Renaissance Artists Writers Group Work by xiuliliaofz


									                   Renaissance Artists / Writers Group Work

   Directions: The following four questions should be answered for each of the
 following twenty names. (Each name will have all four questions answered for
it. So, yes, you will answer questions numbers 1, 2, 3, & 4 twenty different times
 – there are twenty different names). Please complete this on a separate sheet of
                         lined paper. Set it up as follows:

Name of artist or writer
  1. answer to first question.
  2. answer to second question.
  3. answer to third question.
  4. answer to fourth question.

Questions to be answered for each person:
  1. Why are they important? / How did they help influence the Renaissance?
  2. What “new attitudes / ideas” did they have? Describe.
  3. What kind of work did they do?
  4. List famous pieces or the kind of work they are famous for.

The people the questions should be answered for.
Baldassare Castiglione (473)
Michelangelo (474)
Donatello (474)
Leonardo da Vinci (475)
Raphael (475)
Anguissola (475)
Gentileschi (475)
Petrarch (475)
Boccaccio (475)
Machiavelli (476)
Colonna (476)
Durer (481)
Holbein (481)
Van Eyck (481)
Bruegel (481)
Erasmus (482)
More (482)
Pizan (482)
Shakespeare (483)
Gutenberg (484)

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