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Proc..No. JNTUK/DAP/B.Tech.(R07) I year Subjects/ Exemption / 05/2011,                            dt:28/06/2011

Dr. G.V.R. Prasada Raju
                            B.E.,ME.,Ph.D.,MISTE.,FIE., FIGS
Director Academics & Planning
       Sub: -           JNTUK-DAP-B.Tech. (R07) Regulations – First Year Subjects – Exemption
                        from Compulsory Subjects for award of degree – Regarding.
       As per B.Tech. (R07) regulations, one of the academic requirements to award degree is that the
student should secure 216 credits (out of 224 credits registered) with the compulsory subjects as listed
       1. All the first year subjects        2. All the practical subjects
       3. Industry oriented mini-project     4. Seminar
       5. Project work

         Many representations from the students of R07 regulations are received, requesting the
University not to consider the first year subjects as compulsory, in the calculation of 216 credits,
required for the award of Degree. Also they represented that in spite of their hard work and effort made
to pass the first year subjects, they are unable to pass one or two subjects which are compulsory
subjects to become eligible for the award of degree. In addition some of the students could not get
50% of marks in Seminar to pass that course which is evaluated internally. As it is internal evaluation a
Supplementary examination cannot be conducted and as the candidate has got the attendance in that
semester he/she cannot register for a single subject. Several students were not able to get the degree
awarded for want of this simple lapse. Hence the students have represented to make this seminar
credits also to consider for waiver with total 8 credits.
         Considering the Directors’ meeting minutes, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor is pleased to exempt
all the first year subjects and seminar from the compulsory subjects.
         The clause No. 1 of R07 regulations is hereby amended as follows:
         A Student will be declared eligible for the award of the B.Tech. Degree if he/ she fulfills the
following academic regulations.
         Pursued a course of study for not less than four academic years and not more than eight
academic years, registered for 224 credits and secured 216 credits with compulsory subjects as listed
         1. All the practical subjects    2. Industry oriented mini- Project     3. Project work
         These orders shall come into force for all the students admitted under R07 regulations.

                                                                 Director, Academics and Planning (DAP)
                                                                         JNTUK Kakinada
CC : Secretary to the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor
     Rector, Registrar, Director of Evaluation, CE, ACE’s

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