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									Keith A. Young       Psychiatry and Behavioral Science          College of Medicine
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research e-mail:
         254 743-0033
Education:    Ph,D., University of Texas, Austin, Tx, 1989
Professional Experience:
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral
       Science, Texas A&M Health Science Center (1/05-P)
Core leader, Neuroimaging and Genetics, VA Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War
       Veterans (1/08- P).
Co-Director, Neuropsychiatry Research Program, Central Texas VA Health Care System (1/00-P)
Chair, Autism Tissue Program Tissue Advisory Board, Autism Speaks (8/08-P)
Current Grants
MOMRP: W81XWH-07-1-0244, (3/1/1997 – 2/28/2015), “Root Cause of Post-traumatic and
       Developmental Stress Disorders” PI-K. Young (45% effort).
CDMRP: PR064845, (08/07-01/10), “Predictors of Treatment Response to Fluoxetine in PTSD
       Following a Recent History of War Zone Stress Exposure” P. Hicks (PI); K. Young, Co-
       investigator) (2% effort).
CDMRP: Subaward 0800401, (08/08-01/13) “Strong Star PTSD Research Consortium” A.
       Peterson (PI), K. Young, Co-PI (13% effort).
Recent Publications
Young KA, Holcomb LA, Yazdani U, Hicks PB and German DC. Elevated neuron number in the
    limbic thalamus in major depression. Am J Psychiatry 161: 1270–1277 (2004).
Dominitz JA, Boyko EJ, Koepsell TD, Heagerty PJ, Maynard C, Sporleder JL, Stenhouse A,
    Kling MA, Hrushesky W, Zeilman C, Young KA. Elevated prevalence of hepatitis C infection
    in users of United States veterans medical centers. Hepatology 41:88-96 (2005).
Browning JL, Patel T, Brandt PC, Young KA Holcomb LA and Hicks PB. Clozapine and the MAP
    Kinase Signal Transduction Pathway: Implications for Antipsychotic Actions. Biol Psychaitry
    57: 617-623 (2005).
Faraone SV, Tsuang DW, Young KA, Skol AD, Bingham S, Haverstock SL, Menon AS, Sautter
    F, Baldwin C, Keith T, Boehnke M, Tsuang MT and Schellenberg GD. Genome Scan of
    Schizophrenia Families in a Large Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study Sample: Evidence
    for Linkage to 18p11.32 and for Racial Heterogeneity on Chromosomes 6 and 1. Am J Med
    Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 139: 91-100 (2005).
Surís A, Lind L, Kashner MT, Bernstein IH, Young KA and Worchel J. Aggression and
    Impulsivity Instruments: An Examination in Veterans. Mil Psychol 17; 283-297 (2005).
Holcomb LA, Dhanasekaran M, Hitt AR, Young KA, Riggs M, Manyam BV. Bacopa monniera
    extract reduces amyloid levels in PSAPP mice. J Alz Dis 9; 243-51 (2006).
Schubert MS, Young KA and Hicks PB. Galantamine improves cognition in schizophrenics
    stabilized on risperidone. Biol Psychiatry 60; 530–533 (2006).
Dhanasekaran M, Tharakan B, Holcomb LA, Hitt AR, Young KA, Manyam BV. Neuroprotective
    mechanisms of Ayurvedic antidementia botanical-Bacopa monniera. Phytochemical
    Research 21: 965-9 (2007).
Young KA, Holcomb LA, Yazdani U, Bonkale W, Hicks PB and German DC. 5HTTLPR
    polymorphism and enlargement of the pulvinar: Unlocking the backdoor to the limbic
    system. Biol Psychiatry 61: 813-8 (2007).
Young KA, Bonkale W, Holcomb LA, Hicks PB and German DC. Thalamic enlargement is
    associated with 5HTTLPR genotype, major depression and suicide. Br J Psychiatry 192:
    285–289 (2008).

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