejandra Tapia
                         Lomas Quebradas #139
                         Mexico City, Mexico 10200
     Richard Cowen and David Littlejohn have both returned to
Somerhill for a second year af ter traveling around the United
States.    This   past  winter,   they  worked as  snowboarding
instructors wi th children in the Rockies • At Somerhill, David
has been in charge of water skiing for beginners and advanced
students, while Richard has been instructing in sailing and
wind-surfing.   They have also both been involved in canoeing,
white water rafting, and a variety of other aquatic activities.
This winter, they will be running a children's ski camp at
                         Richard Cowen
                         David Littlejohn
                         Camp Somerhill
                         Athol, NY 12810
                         (518) 623-3890
         Richard Cowen                   David Littlejohn
         P.O. Box 208, Applecross        25 Honey Tree Place
         Perth, 6153                     Mandurah 6210
         Western Australia               Western Australia

     Francis "Chip" Chamberlain has been our chef at Somerhill
for many years.    He has also been a great help in counseling
camp   "stars".   He holds a B.A.      in psychology from SUNY
Plattsburgh.    He also is presently working on his M.S. in
counseling. At home he deals with children, of ten being a
substance abuse counselor as weIl as a varsity wrestling coach
at Peru Central High School.     He is also interested in music
and all types of sports.     We would also like to extend our
special thanks to Terrence and Franklin, our other cooks.
                         Francis Chamberlain
                         704 Bear Swamp Road
                         Peru, N.Y. 12972
     Danny Nutman has been our glassblowing teacher for many,
many years.   He is a true artist wi th an incredible gift and
skill, not to mention being a great story teller. Danny teaches
chemistry and glassblowing at the Whitesman Institute of Science
in Tel Aviv, Israel.
                         Danny Nutman
                         32 Nordaw Street
                         Rehovot 76242
     Angela and Jane Hewitt came to us from Georgia.      Angela
has been our relaxation, photo, tap/jazz/country dance, ballet
and drama instructor this summer.    She holds a B.F.A. in dance
performance and choreography from Goucher College in Baltimore,
Maryland, and teaching certification in dancing.     She teaches
dance in several different school programs in Georgia.    Angela
has also had counseling experience at several different camps.
Jane is her dog.
                         Angela Hewitt
                         425 West Rutherford Street
                         Athens, GA 30606
                         (706) 613-6329
     Michael Sdika has been teaching basketball and water skiing
this summer.   He was previously a coach of a boys' basketball
team in France.     Michael has recently completed his studies
at the Lycee Campollion in Grenoble, France, and first joined
the Somerhill staff in 1992 as a counselor in training.
                         Michael Sdika
                         2944 rue du petit lac
                         38950 st. Marin le Vinoux
      Sharni James has been the director of our horseback riding
program this summer.     Sharni has been involved with riding
programs for twelve years, and has competed in dressage, cross
country and Australian State show jumping 'championships.     At
home, she works at a horse education center, training horses
and helping kids learn to ride.
                         Sharni James
                         2 Valley Road
                         Mandurah, Perth
                         W. Australia, 6210

     Robin Postma is a Somerhill veteran.     This has now been
his fourth year returning to us from The Netherlands •   Besides
being the boys' he ad counselor he has also been the sailing,
windsurfing, and waterskiing instructor •   He has been on the
Dutch Swim Team for four years and enjoys the water very much.
Robin just graduated from college, having majored in marketing,
and will join the Dutch army in the fall.
                         Robin Postma
                         Sleuteleloem 21
                         8935 RM Leeuwarden
                        The Netherlands
     Jill Rosenberg has also werked in our arts and crafts
program this summer. She holds a B.A. in studio art and a M.S.
in education.  Jill lives and works in New York City. She has
great ideas, and when in need of a proj ect your best bet is
to go to her.
                        Jill Rosenberg
                        102-00 Shore Front Parkway
                        Rockaway Park, NY 11694
      Elliot "El D." Douglas pugh has been the waterfront director
this summer. He li yes in New Jersey but he is an African. "El
D." hashad vast experience working with children.     He has been
a   lifeguard since 1964, worked wi th various youth camps, and
been an af ter school coach for 24 years. El D. is a graduate
of Emerson College, and holds a B.A. from Jersey City state
College. Since 1974 he has been the he ad of a performing arts
foundation called "What it Is". Besides all types of aquatic
sports El D. is interested in electronics , biking, drama, and
     Laura A. Dixon has been the ene who stayed up until midnight
sometimes to get our laundry ready. She has also been our nurse
this summer.   Laura has been a nurse for seventeen years.     At
present she is working at We Care Nursing Registry.
                         Douglas pugh
                         Laura Dixon
                         P.O. Box 739
                         New York, N.Y. 10037
     Damon Vorillas has been at Somerhill for six years.     This
is his first year as a counselor.      He has been working at the
pool and teaching basketball.       He finished high school this
summer and is going to attend St. John's University in Queens.
                         Damon Vorillas
                         53 B Harrison st.
                         New York, N.Y. 10013
     Liz Genzer, originally from Germany. has now been at
Somerhill for thirty years.     In previous years she has been
our dietary supervisor, done the laundry, supervised the dining
staff, and filled in for various emergencies like cooking.
This year she has been the menu and dining room consultant and
has been taking i t relati vely easy.    During the year she is
a school aide for the East Meadow School District.
     DeWitt Tremaine is a jack of all trades and a master of
quite a few.   He's the man who fixes camp and makes sure it
stays fixed,   and he has been doing 50 for 18 years. DeWi tt
is a graduate of Skidmore College, with a B.A. in biology.
DeWitt has taught biology, chemistry, and physics. He has also
been a town supervisor and on the County Board of Supervisors.
                         DeWitt Tremaine
                         Star Route 178
                         Stony Creek, NY 12878
     Joep Knol is the tall, athletic counselor from Holland
who has been teaching tennis, golf and ·soccer and has also been
involved with softbalI, volleybalI     and the biking program.
Two years ago he could choose between becoming a professional
soccer player or becoming a physician.     He chose to pursue a
career in medicine and is now studying at the Medical School
in Leuven, Belgium.
                        Joep Knol
                        Mechelsestraat 190
                        3000 Leuven
     Jeffrey Cohon has been at Somerhill for the past four years,
and has been involved with various other camps for fourteen
years.   He has had a variety of jobs here at Somerhill, which
include being in charge of transportation, activity coordinator,
and grounds manager.   He has been an elementary school teacher
for 24 years, teaching the fourth and fifth grades and gym.
     Sandi Cohon has been our secretary this summer. She handles
all themail and packages as weIl as keeping the main house
in order.   Sandi is also in charge of taking phone messages
for all our campers.    She is an elementary school teacher and
is a graduate of Hunter College.    Dne of her favorite pastimes
is arguing, which she does with apassion. Another one of her
favorites is "Days of Dur Lives" which she never misses.
                         Jeff and Sandi Cohon
                         454 Dak Avenue
                         Cedarhurst, NY 11516
     Sandy Rosenberg has been one of our arts and crafts
counselors this summer.      She holds a B.A. and an M.A. in
 art education.   Sandy has been a teacher of art and arts and
crafts for 35 years, and has worked at several other camps before
joining the Somerhill staff.
                         Sandy Rosenberg
                         102-00 Shore Front Parkway
                         Rockaway Park, NY 11695
      Bruce Irwin is another important member of our maintenance
crew.    He is a graduate of Amherst College.       A Native of
Michigan, Bruce has been living in the Adirondacks for many
years. He is a state licensed trapper and insect control agent,
as weIl as a dowser and fly fisherman.   Bruce is a true outdoor
                        Bruce Irwin
                        High Street
                        Athol, NY 12810
     Chris Ragan has been our wood shop instructor this summer,
and has also worked in arts and crafts, nature and hiking.
Originally from California, Chris is about to enter his senior
year at Syracuse University, where he is majoring in art.
                         Chris Ragan
                         5980 Bayhill Circle
                         Jamesville, NY 13078
                         (315) 446-2417
     Stan Daniels is an eighteen-year Somerhill veteran.       He
is a graduate of the City University of New York, and a certified
soccer and tennis coach.    Stan has taught industrial arts n
the past, and now teacher computer science and mathematics.
In previous years, Stan has taught a great number of skills
at Somerhill, and is now working with the maintenance staff.
     Bernie Genzer has also been coming to Somerhill for thirty
years. Before assuming the responsibilities of program director,
Bernie led a great number of camp activities, including biking,
photography,fencing, windsurfing, drama and riflery.        This
is now his fifth year as evening program director. Bernie holds
a B.A. in speech from Brooklyn College and a M.F.A. in Theater
from Boston Universi ty. Before his retirement two years ago,
Bernie taught English, speech and drama, and coached a fencing
team for seventeen years.
                          Bernie and Liz Genzer
                          1575 Dillon Avenue
                          East Meadow, N.Y. 11554
     Anita Loughlin has been the girls' head counselor this
summer.  She has also been involved in the video program.    For
the past six years, she has been a teaching assistant, working
towards her degree at Nassau County Community College and Greene
County Community College.    She has four years' experience in
camp counseling.
                        Ani ta Loughlin
                        P.O. Box 671
                        Cairo, NY 12413

     Jerrold Safran has been working on the Somerhill maintenance
crew for three years now.     He is a native of staten Island,
and has a variety of interests, including sports, animals and
sweet potatoes. Jerrold has also been of great help in providing
a much-needed sense of humor at difficult times.
                         Jerrold Safran
                         284 Martin Avenue
                         staten Island, NY 10314

     Leonie von Lindeiner has been on the Somerhill staff for
three years.  This summer, she has been softbal 1 and vOlleyball
instructor, a lifeguard at the pool, and co-editor of this
yearbook.  At home, Leonie plays on her school volley balI team
and on a softbalI team.   She is about to enter the thirteenth
grade of a humanistic gymnasium in Frankfurt, Germany.    Leonie
is considering the study of art history, perhaps in the United
                        Leonie von Lindeiner
                        Gemuendener Stro 18
                        10699 Frankfurt
    Cindy   Laney   has   been   one   of   Dur   nurses   this     summer.
Originally from Texas, Cindy has moved to New York.               She plans
to return to Texas in the near future.
     Roni Hartman worked in the office this            summer.       During
the year, she teaches in Brooklyn, New York.
ENT EEN LAUREN                     FEITLER ISAAC B                FEITLER JACOi A            FEL8ER-SLm SABRIEL
40B RUTLAND AVE                    080680                         0516B2                     012882
                                   49 CLINTONWOOD OR              49 CLINTONWOOD OR          258 SREAT BARRINSTON RD
NJ 07ób6                           NEW WINDSOR                    HEN WINDSOR                HOUSATONIC
201/833-8949                       NY 12553-7113                  NV 12553-7113              "A 01236
                                   914/565 5507                   9141565-5507               413 274 6202

FELBER-SLIC' "AYA                  FLORENCE ANTONIA               FLORE! ALEJAHDRO           FRANK JILL
256 6T. BARRIN6TON RD              POS 301 400 CIRUS FIELD SCH.   121779                     110779
HOUSATONIC                         IRVINSTON                      59-32 83 ST BSKT           1121 BAL"ORAL DRIVE
KA 01236                           NY 10533                       ELKHURST                   LOUISVILLE
413/274-6202                       914/59H551                     NV 11373                   KV 40205
                                                                  718 779 9328               502-897-5003

SALANH JOHAN                       SREEN DARREN                   SRIFFlN RE66IE             SROSSKAN AKANDA
122185                             032178                         100579                     30 KIL"ER RD
129 HISHVIEW AVE                   34 LYNWOOD OR                  7 HOLLYVALE DR             LARCHKONT
STATEN lSLAND                      EDISON                         ROCHESTER                  NY 10538
Ni 10301                           NJ 08820                       NV 14618                   914/834-8161
718 273 0416                       90B 549 0445                   716 461 5835

SUADAGNOL1 DAN IEL                 HARTKAN BRADLEY                HERSH ROSS                 HINDI NICHOLAS
042178                             101277                         0806BO                     021485
51 KORRIS AVE                      311 WAUKENA AVE                POB 449                    4 A LUTHEAN OR
KALVERNE                           OCEANS1DE                      PAINTED POST               HASHUA
NY 11565                           NI 11572                       NV 14970                   WH 03063
516 599 5084                       516 m 0118                     607 962 6410               603 881 3152

JOHNSON ALFONSO                    JOHNSON CARLOS                 JOSEPHS SEAN               KAUFKAN 8RIAN
1 RAl 1350 AVE OF AMERICAS         01277B                         052181                     082984
NEW VORK                           1 RAl 1350 AVE OF AKERICAS     25 BEAVER BROOK RD         81 ALCOLADE DR.
NV 10019                           NEW VORK                       RID6EFlELD                 SHIRLEY
212 468 250"                       Ni 10019                       CT 06877                   NV 11967
                                   212 46B 2500                   (2031790-7690              516 281-0013

OB0783                             012884                         022082                     032282
3 DEEPWOODS LA                     305 RIVERSIDE OR .5C           VAIL RD RR 1 BOl 2953      VAIL RD RR 1 80X 2953
OLD SREENWICH                      HEN VORK                       8ENNINSTON                 BENNINSTON
CT 06870                            H'T'   10025                  VT 05201                   VT 05201
203 698 1463                        212 316 2908                  802 447 0583               802 447 0563

KOVACEVIC KANUEL                   LANEY DAYNA E                  LANEY PHILIP N              LARlVIERE CHRISTINE
790816                             012383                         090185                      121784
"ARIA WARRD ST. 24 93457 PFARRKIRCHE10500 6ILLATE RD              10500 SILLATE RD            11 PI ERCE PLACE
PFARR~IRCHEN                       ALEXANDER                      ALEXANDER                   CANTON
93457                              NI 14005                       NY 14005                    CT 02021
08561/3446                         716 547 9977                   716 547 9877                617-575-1335
LARIVI,R, HICNAfl                   LARDeN,ll, HEL,Nf              LrE   JIN-WA               LtftQURE MARC-ANDRE
061682                              022179                         100177                     110678
11 PIERCE PLACE                     130 FAIRLAWN CRESCENT          2 8RIARCLlFF DR            585 PAPINEAU
CANTON                              BEACONSFIELD                   PORT WASHINSTON            LA PRAIRIE
                                    QUE8EC H9N 5R4 CANADA          NY 11050                   0UE9EC J5R 5HB CANADA
617-575-1335                        514 694 5717                   516 767 9147               514 659 5236
ADA"S E"ILY                   ALVAREZ PAUL                 ANDERSON CHRISTV                   APTEKAR mLl
062979                        051278                       042479                             050178
80X 201                       425 W. 160 ST 15A            22 CHERRY PL.                      IB COfjTINENTAL DR
HUSHSONVILLE                  HEN VORK                     NUTlEY                             RlD6EFIELD
NY 12537                      NV 10032                     NJ 07110-1714                      CT ObB77
914 297 5bBI                  (212) 56B-3930               201 294 0787                       203-431-8B512

062382                        11 0581                      062683                             022878
2001 STORY AVE 15E            3207 W.38 ST                 210 ST CHARLES CT                  76 PRESIDENT ST.
BI                            ERIE                         JUPITER                            BROm VN
NY 10473                      PA 16506                     Fl 33477                           N.V. 11231
718 892 8973                  814 833 0832                 407 743 8652                       71B/643-4894
BATELLI "ARK                  SENNETT RACHEL               BENSON NICHOLAS                    BERKDNITI LAURA
090b77                        050984                       041993                             040179
13 N. 13 ST                   301 E. 94 ST 12BC            BERKELEV LODGE                     1200 5TH AVE IBA
HALEDON                       NEW VORK                     LOWER BRYANSTON                    NEW VORK
NJ mOB                        NV 10128                     BLANDFORD.DORSET DTI10LR ENSLAND   NV 10029
201 790 B128 •                212 348 370B                 011 44 258 452 494                 212 410 SI34/2418954(W)
BOUTIN "ARTIN                 BRAUER JASON                 BRILL JUSTlH                       SRILL RACHEL
051180                        102278                       67 SHADOW GROVE LA                 0804B4
343 BERTRAND                  3 STATELV DAKS               HOLBROOK                           67 SHADOW GROVE LA
ROSEmE                        CORNWALL                     NV 11741                           HOLBROOK
UUEBEC J7A lY5 CANADA         NV 12518                     516 m 4721                         NV 11741
514 621 9670                  914 534 3840                                                    516 472 4721
SROWN "ICHAEL                 CERRA JOEl                   COHON SHARI                        CO"IS ADAM
092084                        092982                       101377                             052082
USAIDIJA"AICA DEPT OF STATE   43 TASER KNOLLS              454 Oak Ave.                       42 DAK TREE LA
WASHINGTON                    PAWLJN6                      C.darhurst                         SCHENECTADY
DC 20521-3210                 NV 12564                     NV 11516                           NV 12309
809 927 6089                  914 B55 5425                 516 Sb9 6507                       518 783 7929
CO"IS JARAD                   COTE CHARLES                 CRENNAN JOSEPH                     CRENNAN KELLl
121384                        126 "APLENOOD AVE            146 SPIRAL RD                      146 SPIRAL RD
42 DAK TREE LA                OUTRE"ONT                    HOLTSYlLLE                         HOLTSVILLE
SCHENECTADV                   PO HEV 2"3 CANADA            NV 11742                           NY 11742
NY 12309                      514 276 23Bb/FA12737896      51. 472 6841                       516 472 6841

042579                        060581                       002983                             102183
536 RIDGEWOOD RD              b725 S.E. NORTH "ARINA NAV   6725 S.E.NORTH ~INA NAV            47 HILLSIDE AVE
MPLEWOOD                      STUART                       STUART                             VERDNA
NJ 07040                      FL 34996                     FL 34996                           NJ 07044
201 763 3779                  407 225 041B                 407 225 0418                       201 857 1834
DONNELLY SARA                 DDRFFMN HEIDI                DORFFNAN NATTHEW                   ENTEEN ALEIANDRA
021082                        111279                       060282                             40B RUT LAND AVE
42 HILLSIDE AVE               257 NM 77th Ave.             257 HW 77th Ave.                   TEANEcr
VERON.                        "argate                      "argat.                            NJ 07666
NJ 07044                      Florida 33063                FLORIDA 33063                      201 833 8949
201957-1934                   305 971 1495                 305 971 1495
SKLAR "ELI NDA       SKLAR SHARON                   ~ITH ROBERT                  STRAUB ANDRE~
082179               0613B3                         0929B2                       0321BO
145 OEER RUN         145 OEER RUN                   95 NINTH ST                  88 PRESIDENT ST
CHAPPAQUA            CHAPPAQUA                      GAROEN ClTV                  BKLVN
NY 10514             NV 10574                       NV 11530                     NV 11213
914 238 4624         914 23B 4624                   516 741 6705                 71B 624 1930

092bBI               101075                         102983                       041978
BKLYN                mlco CITY                      BX                           PEARl RIVER
Ni 11231             10200 KEmo                     NY 10403                     NY 10905
71B 624 1930         525 6B3 0957                   212 BB4 64b3                 914-735-0009

TONBIN HllARi        TONBIN LAURA                   VALLEE JULIE                 VALLEE RICHARD
071984               042883                         121278                       100181
565 NOODLANN AVE     565 MOODlANN AVE               340 BRUNET                   340 BRUNEI
ELENCOE              6lENCDE                        ST-JOSEPH DU lAC             ST-JOSEPH DU LAC .
IL bOO22             IL b0022                       QUEBEC JON 1KO               QUEBEC JON 1"0 CANADA
708 835 3120         708/835-3120                   514 b23 sm                   514 623 5424
VIENS FELIl          VORlLLAS ALEA                  VORILLAS DAKON               MALSH JENNIFER
111179               loom                           110875                       20 BEECH TREE LANE
3bu3 ST DENIS 1202   53 B HARRISON ST               53 B HARRISON ST             BRONXVllLE
MNTREAL              NEN VORK                       NE~ VORK                     NY 10708
H2) 3Li CANADA       Ni 10013                       Nl 10013                     914 337-2136
514 280 448H         212 962 4692                   212 9b2 4692
WDHL ARIANA          NDD CHERïL                     VUPPA JACLVN
Oï22ï9               062776                         110479
181 EL~ ST           43 HUNTIN6TON HILL DR. 116 C   11 RACE ST
NOHHAKPTON           DH HILLS                       NUTLEY
~H 01060             Ni 11756                       NJ 07110
413 564 2639         516 m 5838                     201 284 0289

LEFTIN BEN                   LOUGHLlN ELVSE                     LOUGHLIN KELSEV                   LOUGHLl N SEAN
M0480                        om5                                110187                            052681
3801 HW 112 WA;              POS b71                            P.O. BOX m                        POB 671
CORAL SPRIN65                CAIRO                              CAIRO                             CAJRO
FL 330.5                     NV 12413                           N.V.                              NY 12413
203 597 B524                 518 b22 2550                       518/622-2550                      518 622 2550

"ASNER PATRICIA              KALEr GILLIAN                      KANTELL ALLISON                   KASULLo DARIA
031278                       041979                             M24BO                             032780
45 PARKWAY EAST              20 SIRCH LA                        58 VAN NOSTRAND PL                55 E.9ST 114F
KT. VERNON                   NORTHAKPTON                        AIHTVYJLLE                        NEN VORK
NY 10552                     KA 01060                           NY 1l701-3508                     NV 10003
914 699 4814                 413 584 6744                       51b 598 1015                      212 529 0408

"cSRAN HOLL Y                KOSER-VERREY FLORENT               KVARD CHLOE                       HASAftATSU KENJI
041381                       032079                             1S0SELEASO JAPAN CO,LTD.          112283
48 FRAK INS HAK LA           355 SLOOftFIELD AVE                HIBIYA CENTRAL BLDS lOF           b POWDER HORN WAV
PJTTSFORD                    OUTREKONT                          1-2-9 NISHI SHINBASHI KINATO-KU   TARRYTOWN
NI 14534                     QUESEC H2V 3R7 CANADA              Tom 105 JAPAN                     NY 10591
716 271 2715                 514 279 8975                                                         914-631-6455
NAGAftATSU SHINICHI          NEVOLO NOELLE                      NOPULOS LAUREN A                  NUSSBAUft CHRIS
051782                       090979                             091479                            041083
ó PONDER HORN WAl            259 VREE LAND AVE                  131 BLO~SBURV AVE                 RT 42 BOX 109
TARRYTONN                    NUTLEY                             8ALT.                             SHANDAKEN
NV 10591                     NJ 07110                           KD 21228                          NV 12480
914 631 6455                 201 bbl 1148                       410 747 7134                      91~ b68 5062

ossm    ERIKA                OS BORNE ARAYEL                    PERLNER RAï ALEXANDER             PLANT IN CHARLOTTE
111579                       030381                             121382                            040579
144 "ERCER AVE               la PHILLIPS AVE.                   10 HUCKEL8ERRY LA                 37 RUE CORTAMBERT
HARTSOALE                    NORNOOD                            ACTON                             75116 PARI5
NI 10530                     ftA 02062                          KA 10720                          FRANCE
914 6B2 4786                 b17 769 b070                       508 263 6730                      FAX 011331 4017 0758
PLAn SHANAN                  POLLOC, LED                        RIGUELKE CESAR                    ROSIE SEAN
246 NEST LANE                0624BO                             041382                            092377
RID6EFIELD                   'POYNINSS' 34 TOTTERIDGE VILLA6E   105-13 88 ST                      Box 1255
CT 06m                       WHETSTONE                          oZONE PARK                        Po.rt Ri vor
718 590 3695 (Wi             LONDON N-20 BRITAlN                HV 11417                          NV 10965
                             81 44S 2347                        718-845-~b42/7235100(WI           914 735 5191
ROUSSEAU FRANCOlS            ROUSSEAU KARC-ANTOIHE              RUZZIER BRtAN                     SCHER WENOï
102079                       071062                             072079                            090379
224 DARMIN                   224 DARWIN                         lb24 VALLEI ST                    1103 HARAL PL
NUN'S ISLAND                 HUN' S ISLAND                      FT. LEE                           CHERRV HILL
GUESEC CANADA "TL. H3E IC5   QUE. CANADA KTL. H3E IC5           HJ 07024                          NJ 08034
514-7b7-0270                 514-7/,7-0270                      201 947 108b                      609 795 9200
060bB3                       092880                             102081                            081183
159 LPENN ST                 215 PINE ST                        315 eEOAN AVE                     61 GAmAV DR
LONS BEACH                   HAWDRTH                            RIDSEWOOD                         STATEN JSLAND
NI 11561                     KJ 07b41                           NJ 07450                          MV 10304
516 432 2705                 201 384 0227                       201 447 0069                      718 720 1459

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