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A work that ridicules its subject
through the use of techniques such
as exaggeration, reversal, and
   Satire is a literary device that uses irony or wit usually
    in a humorous way, to comment on or criticize a
    person, group or event. Usually the intention of satiric
    writing is to force a change in behaviour or to sway
    public opinion.
   Satire often involves elements of both parody and
    caricature, but it is usually more complex than either of
    them. While satire often intends to be humorous, its
    ultimate goal is usually serious. Satire has been used to
    call attention to dangerous living conditions,
    hypocritical public figures and business leaders’ illegal
    actions. A good satire makes its audience laugh
    and causes them to reconsider an issue.
            Analyzing a Cartoon
   What issue is this
    cartoon asking
    people to
   How is irony and/or
    wit being used?
   Whose attitude is
    this cartoon calling
    attention to?
   What is being
            Some Techniques of Satire
   Exaggeration

   Reversal (When the satirist uses/describes the opposite of
    what he actually wants to happen in order to make a point)

   Incongruity (1. Lacking in harmony; incompatible: a joke that
    was incongruous with polite conversation. 2. Not in agreement,
    as with principles; inconsistent: a plan incongruous with reason.
    3. Not in keeping with what is correct, proper, or logical;
    inappropriate: incongruous behaviour.)

   Parody (Weird Al:

   Sarcasm (Oscar Wilde wrote, “I am not young enough to
    know everything.”)
  Quickly, jot down a list of what
       you did yesterday…
Example: woke up, had a shower, at
  breakfast, got ready, went to school, went
  to class, had lunch, more classes, went to
  gas station, bought groceries, went home,
  played with kids, ate supper, went for a
  walk, did baths, kids to bed, marking,
  watched TV, got ready, went to bed
Pay Attention to What Happens
       to This Family...
Why might The Simpson begin
    with these events:
   Bart writing on the board
   Bart on his skateboard
   Homer leaving and driving home from
   Marge at the supermarket checkout
   Lisa playing the saxophone
   The family racing for the couch in front of
    the television
       What might these events be
   Bart writing on the         Public Education
   Bart on his skateboard
                                Plight of the Working
   Homer leaving and
    driving home from work
   Marge at the                Consumerism (Maggie
    supermarket checkout           costs $847.63)
   Lisa playing the            Restrictions of public
    saxophone                      education and free
   The family racing for the      thought
    couch in front of the       Impact of Television on
    television                     the Modern Family

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