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					Mr. Payne                                  Lincoln Park High School
Room 229 & Room 224
                                             IB Physics Syllabus
                                            2007-2008 School Year

Course Objective:        Study the interaction between matter and energy.

Course Methodology:      This is a hands-on course. Students are expected to actively participate in hands-on
                         laboratory experiments and computer based simulations throughout the year. Class
                         participation in discussion is key to success. We will do a lot of math in this course
                         because it is an expressive language that describes the physical properties o the universe.
                         Therefore, a scientific calculator with trigonometric functions is mandatory.

Course Outline:          See Additional Handout.

Illinois State Standards 11A: Know and apply the concepts, principles and processes of scientific inquiry.
Addressed:               11B: Know and apply the concepts and processes of technological design.
                         12C: Know and apply the concepts that describe properties of matter and energy and the
                         interactions between them.
                         12D: Know and apply concepts that describe force and motion and the principles that
                         explain them.
                         12F: Know and apply concepts that explain the composition of the universe and the
                         Earth’s place in it.
                         13A: Know and apply the accepted practices of science.
                         13B: Know and apply the concepts that describe the interaction between science and

Textbook:                College Physics by Serway 5th edition
                         Additional Required Text: Physics for the IB Diploma by Kirk.
                         Cost: Approximately $30.00
                         Other reading and references will be distributed as needed.

Fees:                    This course will have a $30 lab fee to cover the cost of consumable materials such as lab
                         books, computer disks, and videotapes among others.

Homework:                Homework is a very important aspect of this course and will be assigned on a regular
                         basis. You can only gain confidence in the principles of this course by working to solve a
                         variety of problems and answer questions. The majority of homework will be assigned on
                         the internet at www.webassign.net. You will be given an account to complete your

Quizzes:                 Short quizzes will be given approximately once a week. They will take 15-20 minutes.
                         Quizzes are based on homework exercises.

Tests:                   A unit test will be given at the conclusion of each unit during the semester. These tests
                         may include multiple choice, problem solving, short answer, essay and design questions.
                         There will be a semester 1 and 2 final exam in addition to the IB exam taken in May

Laboratories/In-class:   There will be many laboratories and in-class assignments in this course. These will be
                         performed in groups or individually several times a week. Groups will consist of 2-3
                         students depending upon the size of the class. Students will receive a lab notebook to
                         record all their data and test results. These books will be reviewed regularly throughout
                         the year. Daily class notes SHOULD NOT be taken in the laboratory notebooks. Labs
                         will be one of two types: Standard Lab and Design Lab. Details will follow.

Participation:           All students are encouraged and expected to actively and positively participate in our
                         class. We are a team and can only succeed if everyone works together. Participation will
                         account for 5% of your total points earned. Therefore, participation can and will raise or
                         lower your grade based on your performance.
Grading Policy:           All students will accumulate points for each assignment they complete.
                          Quarter and semester letter grades are assigned as follows:

                          A       90-100% of total possible points during semester.
                          B       80-89% of total possible points during semester.
                          C       70-79% of total possible points during semester.
                          D       60-69% of total possible points during semester.
                          F       Below 60% of total possible points during semester.

                          Homework performed on the internet will be automatically graded and you will receive
                          your results immediately. Each assignment is 10 points.
                          Written homework and in-class assignments will be graded on the following scale:
                          √+       A (95%)
                          √        B (85%)
                          √-       C (75%)
                          0        F (0%)

Late Assignment Policy: Students are required to submit assignments ON TIME! I understand that occasionally
                        you may be unable to attend class for a variety of reasons. Late and makeup work will
                        only be accepted with a signed and stamped note from the attendance office. Any
                        unexcused absence will result in a zero grade. Missed assignments will be available
                        in a file folder in the rear of the classroom, just find your class and day. It is your
                        responsibility to contact me concerning makeup work.
                        1) Written late homework will only be accepted the second day of your return to class at
                        the beginning of the class period.
                        2) Internet homework must be made up by completely filling out an Extension Request
                        in the book in the rear of the class when you return from absence. The requested
                        assignment will then be extended if the request is valid.
                        Any in-class assignment by definition was performed in-class and cannot be made up for
                        credit, but students are encouraged to complete the assignment to keep up with the class.
                        Quizzes and tests:
                        Any missed quiz or test must be made up on the first day of your return to school, if an
                        approved note is supplied. If an approved note is not supplied then the test or quiz may
                        still be made up but not counted until the note AND a phone call is received from your
                        Missed laboratories must be made up on the next Tuesday IMMEDIATELY following
                        9th period in Room 229. If you are absent on the makeup day your parents must contact
                        me to discuss the situation. Some labs are impossible to makeup; therefore, an alternate
                        assignment may be provided.

Other Stuff:              As with any lab course your safety is the number one concern. Please be aware of your
                          surroundings at all times and be careful.
                          My door is open. Feel free to stop by and discuss any issues or problems you have any
                          time. My office is usually in Room 231 adjacent to the classroom 229. I will be available
                          for extra help, tutoring, questions, or whatever by appointment.
                          Other meeting times may be arranged if needed.
                          Remember, Physics is fun!!!!!!

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