4 X 4 Owners Need Off Road Insurance

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					4 X 4 Owners Need Off Road Insurance

Mendham, NJ, 25-November-2011 - Car Insurance South Africa announces that
owners of 4 X 4s and other off road vehicles need off road insurance
cover. According to a company spokesman, "Normal car insurance policies
do not provide you with cover when driving on gravel roads or outside
South Africa. You will need off road cover. This cover applies in South
Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi, Mozambique,
Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar."

The concept of off road cover originated some 18 years ago in Botswana.
At that time, there was no specialized cover available for 4 X 4 owners.
Today, a number of different providers offer this cover. It provides
cover for all 4 X 4s, lifestyle utility vehicles, ATVs, double cabs,
light delivery vehicles, off road trailers, caravans, quad bikes, off
road motorcycles, and mountain bikes. This cover is a full comprehensive
insurance that provides cover against all of the regular perils
associated with vehicle ownership as well as those hazards likely to be
encountered when operating off road.

For more information about car insurance cover in South Africa,
interested persons are encouraged to visit
http://www.carinsurancesa.co.za/. More specific information about off
road insurance is available at http://www.carinsurancesa.co.za/off-road-
car-insurance.htm. Members of the press and/or other interested parties
may obtain more information about this company and/or the content of this
press release by contacting the following:

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