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Hand Hygiene & Implementation of Compliance Monitoring by jfmKqDf


									Hand Hygiene &
Implementation of
Twyla Anderson, RN, BS, COHNS
Memorial Medical Center
Las Cruces, NM
Here to talk about Hand Hygiene
Today‟s Headlines
   “Hand gel use not
    linked to improved
    infection rates, study
   “Hospitals Dirty
   “Hey doc Wash Your
Factors to Poor Hand Hygiene
 Lack of knowledge
 How hands become contaminated
 Lack of understanding of correct technique
 Understaffing
 Overcrowding
 Poor access to Handwashing facilities
 Irritant contact dermatitis
What about Gloves?
 Proper use
 Contaminated during care
 Remove when contaminated
 Gloved hands can be contaminated from
  tiny punctures in material, during removal
 Gloves an important adjunct, not a
  replacement for proper Hand Hygiene
Healthcare Environmental
 Computers, lint & dust magnets
 Keyboards, germ magnets
 High touch surfaces
 People traffic
 Roaming equipment
 Staff‟s personal items
 Cell phones
Family Compliant
   Nephew admitted on 1/15/08, security bracelet
    not applied until late in the day on 1/16/08
   Family “never saw anyone wash their hands
    before coming into the room”.
   “Worker” went from her nephew to another child
    in the same room without washing her hands or
    disinfecting the equipment.
   Several nurses were wearing “long, dirty, acrylic
Family Compliant
 The phlebotomy tech on 1/16/08 at 0530
  was not wearing gloves and would not put
  them on when asked her to so (also
  wearing acrylic nails).
 They did bring their concerns up to a
  nurse who “disregarded them”.
 Family‟s main concern – “No Hand
  Washing at all”
Monitoring & Surveillance
   Monthly Quality Report
     VAP,  BSI, UTI
     POA rate
     Hospital wide HAI rate
     SSI rate
     Surgeon follow up letter return rate
     C-section rate
     Hand Hygiene Compliance NPSG # 7
     # BFE & BFE rate (#BFE/FTE X 1000 pt days)
 Starts with initial orientation
 Infection Control Pocket Guide
 Infection Control Manual
 How to use the Patient Information Packet
 “Thumbs Up for Clean Hands”
 Communication in Hospital Newsletters
 Know how to find the IC Nurse
Infection Control‟s Responsibilities

 Role model
 Educate, target your audience
 Communication/Updates
 Monitoring
 Follow up
 Constructive feedback
 Non threatening interventions
 Share your passion
IC GOALS for 2008
   More visibility
   Report to departments monthly infection rates
   Educational offerings
   Share information timely
   Share my passion
   Give recognition
   Develop departmental Infection Control/Patient
    Safety Liaisons„
   Be a motivator
   Keep Learning
MMC IC PLEDGE for 2008

 We promise to clean our hands before
 caring for you, please let us know if we
 have forgotten.
What are the numbers?
 1.7 million HAI annually
 99,000 deaths from HAI

   What other business would still be
    operating in the USA if they harmed or
    killed this many people every year?
What if our team saw the faces?
Patient Safety Excellence
   Zero tolerance for infections
     Takes energy
     Takes ambition
     Takes enthusiasm
Thank you!

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